Sunset is NOT a cuck. Really, she isn't.

Aug 16th, 2018
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >You had just finished another rigorous love making session with your girlfriend Sunset
  3. >Your heartbeat had slowed down, and now you were just simply lying there enjoying your afterglow in your favorite position, arms wrapped around Sunset with your nose buried in your hair
  4. >In a few minutes, Sunset would no doubt switch the two of you around so that your face was mashed in between her tatas, but for now the two of you were still, just content with being content
  5. >Every once in awhile you could feel Sunny shift against you to grope a heavy tit or scratch her stomach
  6. >Your hands were between the space right above her still soaked groin
  7. >It was nice
  8. >A lull before the two of you no doubt went at it for a second and third time
  9. >For now, maybe an hour or so, you could get a bit of shuteye
  10. >You closed your eye to do so when you felt one of Sunset's hands grab yours
  11. >"Anon, I think we should let Twilight join."
  12. >It take a few seconds to process just what your girlfriend had said, a few more after that to understand it
  13. "The nerd one or the princess one?" you asked
  14. >Sunset giggled; the sound of angels
  15. >"Princess Twilight, you silly man."
  16. >You nodded
  17. "Okay. Join what exactly? Your dumb streaming thing or that eating competition that we're doing next month? I don't care about the first one, but if she wants to join in on the other we need to see if she can hang with the big dogs. I'm not losing again this year against fucking Pinkie."
  18. >The bed creaked a bit as Sunset rolled over
  19. >You didn't open your eyes until you felt her breasts press against your chest, and when you did you saw her bright teal eyes staring up at you with a furrowed brow
  20. >"No you dummy. I'm talking about letting Princess Twilight join in on "us"," she said, giving your shoulder a nudge
  21. >You blinked
  22. "Us?"
  23. >"Yes. Us."
  24. >For a good ten seconds you ruminate on what she meant when it hits you
  25. "Oh god... you're one of those she-cucks, aren't you?"
  27. >Sunset's eyes widened and her cheeks puffed out, a telltale sign that she was less than happy about your phrasing
  28. >Not that you cared
  29. >What was a cuck gonna do?
  30. >"I'm not a KEK," Sunset said, pressing her nose against yours. "I'm just saying that it'd be nice to have another girl around the house, and I think Twilight is that girl."
  31. "Another girl?"
  32. >"Yep."
  33. "In this apartment?"
  34. >"Yeah."
  35. "A girl in this apartment who you're suggesting to have relations with me in the intimate fashion?"
  36. >"Yes Anon."
  37. "..."
  38. >"..."
  39. "Cuck."
  40. >Sunset growled, swinging a leg over you and rolling you onto your back while she pinned you to the bed
  41. >...
  42. >Ew...
  43. >You could feel your cum leaking out of her into you...
  44. >"It'd only be a cuck if I didn't rock your world every fucking night," she retorted, using her biceps to mash her tits together. "And since we know that'll never happen it's not cuckolding. I'm just saying that Twi's pretty lonely in Equestria and I think she'd be the perfect girl to join in on our relationship."
  45. "So you're suggesting that while I have sex with both of you I'll still prefer you over her, which will somehow not make you a dirty, gorgeous cuck of epic proportions?"
  46. >"That's exactly what I'm saying," Sunset said. "And if it helps any I'll probably be screwing her too, so it's fine."
  47. >Your face scrunched up
  48. "But does that make me the cuck then? Because I don't wanna be a cuck..."
  49. >Sunset groaned
  50. >"Anon..."
  51. "I mean, I've read enough stories on the internet. First it's all fun and games until you get the pride flags out and I look like a jackass because she eats pussy better than me."
  53. "..."
  54. >"..."
  55. "...How do you know?"
  56. >Sunset exhaled explosively through her nose
  57. >If you didn't know any better, you'd say it sounded like a horsey snort
  59. >"Look. You're not a cuck. I'm not a cuck. I know for a fact that Twilight doesn't wanna cuck anyone. All I'm saying is that she's a really sweet girl that could use a nice guy, and being the great friend I am I thought that she deserved the nicest guy in the whole world, aka you."
  60. >She leaned down and kissed you
  61. >You know how she was acting all weird the last time she visited? I'm pretty sure it was because of how you humans feel arousal all the time. I also, I'm positive that she didn't take her eyes off of you the entire time she was here, and do you remember how I told you relationships were different where I'm from? Well, I thought that she had taken a liking to you, and I wanted to see if you were okay with it if she ever asked me to join us. Did you get that, dummy?"
  62. >You stared up at your girlfriend for several seconds in wonder
  63. "Huh. A boastful cuck. What a weird compination..."
  64. >With a growl, Sunset threw the blanket off the bed
  65. >Before you could so much as blink, Sunset was hungrily kissing you, one of her hands reaching down to stroke your cock
  66. >Your little soldier, the traitor, responded immediately
  67. >After a few seconds of trying to french your tonsils, Sunny broke the kiss
  68. >"Would a cuck suck your cock after it had been in her well-used pussy?" she demanded
  69. >Without missing a beat, you nodded
  70. "Yes. Yes she would."
  71. >Sunset mashed your cheeks together
  72. >"Just.... shut the fuck up you beautiful man while I MAKE you blow your load down my throat. After that we'll talk about this more!"
  73. >With that, Sunset rolled off you and promptly wrapped her lips around your cockhead, sucking hard
  74. >...
  75. >Your girlfriend is weird...
  77. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  79. >Be Sunset
  80. >It had been an infuriating couple of days since you had told Anon your interest in wanting to form a herd with Twilight
  81. >It should have been fucking simple
  82. >What guy wouldn't want two girls adoring him?
  83. >And Twi was a fucking PRINCESS
  84. >A very wealthy, well off princess
  85. >You should have just hinted it and Anon should have been one hundred percent on board
  86. >But no
  87. >Your dumb, beautiful boyfriend called you a cuck, and has been calling you a cuck for the past four days
  88. >DESPITE you telling him that what you were asking was PERFECTLY acceptable in Equestria, and you didn't even know what a cuck WAS until you came to this dimension
  89. >Anon hadn't meant anything by it really
  90. >The big oaf never had a mean bone in his body
  91. >But him calling you Suncuck Shimmer was starting to get really, really, REALLY old
  92. >Arguing wasn't helping your case, so you just hoped that Anon would just get bored of his teasing and you could bring the topic up on a later date
  93. >Maybe have Twilight come here herself to explain Equestrian social relations with him in depth
  94. >Twilight was a nerd; she'd LOVE to do that kind of shit
  95. >Unfortunately, it seemed that you were gonna have to wait awhile for things to blow over
  96. >You were sitting in your living room with Anon
  97. >As per usual, you were sitting in the big dummy's lap, an arm draped around his neck
  98. >Across from you, sitting on your lazy girl and looking just excited about everything was Pinkie
  99. >Anon had asked her to come here, saying that you both needed someone to break the "cuck tie" as he called it
  100. >...
  101. >There wasn't any fucking TIE
  102. >He was just being ridiculous
  103. >You weren't a KEK for Celestia's sake...
  104. >"So Pank, I called you here today to help settle something between Sunny and I," Anon said, giving the bottom of your left tit a poke.
  105. >"Okie dokie," Pinkie said, before worried flashed across her face. "Wait, you two aren't grumpy with each other are you? Because if you are you really, really, REALLLLLY shouldn't be."
  107. >"It's nothing like that, Panko. Sunset and I are just having a bit of a disagreement about something where she thinks about something one way and I think about it another way."
  108. >Pinkie visibly relaxed
  109. >"Oh good," she said, kicking up her feet. "So what's the dealio, Nonners?"
  110. >You leaned into your boyfriend's ear
  111. "This is stupid and you're being a dumb baby," you murmured
  112. >"No I'm not Mrs. Wrongee Mcwrongerson," Anon replied
  113. >He gave your butt a pinch
  114. >You responded by biting his neck
  115. >Oh girl, you were gonna fuck him stupid for this after Pinkie left...
  116. >"Alright, Ponk," Anon began, slapping you on the back. "Now let me set the scene alright?"
  117. >"Hit me with it, by big green chum!"
  118. >"Alright. Now me and Sunset are together, right?"
  119. >"Righto."
  120. >"Okay. Now let's say that the two of us are together, but one day Sunset tells me that she wants to have a three-way. But this isn't just any three-way. No, she wants another girl in on the action."
  121. >Pinkie nodded, leaning forward
  122. >"Go on..."
  123. >"Now, I'm not gonna name any names here, but lets say the lucky gal is you, Ponk, and lets say that I agree with it and the three of us have a good old time. You both do all the dirty, nasty things you wanna do to me and I'm nothing but a puddle of a man afterwards."
  124. >"Alright. I'm imagining it. With details and everything."
  125. >"Now, let's say afterward that Sunset wants this to be a regular thing. I don't mean just once in awhile, but like you're living in the apartment and you can sit on my face whenever you want."
  126. >You poked Anon's side
  127. >He ignores you, continuing with his nonsense
  128. >"Sunset doesn't need to be there while you do ANYTHING with me. Sometimes, even if she was there she might not even join in, so she's just watching while you're taking me to Orgasm City. Now, in your professional opinion, what would that make my wonderful girlfriend here?"
  129. >Your nose scrunched up
  130. >Professional opinion?
  131. >Sweet Celestia...
  133. >You shook your head, but nevertheless watched Pinkie, actually interested in what she'd say
  134. >Like the other girls, Pinkie knew a bit about Equestrian culture from your stories
  135. >You had little doubt that she'd take your side after all the stuff you've told her about, or at least not jump to the STUPID conclusions that Anon was...
  136. >Pinkie, for her part, looked like she was thinking over what Anon said hard
  137. >She was resting her chin on her face, her brow scrunched up in deep thought
  138. >She hummed, looking between you and Anon until her eyes grew huge and she gasped
  139. >"Sunny, you're a cuck!" she shouted, pointing at you
  140. >...Motherfucker
  141. "I am not!" you shouted back
  142. >"I told you," Anon said, also pointing at you. "You're a big ol' cuckaffleupagus!"
  143. "I am not!"
  144. >"That's a really dumb fetish, Sunny," Pinkie said as you did your best not to strangle your boyfriend
  145. >"See? I told you! I TOLD you," Anon said, covering his face as you began slapping him
  146. >GENTLY
  147. >You were a gentlemare after all
  148. >Hard enough not to leave marks, but enough so that you could knock some sense into him
  149. >Anon just laughed , wrapping his arms around you and buring his face into your tits
  150. >"It's alright though. Cuck or not I still love you," he said through a mouthful of tit
  151. >"Yeah! Just because you have a weird fetish doesn't mean you're not my friend, Sunset!" Pinkie said as you pulled at Anon's ears. "And I know the other girls wouldn't care either! We love you for who you are girlfriend!"
  152. "I'm not a cuck!" you insisted. "Herding is a perfectly normal thing to to in Equestria and--"
  153. >You huffed, explosively blowing air out of your mouth
  154. >Staring down at your boyfriend's head, you glared, wrapping your arms around his head
  155. >Celestia dammit did you love this dumb fuck...
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