Monster’s Guide to Writing Monsters Into Smut

Jan 23rd, 2015
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  1. Monster’s Guide to Writing Monsters Into Smut
  3. Step 1 - Biology
  4. Learn the biology of the creature you’re writing about. Look to real life creatures and see what their parts are called. If you’re unsure feel free to ask the thread, most of us like discussing the intricacies of biology and every once in a while someone who knows about actual animal biology will step in (seriously, just ask about female gnolls). Though, not only sexual parts, make sure you know what kind of teeth, claws and body shape the creature has. Does it have talons or claws and do you think there’s a difference? Are their teeth entirely carnivorous or do they have omnivore teeth? It never hurts to use scientific terms for specific body parts, but be careful because sometimes it can sound too much like a biology lesson.
  6. Step 2 - Sentient or Savage?
  7. The motives of a creature would be drastically different depending on its mindset. A sentient creature may actually have romance or lust in mind and will try to woo or manipulate their lover into sex. Writing a character like this is much like writing any other character with their own goals and motives, but perhaps the creatures culture is different from that of a human’s so try to keep that in mind. Savage creatures are a little different, there’s not much reason for one to fuck something outside of their species, but that’s where narrative comes in. For example a savage creature may be confused into thinking that the human (or otherwise humanoid character) is one of its kind due to pheromones rubbing off on the human. There are many ways to make a savage creature work, but having it simply have sex with the humanoid is not the right way to go about it.
  9. Step 3 - Size
  10. This is the hardest part to convey. It’s easy of course when the creature is human sized or relatable to a real life animal, but sometimes these creatures are larger or smaller (pixie porn anyone?) and that can be hard without a real life comparison so don’t be afraid to make one. ‘He was a whole head taller than a horse.’ or ‘Barely larger than a hummingbird, her tiny hands wrapped around his cock’
  12. Step 4 - Using what you’ve learned
  13. Find excuses in your story to fit in the biology you’ve learned, its sentience or lack there of, and the size of the creature. Talk about what it’s feet might sound like walking on the ground or perhaps the weird movement due to the way it’s spine is arranged. Make sure to mention why it’s having sex with something other than its race, whether its being forced to (and if it is how would the creature feel about that?) or doing so of its own volition. Always mention its size whenever it would be a problem in sex or a blessing to it.
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