Riding the Sun (Complete)

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  1. >Sitting alone in your room, you look through your oldest diary, from back when you were a young mare.
  2. >Despite it being over two thousand years ago, your memories are still as sharp and clear as if it was yesterday.
  3. >Ponykind was barely a few hundred years old, but their success was due in part to help from another race.
  4. >Humans.
  5. >None of the current history books have any mention of them, but you have many fond memories of time shared with your simian evolved friends.
  6. >Sure, many ponys now a days would say that ponykind was a bit subservant back then, but thanks to the humans, ponys have many tools and technologies that are taken for granted.
  7. >Electricity, forging, and your personal favourite, saddles.
  8. >Most ponys think they are purely a fasion acessory, but you know the truth.
  9. >Opening your closet, you pull aside a secret pannel, revealing a worn leather saddle, suspended in time by magic.
  10. >It's been years since you last wore it, and millenia since somehuman last rode on it.
  11. >Taking off one of your golden hoofcovers, you reach out and gently touch it.
  12. >The leather is slightly rough under your touch, but at the same time, it is like the feeling of an old friend.
  13. >Sighing, you slide the cover back, before putting your shoe back on and closing the closet.
  14. "Another boring day of royal court."
  15. >You have no idea how wrong you are.
  18. >A request to expand farmland, a legal ruling about property lines...
  19. >Every day the same things.
  20. >Just as you are about to retire for lunch, you hear a commotion outside the main doors.
  21. >"LET ME GO YOU STUPID HORSES!" An irate male voice yells, and you hear several unicorn guards straining to restrain whatever it is.
  22. >The guards inside the room open the door and hold their spears, ready to help at a moments notice.
  23. >A thick magic aura blocks your vision of whatever they are bringing, but not its angry exlamations.
  24. >"I'm warning you, you'll be sorry if you don't release me."
  25. >One of the other guards accompanying the unicorns steps forward and bows.
  26. >"We found this creature eating from the royal gardens, and when we approached it, it fled to the maze, where we captured it."
  27. >The aura shifts, forming into bands around its four limbs, and it gets held in the air.
  28. >Your heart skips a beat as you see it.
  29. >A human.
  30. >A teen, human male.
  31. >"Princess, what should we do to it?"
  32. >You ignore the guards, instead approaching slowly, never breaking eye contact.
  33. >"Don't come any closer or I will attack you." He exclaims, struggling against his bonds.
  34. "You... You are a human, aren't you?"
  35. He stops struggling, and looks at you.
  36. >"Princess, get away, it's dangerous."
  37. >Continuing your approach. he says "You... You know what I am?"
  38. >You nod, and he looks you over.
  39. "Guards, let him go." You command, and your guards falter.
  40. >"But Princess..."
  41. "Are you dissobeying my orders?"
  42. >"No, of course not."
  43. >The bands around his limbs vanish, and he drops the two feet to the ground.
  44. >Sitting up and rubbing his wrists he says "Ummm... Thanks, I guess, miss Princess."
  45. "My name is Celestia, what's yours?"
  46. >He stares at you, as if to determine if he should trust you.
  47. >"My name's Anonymous, or just Anon."
  48. >For a moment, the two of you just look at eachother, before he goes to stand.
  49. >All the guards brandish their spears at him, and he holds up his hands.
  50. "Guards, leave him. Anonymous, would you like to join me for a walk?"
  51. >He looks around at all the guards, before saying "Sure, if it means I'm not going to the dungeon."
  52. >Heading for your dining chambers, you hear him follow you, his bare feet slapping against the marble floors.
  55. >You have been having a bad day.
  56. >Then again, most of your days are shit, but today is particularly bad.
  57. >Waking up in some strange castle garden surrounded by fruit was at first amazing, until these strange horse things came and attacked you.
  58. >Then you spent an hour or more lost in a maze, before being captured by the horse things.
  59. >At least this princess horse, Celestia, she called herself, was nice.
  60. >speaking of...
  61. >"So Anonymous, how have the humans been since they vanished from Equestria, or did they never leave?"
  62. "Huh? Is that what this place is called, Equestria?"
  63. >"So you don't know about here?"
  64. >She seems a little downtroden, so you amend yourself.
  65. "No, but then, I don't know about many things, I never got a proper education."
  66. >She turns to look at you. "But aren't humans very thorough with their teachings? All the ones I remember were."
  67. "They are, but..."
  68. >Looking down at the rags that cover your body, you sigh.
  69. "I'm what's known as a street rat, an orphan who is seen as vermin by the rest of the people."
  70. >In an instant, she has turned around and is looking at you shocked.
  71. >"The humans I knew were nothing like that. No child ever grew up alone."
  72. "Then it must have been a long time since you last saw humans. It's been like this a long time, couple thousand years, I think, and before that, there's not much known."
  73. >Putting your hands behind your head, you stare up at the ceiling, before your stomach growls.
  74. >You hear her laugh a bit, a light, almost musical sound, before she says "Come, lets get something to eat."
  77. >Today is officialy the best day of your life.
  78. >Despite the table being a bit short, you are sitting at one.
  79. >And on it...
  80. >Food! Glorious, delicious free food.
  81. >Despite salivating at the sight of the food, you try and use manners you were never raised with.
  82. >"Please, go ahead and eat. It's just the two of us here."
  83. "Thanks." You give her a smile before digging into a sandwich.
  84. >Even the simplest foods taste amazing to your emaciated form.
  85. >"So, what can you tell me about humans that may have changed since I last saw them?" Celestia asks, leaning on the table.
  86. >looking up at her soft purple eyes, you feel a sense of safety that is foreign to you.
  87. "Hmnn, fo the last, who knows how long we have been at war."
  88. >Her face shows shock, before asking. "With who?"
  89. "I dunno, everyone else. I've been stuck on the underside of society, I never learned these things."
  90. >"How about something simplet. How did you get here?"
  91. >You stop eating for a moment and think.
  92. >'How DID I get here...?'
  93. "I wish I could tell you, but then, I don't want to go back. Here, there is at least someone who doesn't think I'm trash."
  94. >When you mention that most people think of you as trash, you see her flinch a bit.
  95. >"Well, I suppose it doesn't matter now. I would like to offer you the chance to stay here, in the castle as my guest."
  96. >The toast in your hand drops to the table, your jaw practically on the floor.
  97. "You... You mean it? I can stay here?"
  98. >"Given a few rules, yes."
  99. "Of course I will accept. Thank you Princess."
  100. >For once in your life, you give a real smile.
  103. >"Come on Anonymous, there is no need to be afraid."
  104. "I'm not afraid, just... Wierded out a bit."
  105. >"There's nothing wrong with this, humans used to ride me all the time when I was young."
  106. "You realize that makes you sound like a whore, right?"
  107. >Celestia blushes, the red vivid against her white coat.
  108. >"Look, like you said, horseback riding is still fairly common, so why should this be any different?"
  109. "Well, for one thing, horses aren't sentient, and besides that, wouldn't it be wrong for you to be seen with me riding on your back?"
  110. >"So, you are telling me you don't want to? Do I have to remind you who is the princess here?"
  111. >With a smile, you jump up and grab the crown from her head, setting it on your own.
  112. "Well, from what I can see, I am."
  113. >She lets out a laugh, and makes a mock bow.
  114. >"Your higness, I would be honoured to be your mount for the day."
  115. >You stare at her, efore setting the crown back on her head, slightly askew.
  116. "I'd rather not, walking is good for the heart."
  117. >her eyes grow, and her lip quivers as she gives you a sad puppy look that could melt stone.
  118. "Alright fine, I'll ride you." You say with a sigh, and she lets out a cheer.
  119. >Prancing happily over to her closet, she digs around in it a bit with her magic before pulling out an old saddle.
  120. >She sets it on her back, under her wings and starts fiddling with the strap.
  121. >"Anon, can you help me?"
  122. >Stepping over, you kneel down and reach under her.
  123. >Her coat is as soft as always, and you wonder why she would wear this rough old saddle.
  124. >With the strap tightened perfectly, you stand, and she kneels.
  125. >One leg over her back, you settle yourself on the saddle and she rises.
  126. "Whoa, warn me next time." You say, wrapping your arms around her neck to stabilize yourself.
  127. >"So you are going to do this again!" She exclaims, before bouncing a bit, making you rattle a bit.
  128. "Celestia, calm down a bit."
  129. >She stops, and giggles "Sorry Anon." She says, turning a bit to look back at you while you sit back up.
  130. "So... Uhh... Where do I hold on? I'm gonna fall off if you just start moving."
  131. >"Oh, thats easy, just grab hold of my mane. it will keep you in place, no matter how much I move."
  132. >Carefully reaching out, your hands touch her mane, and some of it becomes "solid" in your grip.
  133. >"Ready to go?" She asks, and you nod slowly.
  134. >The first few steps are unsure, but as she contines moving, you start to feel at ease.
  135. >She takes you down a hallway you haven't been down before, but considering how new you are here, its not all that surprising.
  136. "Where are we going Celestia?"
  137. >"A secret place. One that has been untouched for many centurys."
  138. >You decide not to question her further, and instead get used to the feeling of riding on her back.
  139. >Her movements are fluid, you almost felt like you were riding on air.
  140. >Soon, she is moving at quite a pace and the halls are passing by in a blur
  141. >Suddenly, there is a light up ahead, and you almost reflexively close your eyes as you pass into it.
  142. >You feel a great rush of air pass you, and you open your eyes.
  143. >The two of you are in the middle of a giant green pasture, only a stone arch and a small gazebo mark the area.
  144. >Celestia heads to the gazebo, where she removes her royal adornments, before turning out to the open field.
  145. >"Are you ready Anonymous?"
  146. "As I'll ever be."
  147. >She starts off at a brisk walk, slowly accelerating to a decent jog, then a full on gallop.
  148. >Wind rushes past your ears and you feel your pulse rise.
  149. >Leaning forward, you press closer to her neck, feeling what she feels.
  150. "This is amazing!" You exclaim, but you can't tell if she heard you or it was carried away in the wind.
  151. >After a short while, she starts conjuring up obstacles, which the two of you weave through, some being missed by inches.
  152. >This goes on for what feels like hours, before the two of you head back to the gazebo.
  153. >"Did you enjoy that Anon?" She asks, a little breathlessly.
  154. "That... That was the most fun... I've had ever." You reply in gasps, almost as breathless as her.
  155. >She stops and lowers to let you off, and your legs collapse under you.
  156. >"Anon, are you alright?" She asks concerned.
  157. "Yeah, I think so... Was that as good for you as it was for me?"
  158. >She gives off another of her melodious laughs, and says. "Now who sounds like a whore?"
  159. >You go silent, painful memorys surfacing.
  160. >"Are you alright?" She asks, stepping over.
  161. "Yeah, I just... Remembered some things I'd rather forget. I want to appologize for what I said earlier. Even if it was jokingly, it was innapropriate."
  162. >She wraps a soft wing around your shoulder, sitting next to you.
  163. >"I appologize as well, for the same reasons. How about we break for lunch, before going back out for some more?"
  164. "Sounds good to me."
  165. >After lunch, and you have regained use of your legs, the two of you head back out, running, jumping and playing until it was nearly dinner time.
  166. >Back through the stone arch Celestia runs, and the castle appears around you, and soon, you are back at her room.
  167. >"We should get to the dining hall, before anyp0ny worries."
  168. "After you Princess."
  169. >In the dining hall, you take your place between the two princesses.
  170. >"Anonymous, how was thine day?" Luna asks after placing her order.
  171. "It was honestly the most fun I've ever had. I never knew how much fun riding Celestia was."
  172. >"Hmnn... is that so..."
  173. >She suddenly realizes what you said, and her Royal Canterlot Voice blows you out of your seat and into Celestia's side.
  174. >"THOU DID WHAT?!?!?"
  175. "I rode Celestia. For most of the day, actually."
  176. >"Luna, you are misinterpreting what he is saying." Celestia says, trying to calm the situation.
  178. "Okay, one. No way, I'm not into ponys. Two, all I said is I rode her. There was nothing sexual about it."
  179. >"THEN EXPLAIN."
  180. >Thankfully, the dining hall was empty at the time, and you and Celestia explain to Luna how you were just riding her like you would a horse.
  181. >"This certainly is strange. Perhaps you would be willing to perform a personal demonstration? We are sure we could have a saddle prepared for us."
  182. "I have nothing against you Luna, but I would rather not. For my safety, rather than yours. Maybe if you join us on some of our rides, you can learn how to carry a passenger, and then I would be quite happy to ride you."
  183. >Luna and Celestia smile at you, and for a moment, you feel like you signed your death warrant, but their soft wings wrapping around you in a hug erases any such thoughts.
  184. "I wonder what others would think if they knew what we did?"
  185. >"Well, others don't need to know, just like others don't need to know about..."
  186. "For the person.. Er Pony, who gave me a life, anything."
  187. >Celestia blushes before saying "You don't have to say it like that."
  188. "I'm not going to lie to you, you did give me a life."
  189. >"Well, if you put it like that, I think you owe me something special next time we go riding."
  190. "Hmnnn?"
  191. >[spoiler]"We're going bareback."[/spoiler]
  193. Chapter 2
  195. >It’s been less than a week, and Celestia already wants to go riding again.
  196. >"But Anon, you promised." She whines, trying to push you over to your closet.
  197. >Despite her being bigger than you, you hold your ground.
  198. "Yeah, but I still need time to get used to all this, I mean, one moment, I'm a piece of trash, barely surviving on the streets, next, I'm in a world where ponys talk."
  199. >"But you've been here for almost a week already. Everyp0ny is used to you, so why are you nervous about spending quality time with your favorite pony?"
  200. "Who? Blueblood?" You ask, and you feel the tip of her horn poking into your back.
  201. "Hey, hey, I was just kidding, of course you're my favorite pony."
  202. >Celestia starts giggling like a schoolgirl and prancing around you, chanting "I'm his favorite pony, I'm his favorite pony!"
  203. >A guard walks past the open door, and looks in.
  204. >When he sees Celestia, acting like a filly and you shrugging he shakes his head before continuing his route.
  205. >After a few more bounces around you, she stops and turns to you.
  206. >"So if I'm your favorite pony, why don't you want to go riding with me?"
  207. >She gasps "I know, you've been riding with somep0ny else behind my back, haven't you."
  208. >"Who is it, Huh?" She pokes you with a hoof "I bet its Cadence, isn't it. I've seen the way she looks at you."
  209. >Grabbing her head mid rant, you start scratching behind her ear and she immediately closes her eyes and leans against your chest.
  210. >After she has calmed enough you stop and step back.
  211. "You are the only pony I have ridden, and the only pony I have plans on riding for the next few weeks."
  212. >Her giant smile returns, and you feel yourself picked up and plopped down on her back.
  213. >"If that's true, you won’t mind us going now then?"
  214. >As she starts running, you grab hold of your doorframe and swing up off her back.
  215. >With your history, and now some actual food in you, you have found acrobatics to be easy.
  216. >Feeling your weight leave her, Celestia turns around to see you hanging, and she pouts.
  217. >"Please Anon, It’s been so long, I have two thousand years to catch up on."
  218. "If you've waited that long, surely you can wait a day longer for my surprise."
  219. >Her eyes widen and her pupils dilate as she stares at you.
  220. >"You are getting me a surprise! Ooooh, now I can't wait."
  221. >Running over, she knocks you off the doorframe and tackles you into a clumsy, but soft hug.
  222. >"That means so much to me, to know you like me enough to go out of your way to get me something."
  223. >Petting her mane, you smile, despite being half crushed under her.
  224. >"I should go get ready for tomorrow!" She exclaims, before running off.
  225. >Three days ago, Celestia arranged for some clothes to be made for you, and while the seamstress was here, you managed to make a secret order.
  226. >The clothes are set to arrive tomorrow morning, and along with them, your surprise.
  227. >Now, to find something to do for the rest of the day.
  228. >Well, it's not like you ever needed much to entertain yourself.
  229. >Idly wandering through the halls, you resist the urge to pocket valuables.
  230. >Without anything to do, you head for the gardens, the place you were found here.
  232. ~~
  234. >Too anxious to wait, you sneak along behind Anonymous, hoping he might reveal your surprise.
  235. >At first, it just seems like he is wandering through the halls, but he quickly takes to a direction.
  236. >Shadowing his movements is easy, and you follow him out into the gardens.
  237. >He finds a bench, and after a moment, drifts to sleep on it.
  238. "Strange, I could have sworn he was going to prepare my surprise." You mutter to yourself as you approach.
  239. >He shows no sign of waking, and you carefully levitate him off the bench.
  240. >Finding a comfortable spot in the grass, you lie down and swing Anonymous around to your side.
  241. >He suddenly jumps awake, shouting *Boo!*, and causing you to lose your focus, and he lands on you.
  242. >"Princess, I thought you were going to prepare, not follow me around."
  243. >You can't help but smile at his playfulness, despite his history.
  244. "I realized I had nothing to do all day, so I might as well spend it with my favorite human."
  245. >He looks at you with a smile, before saying "If you're expecting me to start jumping around exclaiming how I'm your favorite human, you are wrong. I'm not getting off your side, its quite comfy."
  246. >You roll your eyes, and wrap a wing over him.
  247. "So NOW you want to be on me." You say sarcastically, and he laughs.
  248. >It always makes you feel good, hearing him laugh.
  249. >After what he has told you of his old life, and from what you have seen from his mannerisms, you can tell, it's not something he is used to doing.
  250. >His arms drape around your neck, and you relax, his weight barely a discomfort.
  251. >The two of you relax in the sun, basking in its warmth, before a deep blue shadow crawls over you.
  252. >"So, Sister. We can see you are getting quality time with the human, instead of dealing with court, like you should."
  253. >Looking up sheepishly at Luna, you pout slightly.
  254. >Anon rolls off and tries lifting you up.
  255. >"You can't be skipping your work, princess. That is, unless you want to be too busy for our plans tomorrow."
  256. "Not you too Anon..." You whine, and he taps your nose.
  257. >"Come now Tia, you can't be acting like a filly again, what will your ponys think?" Luna comments and you poke your tongue out at her.
  258. "Fine, I'll see you later Lu, Anon."
  259. >Heading back into the castle, you head to work.
  261. ~~
  263. >As you watch Celestia head inside to take care of whatever it is she does, you turn to Luna.
  264. "So, what brings you out here? Aren't you usually napping during the day?"
  265. >She lies down, motioning you over.
  266. >Sitting down next to her, she drags you over with magic so you are against her.
  267. >"We want to spend time with you as well, but our sister seems determined to be the only one you ride."
  268. "Is that it?"
  269. >Running your hand along her neck, you lean against her.
  270. "Like I said before, once you learn how to, I have no problems riding you every once in a while."
  271. >Her magic wraps around you, conjures a simple saddle and sets you on her back.
  272. >"How about we practice now then?"
  273. >She suddenly rises, and you struggle to avoid falling off.
  274. >Shakily taking a first step she slowly moves forward, and you find your balance on her back.
  275. >Without being able to get a grip on her mane, you have to resort to holding her shoulder and neck.
  276. >Luna slowly gets more confident, feeling you on her back, and she starts moving a bit more quickly.
  277. >Once or twice, you nearly slip off, but Luna uses her wings to stabilize you.
  278. >Just as you are about to finish, Celestia comes out, and sees you on Luna's back.
  279. >Her cheeks puff out, and her eyes squint as she looks at you angrily.
  280. >"Anonymous... You promised..." She says angrily, and you hop off Luna's back.
  281. "We were just practicing. I haven't broken any promise to you, we are still going out with my surprise tomorrow."
  282. >Her cheeks still puffed out, she grabs you with magic and carries you behind her as she enters the castle.
  283. >"Since you can't seem to find anything to do, how about you spend some time in court with me?"
  284. "Sure, I guess..."
  285. >Like a coin, her mood flips, and she sports the big smile you are used to seeing, and she has a small prance in her step.
  286. >She finally sets you down, and you and her walk into the throne room, where you take a seat on a cushion next to her.
  287. >Every so often, a pony or guard comes in with a concern or question, and Celestia handles them.
  288. >In between, you converse, learning more about Equestria, and the occasional bit about the humans who used to be here.
  289. >Once or twice you see Luna looking at Celestia from a doorway, wearing the same puffed cheeks glare Celestia did earlier.
  290. >Hours pass, and soon it is dinner time, and from there, you head to bed.
  291. "Hopefully it gets here early enough tomorrow." You say, lying in bed.
  292. >Staring up at the ceiling of your room, you slowly drift to sleep.
  294. Chapter 3
  296. >*Knock knock knock*
  297. >"Excuse me sir, you have a delivery."
  298. >Opening the door to your room, you look over the delivery pony and down the halls.
  299. >With Celestia nowhere in sight, you step back and nod to the pony.
  300. "Thank you. Have a nice day."
  301. >They pass you the package, and head on their way while you slip back inside and close the door.
  302. >Tearing into the packaging, you pull out and set aside the clothes Celestia knows about.
  303. >At the bottom is another package and you pull this one out.
  304. "I hope they got this right..."
  305. >Carefully splitting the paper wrapping, you pull out a white shirt, and matching cotton pants, along with a brown fake leather vest and chaps.
  306. "I wonder if this is similar to what humans..."
  307. >"Similar to what?" you hear Celestia's voice ask out from behind you.
  308. >Immediately spinning around, hiding the clothes behind your back, you glare at her.
  309. "Not yet, your surprise isn't ready."
  310. >She pouts, lower lip quivering and her eyes going large. "But... but you said it would be ready..."
  311. "It will only take five more minutes, so can you please wait outside?"
  312. >"Fine..." dejectedly, she slowly trots out of the room, head hung low.
  313. "Oh come on, its not like I'm taking away anything from you."
  314. >The door closes behind her, and you hear over-exaggerated sighs coming from the other side.
  315. >Quickly pulling off your night clothes, you start pulling on your new bareback riding gear.
  316. >Both the underclothes fit perfectly, snug without being restricting.
  317. >Chaps and vest follow, the former is tight, while the latter is slightly loose, just as it should be.
  318. >A shake to get everything settled, and you open the door.
  319. >Her big magenta eyes stare back, the pout still on her face until she sees your clothes.
  320. >"Are these?!?!"
  321. "Human riding clothes, yeah. Bareback, specifically."
  322. >Her pout slowly turns into a smile, and she tackles you in a hug.
  323. >"You look wonderful! It reminds me so much of my old friends." her eyes flicker a bit.
  324. "Don't get all nostalgic on me; I don't want my new clothes ruined by tears."
  325. >A small scrunch forms on her nose, and she steps back.
  326. >"Stop being mean, it's been so long, and when you live as long as I have, you get lonely..."
  327. >And like yesterday, her mood flips, and she's suddenly perky and cheerful.
  328. >"But besides, I don't need to be nostalgic, since I have my very own riding human right here in front of me."
  329. >You can't help but smile, seeing a several millennia old being acting like an excited young girl.
  330. >Reaching out, you scratch behind her ears making her close her eyes and tilt her head.
  331. "Calm down a bit, save your energy till we're out riding."
  332. >As you pull back, she lets out a small groan of disappointment before looking at you.
  333. >"Did you have anywhere planned? Or are we just going back out to my field?"
  334. "I barely know the way from my room to the dining hall and I don't get out of the castle much, so no, we can go wherever you want."
  335. >Pursing her lips, Celestia closes her eyes, going into some serious thought.
  336. >With nothing to do, you resume scratching behind her ears, her soft fur like velvet under your fingers.
  337. >"Grrrr... It's hard to think with you doing that, but I don't want you to stop..."
  338. "How about I scratch somewhere else? Maybe it will be less distracting?"
  339. >Her eyes shoot open, glaring at you, "Don't even think about stopping."
  340. "Uhhhh... okay, I won’t stop..."
  341. >A low hum escapes her lips as her eyes close again.
  342. >"I got it!" she exclaims, "I know just the place, come on."
  343. >Magic takes hold of your arm, and she starts pulling you along like a teen eager to go shopping.
  344. >Half running, half being dragged, you follow her to, of all places, her room.
  345. "Ummm, if you don't mind my asking, what are we doing here?"
  346. >"Just sending something. We won't be long, don't worry."
  347. >She floats a scroll, quill, and ink from off her desk and proceeds to write a letter.
  348. "So what did you write, if you don't mind my asking?"
  349. >"It's a se-cr-et." she says, punctuating each syllable.
  350. >You try and emulate her pout, but to much less effect.
  351. "Please?"
  352. >"Nope, I'm not ruining your surprise. Now, let's get going if we want to have lots of time to ride."
  353. >Again, she tugs you along, this time heading for a part of the castle you haven't seen before.
  354. "Where are we *huff* heading?" you gasp after the fourth flight of stairs, not all of them up.
  355. >"Somewhere private where we can leave here from."
  356. >She opens a door and pulls you through, out into a large balcony.
  357. "You don't mean..."
  358. >"Mhmmnn. We're flying there."
  359. >Stepping back, you wave your arms in front of you negatively.
  360. "No way. I still don't trust your whole magic tiny wing flying logic, heck I barely trust magic in general."
  361. >She plops down on her haunches, looking right at you.
  362. >"So..." tears start to form, and her lower lip quivers, "so you don't trust me?"
  363. "No... I mean yes, I mean... Argh, I just... Humans aren't supposed to fly." you stutter out.
  364. >Her pout inverts, and she starts chuckling at your flustered response.
  365. >"Oh come on Anon, you know I'm teasing you."
  366. "So we're not flying?"
  367. >"On no, we're flying, but I'm not mad at you for saying you don't trust me."
  368. "That's hardly comforting..."
  369. >Magic pulls you over, and despite her smile, you still feel uneasy.
  370. >"I promise you'll be safe, I've been flying for so long, I never slip up."
  371. >Your mind goes in circles, trying to think of some way out of this as she lifts you up onto her back.
  372. >As you are set down, you blurt out something you may later regret.
  373. "If you drop me I'll... I'll never go riding with you again!"
  374. >The air goes still, even her mane seems to stop flowing for a moment.
  375. >If she had any color, it would have drained from her coat as you said that, but she nods slowly.
  376. >"I... I promise I wont."
  377. >While you take deep breaths to calm yourself, Celestia weaves magic around your legs, holding them in place.
  378. >"Tell me... when you're ready to go..."
  379. >The fear and nervousness in her voice causes your heart to twinge and makes you regret what you said.
  380. >Instead of taking hold of her mane, you lean forward and wrap your arms around her neck in a hug.
  381. "I'm ready Sunny, just... take it slow to start."
  382. >Her wings, which usually seem so small against her side flare out and take a few flaps.
  383. >A bubble of magic forms around the two of you, and with a swift but smooth motion, she takes off.
  384. >As per your request, she starts off slow, almost lazily drifting around the tower.
  385. >"I used magic so they shouldn't be able to see us. Can't let our secret out."
  386. "You.. you mean that you let me... ride you?" your words are shaky because of nervousness showing through.
  387. >She turns towards a small town in the distance, and instead of flying, seems content just to glide.
  388. >A vast area of green grass is laid out below you, small brown paths winding along inside them.
  389. "This is... really neat. Still scary though..."
  390. >Your body shakes slightly with hers as she gives a low throated laugh.
  391. >"It is, isn't it. It's too bad only pegasii are the only ponies that can really enjoy it like this."
  392. >Fluffy white clouds drift around you, and in a moment of bravery, you reach out and touch one.
  393. >All you feel is a faint resistance, no moisture, no static or anything you would expect to find in a cloud.
  394. >Celestia suddenly tilts downward, a feeling of dropping rising in your stomach, and you cling tighter to her neck.
  395. >The town is still a ways away, through a small forest.
  396. >Nausea starts, and you clench your eyes shut.
  397. >Touchdown is soft, almost as if she never landed and was still flying.
  398. >Not wanting to be rude, but at the same time not wanting to be out of contact with the ground much longer, you slide off her back the moment her spell is removed.
  399. >Seeing you lying on the grass, she gives you a small smile.
  400. >"Did you really miss the ground that much?"
  401. "Humans weren't meant to fly..."
  402. >Her magic wraps around you, pulling you up.
  403. >"Well, lets get riding; we only have so long before..."
  404. "Before what?"
  405. >"Nothing." she says, quickly shutting her mouth.
  406. "If you say so."
  407. >Climbing onto her back, you settle into position and take hold of her mane.
  408. >She turns to look back at you with big magenta eyes before saying, "This feels different... I never noticed it when flying, I had to focus on that."
  409. >"When we're like this, it almost feels like we are one, you know?"
  410. "A little, I guess. Without the saddle, I can feel your breathing and movements more, I can't wait till we start going."
  411. >"Then why wait?" without any further warning, she takes off into a full gallop, her body and yours moving in sync.
  412. >Instead of running in the field, like you expected, she turns straight towards the woods.
  413. >Without missing a step, she begins weaving through the trees, birds and small creatures scattering in her wake.
  414. >The next two hours meld into a blur of adrenaline, speed and absolute joy as you and Celestia ride around the woods and field.
  415. >As the sun reaches its peak, Celestia calls a stop for lunch.
  416. >A slow trot back to the field, and she lets you off.
  417. "We forgot to bring lunch, so why are we stopping?"
  418. >"Because of my surprise. I asked my student to come out and bring lunch."
  419. "Your... student?"
  420. >"I've never told you about Twilight? Wow, I guess we've always been to busy with each other to worry about other things."
  421. >"Twilight Sparkle is my student, and one of the most magically talented ponys in Equestria."
  422. >She lowers to the ground, motioning for you to sit against her.
  423. >"For many years, I taught her at the castle, but an event came up recently, and I needed to send her to Ponyville, where she now lives. Quite happily, I may add."
  424. "So she's means a whole lot to you, doesn't she?"
  425. >"In a different way from you, yes."
  426. >A loud gasp draws yours and Celestia's attention, and a small purple pony comes running out of the trees.
  427. >"PRINCESS! IS THIS WHAT I THINK IT IS!" the mare blurts out, excited beyond belief.
  428. >Her charge shows no sign of stopping, until a white glow catches her barely ten feet away.
  429. >"Calm down, my student. Twilight, this is Anonymous, the only known human in Equestria. Anonymous, this is Twilight, my prize student."
  430. >Shifting onto your knees, you hold out a hand to her, and Celestia releases her from her hold.
  431. >Twilight holds out a hoof after approaching, and you take it and shake it.
  433. >Her enthusiasm is contagious, and you can't help but grin.
  434. "It's nice to meet you Twilight."
  435. >A notepad and quill suddenly come out of a bag on her back, and she excitedly asks, "Can I ask some questions, or at least leave you with some questions that Celestia can send back to me."
  436. "Uhhh I guess, what do you think Celestia?"
  437. >She nods and says, "I think you can answer a few questions before lunch. Also, Twilight, did any of the others want to come?"
  438. >"I asked the others, but Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy were all to busy. Rainbow Dash declined as well, but Rarity wished to come, though she said she might be late."
  439. >Celestia lets out a low hum and closes her eyes in thought, "I see... I'm glad she decided to join us, I have a request for her, and it's a bit more private."
  440. >Focusing on you, Twilight starts asking questions one after another, "How tall are you? What do you eat? How long does your kind life? What's your favourite color?"
  441. "I don't know, meat and plants, varies, but on average 60-80 years, hmnnn, I dunno, I never thought of it."
  442. >She hums as she writes down your answers, and your stomach lets out a growl.
  443. >"Looks like you're hungry Anon, did you remember to eat breakfast?" Celestia asks, shifting over beside you.
  444. "Sorry, I forgot... I'm still not used to three meals a day. I kinda prefer to sneak into the kitchen to grab a snack later."
  446. "Ummm..."
  447. >Bolting to your feet, you break for the woods, Celestia close behind.
  448. >After a moments confusion, Twilight runs after her teacher.
  449. >Inside the woods, you are at an advantage, having most of your life to learn how to avoid detection.
  450. >"My little human, where are you?" Celestia calls out, her voice bouncing all around the trees.
  451. "You'll never catch me," you call back, throwing your voice to help confuse her.
  452. >Finding a nice sturdy tree, you scramble up it and conceal yourself in the shadows around the trunk.
  453. >Your stomach lets out another low growl, and you press a hand to it in an effort to suppress it.
  454. >"I heard something over this way!" Twilight calls to her teacher, and you hear hoof steps approach from two directions.
  455. >From the way you came, you can make out the two of them meet up and search around, but find nothing.
  456. >"If you catch him Twilight, I will give you a special lesson, just you and I."
  457. >You have no idea what this means, but it does not bode well with you, and from Twilight's sudden determination, your gut instinct seems right.
  458. >She goes running off, and apparently staying true to the game, not using magic.
  459. >Celestia on the other hand starts wandering around, drifting ever closer to your tree.
  460. >"I'm going to find you Anonymous, whether you like it or not."
  461. >Finally, she enters the perfect position, and you dive out of the tree.
  462. >Landing square in the middle of her back, you latch on around her neck like a parasite.
  463. "Looks like I caught you, Sunny."
  464. >Turning her head back, she laughs and says, "It looks like you did. So, what are you going to do to poor little me, you big mean monster?"
  465. >As she says this, she takes on a pitiable pout, along with big quivering eyes and feigned sadness.
  466. "How about you forgive me for the banana thing, and we can call it even?"
  467. >"Deal...," she sighs, "but I really like those banana's..."
  468. >Lifting you off with magic, the two of you start out of the woods, before you remember Twilight is still out there.
  469. "Twilight! Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
  470. >A purple blob jumps out of the trees, grabbing hold of you and she triumphantly exclaims, "Haha! I caught the human!"
  471. >"That you did, my student, now, shall we get to lunch?"
  472. >"Do I still get the lesson?" Twilight asks, more interested in that then lunch.
  473. >"I did say if you caught him, and you did, so yes, you will get a special lesson from me."
  474. >She cheers, and your stomach rumbles, making you grin sheepishly.
  475. "Can we hurry?"
  476. >With a laugh, Celestia gestures ahead, "There is no need to hurry, as we are already there."
  477. >Ahead, the trees break, and you see another pony, this one white with a purple mane, sitting on a blanket laid out on the grass.
  478. >As your group passes the tree line, the pony immediately stands and makes a short bow.
  479. >"There is no need for such pleasantries, Rarity, It's just us here."
  480. >Rising, Rarity replies, "Yes well, I feel it is important to be respectful of a pony's title, no matter the circumstance."
  481. >Everyone takes a spot around the blanket, and Twilight pulls out a bundle and sets it down.
  482. >As Twilight prepares the food, Rarity turns to you and asks 'I hope you don't think it rude of me to ask, but what are you?"
  483. "I'm a human. We lived here long before most recorded history here, and vanished to a different planet."
  484. >Purple invades your vision, her curiosity in overdrive and her quill even faster.
  486. >A white glow pulls her away and muffles her voice.
  487. >"Calm yourself Twilight; questions can wait till after lunch."
  488. >"Indeed, it's rude to keep others waiting," Rarity adds and you nod in agreement.
  489. >With a sigh and a small blush of embarrassment, Twilight finishes setting out lunch, and everyone starts eating.
  490. >There is only salad and a few apples, but your stomach thinks any food is good food.
  491. >Celestia finishes up fast, and whispers something to Rarity, who smiles and nods, before the two of them walk off.
  492. >"We will be only a moment, Twilight, Anonymous. Please, enjoy yourselves while we are gone."
  494. ~~~~~
  496. >As Rarity and you step away into the woods, she looks at you with curiosity.
  497. >"What can I do for you, princess?"
  498. "I need something, a saddle, repaired, and I'd rather not have anyp0ny at the castle doing it."
  499. >She nods, but her look remains sceptical, "But why me? I'm sure the royal seamstress's would be able to do a better job."
  500. >Teleporting it from its resting place, you levitate the saddle in front of you.
  501. "I trust you to repair it without changing it. It's older than the castle, and it holds so many memories..."
  502. >A few tears leak from your eyes as some memories come back, some happy, some sad.
  503. >"Of course I will care for it, Celestia. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what was this saddle for? It hardly seems like it is for a fashion statement."
  504. "It's something I cannot say."
  505. >Her curiosity is piqued, but she nods and says, "I understand. I will not pry."
  506. >With a simple spell, you teleport your saddle safely to her house.
  507. "Shall we head back? I do not wish to torture Anonymous too much with Twilight's questions."
  508. >"Yes, that mare can get rather... enthusiastic, when it comes to things like that."
  509. >When you exit the trees, you are greeted by a rather unusual sight.
  510. >Twilight is latched on to Anonymous and is bawling her eyes out, while Anon awkwardly comforts her.
  511. >"Uhhhh.... Help?"
  512. "What did you do Anon?" you ask, using magic to gently pull Twilight off him.
  513. >"She wanted to know about my history, so I told her, and well..."
  514. "Yes, your story had that same effect on me, though I had better control of myself."
  515. >Turning to Rarity, you float Twilight over, before tidying up the blanket and lunch.
  516. "Can I leaver her to you? Anonymous and I must get back to the castle soon."
  517. >With a few sniffles, Twilight waves goodbye, before the two of them head off down the trail back to Ponyville.
  519. ~~~~~
  521. "So, are we going back already? Or are we gonna stay here and ride some more?" you ask, once Rarity and Twilight are out of hearing distance.
  522. >"One way or the other, you're getting on my back, so does it really matter?"
  523. >She turns on you with a smile, and you feel yourself smiling back.
  524. "I guess it doesn't, though I wouldn't mind spending a bit more time out here riding."
  525. >Her smile grows and she lets out a *squee* before trotting over and lowering so you can mount.
  526. >Unlike when Celestia lifted you onto her back, it takes you a minute to settle on her back before you're ready.
  527. >"Ready to go?"
  528. "Yeah, just give me a heads up if you're gonna take off."
  529. >With a nod, she starts up at a slow trot, heading through the field towards Canterlot.
  530. >Wings flare out, and she says, "I'm going up soon, so hang on."
  531. >Wrapping some of her mane around your hands in an attempt to help stay safe, you hunker down and hold on.
  532. >The first few flaps are rough, but as she gains some altitude, everything becomes smooth.
  533. >She casts the invisibility spell over the two of you again, and with powerful flaps, she flies straight towards Canterlot.
  534. >"Today might not have lasted as long as I had hoped, but it was still fun."
  535. "Yeah, it's nice to get out of the castle every once in a while."
  536. >"Why do you not leave?"
  537. "Huh?" with the suddenness of her question, this is the only response you can formulate before you start thinking.
  538. "You, I guess. Almost nobody outside the castle even knows I exist, so I'd have nowhere to live, nowhere to work, I'd pretty much be going back to my old life."
  539. "In the castle, I have a place to sleep, food to eat and a wonderful friend to live with."
  540. >Her coat turns a light pink as she blushes, before she says, "While that wasn't what I was asking, thanks."
  541. >"I was wondering why you never go and explore the city?"
  542. "Oh..." You find yourself blushing a bit as well, "I guess I don't want habits coming back before I can break them."
  543. >A sudden bit of turbulence shakes Celestia and you, making you nervous.
  544. >The spires of the castle near, marking the end of the flight.
  545. >Or so you thought...
  546. >Wings curling in for landing, Celestia's body starts to slip out from under you, and before you can say anything, a strong gust blows you off.
  547. >Grasping at her tail as you pass, you get no purchase and start falling.
  548. >Absolute terror runs rampant through your system as Celestia vanishes from view, hidden behind her spell.
  549. >Time slows as you fall, arms grasping for the pony you know isn't there.
  550. >Stone walls fly past, the ground quickly approaching.
  551. >Closing your eyes, you brace for the impact that will end your life.
  552. >It never comes, instead you feel a slow cushioned impact, and you open your eyes a crack.
  553. >Midnight blue magic surrounds you, holding you just above the ground.
  554. >"Anonymous! Are thou alright?"
  555. >Your body, despite it having only been a few seconds at most, slumps exhausted in her grip.
  556. >The magic shakes, and she worriedly calls, "ANONYMOUS! SPEAK TO US!"
  557. "I'm fine... thanks to you..."
  558. >Slowly, she lowers you to the ground, and as you regain focus on the outside world, you see something you wish you hadn't.
  559. >At the edge of your vision, in an archway at the edge of the garden, you see Celestia, absolute horror on her face.
  560. >Raising an arm feel like moving the world, and your mouth feels like it's glued shut.
  561. >She vanishes inside just as you make a sound, and a huge weight presses down on your heart.
  562. "It's... not your fault..." you rasp out, but it was too late.
  565. Chapter 4
  567. >It's been two day since the accident.
  568. >Two depressing, lonely days.
  569. >Celestia has been avoiding you, no matter how hard you try to talk to her.
  570. >Even Luna has barely been able to get a word or two in edgewise.
  571. >She scarcely comes out of her room, which is heavily shielded by magic, and when she does, it's only to issue a few orders.
  572. >Those who have seen her comment how even though she looks fine on the outside, there are signs she has been crying profusely.
  573. >They always express their desire for her to get better as well.
  574. >Their heartfelt wishes only amplify your desire to make things right with her, leading to your current position.
  575. >Sitting at the dining table with Luna, the two of you plot to get you to Celestia.
  576. "Isn't there some way you can get past her shields?"
  577. >"We are afraid our powers are not enough. If there were some way..."
  578. >Putting your heads together, metaphorically, not literally, you start bouncing ideas back and forth.
  579. "If I could just get to her, I would be able to fix this..."
  580. >"She may come out if there was a catastrophe that threatened the city."
  581. >Both of you consider this, before shaking your heads.
  582. "While it might work it would be too risky."
  583. "Ugh, of all the ponies on this planet, why did it have to be the one who controls the sun?"
  584. >"The sun... That’s it! We have an idea, but it might be risky," Luna exclaims.
  585. "What is it?"
  586. >Leaning in, Luna whispers her plan in your ear.
  587. >A crease furrows your brow as you consider it.
  588. "That might... actually, that has a pretty good chance of succeeding."
  589. >Luna rises and says, "Then we shall go prepare. In the meantime, attempt to contact her, but say nothing of our plan."
  590. >As you nod, she leaves, and you head to your room.
  591. >Even though it is right next to Celestia's, you have never felt this far from her.
  592. >Passing by the thickly warded door, you can still see the sun emblazoned on it, a perfect match to her cutie mark.
  593. >The door, or rather the shield spells are cold under your fingers as you touch the door.
  594. >Pushing against them, you try anything you can think of to get your message through.
  595. >Hitting it, yelling, even crying, nothing works, and with a heavy heart, you slowly walk past and into your room.
  596. "Damn it Sunny, why won't you at least talk to me..."
  597. >Closing the door to your room behind you, you flop out on one of the floor cushions.
  598. >Memories come flooding back, far more than you expected, considering your short time here.
  599. >Some of sitting here with Celestia, the moon just brought up by Luna and a warm fire crackling in the fireplace.
  600. >Her soft voice regaling tales of heroes and knights, villains and beasts from the darkest depths of the world.
  601. >Others come back as well, triggered by the initial ones.
  602. >When you first met her, being bound and dragged by crazy pony magic, being brought in front of her.
  603. >The concern she showed for you, despite your past and the food she shared.
  604. >Your nervousness when she first had you ride her, the feeling of the old leather saddle between you.
  605. >How the two of you ran and frolicked in the field till the day was nearly done.
  606. >Every mornings soft sunshine, brought on by her incredible power, and how it never woke you harshly.
  607. >Instead, it was always her, coming in from your balcony and gently nudging you awake.
  608. >And now, she won't even come to her door to say hello.
  609. >Staring at the ceiling, your heart in a knot and tears leaking down your face.
  610. "I didn't... I didn't mean it Celestia..."
  611. >Sitting up, you turn to the wall between your room and Celestia's.
  612. "A single stone wall... and yet it feels like a million miles..."
  613. "Damn it!" you shout in anger, rising and charging the wall.
  614. >Slamming your fist against it, you vent all your frustrations into it, leaving you crying and bloody handed, forehead pressed against the smooth stone.
  615. "All I want right now... I just want you to smile..."
  616. >With the wall to your back, you slump down, looking back up at the ceiling.
  617. >On the other side, Celestia sits much the same, neither knowing about the other.
  618. >"How could I have been so stupid... I put on safeguards the first time, but why didn't I do it the second time...?"
  619. >"He's never going to trust me... I shouldn't have forced him... I..."
  620. >Throwing herself into her bed, she slowly sinks further and further into her depression, tears sliding down her soft, white cheeks.
  621. >In your room, you prepare for Luna's plan by stripping down to your boxers.
  622. >Pulling out the bottom drawer of your dresser, you take out the rags you came here in and put them on.
  623. >Even though you never planned on wearing them, they have not only been cleaned but patched up a bit.
  624. >Luna quietly lands on your balcony, and whispers, "Are you ready, Anonymous?"
  625. "Yeah... Is everything ready?"
  626. >"Yes, but are you sure that you do not wish for us to help?"
  627. "I would love your help, but it may interfere with the plan, or even make it fail."
  628. >With a nod, she takes off again, and you step out onto the balcony.
  629. >Twenty minutes to sundown, one of the few times Celestia drops her wards.
  630. >Taking hold of the stone wall, you take the first step off your balcony, your arms taking nearly your full weight before your feet find purchase.
  631. >Even with all your experience, horizontally scaling a wall hundreds of feet up is still terrifying, but your desire to reach your goal is stronger.
  632. >Muscles burning from the exertion, you finally reach her balcony with only moments to spare.
  633. >Her barriers extend onto the balcony, leaving you only the railing to stand on.
  634. >Slowly edging around, you focus on maintaining your balance while your bleeding hand still drips away.
  635. >All along the wall you climbed, you can see bloody marks not only from your knuckle injury, but from your now battered fingers as well.
  636. >Through the slightly opaque barrier, all you can see is a red velvet curtain, which hides her room from sight.
  637. >Winds blowing past, you watch the sun as it nears the time to be lowered.
  638. >The curtains blocking your view part, and for the first time in days, you see Celestia's face.
  639. >Her eyes, normally a beautiful violet, are instead bloodshot and puffy, the fur of her cheeks matted and messy.
  640. >The usually smooth waves of her mane are jagged and fractured, the whole lot of it a mess.
  641. >Shocked by the sight of you, she starts backing away; perhaps unsure as to if you are real.
  642. "Sunny... Celestia, please, talk to me..."
  643. >"Are you really... Are you actually Anonymous?"
  644. "Yeah," you say with a nod and a small smile, "I came to say... goodbye."
  645. >She assumes the worst, and runs forward, stopping just behind her barrier.
  646. >"Don't... I don't want to see you... I can't..."
  647. >Tears well up in her bloodshot eyes, and she sinks to the ground.
  648. >"It's... I can't be near you... I almost... If it wasn't for Luna..."
  649. "But it's not..."
  650. >"IT IS MY FAULT! I was foolish,*sob* I forgot to... I was too excited..."
  651. "Celestia, list..."
  652. >"STOP IT! Stop making me remember...*sniffle* I just want to forget..."
  653. "WILL YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME CELESTIA!" you snap, tired of being interrupted.
  654. >It works, her crying quieting and she looks up at you.
  655. "You're not at fault. It was an accident, it could have happened to anyone."
  656. >"But I didn't... I forgot your safety, not putting..."
  657. "Oh be quiet. It's been how many thousand years since you flew someone other than me? You can't expect to remember everything."
  658. "Come on, let me in. No matter how hard you try, I'm not going to stop trying because I..."
  659. >Your chest tightens, unwilling to let you say anything.
  660. >"You what?" Celestia asks, unwilling to let it slide.
  661. "I... I..." you mutter, trying to build up the will.
  662. >A sudden gust makes you shift your footing, one landing on the pool of blood accumulated on the railing.
  663. >All your traction is gone, and you slip back, away from Celestia and the balcony.
  664. >In the split second before her face vanishes as you fall, you see a look that matched what you saw after she accidentally dropped you.
  665. >Shifting as you fall, you gaze up at the darkening sky.
  666. >From the balcony, the barrier shatters, and you see Celestia dive off after you.
  667. >Watching her graceful form flying straight down at you, you feel...
  668. "Sunny, I..."
  669. >She closes fast, and you can feel her magic slowing you as well, but it's too late, so you think.
  670. >Closing your eyes, you await the impact, but it never comes, instead, you feel something soft wrap around you.
  671. >The two of you are wrapped in a bubble of magic, her wings around you in an embrace.
  672. >"I'm not going to let you go," Celestia declares, tears streaming down her face, and onto yours.
  673. "I'm not going anywhere... Not without you, Sunny. I... I love you..."
  674. >Floating upwards, Celestia carries you to her balcony, where you are set down.
  675. >"Anonymous... I'm..."
  676. >Reaching up, you pull her down into a tight hug.
  677. "I'm sorry I said it, Celestia, I've regretted it since I did. I'll ride whenever you want, just please... don't push me away."
  678. >Her body shakes in your grip, and her face is a mixture of happiness and sadness.
  679. >"Of course I'm not letting you go," she giggles, tears still leaking down her cheeks, "I couldn't ever leave you, or who would I have ride me?"
  680. >She pulls back a bit and smiles, before wrapping her hooves around you in a hug again.
  681. "You're like... You're like the family I never had, and I wouldn't trade it for the world."
  682. >"Neither would I, Anonymous, neither would I."
  685. Chapter 5 (Final)
  687. >"But Anonymous..." Celestia's whine rings out through your room, "You promised!"
  688. "I promised I would ride you whenever, I said nothing about flying."
  689. >Plopping down in front of you, she looks up at your with quivering violet eyes.
  690. >"But... But..."
  691. "There have to be other ways to get wherever you want to take me."
  692. >"They're all too slow though... that is, unless you want to teleport?"
  693. >Backing away from her, you shake your head vigorously.
  694. "No no no no! Flying is good."
  695. >"Good, because we have to hurry."
  696. >An aura wraps around you, lifting you onto her back.
  697. >Prancing to her window, she takes only long enough to bind your legs with magic before taking off, making you grab around her neck for safety.
  698. >Feeling your arms around her, she giggles and rises higher.
  699. "Arent you gonna *gulp* make us invisible?"
  700. >After another giggle, she says, "Yeah, I just wanted to make sure the bindings were in place before I worried about that."
  701. >A familiar magic bubble expands outward, giving you a momentarily fish-eyed view of Canterlot, before it settles.
  702. >Small currents of air pull Celestia up, and both of you are soon well over the level of the highest tower.
  703. "So... where is it that we have to go?"
  704. >Orienting on what you now know as Ponyville, Celestia tilts her wings and starts accelerating.
  705. >"We're going to visit Twilight again. She wanted to have you come along for her special lesson, I can't imagine why."
  706. "Maybe I have more than just you as a friend."
  707. >She gives a fake gasp, before turning back to look at you, mock indignation on her face.
  708. >"How dare you go and make friends, I thought I was special to you."
  709. >Her indignation turns to sadness, big fake tears forming.
  710. >"Waaaahhh!!! 'Nonymous doesn't like me anymore..." she sobs, diving faster.
  711. >Winds rush past, sucking your breath away and preventing you from calling out.
  712. >Getting lightheaded, you start patting on her neck, and she slows down drastically, before looking back at you.
  713. >Watching you pant for breath, concern forms and she comes to a complete stop.
  714. >"Anonymous, are you alright?"
  715. "Yeah, just... *pant* a little out of breath. You can't *gasp* fly that fast, or I have trouble *inhale* breathing."
  716. >Her mouth curves into a tiny, apologetic smile before she titters and says, "Sorry, I just got into it a little much."
  717. >Pushing back upright, you scratch behind her ears, making her smile and causing the tips of her wings to start to fold in.
  718. "Hey now Sunny, we don't need to fall here, or else..."
  719. >"I know, I know. It would help if you weren't distracting me like that though."
  720. >Pulling your hands back, you take hold in her mane, and she starts towards the town again, this time at a reasonable pace.
  721. "What kind of lesson is she getting, if you don't mind my asking?"
  722. >She shrugs underneath you, before saying, "I'm let her decide, but she hasn't informed me of what she wants it to be yet."
  723. "She's your magic student, right? Maybe she wants you to teach her some sort of powerful spell not in books."
  724. >Celestia lets out a low chuckle, saying, "I wonder..."
  725. "You know what it is, don't you?"
  726. >"I have an idea, but I'm not gonna tell you."
  727. >You ponder a moment, before coming to a shocking conclusion.
  728. "She wants riding lessons, doesn't she."
  729. >Stumbling in the air, Celestia lets out a laugh, looking back at you.
  730. >"I highly doubt it. Even if she figured out that you were riding me, she would know she is physically too small for it."
  731. "But she might want to learn magic to make her bigger, and then what? You did promise her."
  732. >Celestia slows, this information working in her mind.
  733. >Magic wraps around you tightly, pulling you off her back and around to her front, where she hugs you tightly with her forehooves.
  734. >"I WON'T LET HER! You're my riding human, and nop0ny elses."
  735. "What about Luna? We promised I could ride her if she learned how to carry a human properly."
  736. >Indecision fills her face, and her nose scrunches up a bit.
  737. >"Grrr, you're just trying this to make hard on me, aren't you?"
  738. >With a free hand, you boop her nose, making her smile.
  739. "You know you love it."
  740. >"I do, but only a little, and just because you're my favorite human."
  741. >Floating you back around to her back, she rebinds you and turns into a fairly sharp dive.
  742. >"Gotta hurry or we're gonna be late!"
  743. >The field where you met Twilight last time is her target, and you can see a small dot on it.
  744. "Looks like she's there early, how are we gonna land without her seeing us like this?"
  745. >"I already have a plan. You don't live as long as me without coming across situations like this."
  746. "..."
  747. >Now within a hundred feet, Celestia's wings suddenly close, and you both lose all forward momentum, and instead drop like a stone.
  748. >Before you can make a sound, her wings and magic flare out, bringing you two to a silent, soft landing.
  749. >She kneels down, letting you off, before rising again.
  750. >"Shhh. We're gonna sneak up on her," Celestia says.
  751. >Wings out to show you the extent of the bubble, she leads, her hooves scarcely touching the ground.
  752. >The unsuspecting purple unicorn sits on a blanket, eagerly glancing around before looking down at something on the blanket.
  753. >When the two of you are almost on top of her, the bubble around Celestia and you vanish.
  754. >"Greetings Twilight, I hope we did not keep you."
  755. >Almost jumping from her skin, Twilight shoots straight up, fumbling over her own hooves before bowing to Celestia.
  756. >"I didn't see you arrive teacher, Anonymous."
  757. "How are you Twilight?" you ask, sitting down on her blanket
  758. >She smiles at you, saying, "Quite well, thank you. I'm glad you came for my lesson."
  759. >"I'm curious, why did you request him? What sort of lesson did you want?" Celestia asks, sitting on the blanket as well.
  760. >"That's easy!" she exclaims, "I wanted to learn all about humans from the only two who actually know anything about them!"
  761. >Celestia lets out a huge sigh, and you give a small laugh.
  762. "She was worried you wanted to *Mpfhhhh*"
  763. >A fluffy white wing fills your mouth, and Celestia giggles.
  764. >"Oh, nothing. So, what did you want to know?"
  765. >"Well..."
  766. >For the next three hours you are stuck answering question after question, not only asked by Twilight, but Celestia as well.
  767. >As lunch time approaches, and the discussion was starting to shift to your relationship with Celestia, Twilight says, "Oh! I almost forgot, Rarity told me you had her repair this."
  768. >From inside her small saddle bag, she pulls out Celestia's saddle.
  769. >"Also, she had a few questions about it, and I'm curious about it as well."
  770. >Taking hold of it with her magic, Celestia sets it into position, and rises a little.
  771. >"Can you give me a hand with this Anonymous?"
  772. >Reaching under, you take the straps and do them up, tightening them just right.
  773. "Are you going to...?" you whisper to her.
  774. >"Not unless I have to, even if she is my student." is her whispered reply.
  775. >There is a tug on your arm and Twilight pulls you over.
  776. >"What are you two whispering about over there?"
  777. "Nothing that would concern you," you say with a smile.
  778. >Twilight huffs, before asking, "So, the big question Rarity had is what that saddle is used for? Apparently, it is worn on both sides, which doesn't happen with normal show saddles."
  779. >"And she asked..." Celestia groans, "I'd rather not say, or at least, I don't want you to tell anyp0ny else if you must know."
  780. >Nodding excitedly, Twilight pulls out a notepad, but Celestia pulls it away.
  781. >"This is only for your ears. That means no writing it down anywhere."
  782. >Ears flattening and head drooping a bit, Twilight nods again.
  783. >"Good. Anonymous, would you like to show her?"
  784. >Celestia turns to you, as does Twilight.
  785. "Sure," you say, standing and popping some stiffness from your joints.
  786. >With her wings stretched out, Celestia smiles and closes her eyes as you approach.
  787. >Twilight watches silently, eyes wide open and shock forming as she watches you step so you are straddling Celestia's back.
  788. >"You can't do that Anonymous! She's the Princess!" she exclaims as you start to lower into the saddle.
  789. >She dives at you, only to be stopped by her teacher.
  790. >"Twilight, you wanted this, now be a good student and watch."
  791. >As you settle, Celestia rises to standing, giving a small shake to help you.
  792. >"Ready, my riding human?"
  793. "I'm ready."
  794. >Leaning down, you steady as Celestia lunges forward, moving into a quick canter, and from there, a full blown gallop.
  795. >Her smooth, sinuous movement rolls through and over you as she runs, and Twilight starts running after the two of you.
  796. >"Princess, how can you do this?!" Twilight yells, voice barely carrying through the oncoming wind.
  797. >Celestia's only response is laughter as she enjoys her favourite activity.
  798. >Unable to keep up for long, Twilight falls back while you and Celestia ride around.
  799. >The tips of her wings start sticking out, and she glances back, "Can we?"
  800. >Nodding in consent, you feel the magic bindings settle into place, and her wings flare open.
  801. >In a single stroke, they take you both up into the air, the ground moving further and further away.
  802. >Unlike the previous times though, this time you feel no fear, instead, your pulse rises, adrenaline filled blood rushing through you.
  803. "I'm gonna regret this later but... Celestia, can we try some stunts or stuff?"
  804. >"I thought you'd never ask."
  805. >Over a hundred feet up, her wings curl in, sending her into a dive, almost straight at the ground.
  806. >Pulling in tight, you brace as her wings twist, spinning you upside down and curving so she is flying upside down, just above the earth.
  807. >Another twist, and you are righted, before she pulls up, flapping vigorously to regain altitude.
  808. >Turning into a low dive, she picks up speed before pulling back up and over, making a full loop.
  809. >After leveling, she tilts to the side, pulling a few barrel rolls in both directions.
  810. >Finally slowing down, she comes in to land, just a short distance from where Twilight sits, slightly bored.
  811. >"Are you two done?" she asks, slightly impatiently.
  812. "For now, I guess. What's wrong, you wanted to know, didn't you?"
  813. >Let off of Celestia, you take a seat again on the blanket.
  814. >"Yeah, but... It's disrespectful, sitting on the princess like that."
  815. >"You wanted to know about ancient humans. This is one of the things that made them special to ponies." Celestia says, lying next to you.
  816. >"While it was mostly children, who are a fair bit smaller than Anon, I've had a few riding partners over the time they existed here, but none quite like him."
  817. >Pulling off the saddle, she rolls over onto her back, looking up at you with her soft eyes.
  818. >"And he would be even better if he rubbed my belly."
  819. >For a second, you are able to resist her adorable gaze, but you succumb, reaching out and rubbing her chest and stomach with one hand.
  820. >Her eyes drift closed, and a silly, content smile forms.
  821. >As you work, one of her rear legs starts to twitch, and Twilight gives you a slightly longing look.
  822. >"Do you think you could...?"
  823. "Sure, come over."
  824. >She shuffles over, before lying on her back.
  825. >"Just... Don't do anything bad, okay?"
  826. >With your free hand, you give a gentle rub.
  827. "Don't worry so much, I'm a nice guy."
  828. >Rubbing some more, you soon get her in the same state as Celestia, eyes closed, a silly smile on her face and a leg twitching.
  829. >Celestia looks over at Twilight, the grin still on her face, saying, "See, humans are good for so many things."
  830. >"But riding.... Why is it so good?" Twilight asks, looking at her teacher.
  831. "I can answer that. Have you ever been... No, that's not appropriate... Hmmmnnn..."
  832. "It's like we become one, sort of. Our bodies move as one, and there is little separating us."
  833. >"A closeness you can't really feel almost anywhere else, that's how I'd describe it," Celestia murmurs, still enjoying her belly rub.
  834. >Twilight just hums in response, more out of it than Celestia.
  835. >After about ten minutes, your hands start to cramp up, and you have to call it to a stop.
  836. >Both of them let out low groans of disappointment, and you can't help but smile a bit.
  837. "Sorry, I'm only human."
  838. >"You’re the only human." Twilight points out.
  839. >Seeing your mood drop a bit, Celestia rolls onto her stomach and wraps a wing around you.
  840. >"Don't let it bother you, besides, you'll always have a friend in me."
  841. >"And me!" Twilight chips in, sitting up as well.
  842. >Resting a hand on each of their heads, you give a few scratches, before starting to work the cramps from your hands.
  843. "I guess now would be a good time for any other questions you might have Twilight."
  844. >She puts a hoof to her chin, thinking while levitating notes around her.
  845. >"I don't have any more right now. What should we do now?"
  846. >All three of you think, but nothing comes to you.
  847. "I've got no ideas, what about you?"
  848. >"I know what I want to do." Celestia says, her gaze focused on you.
  849. "No, we aren't going riding again."
  850. >She huffs, before turning to Twilight, "Do you have any ideas?"
  851. >Before Twilight can answer, there is a soft thump behind the three of you, and you turn to see Luna there.
  852. >"Sister, we finally found you!" she exclaims "Cadence decided to take over castle duties today, so we wished to start the riding lessons."
  853. >Celestia quickly climbs to her hooves, looking over at you. "You did promise Anonymous."
  854. "That I did..." you sigh, standing.
  855. >"May I watch and learn as well, Princesses?" Twilight asks, rising as well.
  856. >Nodding, Celestia moves over and kneels for you to get on.
  857. "Shouldn't we start by getting Luna used to a saddle?"
  858. >Seeing you aren't going to climb on, she lets out a small grump before saying, "I suppose you're right. Did you get a saddle made, Luna?"
  859. >Luna gives a big smile and nod, before teleporting something over.
  860. "Thats... There is no way I'm sitting on that."
  861. >"What's wrong with it? We think it looks quite good."
  862. >"He's right, sister, if he was to ride on this, not only would it be uncomfortable, it would be dangerous."
  863. >Kneeling down, you start yanking sharp edged gems from the band around the outside.
  864. "These would cut my thighs to ribbons, and though they look nice, they aren't practical for a riding saddle."
  865. >Looking on sadly, Luna pouts as you take off all the gems.
  866. >"Come now Luna, You wouldn't want to break the only human in Equestria, just for a fancy saddle?"
  867. >Letting out a sigh, she says, "We suppose not..."
  868. >With the last of the gems off, you pick up the saddle, this one much lighter than Celestia's leather one
  869. "Let's get this on you, Luna."
  870. >Making her way over, you set the saddle on her back, and cinch it up under her stomach.
  871. "How are we going to weight this though? I'm sure just having a saddle on isn't strange for her, since well, she wore one last time I rode her."
  872. >"Magic, of course," Celestia explains, "that is, unless you wish to try riding her, Twilight?"
  873. >She shakes her head vigorously; "No, I'm fine just watching, thank you for the offer though."
  874. >Celestia turns to Luna, and a vivid glow forms on the saddle, making Luna stumble a bit.
  875. >After picking you up and setting you down on her back, she starts walking, Luna following behind.
  876. >"Are you sure this is the right weight, Sister? it feels heavier than when he rode last time."
  877. >"Quite sure, since I have borne him many times."
  878. >Picking up speed, Celestia looks back at Luna, a smile on her face.
  879. >"Come on, you expect Anon to have fun if you are just walking along?"
  880. >A spark of competition igniting in her eyes, Luna picks up her pace, trying to catch up with Celestia and you.
  881. "That's the spirit!" you exclaim, as both your mount and her sister keep accelerating, trying to one up each-other.
  882. >All across the field they run, Celestia doing everything in her power to get Luna to trip up.
  883. >Both pushing their limits, they tire within an hour, heading back to the blanket to rest.
  884. >Letting you off first, Celestia lays her head on your lap as you sit down.
  885. >After a moments consideration, and seeing the bliss on Celestia's face as you scratch her ears, she lays down as well.
  886. >With two pony princesses to pamper, you can see Twilight feeling a little left out.
  887. "Sorry, Twilight, I only have two hands."
  888. >Shaking her head, she says, "That's alright, I need to get going anyways."
  889. >Gathering her things, somehow including the blanket under you, she bows to the princesses before heading on her way.
  890. >"I suppose we should head back as well," Celestia murrs, half asleep from your attentions.
  891. >Slowly rising, she lefts you onto her back, setting all the spells in place.
  892. >The flight is a bit slower than normal, and as you land, your group's first destination is the throne room to check on Cadence.
  893. >As you step inside the throne room, Cadence comes forward and says, "Ah, Anonymous, please, come with me."
  894. >"Please, tell me why he needs to go with you?" Celestia asks, stepping slightly in front of you.
  895. >"Well, Luna promised me a chance to be ridden by him if I took over today's court for her."
  896. "I'll get a saddle," you say with a mixed smile and sigh.
  897. >Such is now the life of Equestria's only Princess riding human.
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