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  2. Chapter 5 - Preventing procrastination
  4. Willpower, unlike procrastination, is hard to come by. The last thing we want
  5. is to waste a lot of neural resources in tackling procrastination.
  7. Imagine how your calf muscles would scream in agony if you prepared for the big race by
  8. waiting till the night before your first marathon, to do your first
  9. practice run. In the same sense you can't compete in math and science if you
  10. just cram at the last minute!
  12. Learning math and science depends on two things:
  13.     1. The study sessions where the neural bricks are laid.
  14.     2. The time in between in which the mental mortar can dry.
  16. We procrastinate about things that makes us feel uncomfortable. Science has
  17. shown that it was the anticipation of the event that made us feel
  18. uncomfortable, not the task itself. When these mathphobes actually did the
  19. math the pain and anxiety quickly disappeared.
  21. Procrastination is an extremely important keystone habit to break.
  22. Procrastination is a habit that influences many (not just school related)
  23. parts of your life.
  25. Another important fact is the better you get at something, the more you'll
  26. find yourself to enjoy it.
  28. Procrastination is addiction. It offers temporary excitement and relief from
  29. an otherwise boring reality.
  31. Summing it up:
  33. We procrastinate about things that make us feel uncomfortable. But what makes
  34. us feel good temporarily isn't necessarily good for us in the long run.
  36. Procrastination can be like taking tiny amounts of poison. It may not seem
  37. harmful in the short run but the long-term effects can be very damaging.
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