SMW 1up methods

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  1. == 1up methods ==
  2. 1up mushroom
  3. - directly placed 1up mushroom sprite
  4. - 1up in a block (turn block, invisible block)
  5. - carry key or baby Yoshi through goal
  6. - carry any sprite through goal, when your power-up and reserve item match (both are mushrooms, flowers, or feathers)
  7. - collect 30 coins then hit a star block
  8. - eat 2 pink berries, collect 10 smiley coins then the cloud throws a 1up (note: the 10 smiley coins don't need to be from a single cloud)
  9. - [bonus game]
  10. 100 coins
  11. 5 dragon coins
  12. Stomp combo (8 enemies)
  13. Shell combo (8 enemies)
  14. Star combo (8 enemies)
  15. Silver P-switch combo (7 enemies)
  16. Goal tape combo (5 sprites, including the goal tape itself if not broken)
  17. [Goal tape where the last 2 digits of your timer match the tens digit of your bonus stars]
  19. == 3up methods ==
  20. Moon
  21. [Frame-perfect top of goal tape]
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