Chinjufu Hebereke Tenmatsu-sho [Typeset]

Mar 9th, 2017
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  1. Chinjufu Hebereke Tenmatsu-sho Translation
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  5. >Ooyodo: Akashi!
  7. >Ooyodo: You didn't submit your report again!
  8. >Akashi: Geh-
  9. >Ooyodo: I'll deal with it for you this time.
  10. >Ooyodo: But next time please do it yourself, in time if you please.
  11. >Akashi: I was focused on my work and forgot, sorrrryyy---
  13. >Ooyodo: Well then, if you please--
  14. >Akashi: Yes ma'am--
  15. >[DDs: Uwah]
  16. >Inazuma: Wow (literally: umm)
  17. >Fubuki: Ooyodo-san's amazing!
  18. >Sazanami(?): She's the ideal adult--
  19. >Akashi: Alright, alright then | equipment that needs repairs goes onto the shelf,
  20. >Akashi: And all remodel applications go into the envelope over there.
  21. >[DDs: Yes--]
  23. >Akashi: The Ideal, | ...huh....
  24. >Akashi: But
  25. >[Note: It's okay to pay me back!]
  26. >[on pamphlet: Development Planning Booklet]
  27. >[Houshou-san's RECOMMENDATION]
  28. >Ooyodo: Mmm--~~
  30. >Ooyodo: Ahhhh-- I'm so tired---! [Pwahh!]
  31. >Akashi: Really....pffft, the contrast is just too....
  32. >Ooyodo: How rude!
  33. >Ooyodo, Ah, another kebab (literally: please give me another cartilage kebab), please.
  34. >Ooyodo: Make it shioyaki, please. (
  36. >Ooyodo: It's fine, right? It's my time off, let me let loose a little! | But forget that, it's all bullshit! | I get the dorms are crowded, okay?! | but deal with your roomate issues on your own, will ya?! | The hell am I supposed to do about your room being messy or whatever?
  37. >Ooyodo: And then there's Headquarters! Every time something comes up between them and the supply fleet, guess who has to deal with it-- | Oy, Akashi, you listening?
  38. >Akashi: I'm listening....
  39. >Akashi: And there you are acting all dainty when you're drinking with everyone [Ehhh-]
  40. >Ooyodo: What's that?! You're one to talk, Akashi | what about the time you installed searchlights in a certain someone's glasses while drunk?
  41. >Akashi: I'm sorry, okay?!
  42. >[Searchlight: Kaaaaaa~]
  43. >[Akashi: Uwahhh~]
  45. >Akashi: Let me have a bit of that.
  46. >Ooyodo: Sneaky...
  47. >Akashi: Oo-yodo, you listening?
  48. >Ooyodo: Ara
  49. >Ooyodo: This is some good stuff!
  50. >Hiryuu: Right?
  51. >Hiryuu: We were super attentive when we made this, so it has to be great!
  52. >Hiryuu/Souryuu: With Noodles/Soup (note: Hiryuu said noodles, Souryuu said soup)
  53. >Hiryuu: What'd you say?!
  54. >Hiryuu: It's got to be on noodles-
  55. >Souryuu: Soup--
  56. >Hiryuu: I disagree!
  57. >[Haaaah-]
  59. >[Hiryuu/Souryuu: \Ahhh~~/ \Kaga-san--/]
  60. >Akashi: Ufufu
  61. >Akagi: Don't worry,
  62. >Akagi: Those two get along real well.
  63. >Kaga: Yep.
  64. >[Akagi: Welcome back]
  65. >Kaga: They may have their arguments, | But they're still inseparable comrades and partners.
  66. >Ooyodo: Hehhh- | Even if they're not sisters, those matching uniforms are proof innit; just like with you two. [Like I said before.]
  67. >Akagi: Speaking of Uniforms, I've always wanted to ask:
  69. >Akagi: You two aren't even the same class | and yet why do you two share uniforms.
  70. >Akashi: Ahhh!
  71. >Akashi: Well, this uniform was developed before those of the other shipgirls.
  72. >Akashi: And so it was. (note: literally: "And so/just like that.")
  73. >Ooyodo: Even so, to bring up changing uniforms now, well...
  74. >Akashi: Making and designing new uniforms is my job! So I refuse!
  75. >Akagi: Earlier than the other shipgirls, huh.
  76. >Akashi: Yep!
  77. >Akashi: How nostalgic--
  79. >Akashi: Before the Admiral assumed duty, we were called over to this so-called Naval District
  80. >Akashi: More of a garbage heap abandoned for the last few decades at the time.
  81. >Ooyodo: Really--back then we were wondering what we should do.
  82. >Ooyodo: THe roof would leak no matter how many times Akashi fixed it | ventilation was way too good, so ti was freezing, and we didn't have running water or was tough.
  83. >Akashi: Ooyodo's roof-leak countermeasures were way too advanced.
  84. >Ooyodo: Akashi, we agreed not to talk about that.
  86. >Akashi: For that dump to become a place where we can eat hot, delicious food like this....
  87. >Akashi: What should we go for next, a movie theatre?
  88. >[Akashi: Just putting it out there]
  89. >Ooyodo: Gulp
  90. >Ooyodo: Why?! We already have four dockyards! | Shipgirls, too! More than 100 is enough!
  91. >Ooyodo: I'm working hard enough already!
  92. >Akashi: Ehhhhh-- | I still want a large-scale shipyard to build the Yamatos!
  93. >Ooyodo: You're always saying stuff like that!
  94. >Ooyodo: Try seeing it from the standpoint of the person who has to make all that possible!
  95. >Akashi: Why are you like this-
  96. >Hiryuu: Ara
  97. >Akashi: Isn't it a necessity?!
  99. >Ooyodo: I will fight it to the end!
  100. >Akashi: I....I'll fight for it to the end!
  101. >Ooyodo: Ahhhh, really-- like idiots
  102. >Ooyodo: It's not entirely dut to our efforts,
  103. >Ooyodo: but this place has become so large.
  104. >Akashi: That's right--
  106. >Akashi: --Ooyodo, | Why are you pouring me another one?
  107. >Ooyodo: Now now.....
  108. >Akashi: I've drank enough.
  109. >Ooyodo: If you ain't drinkin', then let's talk about some serious stuff.
  110. >Ooyodo: Let's have a talk about your plans.
  111. >Ooyodo: No objections?
  112. >Akashi: spare meeee~
  113. >Akashi: Morning--...
  115. >Ooyodo: GOod morning-- | Why am I working?
  116. >[AKashi: You dropped your glasses]
  117. >AKashi: AHhh----
  118. >[Memories from last night]
  119. >Akashi: ....why did i do that....
  120. >[Ooyodo: Ahhh....I'm still in my uniform, it's not washed....]
  121. >Akashi: We have a spare shower for that.
  122. >Fubuki: Ehhhh
  123. >Fubuki: they're still working at this time?
  124. >Ooyodo: I'm borrowing it....ahhhh, my head hurts....
  125. >Fubuki: Good morning--
  127. >Fubuki: Another all-nighter, Akashi-san?
  128. >[Fubuki: It's bad for you, y'know?]
  129. >Akashi: You just get back from an expedition? [welcome back]
  130. >Fubuki: Ooyodo-san's here too.... | you're all unkempt, are you alright?
  131. >Ooyodo: I....I'm fine.
  132. >Ooyodo: Right, uh,
  133. >Ooyodo: actually, it's
  135. >Ooyodo: It's because I was helping Akashi find something she lost last night.
  136. >Akashi: Lies---!!
  137. >Fubuki: DId you find it?]
  138. >[Ooyodo: Well, more or less]
  139. >[Akashi: Eh--]
  140. >Akashi: It's morning again.
  141. >Ooyodo: Well then, AKashi,
  143. >Ooyodo: Let's get back on track!
  144. >Ooyodo: The next assignment's coming up soon, after all!
  145. >Akashi: Mm!
  146. >Akashi: Speaking of which, was last night on me?
  147. >Ooyodo: If it wasn't, please cover me next time.
  148. >Akashi: Eh?!
  149. >Ooyodo: Just kidding.
  150. >[end]
  152. >[Apart from the searchlight, it appears to also have some kind of radar that even the owner doesn't know about. A more or less useless pair of high-tech glasses]
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