Eden Seeker

Dec 12th, 2019
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  1. >Eden Seeker, DR 0
  2. <Level 100, Edenologist 5, Gardening skill 100, Propagate a Legacy Class Flower>
  3. Congratulations, you reached level 100 and have an SAC, but that’s neither hard or impressive. Here’s a similarly unimpressive buff:
  4. Your gardens can easily survive unseasonable heat and cold, as well as cold-snaps and heat-waves. Can’t survive unnatural things like, say, a Frostfell or Hell-firestorm, though.
  6. >Eden Seeker, DR 1
  7. <Propagate a Legendary-Class flower>
  8. Needless to say, Legendary class flowers are stupid rare, with a low drop rate and accompanying fragility of health. These flowers are hybrids from the immortal flowers of the True Eden; maybe they hold a clue to finding the real deal?
  9. Anyway, now your gardens can proper survive any inclement supernatural conditions. In fact, they have their own weather-supressing effect, meaning creatures inside have shelter from unnatural weather conditions, too. Hey, this buff even has marginal combat utility! As a side effect, you can now plant anything at any time, even out of season! Woo-hoo!
  10. Oh, by the way, the Paradise terrain created by the Tree’s of Life form the [Eden] spell? Those count as your gardens, too. Instant weather-protection for your whole raid team!
  12. >Eden Seeker, DR 2
  13. <Propagate a Legendary class flower across 10 gardens in 10 different biomes>
  14. This one is a bit difficult because of how temperamental Legendary Flowers are, but at least the weather protection from the previous DR will help out.
  15. Just as working out in 10x gravity gives you super strength, so does working the most fragile of plants give you super gardening! Plants in your garden grow faster! Gardening 100 already gives a sizable bonus in this regard, but now it’s all up 90x faster! That’s a season in just a day! That’s… actually abusable, huh?
  16. Additionally, your Garden’s don’t only repel inclement weather, they can also repel supernatural effects, too! Someone wants to [Raise Volcano] in your garden? Nothing happens! Someone drops a [Blizzard]? Everything but your garden gets snowed under! Someone steps into your garden and lobs a Triple Cast Maximise Widen [Nuclear Blast]? … That actually still works, as does any effect originating from within the garden at the time. Still, niche combat utility becomes less niche!
  18. >Eden Seeker, DR 3
  19. <Obtain a Divine-Rarity Flower by hybridising those 10 Legendary Flowers together>
  20. Divine flowers also need have an exacting diet- the ground up remains of legendary-class equipment is the necessary fertiliser. But, afterwards, you’ll have unlocked the genetic remnant of ancient Eden!
  22. Your super gardening now increases. Plants you propagate now grow at 2,160x faster! What does that mean? That means a Season’s growth in just an hour! Wow!
  23. Additionally, you now use your gardens as a transport network. They not only function on a global range, but can even cross dimensions, and Worlds themselves! Maybe one day… you will reach Eden itself?
  24. Finally, your gardens can repel creatures too, now! Pests are a thing of the past! When within your Gardens, your only threats are PCs who bring countermeasures against the repulsion effect.
  26. >Eden Seeker, DR 4
  27. <Propagate Divine Rarity flowers in 5 different level 100 extradimensional spaces>
  28. Now, not only do you have to make those gardens, you also need to have control over, like, a bunch of dangerous places. Also, friendly extradimensional spaces don’t count… but a high-level enemy guild would work, and in fact you probably need to take over a couple.
  29. Your Divine Flower bestows you with Divine Gardening! You are no longer limited to just growing plants, and you can in fact grow any living thing, even humanoid NPCs! Feel free to make your own Adam and Eve! Your gardening skills now rivals that of the gods themselves! Speaking of which, your gardening bonus speed is now 129,600x faster! That is a season’s growth in just a minute! Holy hell!
  30. You also gain access to True Eden, an extradimensional space you can transport yourself too with a special chant. Basically, it is a pocket garden stroke sanctuary. Be on good behaviour, though; there are some raid-boss-level NPC gardeners in residence here, and they will murk you hard if you mess around.
  32. >Eden Seeker, DR 5
  33. <Successfully Propagate the Immortal Mythic-Rarity Flower, from a hybrid of the previous 5 Divine flowers, and grow it to maturity>
  34. FYI, there can only be one Mythic Rarity flower in any one world at any time- there already one in True Eden, so trying to grow one there doesn’t work. It takes a long-ass time to propogate it: like, a real time week, and that is including the previous DR multipliers. Said maturation needs a stupid amount of nutrients, too- the fallout kills most everything most everything for 500km2, as the flower draws in the life force of every living thing. Expect annoyed PCs to come doorknocking. Most extradimensional spaces don’t have the density of life required.
  35. Oh, and though it’s ‘immortal’, that just means it respawns on death, and usually in a stupid faraway place. The plant itself is even more fragile than the Legendary rarity one, and even a Gardener 100 ones a risk that it will die on them and respawn somewhere else. There is also a not insignificant chance that the flower kills the Gardener, too.
  36. But, afterwards, you’ve done it, you now have a piece of Eden! When fully mature, that Mythic Flower develops in “Edeune”, a half Seraph, half Alraune beast of a raid-boss with many hundreds of levels. Edeune is the strongest of the raid bosses that chill out in True Eden, and now you can have your very own!
  37. Also, growth speed so big, it deserves scientific notation! A season’s growth every second! Start conquering the world with the inexorable, burgeoning expansion of your holy plants! Muah hah hah!
  39. DR 6+:
  40. <Propagate and Grow another 3 Mythic Flowers>
  41. Woah, you’re not done? Well, you can continue your power trip… but it will make you seriously unpopular. Using the methods acquired previously, grow another 3 Mythic Flowers. By the way, this is about basically half the mapped area of an Yggdrasil world you are eating with these Mythic Flowers, so expect a host of Guilds to ally against you (and good luck persuading your own guild to stick by your side). Good thing you’ve got that Edeune raid-boss with a couple more on the way, huh? Though you are going to need your own army of high-level plants and angels- and not a little bit of strategic cunning- if you expect to survive attempting this.
  42. Once you’re done, you not only possess Eden… you are Eden! Change your race to Edeune!
  43. As a final benefit, you can now convert any Edeune under your command into a Fallen Leaf of Yggdrasil. Yes, you can now farm WCIs, as though you weren’t enough of a target already.
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