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  1. outputText("You find your way into the salon, where you're immediately greeted by Lynnette as you enter."
  2.         +"\n\n[say: I really have to thank you, hon. That new girl you sent here is really putting in work.]"
  3.         +"\nYou ask her if Helia's here right now."
  4.         +"\n[say: Yeah, she's just in the back servicing her, what is it, 12th customer? I lost count.]"
  5.         +"\nYou thank her, and she leads you to the room where Hel is working. You arrive in an open room filled with gloryholes like the rest. One difference stands out to you, however; those are all minotaur cocks."
  6.         +"\n\nIn the middle of it all, you spot her. She hasn't yet noticed you, as she's busy stroking two thick equine dongs while deepthroating another. The slutty salamander lifts her face off the dick in the center with a loud \"pop\" before letting it rest across her head, as she licks and kisses at the underside of the shaft."
  7.         +"\n[say: I haven't seen anyone quite like her.] Lynnette whispers. [say: Her production output vastly outclasses the other girls, and now we have so much bull cum we started selling it.]"
  8.         +"\nInteresting, you say, bringing your hand to your chin, as if you were interested in goblin cum economics. You're too distracted at the sight of the blowbang happening in front of you to really care. Hel continues to lap, lick, and stroke at as many bull cocks as she can manage, moaning and babbling to herself as she partakes of the potent drug-orgy before her."
  9.         +"\nYou don't see much point in sticking around. You turn to leave when Lynnette asks:"
  10.         +"\n[say: Wanna join in?]");
  12. outputText("You point to yourself, asking if she meant you."
  13.         +"\n\n[say: Yeah, we can get you set up in one of the holes, you look like you need some relieving, anyway.] she slaps your ass and leads you through a nearby door into the back room where all the males are being serviced. Apparently, the wall is a one-way window. With Helia in all her slutty glory visible in the room on this side, but her patrons invisible to her."
  14.         +"\nYou make your way over to where a large herd of minotaurs is gathered, apparently waiting in line and pushing each other out of the way to get a chance at being serviced by your scaly lover on the other side. You push your way past the crowd and stick your hardening [cock] through the hole closest to your slutty Salamander.");
  15.         if (player.longestCockLength() < 6){
  16.             outputText("\n\nHelia perks up and stares at your cock. She begins to laugh and says out loud. [say: Is this some sort of joke? Look at this pathetic little thing!] She pokes at your tip, sending a shiver through your body. [say: I can't pleasure myself with this, it's way too small! Especially in comparison with all these thick minotaur cock around me, it just can't compare.]"
  17.             +"\n\nShe moves away and continues to pleasure the minotaur cocks nearby, leaving your little buddy feeling awfully lonely."
  18.             +"\nSuddenly she gets up off her knees and on her feet. [say: I dunno who you are, shrimp dick, but watch how a real man fucks a woman, you're gonna need to be much bigger if you want a piece of this ass.] She turns her ass around to the wall, slapping her cheeks with both hands before squeezing and pulling them apart."
  19.             +"\nOn cue, the thickest, strongest bull dong in the room walks up to the hole her soddem quim is presented to, and, pressing his flared head against her pussy lips, roughly thrusts forward and impales her to the hilt. She yelps, legs almost buckling from the pleasure, and starts bouncing herself against the wall in perfect rhythm with the minotaur."
  20.             +"\nOver, and over, his dick is pulled out almost to the flare before driving back home and kissing the entrance to her womb."
  21.             +"\n[say: Yes, yes, that's it, fuck me! Show this loser who this pussy belongs to!] she screams, picking up the pace as the minotaur rises in speed to match hers. Her words hurt like a hot knife, but it just serves to make you even more aroused."
  22.             +"\n\nThe rough pounding continues for what feels like hours, the other minotaurs slowly disperse as they realize they aren't getting any more today, until it's just you and the big one left. At long last, the bull begins to pick up speed as his orgasm approaches."
  23.             +"\n[say: Dump that hot cum deep in my womb, mark me as your woman!] she cries, as she slams her ass against the wall and the bull man drives his cock in to the hilt in one final thrust, exploding his potent, virile seed deep inside her. If Helia could get pregnant, you figure, she would have now."
  24.             +"\nThe slutty salamander pulls herself off the huge dong, covering her gaping vag with a hand, desperately trying to keep the seed inside. She re-orients herself in a squatting pose as she cleans off the minotaur's dong with her oral ministrations."
  25.             +"\n\n[say: See this, loser?]she asks, looking to your cock, now limp after having blown your load a while ago. [say: This is what I want. Only this can satisfy me.]"
  26.             +"\n\nYou pull away as she continues to lick and carress the meat rod in front of her. Putting your [armor] back on, you return to the front of the Salon.");
  27.             player.orgasm('Dick');
  29. outputText(" You return to camp to find Helia waiting for you, though something seems different."
  30.         +"She waves and beckons you to come over. [say: Yoohoo! [name]! I wanna show you something!]"
  31.         +"\nAs you approach, you notice your scaly lover is wearing an outfit a bit different from the norm."
  32.         +"\n[say: What do you think about the new look?] she asks, as you inspect her up and down."
  33.         +"\n\nInstead of her normal bikini armor, Helia is instead wearing a cow-print micro bikini and thong, in her hair you notice a cow-print headband with cute little nubs to look like horns and floppy cow ears on the sides. Around her neck is a leather collar with a shiny new cowbell on the front."
  34.         +"\nFurther inspecting her, you notice that's not the most drastic change. Above her crotch is a wide tattoo shaped like a bull's head in black ink, the horns reaching up to her pelvic bones."
  35.         +"\n[say: Like that? There's a matching one!] she turns around to show a smaller bull head in a similar design on her left buttock, occasionally being obscured by her tail swishing back and forth playfully."
  36.         +"\n[say: Do you know what these tattoos mean?] she asks."
  37.         +"\nWhile you can't say for sure, you have a sneaking suspicion you know what it means."
  38.         +"\n[say: It means these holes are for taking big, strong, thick minotaur cock only!]");
  39. outputText("\n\n[say: So I'm sorry lover, that means I can't fuck you anymore.]"
  40.             +"\nWhat? What's the meaning of this?"
  41.             +"\n[say: I learned something from this whole experience, I learned it was a good thing I got addicted to those big strong bull cocks, because they're the only thing that can satisfy my appetite now. But don't worry lover, I still love you. I just, you know, won't fuck you. But that's not so bad right? I mean you do have plenty of bitches around the camp, and plenty outside willing to hop on your dick, right?]"
  42.             +"\nYou're left a little heartbroken, but knowing Hel she didn't mean to hurt your feelings after all."
  43.             +"\n[say: Now then, I have a date with a big strong bull and his friends. I met him on one of my outings. He's much bigger and stronger, and he can go for hours and hours without stopping!] She idly rubs her stomach and shivers."
  44.             +"\nSensing something's wrong Hel walks up to you and pulls you into a kiss. Her breath smells of minotaur cum."
  45.             +"\n[say: I'll always love you [name], don't forget that, I'll be back later.]"
  46.             +"\nWith that, she turns and runs off towards the mountains.");
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