Cheer Up Brother in Law !!! - 13

Jul 24th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Cheer Up Brother in Law !!!

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Family Tie Relationship
Kim Jung Hoon (MC) CEO JH Construction Kim's Sister X-BiL Divorced
Kim Jiwoo (Ex-wife) [N/A] Eldest Sister Divorced
Kim Jiyoung (Blue) [N/A] Second Sister Single
Kim Jimin (Pink) [N/A] Third Sister Single
Kim Jisoo (Darky) [N/A] Youngest Sister Single
Ji Min [N/A] [N/A] [N/A]

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Chapter - 13

Darky Bedroom Darky x Pink

Darky says, even though MC is usually someone gentle and kind.. She doesn't finish her sentence..

Kim's Residence - Garden Blue x MC

MC is still smoking, Blue feels a bit cold and asks MC about entering in the house, he tells her he'll stay here a bit longer and will smoke one more cigarette.. Blue enters in the house leaving MC alone. He looks at the sky meanwhile Darky's finishing her previous sentence telling that when MC is angry he becomes a really scary person.


FB - High school Darky x Bullies x Pink

Darky got trashed by 3 fucking kids, one of them asks Darky how is it and if it feels good to be beaten like that, the bitch guy complains about Darky saying how a bastard like her without parents can have so much money. One of the girl is counting how much they stole from Darky and asks her crew what they'll do today with so much money..
Someone shouts at them saying how they really did too much today, it's Pink. They're shocked because Pink is not supposed to be in this school anymore and asks her how can she be there.. (Apparently she got transferred)

They flee like some bitches, Pink get closer to her little and tries to comfort her..

Kim's sisters apartment Darky x Pink (Not the same house than the one in the present)

They enter and Pink asks if there is anyone here, they take off their shoes and enter. Pink is in the kitchen and finds a note from Blue on the fridge. Pink read it for Darky saying how Blue will not eat home tonight because she has a lot of work.

Darky tells to Pink how Jiwoo (Ex-wife) will not eat with them either because she's with her boyfriend, Pink asks her if it's another man again and what kind of guy can date a girl like her.. Darky says how this time it's a Young man but he's already CEO of his own company and she says how Jiwoo told her previously that she's thinking about marrying this man (MC).
Pink is stunned hearing the news and asks to Darky if she's really talking about their Eldest Sis because it's really surprising.

TOP MOTEL - Room Ex-wife x MC

Jiwoo is riding MC, she moans and says his name.. MC finish her in missionary position and cums inside her, after reaching climax and taking a shower Ex-Wife check her cellphone.
She scratches her head saying how she really fucked up this time, MC says her name and asks her what's happening, she have a worried look and tells him how she totally forgot but today was the day where she wanted to introduce him to her sisters.

MC is surprised and asks why he wasn't aware of this and asks her what to buy as a welcoming gift, she tells him to hurry and to get dressed.

Kim's sisters apartment Ex-Wife x Blue x Pink x Darky x MC

Ex-wife enters and says how they're here, her three sisters are surprised to see her here and Pink asks if it's Jiwoo who is coming back. MC enters, he's holding a bag with a welcoming gift, he greets Darky saying how her eldest sis talked so much about her and he's really happy to finally know her.

Darky is narrating how it was her first encounter with her Brother-in-Law, there is a panel of them without Ex-Wife eating in Korean BBQ and she says how after this first meeting, he passed a lot of time with them even without their eldest sis.

Another panel with MC x Darky, she continues to narrate how he helped her a lot with her study, he even helped Blue with her work.

They're all at the beach playing and enjoying their vacation together, she says how he even paid a trip to the beach for all of them.. (They're literally all scumbags..)

Kim's sisters apartment Darky x MC

They're studying together and MC notices some bruises on her arm, he tells how he's worrying for her recently and asks her why she's hurt, she's surprised by his question and lower her head trying to make an excuse telling him how she tumbled downs the stairs..
MC doesn't buy it, he grabs her arm and rolls up the sleeve of her sweater, he tells her how you can be wounded like that just with falling down the stairs and asks her the truth.

Darky narrates how she stood up, took off her sweater and showed him her bruised back..

MC suddenly lets out a scream of rage surprising Darky, she turns her head too look at him and narrates to Pink how this time she saw her brother-in-law making the most scarier face of all time and she didn't recognize him at all.
She tells to Pink how the effect was instantaneous..

High school Darky x Bullies x Pink

The crew who bullied her in the past are all on their knees begging for her forgiveness saying how they'll never touch her again, one of the bitch says how she doesn't want to die and to forgive her she even wants to gives Darky her new cellphone as an apology.
Darky doesn't understand what's happening and doesn't what to say.. She notices Pink exiting a building and call her name, Pink looks at her little sister and notice the group a bullies and asks herself if they're still trying to bully her sis.

Pink is angry and says how she'll fuck them this time, Darky to explain the situation but Pink already trashed the bullies and she tells them to fuck off and to not annoy her sis in the future.

A guy is on a rooftop looking silently at the scene.

Kim's sisters apartment Darky x MC

Darky comes back home and says how she's here, nobody answers her and she thinks about MC and if he's the one taking a shower, she heads toward he room but notice some paper on the table, she looks at them and she's stunned because it's the personal info of the bullies band.. (Name, age, height, hobby and even their future choice of school)

She hears MC being on the phone with someone, MC says how he waiting for a good report, he's laughing hearing what's happened, he aks to his buddy (Ji Min) if he gives a good beating to all the kids, Ji Min tells him how he beaten 5 or 6 guy and asks him he they did a lot of damage to Darky because he can beat them again if he isn't satisfied with that. (Jim Min addresses to MC as "김사장" which mean Kim Boss and not your typical Boss or CEO more like mafia)

Darky eavesdrops the conversation and thinks how it was weird to see them kowtow and begs for mercy today..

MC tells to Ji Min to make an example of them because if he's showing moderation right now they'll come later for revenge. (LMAO!!!)

Darky makes an horrified face hearing what MC just said, he leaves the bathroom and notices Darky, he's surprised and tells her how she's finally here, she mutters his name..
He smiles and tells her how he waited for her to begin their private lessons.

Present - Kim's House - Darky's Bedroom Darky x Pink

Pink begins to feel that she played with the wrong guy and after hearing all the story she's saying to her little sis how can it's possible.. Darky warns her and tells her how it's because of that she told the truth to Blue because she doesn't know what MC can do if he learns the truth someday..
She continues saying how she doesn't know what will happen when MC will be aware of the whole scheming against him.

Kim's Residence - Garden MC

MC is alone looking at his phone ringing.. It's his Urologist ("탑비뇨기과" => "Top Urology")

To be continued..
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