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Sep 20th, 2015
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  4. This is completely inaccurate. I was denied a visa according to the embassy because I hadn't shown ties outside of the USA to ANY country that would motivate me to leave the USA at the end of my trip. The law doesn't require that the ties be to any specific country, including the country of citizenship. The embassy workers had the audacity to do this while refusing to even look at the evidence provided. (They disallowed me from even sliding my evidence through the interview slot for them to review) Subsequently my visa was approved on the first try at the US embassy in Tokyo. (Source for all this is me, Roger Ver)
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  8. iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJV/lXcAAoJEN6GpwnmnUh/iAEP/Re3PVDbYhLkbum2Evm14B2g
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  11. PRSWNmmVw3kzberBeXob4GLeGMXmD3QAh3kAps/blwdicfjnJb9qWXhFGGX5kc1b
  12. EA8rVeuQP+Q4ql2z1HiuU2FX2nGTklWfab1httHndzyTsuYWjuv0tbGVfQhA7jN6
  13. YyipiQReWxJ9lmPklOIKIMagdEcPtIqQ/ZV50rT731VEdacQtRWWqx4Qq2nrAONQ
  14. k0icwosRwbda0D1ZJGMWhkSaL/iNERcphTj3GGSZWm60ykuc0oGSgAXmqcMrY5tC
  15. EJQgscrrqcJTR8V1ODkDtZqky7+8I5nRVoOJNXlVAaxxQUzhwxBXM0sJfNP0G8Sa
  16. xjLk7yz8MZpEzhfLrdQw1DOntRvIW2R4ftRm+eJ5Tt5gu0sdy0rT5U+4MPtOTWBF
  17. Y1WZ0GMkait5UMUfhCpP/wp4LkBatBy1p0lxNk99PorjAjZlsuAMJU5/VOTESKnq
  18. xwjVCZ5Fj71dMpJiFgZXxUZxeVy0p+S4QTdQ//fit4ltxgpbyDuI+vSKQohjIUCM
  19. xfjPkD8JF769jZtSEtrA
  20. =zSnL
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