Domination (Yang smut)

Aug 3rd, 2014
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  1. You are Anon, a student at the renowned Beacon Academy, a school known for producing some of the worlds top hunters and huntresses.
  3. Though none of that takes as much precedence as the busty blond bomb-shell standing over top of you.
  5. You were walking down the hall, ran into one of the students, Yang Xio Long, who you (and most of the male, and even some of the female, students) have the hots for.
  7. She asked if you could bring your notes to her dorm room later because she fell asleep in Professor Oobleck's class, again, and needed your help to study for the big test coming up. Again.
  9. And now you find yourself in her room, on the bed, with her hands pinning your arms above your head.
  11. “I get the impression this isn't going to be a study session,” you say aloud, a small tremble in your voice.
  13. She giggles.
  15. “No need to be so nervous,” she cooed in your ear, “I still need your help, but let's say it's more for anatomy than history,” she said with a sly wink.
  17. She let go of one of your arms, but you didn't try to move it. You could tell she was in control here, and nothing you did was about to change that.
  19. She used her free hand to unbutton your uniform, and then slid her hand up under your shirt.
  21. You could feel the tips of her fingers on your stomach as she playfully slides them around on you, and for some reason, just the feel of her finger tips rubbing you was enough to get your heart racing.
  23. Admittedly, you've been prone to a fantasy or two of you and a bed...together.
  24. But compared to what you assumed was about to happen, you're fantasies were about to be a distant memory.
  26. “You know Anon, I've seen the way you look at me in class,” Yang told you as she brought her hand back out from under your shirt, “The way you've been undressing me with your eyes constantly.”
  28. “T-That's not...” You start to stutter an excuse, but your words failed you when you looked at Yang. Your face burning red, you averted your gaze from hers.
  30. “Hey now,” she said as she pulled you towards her by your tie, “I never said I wasn't flattered by it.”
  32. She turned your face towards her, and suddenly you felt her lips against yours. She forces her tongue in your mouth and dominates yours without giving you any chance to fight back, as though she was claiming your mouth as her own.
  34. This only goes on for a few short seconds before she shoves you back down on the bed and starts taking off the top of her uniform, leaving her on top of you in nothing but her bra, skirt, and stockings and OH MY GOD ABS!
  36. Seeing her like this, up close, you could see how well toned her body really was. You got the feeling she could probably bench press you if she felt like it.
  38. You blush at the thought and try to turn away again but Yang won't have it. She grabs your hand and brings it up to feel her breast.
  40. “So how's the real thing,” she grins at you playfully, “better than your imagination I bet.”
  42. She was right. Getting to actually cop a feel on Yang was better than any of your fantasies of it, her breasts were soft and bouncy, a contrast to the rest of her firm, well toned body.
  44. Yang took your hand and pinned it above your head again, much to your dissatisfaction.
  46. You were really enjoying it, and it apparently showed.
  48. You felt Yang slowly grinding her hips against yours. She did it just once, but despite that, and the clothing still between your genitals, feeling her do that caused you to unintentionally let out a short, small gasp.
  50. Yang grinned devilishly from ear to ear.
  52. “Was copping one little feel all it took to get you this excited, Anon?” She teased, “Well now it's my turn. Lose the shirt.”
  54. You felt the last part came out more as a demand than a request, so you did as she ordered and took off your shirt.
  56. “Not bad,” she smirked and slowly leaned in.
  58. Then suddenly she grabbed the back of your head pulled your hair, making your head arch back with a little discomfort.
  60. “Just relax Anon, while I have a little fun,” Yang said.
  62. Her hot breath against your neck sent a chill through your body, but her tone made you a little nervous.
  64. You felt her kiss your neck, which happened to be a bit of a turn on for you, and you felt her grind against your crotch again. You started to grind your lower half as well, but were met in turn with a bite to your neck and another tug to your hair, eliciting another gasp from you.
  66. “I thought I told you Anon, it's MY turn to have fun,” she said without loosing her grip on your hair, “What do you have to say?”
  68. “I-I'm sorry,” you said, as it was the first thing that came to mind.
  70. “Good boy,” she said, loosening her grip on your hair, “Now behave, or I might just have to punish you.”
  72. When she finished, after another short tug of your hair to remind you whose in charge, she went back to planting kisses on your neck, though she started using her teeth more, and grinding against you.
  74. This went on for a few minutes, and it took everything you had to resist letting yourself grind back. You didn't know what she meant when she said she was going to punish you, but you didn't want to do anything that would make you find out.
  76. When she finished, she grabbed one of your hands and placed it against her panties which were starting to feel damp. She used your hand to rub herself through her panties, before letting go.
  78. “Even a newbie like you should be able to tell what to do here right?,” She questioned, her face starting to turn red.
  80. You simply looked at her and nodded.
  82. “Well get on with it then,” she ordered.
  84. You did as she told you and started rubbing your finger against her slit. You didn't really have any experience with doing this, but you must be doing something right, because Yang seemed like she was getting really excited, and even started grinding against your hand while you worked.
  86. Suddenly another tug of your hair makes you wince and stop what you're doing.
  88. “You're better than I thought,” Yang said, her breathing unsteady, “A real natural. Now for the next part.”
  90. She stood up and took off the remainder of her clothes, letting you see the girl of your dreams in all her bare glory.
  92. She gets back on the bed, but faces the other way, shoving her exposed entrance in your face.
  94. “I hope you're hungry Anon,” she wiggled her backside in front of you, “Time to eat up.”
  96. At first you just use the tip of your tongue, doing short licks, but soon you were using all of your tongue and licking her up and down, savoring her taste when you do.
  98. Not long after, you can feel Yang undoing your pants and rubbing the tips of her fingers up and down your erect member through the fabric of your boxers.
  100. “Since you've been such a good boy, I think you've earned yourself a treat,” you heard her say as she pulled you boxers down, releasing you from their constriction, “Not bad Anon, I can have some fun with this.”
  102. You feel her hand slowly start pumping up and down, and you let out a small moan while still having your mouth full of...well...her. Hearing your moaning caused Yang to giggle again.
  104. “Tell me Anon, how many times have you stroked off to the thought of me,” she leans her head down, and you can feel her breath on your twitching member, “Be honest.”
  106. You can tell there wouldn't be any point in lying to her.
  108. “A-a lot,” you could feel your face burning with a mixture of embarrassment and excitement.
  110. “Do I really get you that excited,” she asked, her face still teasingly close.
  112. “You do,” you couldn't even begin to imagine how red your face was now, “N-no one else can ever compete with you.”
  114. You felt her lips kiss the tip, and you could swear you felt them turn into a grin.
  116. “Well in that case, I can't go disappointing your expectations of me then, can I?”
  118. And with that you felt her start taking you in her mouth a little at a time, till finally she had you completely in, and you could feel her tongue wrapping around it as her head bobbed. She wiggled her backside again, making sure you remembered not to fall behind on your work.
  120. Not long after, Yang takes you out of her mouth with a satisfying * pop * and turns around to face you.
  122. “Alright Anon, time for the grand finale,” she starts to grind against your cock, and grabs your hair again, “And you better not finish without my say so, got it?” she tugged your hair with the last part.
  124. “I-I promise,” you quickly answered her.
  126. “Good boy,” she smiles and reaches her free hand down to position you just right.
  128. You can feel her rubbing the tip against her, and just like the blow job, you could feel her slowly taking you inside till she got the whole thing in. And then she shoves you back down and bites your neck again.
  130. You felt torn at first between the pleasure of having sex, and the pain from her teeth digging into you, but soon started to enjoy her biting as well.
  132. You're starting to enjoy the roughness.
  134. “Y-Yang,” you stutter out, your breathing very uneven, “ r-rougher.”
  136. “What was that?” she asks, as she continues grinding on you, “speak up.”
  138. “P-PLEASE YANG, BE ROUGHER WITH ME!” you shout, surprising yourself at how much you wanted this from her.
  140. This incites a toothy grin from her.
  142. “Just remember, you asked for this,” she says, as her eyes turned red and she made your neck arch back by pulling your hair once more.
  144. Not releasing her pull on your hair, she continues to bite you, but with more ferocity, and her simple grinding turns into her doing her best to pound your pelvis to dust, and her free hand feels like it's leaving scratches on your back.
  146. But you don't feel how much it hurts anymore, you are in ecstasy.
  148. Rather this is a one time deal or going to be lasting thing didn't matter, all that matters to you was right now. And right now, you like her in charge, you like her making you her play thing for the evening, because to you it means that she thinks you're tough enough to handle it. Tough enough to handle her when she wants to get rough.
  150. “AH! OH FUCK ANON! FUCK ME I'M GONNA CUM!” Yang shouted, as she continued to relentlessly pound you into the mattress.
  152. You feel her clench up on you and she starts to shudder.
  154. “Y-Yang, I'm about to-”
  156. Before you can finish, Yang gets off of you and reaches down to start stroking you off.
  158. “Now now anon, can't have you finishing inside with no condom now can we?” She smiles, “Now tell me how much you want this.”
  160. “Please Yang! I-I really want this!” you yell while she keeps stroking you off.
  162. “Well then,” she raises you up and get's behind you, “Go right ahead.”
  164. Her strokes are enough to send you over the edge and you finally cum, but from the position Yang has you in, in gets all over you. And with a few more small spasms, you finally release everything.
  166. “Not bad Anon, this could be a good look for you,” she turns your head to face her, “You'll wear it again if I ask won't you?”
  168. You're exhausted from what happened, and can not manage to do anything more than nod at her.
  170. “Now there's a good boy,” she smiles and rubs your head, “Now go get cleaned up before the room mates show up.”
  172. You nod again and slowly manage to get up, already feeling sore.
  174. “And Anon, one more thing,” She stands up and walks towards you.
  176. She runs her hand through your hair, gentle this time, and gives leans in, putting her lips inches from yours and smiles.
  178. “You're mine now.”
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