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  1. ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ ᴀᴘᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
  5. Username: HotBlackBrew
  7. Password: at the moment it's Doyoung
  9. Full Name: Tanaka Hina
  11. Other Names: (for non-Korean members)
  13. Nickname(s): optional (max.4)
  15. Slot + Backup: Simon Says + --
  17. Birthday: 18th August 2000
  19. Age: 18 + 19
  21. ⤳ 𝔹𝕆𝕊𝕊
  23. Ethnicity: japanese
  25. Nationality: japanese
  27. Face Claim + Backup: @/taeri_taeri + @/cowsel
  29. Languages:
  30. japanese 10/10
  31. korean 9.5/10
  33. Personality:
  34. innocent. On first sight she seems to be very soft and weak, caused by her soft facial features and small frame. Even tough she's very brave and somehow badass-like she hasn't any experience in terms of love or realationships, moreover she never actually thinks much about stuff like kissing, making out or similar things. When it comes to flirting she often can't understand the others intention and instead of actually flirting back she rather just stays friendly and talks quiet normally.
  35. tough. Actually a total badass, she hardly gives up she rather pushes herself for the better. One of the braver girls in the group but knows her limits.
  36. soft. She loves fluffy things, plushies, animals, soft hair or pillows. She really craves for cuddling and loves to hug her friends to comfort them or just because she feeled like it.
  37. loyal. Betrayal is like the bigges sin in her eyes, she relies on trusting others so she gives a great example in being loyal.
  38. needy. In need of attention, she enjoys to be recognizes by others, mainly because of her wanting to feel loved.
  40. Background:
  41. She was born and grew up in Japan, Osaka to be precisely.
  42. Her parents rarely spending time with her hurted her a lot, she searched for affection in school or by her friends.
  43. Some people called her an attention seeker which harmed her quiet bad, gladly she was able to keep a wonderful friendship with two girls her age.
  44. She got the oportunity to spent one school year in Korea which she gladly agreed to, since she was one of the best korean-speakers in her class. During that recent school year she realized that she enjoys helping others, making them happier or supporting them if they got hurt. She feels the urge to help people who are in a similiar situation she was or is for example with her absent parents. She tries to offer them the support and love she herself would have needed.
  45. Coincidentally she met a girl her age who is part of this one gang, they got pretty close in a short span of time and the girl 'RUNNING 2 U'(probably) invited her to join the gang as well, she was fascinated by their intentions and was excited about being part of them.
  46. She never flew back to Osaka and her parents, instead she managed to move school permanently.
  51. ~ well made food
  52. ~ attention, feeling needed and loved
  53. ~ helping others and supporting them with their work etc.
  54. ~ bearhugs
  55. ~ backhugs
  56. ~ ruffling the soft hair of her younger friends
  57. ~ fluffly and huggable things and humans
  59. Dislikes:
  60. ~ people who hurt others purposefully in a physical or mental way
  61. ~ lying, even though there are moments when she just has to tell a tiny lie, she hates it
  62. ~ slimy, sticky things
  63. ~ being cold
  64. ~ rainy days
  66. Habits:
  67. ~ standing on her toes to reach things, even though she is tall enough to take it.
  68. ~ when sitting next to one of her friends, she plays with their hair, make little braids n stuff
  69. ~ streching in the morning, before going to bed and after showering
  70. ~ when being at home she rarely wears a bra
  72. Fears:
  73. ~ fire
  74. ~ deep oceans, beig unable to see the ground while swimming
  75. ~ hospitals
  77. Trivia:
  78. ~ she has a mole above her right eye and one below it
  79. ~ she often wears turtlenecks with shorts, because with long pants it would most likely be too hot but she often whines about how cold it can be with shorts or skirts. Yet she prefers being too hot or cold instead of changing her shirt lmao.
  80. ~ she's very flexible
  81. ~ loves shoes with plateau heels
  82. ~ usually she wears light colors or pastel, but when being on a mission or something she waers all black
  83. ~ she loves to add little barrettes to her pockets, matching the color of her outfit, but when waering all black she always adds two pink barrettes to her left pocket
  85. Playlist:
  86. Twice - Cheer Up
  87. GOT7 - Just Right
  88. Zion.T – Eat (꺼내 먹어요)
  89. FT Island - Friendship
  90. Lee Hi – Breathe (한숨)
  91. BoA - Best Friend
  95. Which Member are you closest to?:
  96. Running 2 U, the cute uwu-duo
  98. Thoughts on other members?:
  99. Regular 7/10
  100. Cherry Bomb 9/10
  101. Fire Truck 6.5/10
  102. Baby don't like it 9.5/10
  103. Limitless 8/10
  104. Whiplash 7.5/10
  105. Running 2 U 10/10
  106. Mad City 9.75/10
  107. Wake Up 7/10
  109. Requested Scenes:
  110. Not any scenes in particular but she searches for affection and hugs from other members quiet often
  111. Mabye a cute scene in which she praises Cherry Bomb a lot because of the great food lmao
  113. ⤳ 𝕋𝕀𝕄𝔼𝕃𝔼𝕊𝕊
  115. Love Interest + Backup: Dong Sicheng
  117. How they met:
  118. She was in a shopping mall searching for a present for an upcoming birthday, she suddenly stopped walking because she saw a bunch of cute plushies in a store window. Sicheng walked behind her and didn't noticed her stopping, so he crashed into her and both almost fell down but they could stabilized each other. Both excused themselves while still being quiet close uwu they already enjoyed each others warmth.
  120. What happened after y'all realized each other's identities?:
  121. Oof so basically she was highly shocked but not mad at him for not telling her since she never asked about his job or anything. Still she was so unsure about how she should act towards him.
  122. He on the other handsite somehow panicked cause he was quiet afraid of losing her and never cuddling with her ever again. He tried calming her down and thought about a way how they can still be together. Gladly they somehow could manage to stay close with each other.
  124. Requested Scenes: i need soft hours, eating ice cream or her playing with his hair omg.
  126. ⤳ 𝕋ℍ𝔼 𝟟𝕋ℍ 𝕊𝔼ℕ𝕊𝔼
  128. Creators' Note to you: Hi! I hope you liked the concept. We do specialize in writing crime afs so if you see a pattern... It's done on purpose. HAVE A GREAT DAY OUR LIGHTLIES! (that's our followers' name now!) (look out for nct china's book muahahhaha)
  130. Note to @CHANELVIBES- :
  132. Note to @rAndOmpIckEl :
  134. Note to the girls:
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