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Kimitoasamade 2-B

js06 Jul 1st, 2014 304 Never
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  1. Chapter 16:
  2. The "parent" Hidden Dragon flies away and the fight continues with the two "child" Hidden Dragons.
  3. The girls manage to destroy the two "child" ones.
  5. Chapter 17:
  6. The "parent" dragon returns and the girls fight it.
  7. In the end, Torii and Oosuga show up and help defeat it.
  9. Chapter 18:
  10. The girls go to the Blue Thunder and meet P-01s.
  12. Chapter 19:
  13. Asama explains how she thinks a ley line stagnation surrounding the Musashi caused the appearance of the cerberus, Non-God Sword, and dragons.
  15. Chapter 20:
  16. Back in Suzu's bathhouse, the girls help Asama get over her doubts and she, Nate, and Kimi officially decide to form a band.
  18. Chapter 21:
  19. Kimi, Asama, and Nate practice singing together as they prepare for the festival.
  21. Chapter 22:
  22. Kimi, Asama, and Nate try to come up with a name for their band.
  23. Naito and Naruze decide to outdo those on the Musashi ranked above them so they can both become Edelbrocken testers.
  25. Final Chapter:
  26. After waking up in the early morning, Asama comes up with the name Kimitoasamade.
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