Cursed Cosmic Dev 1 -Meeting of Whim-

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  1. [20:56] Syracuse Fengari says, "Names or not, I got a quetion and don't take this the wrong way."
  2. [20:57] As they looked at Luqonqi they'd ask the question on their mind.
  4. "What are you?"
  5. (Syracuse Fengari)
  7. [20:58] Lugonqi looked to the young Neries. "A superior organism- an ascended Agarthan. The Arch-Lord of Entropy Lugonqi Alazauq. You may bow and grovel."
  8. (Lugonqi Alazauq)
  10. [21:03] Nodded along at the explanation, it all seemed pretty legit. At the last bit he'd open his eyes a tad wider. Nothing had ever given him permission to bow or grovel before. In fact he'd never done either thing before.
  12. "No one's ever given permission. . . Ain't never done it before either."
  14. Without skipping a bit the youth shrugged, he'd simply drop to a knee, Vulcanic ash drifting up from the impact. With his hands he'd raise them up to the giant horned creature. He didn't know a lot about Archons, Agarthans, or Demons. He did know an impressive set of horns when he saw them.
  16. "Mighty horned ram of the shining fire, I offer unto your praise for your excellence!"
  18. He'd hold his pose for a few minutes, then without much adu he'd stand back up. Wiping away the dust from his outfit. Bowign and graveling? Had he done it right. If so it wasn't that bad, a little silly feeling though. If not, then he'd probably have to try again a few other times. After all, if your going to do anything do it well.
  19. (Syracuse Fengari)
  20. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. [21:04] His arm burst out from his cape, the pale limb was then sent into Cordelia's arms. Neo's placid features locked with Cordelia's as the pink eyed Vampire awaited for her to do the deed. She'd passed the first few stages meaning the blood would only get better from here.
  24. "Drink as much as you need."
  25. (Neo Invidia)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [21:04] The archon certainly couldn't say it expected the boy to bow. In an ideal world, all would bow and grovel without hesitation, but the demon lived in an unfortunate reality where its existence was given little after thought to many.
  30. Here, though, one had finally listened.
  32. Its black lips curled tightly upwards at the edges. "Fitting," responded Alazauq as its hands rubbed together. "Excellent work."
  33. (Lugonqi Alazauq)
  34. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  36. [21:08] She offered a small smile as the Invidia offered his arm to her, and she took it willingly. Indeed now the blood was even more addicting than before. At the prospect of actually getting some, her heartbeat increased, adrenaline already flowing. She withdrew a small dagger; one she had made herself, cutting the male's wrist gently.
  38. Harming him hurt her in a strange way but she knew it was for a good cause. They both knew it. Her green eyes shifted up to his own, before she took from him what she desired. She drank deeply, eventually her eyes shutting in happiness. It was like a treat, really, after he hard work for the day. Eventually however, all good things must come to an end.
  40. Thankfully for Neo, Cordelia had never been a pig, drinking more than what was probably comfortable for him, and she withdrew, licking at the sides of her mouth quietly before she released his arm,
  42. "... Thanks," she murmured finally, straightening up and opening her eyes. She exhaled, looking all too pleased with herself for the time being.
  43. (Cordelia A. Wvelven)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. [21:09] Smiled widely, hands clasping together with a resounding thwap. Head nodding in smooth order as he received feedback. Mentally notating the proper technique he'd undertaken to properly bow and grovel.
  48. "Thank you, Arch-Lord. It was a fitting taste of experience."
  50. With that the youth would clasp his hands behind his head and stroll off towards the side, turning back to look at all the strange things, people and monster, that he'd see in Obsidia. How exciting of a place he'd stumbled upon.
  51. (Syracuse Fengari)
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