The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 4

May 26th, 2014
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  1. >Day The Wizard of Ponyville Chapter 4 in Equestria.
  2. >”Why would you want to learn that? You look fine that way you are.”
  3. “That’s not the point, Trixie. If I can’t practice magic as a person, I’ll have to blend in as a unicorn.”
  4. >”But it won’t change anything. You’ll still be a human.”
  5. ”I know that.”
  6. >”You’ll be lucky if you can do magic at all. All of your concentration will have to go toward keeping up appearances.”
  7. >Why does she always have to be a downer?
  8. ”Trixe, are you going to teach me or not?”
  9. >She bares her teeth at you.
  10. >”You want a new teacher, is that it? Trixie isn’t good enough for you?”
  11. ”No. I’m not doing this to find a new teacher. You always jump to conclusion. I’m not trying to replace you.”
  12. >Trixie considers your words for a moment.
  13. >”Alright, but if you so much as think of learning from Twilight!”
  14. ”Jesus Christ, listen to yourself. You’re acting crazy.”
  15. >”Trixie is not crazy!”
  16. >You forgot that she hates that word.
  17. >”She just… nevermind, human.”
  18. >Human?
  19. >She hasn’t called you that in a while.
  20. >Trixie really must be off her rocker.
  21. >She knows that you would never stoop to pretending to be a pony to learn from Twilight.
  22. >Though things would be quicker if Twilight taught you.
  23. >A new protégé for the princess.
  24. >Then at the pivotal moment you reveal yourself as Anon.
  25. >Lightning flies in from all angles.
  26. >Explosions all around.
  27. >The Treebary burning in the distance.
  28. >Yes… one day…
  29. >But for now you have to deal with your insecure instructor.
  30. >If you didn’t know better you’d think that she is starting to get jealous.
  31. >But jealous of what?
  32. >She knows you don’t like Twilight.
  33. >Yes, you went on a date with her, but that was to protect Trixie.
  34. >And it’s not like Trixie likes you or anything.
  35. >She has made it clear that she barely tolerates you.
  36. >Though, her defences did weaken last night, when you two were drinking.
  37. 1/11
  39. >This is too confusing.
  40. >Things were so much easier back home.
  41. “Trixie, if you teach me to look like a pony, we might be able to walk around town in peace. You as the beautiful chestnut mare, and I will be a charming unicorn.”
  42. >She presses her lips together, thinking it over.
  43. >”You really liked Trixie’s disguise?” She finally asks.
  44. “It was great. I just wish you –“
  45. >No don’t bring that up.
  46. >You’ll just start another fight.
  47. “It was great.”
  48. >Trixie smirks, “That was just a small sample of Trixie’s power.”
  49. “Of course,” you say trying not to sound dismissive. “About that spell…”
  50. >”Hmm… I doubt you would be able to perform the spell yourself. Transformation isn’t for beginners.”
  51. “What if you cast it on me, and then I just held it in place?”
  52. >She gives you a confused look.
  53. >”That… could work… Take off your cloak.”
  54. >With one hand you undue the latch and place the protective fabric over your couch.
  55. >”What do you want to look like?”
  56. “Just your run of the mill handsome unicorn... with a question cutie mark.”
  57. >”A question mark? What kind of talent is that?”
  58. “I don’t know. Would you prefer a lightning bolt or something?”
  59. >Trixie shrugs.
  60. >”It’s your body not Trixie’s. Now listen closely.”
  61. >Trixie stands on her hind legs.
  62. >”Gather your energy in your right hoof.”
  63. >She looks at you expectantly.
  64. >”Any time, Anon.”
  65. “Oh, right.”
  66. >You raise your right hand and gather your strength.
  67. >”Good. Now close your eyes and imagine what you will look like.”
  68. “Alright.”
  69. >”Now explain it to Trixie. She isn’t a mind reader.”
  70. ”Uhh, short mane, nice eyes, medium length tail, and the question mark of course.”
  71. >”That was…” Trixie looks for the right words, “very descriptive…”
  72. “Just pick something that will blend in.”
  73. 2/11
  74. >”Trixie has to do everything around here… Now move your arm down, while imagining your new form, and feel the transformation happening.”
  75. >Your arm becomes very warm as Trixie lends you her strength.
  76. >Fuck it hurts.
  77. >You can feel, something, like your bones-
  78. >Fuck.
  79. >”Go slower!”
  80. “I can’t!”
  81. >Your muscles twitch, and you fall to the ground.
  82. >”Just keep your energy up then.”
  83. >You try to concentrate, but all you can think about is the sharp stinging pain shooting through your arm.
  84. >Moving up toward your chest.
  85. >Spreading like a wild fire.
  86. >Everything burns.
  87. >Even your teeth are crunched inward.
  88. >”Almost there.”
  89. >You take a deep breath and bite down to keep the pain at bay.
  90. >Suddenly, it all stops.
  91. >”Get up, Anon.”
  92. “I’m still alive?”
  93. >”I’ve never seen such a big foal, of course you’re alive. The Great and Powerful Trixie wouldn’t let her weak and humble student die.”
  94. >You ignore her and look down.
  95. >You have hooves!
  96. >The hooves move on their own and touch your face.
  97. >You have a snout, and a horn!
  98. >Legs below you try to pick you up but they quickly lose their balance and you fall on your side.
  99. >”You’re a pony now, you can’t move like you used to.”
  100. “Maybe an illusion spell would have been better.”
  101. >Alright, Anon, you can do this.
  102. >Get up.
  103. >Trixie moves closer, and you try to grab her, but you can’t figure out how to grip.
  104. >You awkwardly claw at her.
  105. >”Ow! Use the soft part!”
  106. “I’m trying.”
  107. >Trixie grabs you with both hooves and pulls you up.
  108. >”Just keep your legs steady.”
  109. >You have to lean on her to keep you balance.
  110. >She smells really good.
  111. >Trixie notices you staring at her and blushes.
  112. >”Don’t get any ideas, Anon, Trixie just pities you.”
  113. “No. I’m not Anon. I- I’m Nohtfound, the unicorn.”
  114. 3/11
  115. >”That’s such a dumb name, Anon. You have to pick a name that relates to your cutie mark.”
  116. “Questioner then.”
  117. >”Ugh, that’s even worse. Can you stand yet?”
  118. “I think so.”
  119. >Trixie slowly lets you go, and somehow your shaky legs keep you up.
  120. >You look up at her and beam.
  121. >You’re actually doing it.
  122. >”You look like a little foal right now,” Trixie smiles. “Now walk to Trixie.”
  123. >She backs up a few paces.
  124. >Alright, you’ve seen this before.
  125. >One hoof at time.
  126. >You move your left foreleg first, but you back left leg moves in sync with it.
  127. >The same thing happens when you move your right side.
  128. >”No, Anon. Don’t pace. Trot,” she chastises.
  129. “What’s the difference?”
  130. >”Pacing is when you move with front and hind legs at the same time. Trotting is when you move your diagonal legs in step. You should know this.”
  131. “What’s wrong with pacing?”
  132. >”Trotting is more natural, besides your pacing looks terrible.”
  133. “It’s my first time. Just because I have bad pacing now doesn’t mean it won’t improve.”
  134. >You take another step, but nearly tip over.
  135. >”Just trust me. Trotting is much more natural.”
  136. “Alright, alright.”
  137. >”Now come to Trixie,” she says as if speaking to a foal.
  138. >You imagine one of your monkey ancestors walking on four limbs and imitate that.
  139. >Slowly but surely you cross the room toward your teacher.
  140. >You can feel sweat forming on your forehead, as simply walking takes all of your concentration.
  141. >”Very good, Anon.”
  142. “I’m Nohtfound when I’m a pony,” you say between breaths. “I need to sit down.”
  143. >”Ah yes…”
  144. >She magics over your cloak and folds it in half.
  145. >You hear the clasp snap into place and she admires you.
  146. >”Nohtfound, the wizard.”
  147. >
  148. >
  149. >Two days later you have mastered holding the transformation spell.
  150. >You can go from human to pony at will.
  151. >Trixie taught you how to use your horn to levitate things.
  152. 4/11
  153. >You even got the hang of holding things with your hooves.
  154. >Or, little kicky hooves, and Trixie called them when you accidentally bucked a hole in the wall.
  155. >”You’ve come a long way, Anon.”
  156. >When it’s just you two, you allow her to call you by your real name.
  157. >She will have to use your fake one around other ponies, especially Twilight.
  158. “Do you think I can blend in now, Trixie?”
  159. >”I think so. You’re going to need a backstory though.”
  160. “Backstory? Nohtfound is a mysterious pony. His very name implies that no one will ever know his origins.”
  161. >”No one? First of all, it’s Nopony. Second you’re not allowed to use the third person. That’s my thing.”
  162. >She takes a step forward and a hoof barely touches your withers.
  163. >”It’s… cute that you’re imitating me though.”
  164. >You turn and look at her.
  165. >You weren’t actually imitating her.
  166. >Nohtfound is just a character you made up to blend in better.
  167. >Of course you are going to refer to him- yourself when you are him… in the third person.
  168. >”What?”
  169. >You smile slowly.
  170. >”Stop looking at me like that, Anon.”
  171. >She pushes you, and starts walking to the door.
  172. “It’s just that you looked really happy just now. I don’t see that side of you very often.”
  173. >Trixe stops in her tracks, but doesn’t turn toward you.
  174. >”That’s because I haven’t had much to be happy about… until now.”
  175. >You don’t know what to say, so you stay quiet.
  176. >Trixie is a hard nut to crack.
  177. >It’s better if you give her time to open up to you.
  178. >You hear a knock at the door.
  179. “Who could that be?”
  180. >”I’ve only seen one pony visit you so far,” Trixie whispers.
  181. >She pokes her head around the corner, and quickly turns back to you.
  182. >”It’s Twilight.”
  183. “Tell her I’m not here.”
  184. >”I’m not going to answer that. Just turn back into Anon.”
  185. >The door knocks again, more urgently this time.
  186. “God damn it, Trixie.”
  187. 5/11
  188. >You wave your left hoof and cancel the spell.
  189. >In a flash you are back to your human form.
  190. >”Anon?” You hear through the door. “It’s Twilight. Open up I need to talk to you.”
  191. >It takes a moment for you to collect yourself.
  192. >You walk over to the door and open it.
  193. ”Hi, Twilight. What brings –“
  194. >She invites herself in and walks past you.
  195. >”Anon, I was thinking about what you asked a few days ago, and I found the scrolls.”
  196. >She walks in and stops when she sees Trixie.
  197. >”Hello, Twilight,” Trixie says with distain in her voice.
  198. >The princess twitches slightly, “You’re still around? Don’t you have a traveling show to take care of?”
  199. >”Trixie found more suitable employment for now.”
  200. >Twilight scoffs.
  201. >”Yeah? What are you doing? Teaching ‘magic?’” She puts a heavy emphasis on the last word.
  202. >”As a matter of fact Trixie –“
  203. >You jump between them.
  204. “Whoa, whoa. Ladies, lets not get out of hand. Trixie is my guest.”
  205. >Twilight makes a bit of a frown, like she smelled something foul.
  206. “Do you want something to drink?”
  207. >”No. I’m fine for now. Thanks, Anon. I wanted to talk about the scrolls.”
  208. “What did you find out?”
  209. >Twilight moves toward the couch and sits down.
  210. >A hoof becons you to sit next to her.
  211. >You’d better play along for now.
  212. >A few seconds later you make your way over and sit beside Twilight.
  213. >”I’ll tell you but you have to promise to take me out again.”
  214. “Twilight, I-“
  215. >”We don’t have to do anything fancy. I know you’re…” she leans in closer. “Saving yourself for marriage. We can take it slow.”
  216. >Twilight presses her little body against yours.
  217. >Her horn starts glowing, but nothing happens.
  218. >She gives you a confused look.
  219. “What’s wrong?”
  220. >”My magic didn’t work… I was trying to move your arm.”
  221. 6/11
  222. >It’s your cape blocking her spell.
  223. “Oh. Yeah I forgot to mention that this is a defensive cloak. You can’t be too careful, right?”
  224. >”Why would you need that? I protect Ponyville from everything. I can keep you safe, Anon.”
  225. >A hoof moves your arm around her and Twilight leans against you.
  226. >You look over at Trixie and she is fuming.
  227. >You offer her the slightest shrug, but she just sits on the other couch with her forelegs crossed.
  228. >”Can you tell your ‘guest’ to stop looking at me like that?”
  229. “She doesn’t mean anything by it, right Trixie?
  230. >Trixie opens her mouth to disagree with you, but chomps the words away.
  231. >Instead she makes a jerky nod toward you.
  232. “See. Everyone is just fine.”
  233. >Satisfied, Twilight continues.
  234. >”I was reading the scrolls and it very clearly said that only unicorns could use active magic.”
  235. >What about Alicons?
  236. >Or Discord for that matter?
  237. >”And I started thinking about why you asked if humans could learn. And now you have a defensive garment… so I have to ask.” She looks into your eyes. “Are you learning magic?”
  238. “What? Me? Learn magic? Don’t be absurd,” you try to laugh dismissively but it doesn’t work.
  239. >”You have to be honest with me, Anon. Because I don’t want to have to… hurt you.”
  240. >You hear the pain in her voice as she says those words.
  241. “Humans can use magic, Twilight, but not me,” you lie.
  242. >”Anon, if ‘Trixie’ is trying to teach you… you can come clean now and I won’t do anything. We’ll just pretend it never happened.”
  243. >Her hooves cling to you desperately.
  244. >”It will be our little secret.”
  245. >Fuck.
  246. “What’s so wrong with a human learning magic?”
  247. >”It’s forbidden, Anon. Nopony can change that. I won’t be able to protect you if you break our laws.”
  248. >You’re not sure if the little pony in your arms is causing it, but it’s really warm all of a sudden.
  249. >You can feel drops of sweat forming on your forehead.
  250. 7/11
  251. >”The Great and Powerful Trixie swore an oath to protect our secrets, Twilight. She would never betray that. Anon is just helping Trixie practice.”
  252. >Twilight considers Trixie’s words.
  253. >”Alright... I just had to make sure.”
  254. >She taps her hooves together.
  255. >”I have to go to Canterlot to handle some things, but since you promised, we can go out when I get back.”
  256. >You brush her mane.
  257. “We can do that.”
  258. >”Or maybe you’d like to come with me?”
  259. “No, I still have a guest here. I can’t just go traveling like you can.”
  260. >Twilight looks disheartened, but then she nuzzles into you and give you a little peck.
  261. >”You’re right. We should take things slow.”
  262. >She pushes away from you and hops off the couch.
  263. >”I’ll see you in a few days, Anon.”
  264. >You walk her toward the door.
  265. “I’ll be here.”
  266. >She gives you one final longing look before blinking away.
  267. >”What the hell was that? Trixie thought you hated Twilight.”
  268. >Not this again.
  269. “It’s your fault I’m in this mess. I was going to tell her off before.”
  270. >”You could have done the same just now.”
  271. ”We’ve come too far for that,” you shake your head. “I have to drag this out until I can fight her off.”
  272. >”Anon might not be able to practice magic, but Nohtfound doesn’t have those restrictions.”
  273. “So what do we do now?”
  274. >Trixie thinks things over.
  275. >”You need a rival. Somepony at your skill level. Like a little colt,” she smiles.
  276. ”What about you? Can’t you spar with me?”
  277. >”Trixie would destroy you.”
  278. “Alright, let’s go find someone.”
  279. >You and Trixie transform into your alter egos.
  280. >Trixie become the chestnut artist mare, Satin Finish.
  281. >And you are Nothfound.
  282. >
  283. >
  284. >”Hey, Mister!”
  285. >A little orange Pegasus filly pulls on your cloak.
  286. >”Want to see some magic?”
  287. >Two more fillies pop out from behind a box that reads, “Magik show.”
  288. ”Uh… sure…”
  289. 8/11
  290. >”Great! Cutie Mark Crusaders activate!” She shows you some cards. “Pick a card, any card.”
  291. >You pick one at random.
  292. >It’s the six of hearts.
  293. >”Now remember that card and put it back in the stack.”
  294. >You do as she says and when you’re done she shuffles the cards.
  295. >”Now,” she taps the top card. “Your card will float to the surface.”
  296. >One levitates from the stack.
  297. >She quickly grabs it and shows it to you.
  298. >”Is this your card?”
  299. >It’s the six of diamonds.
  300. “No, but it was pretty close,” you offer.
  301. >”Aww, I thought for sure it would work that time,” the orange filly says in a sad tone.
  302. >Another filly with a red bow in her hair approaches.
  303. >”Scootaloo needs more practice, but Ah have mastered this one.”
  304. >She shows you and Satin Finish three rings.
  305. >”These are solid iron.” She tries to pull them apart, but they stand firm. “Now watch and be amazed.”
  306. >She does a little spin and they separate.
  307. >”Ta-da!” She announces.
  308. “That was very good. How did you do that?”
  309. >”A magician never reveals her secrets.”
  310. >”This is foal’s play, An- I mean, Nohtfound, not real magic,” Trixie whispers.
  311. “I know that, just play along.”
  312. >A third filly, this one a white unicorn, jumps forward.
  313. >”Those are great tricks, but now you can see real magic.”
  314. >The unicorn rubs her hooves together, does a quarter turn, and a crystal starts growing above her hoof.
  315. >You watch in amazement as light hits it and rainbows refract out.
  316. >King Sombra would love her.
  317. >She waves her left hoof and it disappears.
  318. >”What do you think?” She squeaks.
  319. ”That was great, but check this out.”
  320. >You raise your hoof and shoot a fireball in the air.
  321. >It flies up, but gravity catches it and it starts falling toward their stand.
  322. >Just before it hits, you cancel the spell into smoke.
  323. >“Wow!” They say in unison.
  324. >”That was nothing, Nohtfound has other talents as well.”
  325. “Well I don’t like to brag…”
  326. 9/11
  327. >”You two should have a wizard battle,” the bowed filly says.
  328. >”I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” the orange Pegasus says.
  329. >”You always worry too much, Scootaloo,” the unicorn says before turning to you. “My name’s Sweetie Belle, and I’m the most powerful filly in Ponyville.”
  330. >Trixie tries not to laugh.
  331. >You strike a menacing pose.
  332. “And I am Nohtfound, the wizard from parts unknown.”
  333. >”Ah, Nohtfound. I’ve been looking for you,” she pretends. “Ever since you barely escaped our last fight!”
  334. >You jump in the air and levitate yourself.
  335. “You will no longer stand between me and my destiny! Let this be, our FINAL BATTLE!!!!”
  336. >You shoot fire forward but Sweetie rolls out of the way.
  337. >She returns with a beam of light.
  338. >Fuck.
  339. >You fall out of the sky with a thud.
  340. >Your cloak shimmers as it absorbs some of the magic.
  341. >She tries to follow up with ice but you cancel it with a left motion.
  342. >”Not bad, Nohtfound. But I have grown more powerful than you can imagine!”
  343. >She attacks with light and you barely deflect it away.
  344. >With a powerful motion you lift her and throw her across the park.
  345. >She stops herself in mid air.
  346. >You jump up to join her with a flaming hoof.
  347. >It catches her in the gut and she falls to the ground.
  348. >”Sweetie Belle!” One of the fillies yell.
  349. >You fall from the sky with a five star frog splash, but Sweetie manages to create a defensive field before impact.
  350. >Her shield shatters as you hit it, but you never intended to hurt her so your hooves catch your fall.
  351. >You are standing over the filly.
  352. >She bares her teeth at you.
  353. “It's over Sweetie Belle. Evil has won once again!”
  354. >”Don’t celebrate just yet.”
  355. >Her horn glows and you are blinded by light.
  356. >You cover your eyes, and she takes this opportunity to buck you off of her.
  357. “Ughh.”
  358. >You try to regain your composure.
  359. >Her horn glows and you are pushed on the ground.
  360. >You create a field to match hers as you stand.
  361. 10/11
  362. >You look in her eyes as she realizes that she can’t push you back, but she can’t let go either.
  363. >She redoubles her efforts but its not enough.
  364. >You are in a stalemate.
  365. “Are you ready to admit defeat?”
  366. >”Never!”
  367. >She jumps up and the field forces you forward.
  368. >You crash down face first into the dirt.
  369. >”Flash bang!”
  370. >Again light blinds you and your ears are ringing.
  371. >When you can open your eyes the three fillies are gone.
  372. >All that remains is their poorly made stand.
  373. >Trixie walks beside you to help you up.
  374. >”You almost got beaten by a filly, Anon.”
  375. “How was I supposed to know she would be that strong?”
  376. >”She’s a filly! She can barely control her magic.”
  377. >You brush off your cape and stand up to face your teacher.
  378. >The chestnut mare looks at you with disgust.
  379. ”I was going easy on her.”
  380. >Trixie shakes her head.
  381. >”At least you didn’t lose…”
  382. >
  383. >
  384. >Be Sweetie Belle at the clubhouse.
  385. >”That was amazing! You were all like, pew pew, and he was all like, fireballs!” Scootaloo cheers.
  386. >”Yeah. Ya almost had him!” Applebloom adds.
  387. “I’ll get him next time. Nohtfound won’t know what hit him!” You squeak.
  388. >”What if you get your cutie mark in magic?”
  389. ”Forget about that! We have to see him again. He was so… mysterious.”
  390. >”You mean dreamy…” Scootaloo blushes.
  391. >”Gross! He was like really old!”
  392. >You ignore Scootaloo and Applebloom arguing.
  393. >You have to see him again.
  394. >And next time your going to…
  395. >You blush
  396. >It's too lewd to think about.
  397. >No, Sweetie, this has to happen.
  398. >You have to make him yours...
  399. 11/11
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