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May 19th, 2014
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  1. Florian Fuchs via
  2. Apr 29
  4. to soc2014-general
  5. To all students who got accepted into GSoC 2014:
  7. First of all: Congratulations!
  9. My name is Florian, and I'm one of Terri's co-admins this year. I hope
  10. you've had a good first couple of days into the program!
  12. As you know you are required to give regular progress reports in the
  13. form of posts to your blog. We've set up a timetable with deadlines:
  15. 1. Before mid-terms:
  16. - - 05/18/14: End of the community bonding period
  17. - - 06/01/14: Two weeks into coding - progress/roadblocks
  18. - - 06/22/14: Mid-term summary (project progress since the start of the
  19. program)
  21. 2. After mid-terms:
  22. - - 07/13/14: Two weeks into 2nd half - progress/roadblocks
  23. - - 07/27/14: Four weeks into 2nd half - progress/roadblocks
  24. - - 08/17/14: Final Summary
  26. For most of these updates, you are generally free to write whatever
  27. seems important to you. You can tell your audience what you're
  28. currently working on or where you are running into problems. Or write
  29. about stuff you discovered or found interesting. You could also use
  30. the first post to generally talk about your project and how you are
  31. planning to approach it.
  33. The two term-end summaries however should be used to take a step back
  34. and give an overview of the overall progress of your project (that's
  35. why you have a little more time for them).
  37. It's really important that you don't miss these deadlines (they're a
  38. requirement to pass). We know, most of you already send status reports
  39. to your mentors or project mailing lists, but for us as PSF admins
  40. it's really important to be able to keep track of your progress. Apart
  41. from that: We're really interested in your work! We are coders just
  42. like you and we want to know about the cool stuff that's going on
  43. under the PSF umbrella!
  45. Cheers and happy coding!
  46. Florian
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