Futarikiri dayo [Typeset]

Jun 9th, 2016
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  1. Futarikiri dayo Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Preface]
  5. >[Hello everyone, I'm Macchaume. Comic1 has arrived! In other words, it's already been five months!]
  6. >[Recently I've been burying myself into researching and accumulating all kinds of online shopping items like T-point, such that when I'm done I often find that time has quickly flown past. I feel that considering how to maximize my collection is kind of like planning out your character in a's quite fun.
  7. >[Then once I accumulate enough points, I'll go off on a vacation...that is the simple goal I set for myself.]
  8. >[The Above is my meaningless status report.]
  9. >[This Doujin is a Hibiki DOujin too.
  10. The story and topics this time around are a little different from the last doujin.
  11. I hope you enjoy.
  12. >[Well then, the Doujin starts on the next page.]
  14. >TTK: This story started after I entrusted Hibiki with my daily chores.
  15. >TTK: Woaahh!
  16. >TTK: I can smell the clean laundry all the way from here.
  17. >TTK: Thank you, Hibiki!
  18. >Hibiki:'s not a big deal, Commander...
  19. >TTK: It's just that it seems like I might be disliked. I feel as if Hibiki has been kind of cold to me.
  20. >TTK: I am the Commander and all; I have to make sure that to tighten our friendship further!
  21. >TTK: But, this scent | it's just like Hibiki's smell.
  22. >Hibiki: ....Eh?
  24. >Hibiki: C...commander?!
  25. >TTK: Hm? What is it, Hibiki? [why are you so frantic?]
  26. >Hibiki: Commander--
  27. >Hibiki: You smelled me?!
  28. >TTK: ...Eh?
  29. >Hibiki: T....that's kind of embarassing...
  30. >Hibiki: Next time, please tell me first....
  31. >TTK: H....hold on, Hibiki?!
  32. >TTK: What are you talking about?
  33. >Hibiki: Well, b....because you just said that you {smelled something like me}.
  34. >Hibiki: Surely you must have {Sneaked into my room} to smell me....?
  35. >TTK: [Eh!!] Aren't I being made out to be a pervert?!
  37. >TTK: I....I didn't do anything like that! | It''s just that when you're close I can smell your scent!
  38. >Hibiki: Eh?
  39. >Hibiki: it really just that....?
  40. >TTK: Why is she so suspicious of me....?!
  41. >TTK: S....say, Hibiki, am I that untrustworthy?
  42. >Hibiki: Eh?!, not at all!
  43. >Hibiki: All the Commander's daily chores have been entrusted to me, right....!!
  44. >Hibiki: I....
  45. >Hibiki: to be able to spend my life with the Admiral
  46. >Hibiki: I'm really happy...
  48. >Hibiki: ....Hey, | What does the commander think?
  49. >TTK: Ehhhhhhhhh?!
  50. >TTK: Uh....ehhh....what's there to think about it...?
  51. >TTK: W...why did this girl suddenly ask this kind of difficult question?
  52. >Hibiki: --You, why are you so flustered...?
  53. >TTK: ....Eh?!
  54. >TTK: H-h-h-h-ow am I flustered...?! I'm normal, very normal!
  55. >Hibiki: How could that be, you're clearly panicked.
  56. >Hibiki: Why are you so obstinate today?
  57. >TTK:'s because Hibiki suddenly brought up an embarassing question....!!
  58. >Hibiki: The Commander's really weird.
  59. >TTK: I...
  61. >TTK: Why am I so embarassed?! I'm not an elementary schooler.
  62. >Hibiki: More importantly,
  63. >TTK: Ah, ah....!
  64. >Hibiki: Hey,
  65. >Hibiki: hasn't it been just us two here for a while now?
  66. >Hibiki: While
  67. >Hibiki: I've always been happy, very happy...
  68. >Hibiki: ...Commander, is there anything you'd want me to do?
  69. >TTK: Eh...? Haven't I troubled you a lot already, getting you to wash my clothes and all....?
  70. >Hibiki: I....I don't mean that....
  71. >Hibiki: I want to, with the Commander....
  72. >Hibiki: Iw ant to be closer to the Commander... | is that okay?
  73. >TTK: Eh?
  75. >TTK: Hibiki....?! What do you mean closer?
  76. >Hibiki: That's to say.... | Sometimes, I
  77. >can't help but want to to do "that..."
  78. >TTK: Want to do t-t-t-t-that?!
  79. >TTK: were interested in that kind of thing?!
  80. >Hibiki: O....of course...?
  81. >Hibiki: ....Commander, why would you ask such a mean-spirited question?
  82. >TTK: There wasn't anything mean-spirited about that!
  83. >TTK: Don't talk about it so lightly....
  84. >Hibiki: Commander....!!
  85. >Hibiki: I'm not taking this lightly!
  87. >Hibiki: It's because the Commander....
  88. >Hibiki: Commander asked...
  89. >Hibiki: Does the Commmander know?
  90. >Sometimes my heart goes pitter patter too.
  91. >TTK: ....Eh?
  92. >Hibiki: Because the Commander doesn't take me seriously.
  93. >TTK: S...orry.
  94. >TTK: I didn't think that you would consider this kind of thing.
  95. >Hibiki: --really...
  96. >Hibiki: You don't need to say it.
  97. >TTK: Hibiki...?
  98. >Hibiki: ....but even so,
  100. >Hibiki: I also want to hear you say it.
  101. >Hibiki: It's a little wierd.
  102. >TTK: Eh....?
  103. >Hibiki: [Hmhm]
  104. >Hibiki: Look, look
  105. >TTK: Oy....let go....!
  106. >TTK: Hurry up and say it to me, or else you're going to asphyxiate.
  107. >TTK: C....could it be, that what she wants me to say is...!!
  108. >TTK: A love confession?!
  109. >Hibiki: you still not get it?
  110. >TTK: No, no!! a little too embarassing! How could I say it out loud....!!
  111. >TTK: I....I say, Hibiki....?
  112. >Hibiki: Ah....! Commander!!
  114. >Hibiki: Could you be trying to find a way to dodge the subject...?!
  115. >TTK: I....I didn't think anything like that...
  116. >TTK: Eh, Hibiki
  117. >TTK: Could you let go of my hand before we discuss this....?
  118. >Hibiki: That's mean!
  119. >Hibiki: My hand's already grabbed on, I can't take it off!
  120. >TTK: what's that supposed to mean?!
  121. >Hibiki: Pinch pinch pinch--
  122. >TTK: D....don't play around with my nose like that...! (note to typesetter: you might want ot change it slightly so it sounds like somebody with their nose being grabbed is saying it)
  124. >TTK: Well.... | well, if you're not going to let go!!
  125. >Hibiki: Ahh....?!
  126. >Hibiki: L....let go, Commander!
  127. >Hibiki: don't touch me! (Literally: I don't want to touch/contact with you)!!
  128. >TTK: I....don't want to...!
  129. >[TTK: How obstinate...!!]
  130. >[Hibiki: The Commander's one to talk!]
  131. >Hibiki: Undil you say it out loud.... | I won'd led let you go...!! [uuuu--]
  132. >[End]
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