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  1. i. Please give an example of when you’ve treated someone with respect and consideration.
  3. As part of my job I deal with a wide range of patients all who have different medical requirements, therefore no two patients are the same. It is important to adapt myself to the patient I am dealing with, for example some patients I deal with have existing medical conditions which need to be taken into consideration whilst they’re being dealt with. An example of this would be a male patient I dealt with who had mental learning difficulties, this meant he wasn’t able to correspond his issues across to me as easily as others, and was unable to understand some of the terminology that I usually used, to overcome this I changed my approach and took my time with the patient and made sure he understood everything I was explaining to him, I also went to the extent to note this down in the form of a letter who could take to his family to help them understand.
  5. ii. Please give an example of when you have taken pride in something you have achieved or taken pride in a job and the organisation you have worked for.
  7. As part of my job
  9. iii. Please give an example of when you have worked as part of a team, or with others, and explain what the task was, what the outcome was and why you valued the input of other team members.
  11. Teamwork is essential within our department to ensure we give the patient the best experience possible. We all work on various tasks to ensure the patients’ needs are met. An example of this would be the various tasks we all complete together under strict deadlines for the patient, as administrators we are required to complete a lot of the notes for the doctors who see the patient, once the doctor has seen the patient we are then required to compile the doctors notes into letters that the patient receives. However some patients may require appointments or follow up letters, as a team we work together to complete any formal correspondence from the service to the patient. Without teamwork this would be near to impossible to complete due to the strict deadlines we work under. Everyone has a big role to complete to help contribute to the patients visit and everyone plays a highly valuable role.
  13. iv. Please give an example of when you have taken personal responsibility for your own actions.
  15. As my current job role is heavily dependent on teamwork, it is important all tasks are completed to ensure the patient is satisfied with their visit. From time to time communication between our team can be slightly misread which can lead to some tasks being incomplete. In such instance it is vital the incomplete tasks are completed. In example
  17. v. Describe how your personal actions could protect the trust from cyber crime and/or threaten the trust.
  19. As an employee of the NHS Trust, I understand the sensitivity of data handled on a daily basis, and the precautions required to take to ensure all data is secure and the risk of a cyber attack is minimised. When handling data I ensure I only access the data required to complete the task I am doing. I will always seek permission to access sensitive data from both the patient and the trust, ensuring no legal acts are broken during access. Whilst handling sensitive data on paper, I always ensure the data is kept belongs, for example a locked filing cabinet, and any old data that is no longer required and is to be destroyed I will always shred to ensure it can’t be accessed again.
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