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  12. In the last deployment update, among the many things that were said, the most important was that EVE was entering a period of chaos, and that once we got moving, things would move very fast. This is still true. The other thing I said is that as early as this Saturday (today) we would make an announcement that we were moving with the intention of running an alliance meeting the following Saturday (Aug. 26th at this point) to facilitate this. We have decided to change this part of the plan from the last deployment update, for reasons I'll explain below. There's no reason to beat around the bush or to hold any information back from you that isn't absolutely opsec, so I'm just going to lay out everything for you today and tell you what decisions have been made.
  13. On August 9th we put out the last deployment update laying out “the gameplan”. We stated that the deployment would last 2 and a ½ more weeks at a minimum, and that when we made the decision to end the deployment we would announce it a week in advance on a Saturday and cap it off with an alliance meeting on the following Saturday. Behind the scenes we then scheduled a Mil Lead meeting for this past Sunday (August 13th). At that meeting we agreed on what was at the time thought to be a good plan. The South was exploding right next to our space, so we agreed we needed to get back there as quick as our schedule allowed. We agreed that on August 19th (today) we would announce that we would be running the alliance meeting on August 26th and heading home. At the time this gave us two weeks left on the deployment.
  14. However things have changed since then, and we have decided that our original schedule and promise to run an alliance meeting a week after the announcement to end the deployment also needed to change. We simply can no longer afford to waste a week in purgatory waiting for an alliance meeting to make a big grand move op happen; every single day wasted at a time like this is a massive loss, and if we made the announcement today that we would be going home in a week, then we would be wasting an entire week.
  15. That's a mistake we simply can not afford to make. There is a war developing in the south that we still unsure of how it will play out, involving two sides that we are both blue with. There are citadels and enemy assets in our space. Our Catch allies are getting increasingly harassed by stain fools. Stainwagon has reformed and is assaulting Esoteria daily, and on top of all this they now have a keepstar in Stain. All of this is too much.
  16. Effective immediately, the Obe deployment is over. There will be no more fleets in Obe except for move fleets. We are also going to hold off on the alliance meeting until we need to use it. We only get to run an alliance meeting four or five times a year, and we must save them for when they are absolutely needed. It's entirely possible that we may end up announcing the alliance meeting for August 26th as originally planned, or we may wait a few weeks, we haven't decided yet. What we have decided on is that in the very likely event that we are going to be in a war soon, we want to use the alliance meeting to kick off that war. So for now we are holding off on the alliance meeting until we know for sure where our next war will be. That increasingly seems like it will be very soon, but until then we still have a lot of work to do. We need to sure up our borders, strengthen our defenses, and fatten our wallets. So with that being said, please read carefully the following orders and execute them quickly. We are quickly approaching the moment of truth, we need everyone in TEST to be completely prepared and ready for war.
  17. Orders:
  18. Starting immediately we need to start getting everything that we have in the north back to our space. This will happen as follows:
  19. For capital pilots: we have setup a chain of TEST owned citadels all the way back to KA6D. We will be running basically a constant cyno chain fleet to help people move their capitals back. It will take a long time, probably multiple days with fatigue, but it needs to be done as soon as possible. The citadel route will be posted up in capitals forums for anyone who isn’t in on the capital move right away, but our capital FCs will be running pretty constant move fleets regardless. We want all of the capitals that are currently in Obe to come back to our Catch staging system (for now V-3Y, soon to change to U-Q once the fortizar is online there). We know that all of those capitals are currently insured with 7 weeks left on them, and it’s important we keep those caps together as we are able to assess the risk of a fight differently when we know all the capitals are insured.
  20. For pilots without a capital: We are going to be running convoys back for as many of your ships as we can. If you would like to move your ships back via convoy, you will need to keep your deathclone set to Obe so you can death clone back up here and take new ships. We are going to do everything we can to run enough convoys to move everyone’s important ships. However, if you don’t feel like doing that then there are two alternatives. You could take the rigs off of your ships and repackage them and use TEST freight, or you could use TEST freight to move them to Jita and then sell them there if you wish. Once again, this is only if you don’t feel like running in convoy fleets, it’s up to you as these are just the options available to you.
  23. Regardless of how you do it, everyone needs to have the proper ships that are now requested in our Catch staging and in D-PN. We have updated the wiki doctrine page to reflect this. This is why we recommend that you bring back all of the ships that you have up in Obe to our catch staging, though we honestly don’t care how you do it as long as you have the proper ships in the proper places. Please check the wiki below to see how your ships need to be distributed between our two stagings. If you do not have this properly setup then you need to get it fixed ASAP, which means you might have to make a little money back at home to resolve it. Luckily you’ll be able to do that soon.
  25. Starting on Tuesday, we will officially allow ratting and mining back in Esoteria, and will once again be running fleets to save rorquals as needed. Our staging will officially be in D-PN, but not until Tuesday though. We will still be running convoys all week for people who need it, and obviously people will still likely be moving their capitals down the chain. We do not expect to have all of our numbers and ships back home until somewhere around the end of next week, but on Tuesday we will officially consider our staging moved to D-PN, even though we know people will still be moving.
  26. Once again, even though we will still be running convoy ops and people will still be moving, we are going to start running ops from home as soon as Tuesday night. Do not fret if you are still moving ships back, we do not expect to have full numbers on these initial ops, and we expect it to take at least a week, maybe a little longer, for everyone to have our Esoteria and Catch stagings properly outfitted with all the ships we are asking. That being said, we will not wait a week to start running ops down there, we will start on Tuesday.
  27. Once our staging is officially switched over to D-PN in Esoteria, it is highly important that everyone has a jump clone in our Catch staging (which is V-3Y for now and it being switched to U-Q in the very immediate future). You also need to have a travel ceptor in D-PN at all times. We will be forming major ops in Catch often, sometimes we will travel ceptor, sometimes we will jump clone, it’s important you have both options available.
  28. Comments on the Deployment
  29. I was going to make this a whole section, but honestly I’ve been doing meetings, politics, and just shit in general all day so it'll have to wait. I’m going to save this for tomorrow or the next day and make an AD post about it. I will discuss the deployment in detail, and open it up to discussion for all of y’all as well. We will debrief this deployment properly, and I will answer any questions about it (though the answer may sometimes be "opsec".
  30. That’s it
  31. Sorry to abruptly end this, but today has been dragging on and we need to just get this out. You have your orders, you have your reasons, we need to start moving fast, immediately. Abruptly ending this deploying and moving back on short notice isn't pretty, but it’s necessary. You need to spend a lot of time moving and isk making and getting ships where they need to be. Vily is back in full on Tuesday, I’ll be back from my brief vacation this upcoming Saturday, and then TEST will be back in full Catch war form as far as leadership goes. Give Vily and I the full strength of TEST, a proper war machine with the right ships staged in the right places, just like you did this past January, and we will deliver you another victory. Let’s get moving.
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