rarara crossdresses (you) (unfinished)

May 24th, 2018
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  1. >>what if rarity dressed you up like a girl?
  3. >it starts out because of a bet you lost to dash or AJ
  4. >"Oh darling! You have no idea how happy I am to see you! I've been meaning to ask you to lend me a hoo--hand, because I've had this idea for a line of dresses for the occasional minotaur, but of course, bipeds are kind of a rare thing to come by around here!"
  5. >she then asks you to strip, since she's going to need to take your measurements
  6. >and you can spot a lock of rainbow colored mane peaking over the window, as well as hear her snickering from here
  7. >she follows your gaze and with a gracious flick of her horn, closes the curtains
  8. >"We're going to have so much fun, trust me,"
  9. >she's giddy, but you swear you could hear something else in there
  10. >whatever, let's get this over with
  11. >she hums in approval after turning around and finding you in your boxers
  12. >ponies are normally shy around you, curious, but shy, they always try and hide their stares when looking at your uncovered body, you learned that when you went to the lake last summer
  13. >but not Rarity
  14. >you watch her eyeing you up and down, drinking in your form, staring and calculating every curves your body offers
  15. >she doesn't even try and stop her eyes from lingering on your crotch for so long
  16. >and the fact that she doesn't care about it renders you self-conscious about your alien body
  17. >so, near-unconsciously, your hands travel to your groin to somehow protect it from her inquisitive eyes
  18. >"Now, now, darling, no need to be shy, I'm a professional,"
  20. >she's right, this is silly
  21. >but before you could move, she does, turning around and using her magic to bring one of the measuring tape that was lying around one of the many desks
  22. >and she gets to work, unrolling the thing and wrapping it around your skin
  23. >the material feels cold to the touch
  24. >she starts out with your height, using her magic to bring your feet closer together and pull your head up to stop you from hunching so much
  25. >she hums again, and you hear her writing the numbers down onto something behind your back
  26. >you roll your neck to the side to throw a glance her way, only to be instantly stopped by her magic
  27. >"Tut-tut, Darling, you can't move while I'm working!"
  28. >yeah okay, whatever then--
  29. "Ah!"
  30. >okay the shit's really, really cold to your poor nipples
  31. >"Oh, sorry about that darling, I wasn't paying attention and had forgotten the male of your species had nipples too!"
  32. >she doesn't sound sorry at all, and you try and turn around to meet her gaze upfront only to squeal as you feel her magic tug at your nipples to keep you in place
  33. >"What did I say about not moving?"
  34. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!"
  35. >your hands rush to your poor abused nubs to try and cover them from the telekinetic touch, only for them to be yanked back down a second later
  36. >"Oh and we'll have to do something about your language too, a true lady doesn't use these words--"
  37. "Lady?! I'll show you lady, let me go!"
  38. >you try and pull your limbs free from the magic binds, but to no success, you can barely even move your head at this point
  40. >"Show me, hmm? How? By throwing one of your little tantrums I hear from the ponies you spend so much time with? By trashing my place? Or maybe even punch me?"
  41. "What the fuck is your problem?!"
  42. >"Oh no, I'm not going to let go of you, not just yet, I know your ways, dear. You're a savage, a brute, an animal,"
  43. >she takes the few steps around you and sit right in front of you, a smug expression adorning her face
  44. >she's in complete control, she knows it, and she loves it
  45. >"Everything about you just screams violence and bestiality, the way you act and think and talk,"
  46. >"Even..."
  47. >she stands and take a step forward, and your eyes grow wide as she buries her muzzle into your briefs before taking a slow, deep inhale
  48. >"Even your smell, the smell of depravity, of lust, I can even distinguish the smell of your disgusting cum, I bet you masturbated right before coming here,"
  49. >you're paralyzed
  50. >completely flabbergasted by the scene happening before your very eyes
  51. >what is happening?!
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