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Iowa Vote Count Update

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  1. ATTENTION: All Iowa voters:
  3. I just got off the phone with an Iowa Precinct captain whom I trust. It was reported to me that when each precinct vote is tallied tomorrow night, the captain is to call an 800 number in a secret location and report the count to only the person on the other end of the phone. The captains have been given explicit direction that they are not to discuss the vote count with anyone else. They are under orders to withhold the results to caucus participants, the media, and the campaigns. Here is our means to take this back! http://transparentvote.net/
  5. We need feet on the ground in each precinct to simply take a photo at each precinct and send it for upload to the website. Ron has the landslide and we must document it independently. This will be posted live on patriot websites.
  7. We cannot let them steal the peoples vote. Just ONE person per precinct with a digital camera and we can take it back.
  9. We need one person in each precinct to collect proof of the vote count and submit it to the website above. That proof will be compared to the results reported by the Iowa GOP. If there are discrepancies, or if any reported results are different from the actual results, we can take action on that. But without proof of the real results, it's very possible that the Republican establishment will misreport the results and steal the election.
  11. Please forward this message to all Ron Paul supporters across the state of Iowa immediately.
  13. Stephen Skacall
  14. SC State Director
  15. Catholics for Ron Paul
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