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  1. NCT
  2. Name: Tanaka Kira
  3. Stage Name: Kira
  4. Nicknames: Ki
  6. Birthday: March 2nd, 1999
  7. Age: 20
  8. Height:5'4"
  9. Weight: 45 kg
  11. Ethnicity: Japanese
  12. Nationality: Japanese
  13. Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
  15. Blood Type: AB
  17. Spoken Languages:
  18. Japanese
  19. Korean
  21. Family:
  22. Tanaka Yuji | Father | 49
  23. Tanaka Keko | Mother | 47
  25. Face Claim: 1995.mj on instagram
  26. Backup Face Claim: mlnhe on instagram
  28. Queen
  29. Personality: Sweet, caring, everyone loves her and her attitude. Everyone babies her, even the Dreamies, even though she's older than them. Yuta is basically her father. She will kill you if you get her even the slightest bit annoyed, she's sensitive but devilish.
  32. -Sweaters
  33. -Mark
  34. -Yuta
  35. -Reading
  36. -Rain
  37. -Flavored Milk > Water
  39. Dislikes:
  40. -Jackets
  41. -Haechan
  42. -Taeyong (or at least his motherly-ness)
  43. -Being called Noona
  44. -Getting patted on her head
  45. -Johnny and Clorox are weird; they like coffee.
  47. Hobbies:
  48. -Nerf gun fights
  49. -reading
  50. -annoying unnies & hyungs
  51. -Singing, Dancing, rapping
  52. -Binging Japanese dramas with Yuta
  54. Trivia:
  55. -Sweater Paws Galore
  56. -Nerf Gun Fights
  57. -Tries to write with left hand (Fails miserably)
  58. -Wishes to be ambidextrous
  59. -"Yuta oppa, buy me [blank]"
  61. Habits:
  62. -Hitting people lightly
  63. -Scratching her nose
  65. Background: Grew up in Japan and moved to Korea with her parents at age 16. Loved singing since she was little and expanded her talents later on. Auditioned originally for singing, but found a hidden talent in dancing. Trained with many of her members and was happy they got to debut together.
  67. Gurl Gang
  68. Slot: Cascade
  69. BackUp Slot: Detergent
  71. Training Period: 1 year
  72. How She Got Into SM: Went in to audition, nothin' special
  74. Idol Friends:
  75. -Kim Jennie (Blackpink)
  76. -Lee Gahyeon (Dreamcatcher)
  77. -Yabuki Nako (IZ*ONE)
  78. -Miyawaki Sakura (IZ*ONE)
  79. -Mina (Twice)
  80. NCT She's Closest Too:
  81. -Nakamoto Yuta
  83. Message To Fans: Hello! I hope that you all will support me and I promise I will work hard for you all! Thank you for cheering me on and always being there when I am going through a bad time. You guys make me happier and all my accomplishments wouldn't have happened without all of you. NCTzen fighting~ =^..^=
  84. Message To Members: Hello! I hope you all will take care of me well. I am very happy we get to debut together! I hope we won't fight much and be a good family to each other. I am sorry in advance if I annoy any of you or try to kill you. NCT Queen fighting~ =^..^=
  86. Specific Show You Want Her On: Hello Counselor (cus its the only one i know)
  87. Specific Scenes You Want To See Happen:
  88. -Setting Yuta up with Sicheng
  89. -Setting Kai (from exo) up with Jennie (from blackpink)(because shes friends with jennie and JenKai i ship)
  91. SMTOWN
  92. Love Interest: none
  93. BackUp Love Interest: none
  94. How Did You 2 Meet: none
  95. How She Acts Around Him: none
  96. How He Acts Around Her: none
  97. Relationship As Of Now: none
  98. Relationship Later On: none
  99. Suggested Scenes: none
  100. Love Rivals: (if you want one)
  102. Anything Else You Want Too Add About Her: Nothing thank yu
  104. Message To Me: Thank you for this fic! I think its a very good idea =^..^=
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