Strange player on Warhub minecraft server 1.1

Leo_Verto Dec 27th, 2011 30 Never
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  1. GamerX9: welcome!
  2. GamerX9: today, strange things happened on the server
  3. GamerX9: when I was visiting a community house, which was used by some players (almost zms), I saw the name of another player next to me at my screen, cause zombe's modpack can show it
  4. GamerX9: I just walked around, I didn#t find the other guy, then I found sign items, so he must have been in the house before
  5. seansan1: oh
  6. GamerX9: after some time, I saw him flying around in front of the door
  7. GamerX9: then I was afk for some minutes
  8. GamerX9: when I was back, he was inside the house
  9. GamerX9: I saw him by looking through the floor with the modpack in one of the lowest rooms, that can only be accesed through other room
  10. GamerX9: I didn't walk into the rooms of other players, he did it
  11. GamerX9: I forgot to say, that the entrance room, that was directly under the bather was flooded
  12. GamerX9: the blocks under some water in the bath have been broken and the water flood into the room below
  13. seansan1: so
  14. seansan1: he griefed?
  15. GamerX9: I tried to find out who it did, but logblock didn#t work anymore, I jsut saw who built the block, not who destroyed it
  16. seansan1: did u see the players name?
  17. GamerX9: the strange guy was down insdie a private party room and played around with not blocks
  18. GamerX9: I floowed him
  19. GamerX9: when he noticed me, h flew
  20. GamerX9: I kelp stalking him
  21. GamerX9: but he always returned to the house
  22. seansan1: wow
  24. seansan1: i WANT TO CATCH THAT GUY!
  25. GamerX9: one time, he destroyed glass to get outside after he had noticed me and I wasn't able to seee that with lb
  26. GamerX9: the server started lagging mroe and more
  27. GamerX9: then he was into the room of knight steel, which had an unprotected doo
  28. GamerX9: I tried to call the owners of the house but no took care of me
  29. GamerX9: then I called knight steel
  30. GamerX9: he came and skywalkerjake came too
  31. GamerX9: I stood in front of the door, so the strange guy wasn't able to get out
  32. GamerX9: he called me a monster, the first time he wrote into chat
  33. GamerX9: when the others came, he went through another door into the room of Unicron, but the door was locked
  34. seansan1: wow
  35. GamerX9: The he destroyed blocks to get out
  36. seansan1: he is a good griefer
  37. seansan1: Wait
  38. seansan1: STOP RIGHT THERE
  39. seansan1: ok
  40. GamerX9: it was so laggy, I wanted to relog
  41. GamerX9: I logged out, but when I tried to log in, the connection timed out
  42. seansan1: 1. Whenever he destroys a block u cant lb it
  43. seansan1: 2. He has zombe
  44. GamerX9: wait
  45. GamerX9: skywalkerjake and me talked about him in a Hamachi chat
  46. GamerX9: it looks like he crashed the server
  47. seansan1: wait
  48. seansan1: do u know the name
  49. GamerX9: I think he used a program to send loads of data to the server, so it overloads
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