Tongs - Life Lessons

Apr 1st, 2014
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  1. >Ugh
  2. >what an awful day out
  3. >it's been raining for the past, oh...
  4. >eight hours?
  5. >whatever
  6. >that's probably an overestimate, but it's been storming hard enough
  7. >the worst thing is;
  8. >there is absolutely NOTHING to do around here
  9. >you've just been sitting around with Anon and Sepia, waiting for something to happen
  10. >to no avail, unfortunately
  11. >you appreciate the sentiments of being invited over to dinner and all, but there's really not much to do around Sepia's place
  12. >and frankly, you don't want to go out in this sort of weather just to find something to do
  13. >Soooo booooored
  14. >at least the seats are moderately comfortable
  16. >"GC? You alright?"
  17. >Sepia stirs you from your thoughts
  18. >Anonymous is still slumped in his chair, not paying anyone any attention
  19. >you sit up in your own recliner that happened to be facing the rain-spattered window overlooking the lawn
  20. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that... It's so boring around here! We've just been sitting around for hours doing nothing!"
  21. >"It's been about forty minutes since you got here."
  22. "...Oh."
  23. >A frown forms on your face
  24. "...But that's still too long without doing anything. I say, we brainstorm an idea for a fun thing to do on a rainy day!"
  25. >everyone remains silent
  26. "Anyone got anything?"
  27. >Anon looks up, but says nothing
  28. >Sepia does much of the same
  29. "...Huh. Nobody has anything? No games we could play, not even 'leapfrog?'"
  30. >the two shake their heads
  31. "Sepia, don't you have any board games?"
  32. >"No. I don't usually get many visitors."
  33. >damnit
  34. "Alright! No, that's perfectly O-K! I liked sitting around in silence anyway. Except I DON'T."
  35. >Anon speaks up for once in his life
  36. >"Goldie, give it a rest. There's nothing to do but wait for the storm to pass."
  37. "Oh, really? Give me a second."
  39. >...That's it!
  40. "Sepia, how's about I teach you how to please a stallion?"
  41. >the idea has some mixed reactions
  42. >like the new coffee stain on the carpet and the deep crimson-faced mare sitting across from you
  43. >"I-I don't know about that, Goldie..."
  44. "Oh, come now! It'll be fun AND educational!"
  45. >Anon interrupts
  46. >"Golden Corral, I do NOT want any part of whatever it is you're doing."
  47. "But then who will be the stallion? I mean, I'd be fine with the role, but I don't have the equipment for it."
  48. >"...Damn it, why would you put that image in my head?"
  49. "Because I know how you like that kinda thing~"
  50. >for emphasis, you flick your tongue at him
  51. >yup
  52. >he loves it
  53. >or, the lump in his pants does, anyway
  54. "See? You're already halfway there!"
  55. >"...Fine. But only because there's nothing else to do!"
  56. >you turn to Sepia, whose blush has diminished a bit
  57. "So? Are you up for it?"
  58. >"Well, I, um... I..."
  59. "It's better to know this now when you don't need it, than to not know it later when you DO need it."
  60. >finally, after what seem to be millennia, the brown-coloured mare relents with a nod (though her blush is noticeably deeper now)
  61. "Wonderful! I knew you'd be up for a life lesson!"
  62. >the term seems to alleviate Sepia of some noticeable stress
  64. >You turn to a frowning Anon, still annoyed at you for some indiscernible reason
  65. "What? It's like being a teacher! Now take off your pants."
  66. >"Do I have to?"
  67. >you roll your eyes
  68. "Nooooo, all you need to do is sit there and your dick will just tear through the fabr-OF COURSE YOU DO."
  69. >"Fine, Jeez..."
  70. >he removes the offending garment, as well as his under-pants, too. (You didn't even need to instruct him. He's learning so fast!)
  71. >his strange-looking human penis swings through the air
  72. >"I feel exposed..."
  73. "That's how a BJ's supposed to feel. Now, Sepia dear, please come over here for a second."
  74. >"Alright..."
  75. >she awkwardly makes her way over to you and Anon, but that's probably more due to her clumsy nature than anything
  76. "Sepia, meet Exhibit A!"
  77. >you tap "Exhibit A" on the head, perhaps a bit too forcefully
  78. >"OW!"
  79. "Sorry. Sepia, do you know why I'm doing this?"
  80. >"Why you're hitting him in the genitals?"
  81. "No, why I'm teaching you this stuff."
  82. >"Not really."
  83. >her awkwardness to the entire situation seems to be lessening
  84. >good!
  85. "It's because I want you to know how to give a blowjob NOW, with your good friends Anonymous and myself, instead of later, with some kinda stranger."
  86. >"Oh. That's nice of you."
  87. "I know, dear. Now! First, you've gotta make sure he's got a decent amount of blood flowing to his cock. It should look somethi-"
  88. >"Goldie, I took sex-ed, I know what..."
  89. >but she trails off, and she gets a decent amount of blood flowing to her face
  90. "Alright, just being thorough. Let's move on to the more 'interesting' stuff, eh?"
  92. >"...Could you please stop staring at it like that?"
  93. "Sorry. It just wasn't as large as I expected."
  94. >Anon grumbles under his breath
  95. "Now, Sepia, I'm going to go through some motions, and I want you to try and repeat them, okay?"
  96. >she nods
  97. "Alright."
  98. >you take Anon's head into your mouth, and bob your own head up and down on his shaft
  99. >you release your grip on his penis after repeating the motion two more times
  100. "Do you think you can handle that?"
  101. >another nod
  102. >"I'd just like to point out how awkward this is."
  103. "Shush, Anon."
  104. >Sepia steps up to Anon's crotch, and suddenly deep-throats the entire thing, nearly gagging on it
  105. >a loud gasp comes from Exhibit A's owner, taken by surprise no doubt
  106. >Sepia pulls her head back slowly, nearly a snail's pace
  107. >"Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. OW. OW."
  108. "It's probably best that you don't use your teeth, dear."
  109. >"Mmph-mm," she mumbles in apology through the elongated fleshy tube in her mouth
  110. >just before her lips meet the tip, she lets go
  111. >"Did... Did I do good?" she stammers out
  112. >Anon speaks up again
  113. >"N-"
  114. >well, he tries to, anyway, but a hoof jammed into his belly stops him
  115. "You did wonderful, Sepia. You might need to slow it down a bit on the entry, though."
  116. >Sepia gives you a proud smile
  117. >meanwhile, Anon grumbles what you can only assume are more oaths aimed towards you, but you don't pay him any attention
  119. "We'll work on it another time. I wanna show you something that shouldn't be too difficult, and we'll wrap it up until next week, alright?"
  120. >"Alright."
  121. >"...We're doing this again next week...?"
  122. "So, what you do is, you take your tongue out..."
  123. >you extend your tongue to the floor
  124. "And then, you slowly wrap it around the male's shaft. Like this!"
  125. >your tongue curls around the base of Anon's cock, winding your way to the tip
  126. >Anon stops making quips and grips the seat's armrests
  127. "And then, you just squeeze and pull. Like milking a cow! Except the milk isn't as good. And it's a penis, as opposed to an udder."
  128. >and you squeeze, gripping his shaft with your tongue, and slide your muscle-y coil down the walls of the cock
  129. "Back and forth, back and forth..."
  130. >you repeat your motions in time with your sentences, eliciting some choice exclamations from your test subject
  131. "Until your mate orgasms! That is, if you don't plan on doing anything other than a blowjob for the night."
  132. >you release the slick organ from your mouth and tongue, denying Anon release in the process
  133. >"P-please finish..."
  134. "Sorry, but no-can-do, Anon. That's where Sepia comes in."
  135. >you back up from Anon to make room for the brown mare
  136. "Go on, then. All you've got to do is-"
  137. >Sepia, blush gone from her face, steps up and swallows it whole again
  139. "It's best to be a bit more subtle in your actions, dear, it's more attractive that way..."
  140. >she pulls herself off of the cock, and you notice her tongue still snaked around it, but hers only goes about a quarter of the way
  141. >"Sorry... Like this?"
  142. >Sepia then starts pulsating her tongue in a weird way
  143. >it's... odd
  144. >Anonymous doesn't seem to mind, what with that look on his face
  145. "Well, it's a start. Try flexing the hindmost part of the tongue."
  146. >she does as suggested, and it's truly a wonderful sight
  147. >her lips are pressed to his tip, short tongue coiling and expanding across his head and neck
  148. "Sepia, that's wonderful!"
  149. >you give her a prideful hug
  150. "You learn things so fast!"
  151. >"Goldie, don't make this even more awkward than it is," Anon interjects, though not without trouble
  152. >holding back all those lewd noises must be hard
  153. >"Am I really doing that well?," Sepia questions
  154. "Of course, dear. It's pretty good, for a first time! But I'd like to see you try both techniques at the same time."
  155. >Sepia nods her head, and goes to work
  156. >as she slides her mouth down the shaft, her tongue is pulled back into her mouth
  157. >curious...
  158. >and, bringing her head back to its original place, Sepia pushes her coiled tongue outward, counteracting her head movement
  159. >"S-Sepia, I..."
  160. >but Sepia just goes on with the action, Anonymous's words unheeded
  161. "Sepia, I believe Anon's about to finish in your mouth."
  162. >she takes the dong out of her mouth to speak
  163. >this probably wasn't the best course of action, in hindsight
  165. >Anon, of course, spurts on Sepia's face, her hooves holding his strange human girth skyward
  166. >his orgasmic tones roll throughout the house, deafening everyone
  167. >when he finally stops killing your eardrums, you speak;
  168. "It's like you've never gotten your dick sucked before, Anon. That was pretty much beginner-tier stuff."
  169. >"S-shut up."
  170. >you turn to an understandably disgusted Sepia, trying to get the semen out of her mane
  171. >"Why is it so sticky?"
  172. "No clue. But you should probably go wash up before it dries, dear."
  173. >"Good idea."
  174. >she goes off to wash the cum out of her hair, leaving you and Anon alone
  175. "...I take it you enjoyed that?"
  176. >"N-no. That's the body's normal response to sexual activity. Doesn't mean I liked it!"
  177. "Mmmhmm."
  178. >"Shut up."
  180. "So, you'll still be coming by next week for another lesson?"
  181. >"...You're not serious...?"
  182. "Yup. Sepia needs to know these kinds of things! She needs to be ready should the need come up."
  183. >"The need to know how to suck a good dick?"
  184. "Well, yours wasn't that good, but-"
  185. >"That's it, I'm outta here. See ya never!"
  186. >Anon jumps out of his chair, pushes past you, and slams open the door, storming out into the downpour, slamming the gateway closed behind him
  187. >a few minutes of silence pass before Sepia enters the living room again, mane wet from the wash
  188. >"...Oh. He left."
  189. "Yeah, Anon had other business to attend to, I suppose. Must have been important, what with the horrible weather out."
  190. >"I kinda wanted to thank him for the lesson."
  191. "I did too, but he left without another word. Oh well. We can have fun without him, right?"
  192. >"You don't mean another lesson...?" Sepia's cheeks flush and eyes widen at the implications
  193. >the thought of having Sepia on top of you, doing... Things... makes you blush a bit
  194. "Well, I mean, er, maybe later! But I meant other kinds of fun. Like..."
  195. >you hastily propel yourself over to the sofa with your wings
  196. "A pillow fight!"
  197. >you grab a loose cusion with your mouth, and fling it towards the unsuspecting mare
  198. >it impacts with a large WHOOMPH, knocking the poor Moth over
  199. >"Hey, no fair!" Sepia retorts, giggling a bit
  201. >And so you spend the next couple of hours with your closest friend tossing pillows and such, having incredible fun
  202. >it's incredibly tiring, but that doesn't make it any less fun
  204. >After teaching your life lesson and throwing pillows about for a couple hours, the two of you are incredibly tired
  205. >understandable enough
  206. >so you decided to just stay the night at Sepia's
  207. >she didn't mind at all
  208. >"Are you sure that you're alright sleeping in the guest room?"
  209. "Of course. Where... Nevermind."
  210. >"Just making sure you're comfortable is all!" A tinge of red hilights her face
  211. "I know, dear. Have a good night's rest! Hopefully, the storm'll have let up tomorrow."
  212. >Sepia gives you a hug, and trots off to her room in the back
  213. >she's such a wonderful friend
  214. >you wouldn't trade her for the world
  215. >such a kind mare...
  216. >but you don't like her like -that-, honest
  217. >just as a friend
  219. >you rouse yourself from your thoughts, and head into the spare bedroom
  220. >nothing of interest, aside from the bed you'll be sleeping on
  221. >you hope you made the right choice, giving Sepia BJs 101
  222. >it's probably fine, though, and she DID say she enjoyed it
  223. >kind of
  224. >...ah, well
  225. >it probably won't scar the softspoken mare for life, thankfully
  226. >you'd never do that intentionally
  227. >you'll probably chat about it in the morning, just to make sure
  228. >laying your head on the soft pillow, you drift off into a deep sleep
  229. >you dream of Sepia...
  230. >you dream of Sepia doing...
  231. >...Ooh...
  232. >...
  233. >...Well, let's just say you gave her some "private tutoring"
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