Anon - Double Cucked

Aug 23rd, 2015
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  1. >Rain pours down the window as you look outside.
  2. >Your name is Anonymous or Anon for short.
  3. >Lately you've been feeling depressed and your girlfriend has been super worried.
  4. >More worried than normal.
  5. >But the crushing thing is that her worry was probably all a ruse.
  6. >You've just gotten home from some innocent snooping.
  7. >You really wish you never followed her out but you did.
  8. >She met up with those two Wonderbolts.
  9. >What's their names...Soarin and Spitfire right?
  10. >Yeah that's them.
  11. >You where wondering why these two celebrities were in Ponyville as you watched them great Dash with friendly smiles.
  12. >But there was more than just friendliness behind their eyes.
  13. >They walked in the most secluded spots, hiding their appearances.
  14. >You followed them utilizing your incredibly effective mgs stealth skills.
  15. >"For some unknown loser, you're pretty good!"
  16. >You remember Soarin "complimenting" you after you caught Dash when she failed a stunt.
  17. >She was so mad and embarrassed about it that she pushed you over and walked off in a huff.
  18. >You weren't supposed to be there anyway and she asked you never to follow her to training.
  19. >You didn't care.
  20. >You loved her.
  21. >And even despite it all, you still do.
  22. >They kissed and touched each other, Dash feeling uncomfortable before eventually relaxing into it.
  23. >Soarin's hands groped her body like you used to and it killed you.
  24. >Part of you wanted to just run towards them and fuck their shit.
  25. >You almost did.
  26. >Until Dash smiled.
  27. >She smiled at the attention.
  28. >She looked happy.
  29. >That was what made you realise.
  30. >This world isn't fair and neither is emotions.
  31. >They walked into the back door of some shitty hotel and you turned and left ..
  33. >You knew what was going to happen.
  34. >Walking away, you looked back and saw them near the top story window.
  35. >Soarin was fingering her against the wall, Dash's skirt and shorts pulled down with her shirt uplifted and her cute tits exposed to his other hand.
  36. >Perhaps in another universe, a stronger and more confident Anon put an end to things.
  37. >If only right?
  38. >Spitfire closed the curtain with a smirk, looking around carefully before disappearing behind the red veil.
  39. >You knew what was happening and you walked away.
  40. >She seemed happy.
  41. >Happier than you could make her.
  42. >They fucked together, Soarin and Spitefire both going at it with your girlfriend while you walked away.
  43. >The other members of the weather team who where out and about looked at you confused as you walked home.
  44. >"Yo Anon, is everything ok man?" asked Thunderlane, flying down to you.
  45. "I'm fine dude. Just heading home"
  46. >"Is Rainbow Dash ok dude? I heard she was sick today and took the day off"
  47. >You paused for a very long time.
  48. "Yeah. I hope she gets better man, I really do"
  49. >You looked up at the guy, his wings flapping on the spot as he hovers over you concerned.
  50. >"Are you sure you're ok Anon? You're not catching her sickness too are you?"
  51. "Nah. She ain't giving it to me, you can count on that"
  52. >He snorts, giving you a warm smile.
  53. >"Yeah, you know how to handle her man"
  54. >You smiled back at him and felt a small spark of warmth in your heart.
  55. "You know Thunderlane, despite our differences you're a really awesome guy"
  56. >"Haha thanks man. You too dude! I gotta get this storm ready so I'll catch ya later. Oh and tell Dash I said hi ok?"
  57. "Tell her yourself fag"
  58. >The two of you shared a laugh and you managed to get home before the downpour.
  59. >Now you sit at your desk, trying to figure out how you write a suicide note.
  60. >First time for everything right?
  61. >You try to laugh but it feels stilted.
  63. >Your heart bounds against your chest painfully and breathing is difficult.
  64. >Somehow you're keeping it together despite being completely broken.
  65. >The element of loyalty huh?
  66. >Two things could come from this.
  67. >Either you curse the stupidity of her obviously incorrect element.
  68. >Or you blame yourself more.
  69. >Which one did you choose?
  70. >In this world, it was to blame yourself.
  71. >Of course it was.
  72. >What else could lead someone as loyal as Dash to do something like this?
  73. >You're just not for her.
  74. >It feels like your heart is going to explode, tears beginning to escape from your eyes.
  75. >What do you write?
  76. >A long winded explanation for your actions?
  77. >A message to all of your friends telling them you love them?
  78. >It sounds like the right thing to do but you find yourself far too crippled by your bleeding, aching heart to write more than a few words.
  79. "I love you Rainbow Dash. I love you so much and I'm sorry"
  80. >Tears smudge the ink as you let go of the pen.
  81. >It's stupid and you don't want to look at it anymore.
  82. >Maybe if you were just a little stronger.
  83. >It's always been hard to be part of her life being such a pushover.
  84. >But you tried your best.
  85. >And now you don't have to try anymore.
  86. >A familiar song sung by one of your friends enters your head.
  87. >"I really am so happy! Your smile fills me with glee! I give a smile, I get a smile and that's so special to me!"
  88. >You hear the sweet voice of your good friend Pinkie Pie and it lets the waterworks run freely.
  89. >A crack of thunder illuminates your room as you pull a revolver out of a drawer.
  90. "Sorry Pinkie. Please don't blame yourself"
  91. >You stand and put on your jacket, heading to one last place.
  92. >One last stop before your departure.
  93. >The rain smacks heavily against your clothes as you walk to that one tree.
  94. >That one tree where the two of you first kissed.
  95. >She'd often nap there during the day and that's where you two would often meet each other.
  96. >You walk knowing exactly where it is.
  97. >The most important place in Ponyville.
  99. >The place where you felt love and happiness truly for the first time.
  100. >Rain hits your face, covering up the tears you are shedding.
  101. >It hurts to breath, to walk, to feel.
  102. >It's like the world's colour is fading from your sight.
  103. >You hear Dash singing Pinkie's song to you.
  104. >Her raspy, cute voice laced with a deep sincerity and care.
  105. >"It's true some days are dark and lonely, and maybe you feel sad! But I'll be there to show you that it isn't all that bad! There's one thing that makes me happy and makes my whole life worthwhile, and that's when I'm with my boyfriend Anon, he always makes me smile!"
  106. >Her rock version of Pinkie's song really was awesome and cute.
  107. >It hurts to hear her voice sing so beautifully and realise that she probably didn't mean any of it.
  108. >Your legs buckle as you hear her voice again.
  109. >"I love you Anon. You're just so awesome and I'm so glad I got to meet you"
  110. >It's all lies right?
  111. >"Here, I got you this rad flame t-shirt! It'll go well with your eyes! Come on man, give me something here!"
  112. >You fall into the mud, eyes completely blinded by your tears.
  113. >Lies?
  114. >She didn't love you?
  115. >It felt so real.
  116. >The joy and passion the two of you shared.
  117. >She meant the world to you.
  118. >She still does.
  119. >But you obviously don't matter.
  120. >Seeing her smile with those two Wonderbolts is what broke you.
  121. >You climb back up, clothing soaked in rain and mud.
  122. >Gritting your teeth, you slowly walk your way over to the tree.
  123. >You recognise it by it stands tall and proud, just like her.
  124. >Walking over to it, you press your face against the tree's rough surface.
  125. >"Please cheer up. It hurts me seeing you so sad Anon, is there anything I can do for you?" you hear her voice again.
  126. >Perhaps it really is your fault for being such a crybaby.
  127. >You miss your friends and family.
  128. >Coming here wasn't your choice but you learnt to live with it.
  129. >And meeting her made it all worth it.
  130. >But sometimes the pain is too real.
  132. >"Look at me. We're a team ok and whenever a teammate is feeling down..."
  133. "...we help each other, reach out and strive for success. You can beat this, I know you can..."
  134. >Blinking your tears away, you look up at the sky and let the rain hit your face.
  135. "Was it really fake? Did you never actually care?"
  136. >Sucking in a breath of air and sighing, you begin to climb the tall behemoth.
  137. >Your hands ache and you struggle, wheezing and coughing as you go.
  138. >It's always gotta be a workout Dash, christ.
  139. >You feel yourself sweating despite how cold it is.
  140. >You're almost there, almost at that one branch where you both fell in love.
  141. >You see yourself sitting next to her, shit scared as she laughs at you.
  142. >She leans her head into your shoulder and you manage to smile despite being terrified.
  143. >"You're really cute when you're scared Anon"
  144. >You see yourself frown but quickly smirk back at her.
  145. "Sucks to be me because you're always cute Dash"
  146. >The two of you went silent at each others words, looking down red faced.
  147. >You took the initiative and moved closer to her, almost falling off of the tree.
  148. >She grabbed you in time and pulled you close.
  149. >"You're such a dork dude"
  150. "I know"
  151. >You looked into each others eyes and smiled at each other, lips gently pressing against each other after you both broke the gap.
  152. >The image before you shines like it's actually happening and you reach out for it desperately with your hand.
  153. >Your footing comes loose and you fall backwards.
  154. >It feels like it's all in slow motion and you smile knowing that at least you won't have to shoot yourself.
  155. >You probably couldn't have done it anyway.
  156. >"Come on and smile! Come on and smile!"
  157. >You fall, thinking about how pathetic you are as you hear her sing in your mind.
  158. >She really ruined you huh?
  159. >Guess there's always next time.
  160. >You chuckle as you fall.
  161. >Anon, you know there's no next time.
  162. "You really got me..."
  163. >Your body continues to speed towards the ground.
  164. "...Dashie"
  165. >You finish your descent.
  167. Meanwhile, several thousand miles away from Ponyville.
  168. >A rainbow haired woman sits at a windowsill, looking out and seeing two shooting stars dashing next to each other across the night sky.
  169. >"Just you wait Anon. I'll be back soon. I hope you don't do anything stupid" she whispers to herself, her voice filled with worry.
  170. >"I'm so worried about you Anon. I think about you all the time and I hope you're ok. I can't believe I got kidnapped! Me!"
  171. >She looks down at a picture of you in her hands, her fingers gently caressing your smiling face.
  172. >"I really hope you're ok. I can't believe I got kidnapped by a bunch of changlings! It was some serious daring do shit escaping dude"
  173. >She sighs and continues to stair longingly at your picture.
  174. >"I can't wait to see you again. My wings are completely useless right now but I'll get home soon so just hang on!"
  175. >"S just hang on!" the real Rainbow Dash's voice echoes throughout the land magically, travelling several miles at great speeds before reaching it's truly desired location.
  176. >A body underneath a tree, soaked by the rain.
  177. >The voice sounds as if it needs a response.
  178. >But it gets none.
  179. >"Just hang on"
  180. >End.
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