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Jan 14th, 2021
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  1. 00:31:11: <vanquishedValiant> _12we finished john<3<eggs so that image is done for
  2. 00:31:21: <Thedude3445> _13what about all the other ships
  3. 00:31:26: <Thedude3445> _13like Tavros x John
  4. 00:31:40: <Thedude3445> _13and bad mr. frosty x john
  5. 00:31:50: <Thedude3445> _13and eridan x john
  6. 00:32:00: <vanquishedValiant> _12yes
  7. 00:32:04: <vanquishedValiant> _12this makes so much sense
  8. 00:32:08: <vanquishedValiant> _12clearly
  9. 00:32:26: <vanquishedValiant> _12the one with all the ships and the one with none
  10. 00:32:30: <vanquishedValiant> _12the perfect match
  11. 00:32:36: <Thedude3445> _13also feferi's lusus x john
  12. 00:32:50: <vanquishedValiant> _12hey man
  13. 00:32:58: <vanquishedValiant> _12glyb'golyb is happily married
  14. 00:33:06: <Thedude3445> _13to bro
  15. 00:33:07: <vanquishedValiant> _12don't even think about ruining that
  16. 00:33:11: <vanquishedValiant> _12of course
  17. 00:33:20: <vanquishedValiant> _12who else could handle all that mountain of writhing tentacles
  18. 00:33:24: <vanquishedValiant> _12no one
  19. 00:33:25: <vanquishedValiant> _12thats who
  20. 00:34:18: <vanquishedValiant> _12when he cut the meteor in half he was actually scratching "bro <3 glybgolyb 4eva"
  21. 00:34:29: <Thedude3445> _13xDDDDDD
  22. 00:34:33: <Thedude3445> _13YES
  23. 00:34:57: <vanquishedValiant> _12and the smoke cloud was a giant heart
  24. 00:35:18: <Thedude3445> _13this is great
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