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  1. Minecraft Name (s): derekharrison
  3. Ban Reason: You have been banned for one week for trolly behavior - GM Team
  5. Individuals Involved: (Include anyone who was a witness, or directly involved in the situation) Vanyth, jhon_boat
  7. Event Details: I was in clown town, when I spotted a man in full armor outside the gates, this was a little scary for me, considering I just got to clown town. I started to yell like an Idiot, which looking back I shouldn't have done, see'ing as it was just one citizen.
  9. Why should you be unbanned?: Because I am sorry, and I didn't see how wrong it was, looking back, I was wrong. This is server got me back into minecraft, and I would be crushed to even be banned for a week, I just want to RP with my friends. I wish to apologize to the GM team for causing trouble with my toxic behaviour, and I am deeply sorry for doing so.
  11. Additional Screenshots/Videos:
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