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May 11th, 2021
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  1. ender signal, mobspawner flames, potion break, smoke, hurt, wolf smoke, wolf hearts, wolf shaking, sheep eating, iron golem offering rose, villager hearts, angry villager entity, happy villager entity, witch magic, zombie turning to a villager, firework explosion, arrow particles, jumping rabbit, love hearts, squid rotation reset, entity poof, guardian target, block with shield, shield break, armor stand hit, hurt by thorns, iron golem sheathing rose, resurrection by totem, hurt by drowning, hurt by explosion, firework's spark, critical hit, magical critical hit, potion swirl, transparent potion swirl, spell, spell, witch spell, note, portal, flying glyph, flame, lava pop, footstep, water splash, smoke particle, huge explosion, large explosion, explosion, void fog, small smoke, cloud, coloured dust, snowball break, water drip, lava drip, snow shovel, slime, heart, angry villager, happy villager, large smoke, item crack, block break, block dust, end rod, barrier, damage indicator, dragon breath, mob appearance, suspended, sweep attack, water bubble, water wake, water drop, falling dust, totem, spit, squid ink, bubble pop, current down, bubble column up, nautilus, dolphin, sneeze, campfire cosy smoke, campfire signal smoke, composter, flash, falling lava, landing lava, falling water, dripping honey, falling honey, landing honey, falling nectar, ash, crimson spore, soul fire flame, warped spore, dripping obsidian tear, falling obsidian tear, landing obsidian tear, soul, reverse portal, white ash
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