Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. She's clearly enjoying herself at having so easily slain the monsters, but unbelievably, despite the state of their bodies which should've been completely impossible for any creature to survive, each and every one of the ragged looking false Orochi stand up once again, the thousands of wounds collectively inflicted upon them smoking as new flesh replaces that which was erased by the spears of light. Damn it! Are these things invincible or what?!
  3. "The heads!" Mordred suddenly calls out. "Isn't it obvious? If you want these bastards to stay dead, you need to go after the heads!" You don't know just how she managed to figure that out, and you chalk it up to her Instinct working on overdrive, but it makes sense that piercing attacks wouldn't be effective on beasts like these. They've almost entirely recovered now, and have begun to charge towards you once again.
  5. Part 21
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