BluntTongs-Golden Goodnight

Jan 12th, 2014
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  1. >you are Anonymous
  2. >or, that's what you refer to yourself as
  3. >and tonight is New Year's Eve, not to mention a giant blizzard is going to be HAPPENING
  4. >that's right, one more sleep and it's a whole new year
  5. >also, you can't see shit outside, but oh well
  6. >it's still almost an entirely new year
  7. >how do you celebrate such a momentous occasion?
  8. >by sitting in your living room, watching some crummy television specials, and eating the gift your dear old friend Virgo gave you
  9. >you don't really have anyone else to spend the night with though, do you?
  10. >all your mothen friends are off doing their own things
  11. >virgo's probably giving his pals a taste of his 'special recipes'...
  12. >Hexferry might be with Caramel, denying her sexuality...
  13. >the list just goes on and on
  15. >you hear a knock at the door
  16. >after you recover from the small heart attack that came from the knock, you rush to answer the door
  17. >you yank open the door to reveal Golden Corral, dusted with snow and shivering
  18. >she leaps inside, the promise of warmth too enticing to bother asking for permission to enter
  19. >unfortunately for both of you, she flew straight into your lower body
  20. >unsurprisingly, you both yelp in pain
  21. >Goldie recovers from impact sooner, and goes on ahead to shut the door for you
  22. >"Eheh, uh, Anon? You all right?" she asks nervously
  23. >ah, yes, she must have noticed you lying in the fetal position, holding your crotch
  24. "Y-es!"
  25. >you lie through your teeth
  27. >she giggles a bit, picks you up with a surprising amount of strength, and lays you on the living room couch
  28. >you mumble a word of 'thanks' to her as she sits down next to you, folding up her wings
  29. >after a while, feeling returns to your nether regions, and you sit up
  30. >"So Anon, any good shows on tonight?"
  31. >and as if by horrible plot convenience, your power is down
  32. >lights, the T.V., and your heater all shut down, most likely from the storm
  33. "Ffffuck."
  34. >"I'll take that as a 'no.'"
  35. >firework lights stream through the windows, the only source of luminescence in the house
  36. >you wonder why Goldie even bothered coming here
  37. "Hey, Goldie?"
  38. >her ears and antennae perk up in your direction
  39. "What made you come over to my place?"
  40. >she taps her hoof on her chin
  41. >"Well, Gemini said you would be lonely out here all alone-"
  42. "What made you think I was alone?"
  43. >"Gem says you don't get out all that often."
  44. >Damn that delicously-firm trap!
  45. >maybe you shouldn't have spilled all your life secrets to her, but still
  47. "Well, I didn't want anybody over anyway."
  48. >you lie
  49. >"But Aaanoooon!~" she says in a whiny sort of voice, letting her tongue droop out over the sofa
  50. >"Don't you want someone to kiss at midnight?"
  51. >shit
  52. "N-no! It's fine, I like being alone."
  53. >"Heheheh..."
  54. >she gets up
  55. >"You're a dirty liar, Anonymous.~"
  56. >this is making you rather uncomfortable
  57. >you don't exactly want to know what she plans on doing with her tongue
  59. >you head back to the front door, opening it to gesture her out
  60. "A-haaaal righty, then! I think it's time you lea-"
  61. >instead of seeing your front porch, you get an eyefull of snow
  62. >or, more accurately, a doorwayfull of snow
  63. >goddamn wind
  64. "Guess we're stuck here then."
  65. >"Yes, you're stuck here. With me." she slowly retracts her tongue and grins
  66. >you're not really in the mood for a mouth-rape
  67. >acting fast, you take out your watch and gasp in mock surprise
  68. "Oh, gee! Would you look at the time. Fifty past eleven. Well, time for bed!"
  69. >"But Anon, where will I sleep?" she says, smiling devilishly
  70. "The couch."
  71. >she seems surprised by your straightforwardness
  72. >"It's too cold down here!"
  73. "Get a blanket, then."
  74. >she pouts as you turn to head upstairs to your room
  75. >"It's 'cause my tongue is long, isn't it!"
  76. >what
  77. "No, that's ridiculous. Now go to bed. Or the couch, rather."
  78. >you walk up the stairwell, and into your room, leaving Goldie to her own devices
  79. >there, you shut the door to keep the warmth in
  80. >heater's off, so you'll have to make do without
  81. >you grab a large blanket from the closet, and drape it over the bed
  82. >it's not much, but oh well
  83. >you climb in bed, covering yourself with the extra layers of warmth provided by the sheets
  84. >...
  85. >fuck it's cold in here
  87. >just as you lament the lack of heat, your bedroom door creaks open
  88. >"Anon?"
  89. >it's Goldie
  90. "What?"
  91. >I'm cold."
  92. "...Me too."
  93. >...
  94. >"...Wanna cuddle?~"
  95. "No, I don't wa-"
  96. >she disregards your feelings and hops into bed anyway
  97. >goddamnit
  98. >Goldie, now under the covers with you, hugs you close
  99. >...oh
  100. >oh wow
  101. >she's really warm
  102. >and soft
  103. >you melt like butter in her hooves, she's that warm
  104. >"See? I knew you wanted to~"
  105. >she gently moves her wing to cover your body, providing more comfort
  106. >you turn yourself around in the bed, facing her
  107. >"So..."
  108. >Golden Corral grins at you, and her tongue slithers out her mouth
  109. >"Did you change your mind about that kiss?"
  110. >you glance past her; it's only about thirty seconds to midnight
  111. >you sigh in defeat, not wanting to bother arguing
  112. "...Why not?"
  113. >she squeaks in excitement and plants her lips onto yours
  114. >her tongue dances about with your own, and she fills your mouth with her quivering muscle
  115. >you feel her tongue dip down into your throat, reaching your stomach
  116. >Goldie sips a bit of your fluid, tasting the saltiness of Virgo's pretzels
  117. >she's moaning through your lips
  118. >she has some weird-ass fetishes, you've got to admit
  119. >Golden Corral finishes her snack, and retracts her tongue from your mouth in full
  120. >you cough a bit, not used to having a giant pink proboscis removed from your throat
  121. "Thanks for that."
  122. >the clock had ticked over to midnight, some fifteen seconds ago, signifying a new year
  124. >"You're welcome~"
  125. >she yawns
  126. >"I'm going to sleep, now. See you in the morning."
  127. >she grasps you with her hooves and pulls you ever closer to her yellow body, using you as a heating pad
  128. >and soon, she's off in the dark vortex known as sleep, gently snoring, tongue dangling out
  129. "...Happy New Year, Goldie."
  130. >you hug her in turn
  131. >and you nod off to your own dreams
  132. >and say goodbye to the past year, filled with fun and games and celebrating, with presents and snacks and mothponies
  133. >goodnight, Goldie...
  135. [END]
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