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  1. Also include in bootstrap output a line which tells the user what the namespace is where the controller lives. Plus, like with clouds, a message to say that the image is being downloaded.
  3. NB for the "Downloading Juju agent OCI image", we poll the controller pod for status "CreatingContainer". If that turns into an error, we report that and exit.
  5. $ juju bootstrap microk8s test
  6. Creating Juju controller "test" on microk8s/localhost
  7. Downloading Juju agent OCI image
  8. Fetching Juju GUI 2.14.0
  9. Bootstrap agent now started
  10. Contacting Juju controller at to verify accessibility...
  11. Bootstrap complete, controller now available in namespace "controller-test"
  12. Initial model "default" added
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