MGE Side III Nevia

Jan 9th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Third Song Island of Passion
  2. Nevia
  4. A city of art where roses and mermaids adorn the stage.
  6. Diva: Eustine (Merrow) Inherited Song: Passion
  7. Main Residents: Mermaid, Merrow, Kikimora, Leanan Sidhe
  8. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. The stage of Nevia theater, where pink mermaids dance and swim with red roses of passion!
  10. The Third Song Island, “Nevia”, is a city of art and passion that will never let your eyes or senses get bored!
  12. Created by people devoted to the pursuit of beauty, Nevia is the world’s largest art gallery from the moment you step inside.
  13. Plenty of gardens full of beautiful crimson roses welcome you, and you can experience a blissful moment in a stylish café surrounded by a cityscape overflowing with music.
  15. In Nevia, the very walls are paintings, the sounds of nature are the tunes of instruments, and the pink mermaids traveling the waterways are truly living works of art.
  16. And the piece de resistance is the magnificent theater where these mermaids serve as actors, “Nevia Theater”!
  17. The diva Eustine will be holding a public commemorative performance of “Nevia’s Makai Rose”, which is incredibly popular with women of all races around the world!
  18. Seats may become sold out, so make your reservation quickly!
  19. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  20. Nevian Art to Commemorate Your Marriage
  21. From the innocent image of a loving couple, to an indecently intertwined one...
  22. Nevia’s proud artists and craftsman will turn the shape of your love into works of art that shall last forever♥
  23. We offer everything from works of art such as paintings and sculptures depicting the figures of couples, to highly practical items such as watches made by Nevia’s proud craftsmen or trendy tableware sets!
  24. If you wish, we can also put in some special magic to liven up your night♥
  26. We also have a strong partnership with the “Al Mar Wedding Plan”!
  27. Nevia turns a wonderful wedding in Al Mar into a beauty that will last forever♥
  28. Please make sure to stop by Nevia when you have a wedding ceremony in Al Mar!
  30. Recruiting supporters for artists! *Limited to single men
  31. “Whenever I write... I get hungry before I know it...
  33. If you were next to me... And I suck your dick...
  34. My belly would be full, and I, happy...♥”
  35. -“The Silent Love Story” Sahuagin
  37. “Try as I might, whenever creativity strikes me, I first must let my brush fly. I’m interested in sexuality so much that I realize my head has become full of it, and I’m left with this slovenly body, but it’s so bothersome to go outside...
  38. I’m searching for a man who will live with me and keep me company whenever I get horny.”
  39. -“The Painting Witch” Dark Mage
  41. “Yeees~✰ On this island without all those annoying Sirens, I’m aiming to become the Only One Idol♪
  43. Like~, get reckless with Lipni-chan~
  44. An old man who will like, totally devour me would be the best~✰”
  45. -“Only One Idol✰Lipni” Arch Imp
  46. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  47. For Men! Recommendations for singles♥
  48. Nevia, which specializes in beauty, and where everything you see is a work of art, is the best city for single men who love art beyond all else!
  50. In addition to that, Nevia supports all of its artists city-wide!
  51. Ateliers are affordable, and depending on the situation, some have a maid or wife provided free of charge♥
  52. Step outside, and you will find a calm cityscape, numerous works to stimulate your senses, and relaxing shops for light meals or cafés.
  53. You needn’t worry about decorating the city with your work, or displaying it in a gallery or theater!
  54. Scouts from well-known art dealers and theater troupes often visit, so it’s the perfect place for making your appeal to the world!
  55. Nevia is simply the best city for those aspiring to become an artist!
  57. For long-term stay plans, as well as permanent residence consultation, please feel free to consult your nearest song maiden or monster resident♥
  58. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  59. Advice for those that want such a bride!
  60. Nevia’s sea folk are passionate Merrows with heads full of lewdness♥
  61. These girls love to flirt while on dates, and love escorting men like a gentleman, or having a man sweetly escort them like a young woman!
  62. There are also many big sister types with peculiar artistic temperaments♥
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