Session 1 Logs

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  1. (2:42:43 PM) DarkenedHG: Okay, it's an ordinary day in Bothar, the sky is an overcast gray and no one can see the sun. People wander freely in the networks of winding roads squeezed under train tracks and between massive skyscrapers. And yet, for the past several days, something has seemed wrong in the subtlest ways. Tensions are higher, fights are common. Perhaps it's the heat of summer, but there seems something darker almost going around, a malignant feeling that none of you can shake.
  2. (2:42:50 PM) DarkenedHG: seemed wrong in the subtlest ways. Tensions are higher, fights are common. Perhaps it's the heat of summer, but there seems something darker almost going around, a malignant feeling that none of you can shake.
  3. (2:42:57 PM) DarkenedHG: So, where is everyone?
  4. (2:44:20 PM) gib_Fredrick: Fredrick is leaning against a brick-walled building, underneath an overhang.  He holds a steak and cheese sandwich in one hand, with the other shoved deep into his pocket.  
  5. (2:45:48 PM) ***TWM|Ai is currently at the school, having a lunch on the rooftop. She's busy chatting with 'fellow' students (well, she is not exactly one anymore...), though she occasionally glances at horizon, faintly worried.
  6. (2:46:05 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny leans back into his chair and as he looks over the table, he could choose to call his opponents bluff and kick things up a notch, or he could choose to play it safe and... hahaahaha who was he kidding, time to go all in and make shit fun.
  7. (2:49:03 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: Across the rooftop you can see a pair of girls arguing, slowly voices raise and then one reaches out and shoves the other. Her friend responds and pushes the other girl back. Shoves turn to slaps turns to clawing and punching and one teeters dangerously close to the ledge of the roof.
  8. (2:49:51 PM) DarkenedHG: Johny: Your competitor glances at his cards, then growls, throws them down and tries to grab all the money on the table and run.
  9. (2:52:24 PM) DarkenedHG: Fredrick: A suitclad businessman walks in front of you, carrying a heavy black briefcase. As he turns down a side-alley, someone rushes him from the side, knocks him over and grabs ths case. The girl's eyes are wild and half-crazed as she tears away down the road. The businessman chasing after her until he can grab her hand and knock her down.
  10. (2:52:35 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny watches the idiot attempt to run off with the money before he trips over his own feet.  As he walks over to collect his winnings he decides that he's earned a shitty quip "Y'know, I'm not sure if I should be impressed by how badly that went for you, or just disappointed that you couldn't think of anything better"
  11. (2:53:06 PM) DarkenedHG: Johny: "I... I need it! Please, just this once! I only need a little more to buy that and then I'll be fine, just a little. Come on!"
  12. (2:54:10 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "How about this friend, why don't you tell me what you need to buy so badly and we'll see if we can work something out alright?  I'm a nice guy and I have no problems with helping somebody out"
  13. (2:56:07 PM) DarkenedHG: He eyes Johnny, hope flashing across his eyes for a second, before speaking up again, "You! You're just trying to trick me, aren't you. You want it for yourself, you're saying you'll help me then take it all, won't you!"
  14. (2:56:22 PM) DarkenedHG: He lunges at Johnny, trying to knock him over.
  15. (2:56:40 PM) ***TWM|Ai shouts, "Stop fighting! You are close to the ledge!"
  16. (3:00:00 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny easily steps back raises his hands "Look pal, I think we all know here that if I wanted to take anything from you then I could just take it, all I'm doing is helping somebody out that I had a fun game with."
  17. (3:02:42 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: They don't listen or care, one girl pushes the other, who teeters, her eyes widening in panic as she seems to slip over backwards.
  18. (3:02:49 PM) gib_Fredrick: "I wouldn't do that if I were you."  Frederick calls out after the fleeing girl, and she freezes in place as a creeping dread seeps into her joints.  He approaches.  "Now what's so important about that case?"
  19. (3:03:51 PM) DarkenedHG: Fredrick: "He, he said if I could bring him things, he'd let me have that at a discount. I..." she stops suddenly as the businessman knocks her over and grabs for the case.
  20. (3:05:59 PM) ***gib_Fredrick nods. That sounds like a problem. He reaches down and pulls her back to her feet, then looks at the businessman, pinning him as he did the girl. You should be more careful.  You never know who you'll run into.
  21. (3:06:25 PM) DarkenedHG: He nods, terrified.
  22. (3:07:43 PM) gib_Fredrick: Frederick motions that he can leave, then looks at the girl again.  "You sound like you have a problem."  He inspects her.
  23. (3:08:05 PM) DarkenedHG: "I.. I don't have a problem," she takes a step back, "It's good! perfect!"
  24. (3:09:01 PM) ***TWM|Ai tchs, then pull out a big lily from her estate, to catch the girl falls. She wishes they can just understand each-other... oh wait, she can make them do so. So she did.
  25. (3:09:32 PM) ***TWM|Ai shakes her head, then slowly approach the girls. "Now, can you tell me why you are fighting?"
  26. (3:09:57 PM) DarkenedHG: They probably do understand each other, but are far too busy staring at the giant lily growing out of the side of the school's roof.
  27. (3:10:20 PM) EyesAreWatching left the room (quit: Quit: zzz).
  28. (3:11:05 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: "R-really? I can trust you man?"
  29. (3:11:07 PM) ***TWM|Ai pokes one of the girls. "Look, let's get back to the rooftop, okay?"
  30. (3:11:28 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Of course you can, look, you take me along and we'll get everything sorted out easy man"
  31. (3:11:58 PM) DarkenedHG: "Look, I'd like to bring you... but.. the guy at the shop said..." he leans in to whisper quietly.
  32. (3:12:19 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: She stares, shaking a little, then looks over the edge, and faints onto the lily.
  33. (3:12:23 PM) DarkenedHG: Luckily she doesn't seem to be falling.
  34. (3:12:35 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Yeah?"
  35. (3:13:23 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: "he said that he doesn't want the shop getting spread around so he can keep out the wrong sort of people, so I can't just anyone there, you know."
  36. (3:14:59 PM) ***TWM|Ai sighs, then carefully hop to the giant lily, before picking-up and carrying the girl, bride-style. She nods to the other girl. "Come with me,"
  37. (3:15:05 PM) DarkenedHG: Fredrick: The girl eyes the businessman, looking like she might make another grab for the case, "I just didn't have enough money, so he said if I could nick a lot of good stuff, he'd give me a big discount.
  38. (3:15:16 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: The other girl follows, anger forgotten.
  39. (3:15:44 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Hey man, I understand, but think about it this way, you're doing this guy a favor!  Small businesses like this rely on word of mouth to attract customers and to make a profit, trust me man, you're doing the right thing'
  40. (3:16:35 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: "Are you sure?"
  41. (3:20:10 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Definitely, that's how this shit works man"
  42. (3:21:41 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: "Okay then, meet me tonight at..." he lists a time and a location, near one of the main drags.
  43. (3:22:26 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Before you run, any chance you could tell me more about what it is?"
  44. (3:23:32 PM) Lian2 [~Lian@] entered the room.
  45. (3:23:49 PM) DarkenedHG: "It's... it's the best store. They have everything, like I never knew how much stuff I was missing in life till I saw that. It was perfect, I bought the watch he told me to a few days ago and then, bam, right away, everything's going well for me. Got promoted at work and everything, but it's just... It's not enough, he said if I bought more it would work better!"
  46. (3:24:21 PM) DarkenedHG: "So I need to get more, but I don't have enough, the cufflinks threw out most of my saving's so I borrowed money from a few friends and hten I came here, but I wasn't going to win, so I..."
  47. (3:24:50 PM) ***TWM|Ai puts the girl carefully on the bench. She considers that the bench is made of hardwood, then shrugs, before sitting on it herself and put the girl's head on her lap.
  48. (3:24:50 PM) ***TWM|Ai then turn to the other girl. "I hate to ask this, but... can you tell me why you just fight?"
  49. (3:25:57 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny pats the man on the shoulder, "Hey man it's cool, I understand, I've done some crazy shit in the past as well.  But hey, water under the bridge alright?"
  50. (3:27:02 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: "She knows I like Daniel, and she promised to back off, and she said she was so happy for me today, but then I saw her bag this morning and she had the same charm I bought, and I knew she was trying to steal him from me, and I just got so angry and... I never meant to hurt her."
  51. (3:27:34 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: He nods a few times, then straightens himself and walks out the door.
  52. (3:28:19 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny sighs 'This is why we can't have nice things Johnny'
  53. (3:28:59 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny then looks around and notices that the man left the money on the ground, well if HE doesn't want it and well, technically Johnny won, guess that means that Johnny has enough for drinks then!
  54. (3:29:32 PM) DarkenedHG: As you stoop to pick up the money, you see the man stumble off the sidewalk, as if pulled, right into the face of an oncomming car.
  55. (3:30:21 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny stares
  56. (3:30:32 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "Whelp"
  57. (3:30:55 PM) Mishie|Johnny: "I should probably go do something about that"
  58. (3:31:44 PM) ***TWM|Ai raises her eyebrow. "Charm? Can you tell me more about it?"
  59. (3:31:44 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks down at the money at his feet, quickly puts it away before going to check if that guy is alive.
  60. (3:32:06 PM) DarkenedHG: He seems to be, but you doubt he'll be taking you anywhere anytime soon.
  61. (3:32:55 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai doesn't sense any real sense of connection between the girls, or from the girls to anyone else
  62. (3:33:48 PM) Mishie|Johnny: As he reaches down to check on the man, he casually pockets the watch and cufflinks so he can examine them closer later, after which he calls for an ambulance whilst returning to the bar for his hard(ish) earned drink.
  63. (3:34:07 PM) Mishie|Johnny: 'This is why we can have nice things Johnny, because we steal them'
  64. (3:36:35 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: She frowns, "I bought it at this shop a few days ago, I didn't believe, but then Daniel asked me out the next day!"
  65. (3:38:52 PM) ***TWM|Ai hmms. "What kind of shop?"
  66. (3:39:28 PM) DarkenedHG: "Just a place, you know... in the back alleys"
  67. (3:39:35 PM) Mishie|Johnny left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
  68. (3:39:59 PM) Mishie|Johnny [~chatzilla@] entered the room.
  69. (3:40:45 PM) ***TWM|Ai pokes the girl in her lap. "Wake-up, please."
  70. (3:41:50 PM) DarkenedHG: She lifts her head a little.
  71. (3:41:58 PM) DarkenedHG: The cufflinks and watch are easily stolen.
  72. (3:42:05 PM) DarkenedHG: And Johnny feels the faintest urge to try them on.
  73. (3:43:20 PM) ***TWM|Ai looks down at the girl, "Are you okay?"
  74. (3:44:15 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks down at the totally not cursed accessories 'Well I COULD put these one like a moron, or I could finish my scotch'
  75. (3:44:24 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny chuckles to himself and resumes drinking
  76. (3:46:10 PM) DarkenedHG: She nods, taking a few deep breaths.
  77. (3:46:20 PM) DarkenedHG: "I thought I was going to die!"
  78. (3:46:22 PM) DarkenedHG: "What happened?"
  79. (3:47:59 PM) ***TWM|Ai shrugs. "I managed to catch you," by summoning giant lily out of nowhere is left unsaid, "then I ask her," Ai gestures to other girl, "why you are having a fight. I want to know your reason, though."
  80. (3:52:14 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: "I... I went to that store with Linsley and then I saw her charm and I knew I had to have one too and then she just went crazy when she saw it, I tried to explain that it wasn't for Daniel, but..."
  81. (3:53:30 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny after finishing his drink, Johnny decides to wander home to have a closer look at the watch and cufflinks, maybe he can get some information about whoever is selling these items from them.
  82. (3:54:46 PM) ***TWM|Ai nods. "Do you believe her Lindsey?" Ai shakes her head. "Ah, may I know what's the charm for?"
  83. (3:55:01 PM) DarkenedHG: Lindsey: "I guess..."
  84. (3:55:10 PM) DarkenedHG: Other girl: "Umm... that's... a little private."
  85. (3:56:52 PM) ***TWM|Ai hmms. "That's fine, I guess. Can you take me to the shop?"
  86. (3:57:07 PM) DarkenedHG: (Both or one in particular?)
  87. (3:57:54 PM) DarkenedHG: Lindsey nods, "I guess I could."
  88. (3:58:00 PM) ***TWM|Ai blinks. "Ah! I almost forgot. Can I see the charm first?"
  89. (3:58:23 PM) DarkenedHG: She hesitates for a moment, suspicion making its way across her face, and then pulls one out of her pocket.
  90. (3:58:46 PM) DarkenedHG: It's a thin fabric rectangle, with the chinese character for "love" written on it in fancy calligraphy.
  91. (4:00:20 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: There's a firetruck parked down the street and one of the buildings nearby looks pretty burned out, but Johnny's place seems fine enough.
  92. (4:00:22 PM) ***TWM|Ai twitches. She's mildly annoyed someone tried to enroach her domain.
  93. (4:00:37 PM) DarkenedHG: The only thing he can find on the watches is a styllized shooting star mark where a brand logo might be.
  94. (4:00:55 PM) DarkenedHG: Ai: Below the calligraphy you see a very stylize mark that resembles a falling star.
  95. (4:03:09 PM) ***TWM|Ai makes-up her mind, then ask both girls. "How long you've been friends?"
  96. (4:04:29 PM) DarkenedHG: "Years."
  97. (4:04:34 PM) DarkenedHG: "Since middle school"
  98. (4:05:28 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny looks over the watch and the shooting star symbol "Well then, this is a thing, wonder if there's anyway to track down the magic going on in here..."
  99. (4:11:52 PM) ***TWM|Ai hmms. Well, if it's inducted by suspicious charms, it can't be good. So that means... Ai silently invokes her power between the girls.
  100. (4:12:16 PM) ***TWM|Ai covertly pocketed the charm on her pocket.
  101. (4:14:28 PM) DarkenedHG: Johnny: You can see flashes of darkness and light streaming away, tracing a path through the city and vanishing into the mazey networks of back-alleys.
  102. (4:15:25 PM) Mishie|Johnny: 'Hmmmm, looks like shady things are going on in the back alleys, I so shocked that I need another drink!'
  103. (4:16:33 PM) ***Mishie|Johnny whilst looking for where he hid the good Scotch, Johnny wonders if he should get in contact with Ai and Fred to see what they know, the fact that he's got an address for where this shit is going down should probably help, and y'know, allow for decent bragging material...
  104. (4:25:24 PM) ***TWM|Ai nods. "Well, you shouldn't fight, then. Good luck with Daniel. Lead the way, Lindsey!"
  105. (4:25:54 PM) DarkenedHG: "Can I have my charm back?"
  106. (4:25:56 PM) DarkenedHG: "I need it."
  107. (4:26:56 PM) ***TWM|Ai shrugs. "Sure, why not. On the alley, you say? I think I have friend that know a lot about that..."
  108. (4:28:23 PM) DarkenedHG: She leads!
  109. (4:30:02 PM) DarkenedHG: As Lindley steps forward, she steps onto the stairs, slips and falls down.
  110. (4:30:37 PM) ***TWM|Ai quickly summon another Lily to cushion Lindley from the fall.
  111. (4:32:40 PM) ***TWM|Ai approachs Lindley. "Are you okay?" she briefly consider if it's connected to the charm.
  112. (4:32:43 PM) DarkenedHG: She stares at the flowers, then at Ai.
  113. (4:32:49 PM) DarkenedHG: Then stands up and nods.
  114. (4:33:18 PM) ***TWM|Ai nods to Lindley. "You seem to have a bad luck, today. Stay close to me, okay?"
  115. (4:35:52 PM) DarkenedHG: She nods.
  116. (4:38:47 PM) TWM|Ai is now known as theweepingman
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