MGE Side III Dark Sea Knights

Sep 11th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Nnn...❤
  2. If I do something really lewd with you, I end up like this...❤
  3. You’ve still only used my mouth, and yet...❤ I knew I was a naughty girl, but when you stroked my head, my mouth opened up like that on its own, it’s like my body responded by wanting to suck on you...❤
  4. I’m going to be made even more naughty by onii-san...❤ Haa~❤
  5. On top of that, whenever I tempt onii-san, it seems you get hard right away, nfufuu❤
  7. Ah, there’s some old men of the Dark Sea Knights... Good evening~! Do I know them? Well, yeah, but everyone in this city knows them!
  8. That square faced, sturdy old man is the Commander of the Fellowship of the Dark Sea Knights, Mr. “Eizen”. That’s right, the admiral from that old story, who originally came from Diana! After that old story, he stayed on this island so he could always protect us!
  9. There are a lot of people in the Dark Sea Knights that believe in the Lord, and it’s full of actual heroes that protected us sea folk in that old story!
  10. Also, they’re pretty much Court Alf’s army!
  11. Ah, yoo-hoo~❤ That girl who’s about as tiny as I am is a friend of mine❤ She’s that chubby old man’s wife❤
  12. The Dark Sea Knights often go on expeditions to other islands, and whenever a ship of the Order of the Chief God wanders into the waters around Court Alf, the Fellowship of the Dark Sea Knights are the first ones to head towards it. Since they share faith in the same god, it’s easy to talk to them!
  13. She said they’ve returned from an expedition, so I wonder if they went on an expedition together? She’s been married to that old man since long before I was chosen by onii-san, but it looks like she got to do all sorts of lewd things in different countries by going on an expedition together, I’m so jealous~❤
  15. Say, onii-san, what do you want to do from now on? It’s alright if we don’t work and it could be really fun if we spend our lives just doing lewd things and feeling good~ Buuut...❤
  16. I like a working man too❤ When we monsters see a man doing his best, we swoon over him working hard, and then we want to make him feel really good, so we think it’s a wonderful thing to do lots of lewd stuff with him after he’s finished working~❤
  17. By the way, the men of the Dark Sea Knights are so strong and cool❤
  18. Onii-san and his dick are still pretty cool now, but you might become even cooler if you joined them❤
  20. Ahh❤ More head pats...❤ Aaan❤
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