MGE Side III Giant Battleship Queen Diana

Nov 26th, 2020
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  1. Mmm...♥ Ahaan♥ You filled me up so much again...♥
  2. Ahh♥ So you’ve finally awakened♥ My beloved...♥
  4. You faded away, I wonder if it felt that good~...♥
  5. It seems it felt so good your mind went blank, and now your wife will have to tell you once more♥
  6. I am this city’s diva, the Kraken “Asura Mythra”... I’d be delighted if you called me Asuri~♥
  8. This is the top floor of the Giant Battleship “Queen Diana”, our love nest, The Witch’s Bedroom♥
  9. You can’t move your body?
  10. Ufufu♥ Right now, I’m hugging you close with my ten tentacles and two arms♥ I have to squeeze you tight so you won’t escape♥
  11. Since I have a lot of tentacles, I’ve prepared a large bed that fills the room we’re in~♥
  13. Ahaa~♥ You trembled suddenly, it seems you let out more again♥ That’s right♥
  14. I’ll hold you nice and tight, so you can pour it in properly♥ There, squeeze~♥, squeeze~♥
  15. Yaan♥♥♥ You shot it all the way in, you’re a really good boy♥
  17. You’ve woken up now, so allow me to show you around our Queen Diana♥
  18. “Can I pull it out now then”?
  19. Ufufu... Noooope♥ I finally got to meet you♥
  20. Besides, doesn’t being inside of me, held close by my tentacles, feel really good?
  21. I feel good too♥ That’s why I don’t want to let you go♥
  22. Besides, when my tentacles squeeze you tighter and tighter, they get tangled up and won’t unravel♥
  23. So let’s head out, feeling good like this♥
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