Ekans Menov - Non est iucundo exitu

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. - Argentina, March 2013. -
  2. [YouTube] Hozier- To Be Alone
  3. >A jeep rides across the fields of Mendoza, cruising at a fast speed.
  4. >The men sat, all dressed similarly, in standard-issue Paramilitary equipment, with old metal helmets complemented with a Skull sign.
  5. >In front of them, a C-23 Sherpa plane is on the ground, surrounded by two armed soldiers and a man wearing a pinstripe suit, clearly representing the leader.
  6. >The jeep begins to slow down as it approaches the three men, then comes to a stop as it comes to a stop.
  7. >Two of the Skull bearers stand side to side with the Jeep, the clicking-sound of a gun being loaded can be heard as they hold their rifles in a firing position.
  8. >The driver gets out last, heading towards the back of the vehicle, pulling out two other men in orange jumpsuits, both with bags over their heads.
  9. >One being much taller than the rest, in fact, his lanky figure dwarfed the rest of the people there, despite them all being above average height.
  10. >Whilst the other, whilst not as tall as his companion, was much burlier, indicated by his thick, heavy-set build, complemented by a tattoo of a woman wearing a grey horse mask.
  11. >'Click-click', the sound of another gun being loaded could be heard from behind the two prisoners, as the driver kicked both of them once, followed by a single word.
  12. "Go."
  13. >His accent did not giveaway much, considering the fact that every almost every European accent manages to somehow butcher the English language when they speak, but his facial features suggested an Eastern-European heritage.
  14. >As the two prisoners walked forward, the two Skull-Helmets each held one of them, telling them to stop and stand still, as the driver walked towards the passenger seat.
  16. >The door opened, as a thin man walked out, his stature was much smaller than the rest of the men present.
  17. >He looked a lot older than the rest of them, his face suggesting that he hadn't had a great few years - A grey 5'o clock shadow grew over his face, whilst his hair had the half-baked mix of dark blue and grey.
  18. >The man in the pin-striped suit glanced at the new person leaving the Jeep, and smiled, motioning him to come over to him.
  19. >Before walking towards him, the shorter man adjusted his glasses and buttoned his overcoat on, then proceeded to walk over to 'pin-stripe'.
  20. >"Dr. Light, I'm CIA."
  21. >Dr. Light shook hands with the man dubbed who dubbed himself as 'CIA', still shivering, despite the absurd amount of layers of clothing he had on.
  22. >'CIA' noticed Dr. Light's nervousness, and put a hand on his shoulder, smiling.
  23. >"You don't need to be afraid, Doctor, you're safe with the United States, I'm glad you came to us."
  24. >Dr. Light nodded, as 'CIA' motioned for his guards to take him into the plane.
  25. >The driver of the Jeep walks up to 'CIA', as CIA hands him the briefcase in his hand.
  26. >He opens it, counts the money inside, then proceeds to pass it to the Skull-Helmets, before turning back to face 'CIA'.
  27. "He wasn't alone."
  28. >"Who are these people?"
  29. "Friends of you-know-who."
  30. >'CIA's face changes from his cool exterior, to a dramatic shock as he calls one of guards over and points them at the prisoners.
  31. >"Daniel? Get them on board, I'll call it in."
  33. -The plane, 30,000 ft. in the air, 10 minutes later.-
  34. >As the plane takes off, the two prisoners are held at gun-point by 'CIA's soldiers, with 'CIA' preparing to interroagate them.
  35. >Dr. Light is sat, staring out at the window of the plane, he begins to calm down, realizing he is in good hands.
  36. >The man known as 'CIA' glances at the two prisoners, feeling intimidated by the bags on their heads.
  37. >He can't read their expression, or understand what they're going to do, leaving him in a mess.
  38. >If he pulls the bags off, he doesn't know what to expect, rumour have floated about the Terrorist known to him as 'Daniel' and his men, some saying that their eyes can stop a man from moving, whilst others speak of them having faces of animals.
  39. >All these rumours sound straight out of Greek stories, which involve Gods and other things that haven't really been seen in the modern world.
  40. >'CIA' pulls out his handgun, pointing it at the two men.
  41. >"Who paid you to grab Dr. Light?"
  42. >No response.
  43. >Our interrogator makes eye contact with one of his soldiers, then glances towards the door of the plane, prompting the soldier to bring the shorter prisoner over.
  44. >'CIA' opens the door of the plane, holding the prisoner's head out of the plane, the external pressure causing plugging the ears of the plane's passengers.
  46. >"I'll ask again, this time you better answer or maybe you won't fly so good!"
  47. >'CIA' moved his gun towards the head of the prisoner, with his finger on the trigger.
  49. >Again, no response.
  50. >'CIA' pointed his gun to the right side of the prisoner, and fired a bullet, the firing sound overcoming the roaring of the plane's engine.
  51. >As they pulled the prisoner back and closed the door, 'CIA' giggled and pointed his gun at the remaining prisoner.
  52. >"Lotta loyaly for a hired gun!"
  53. >A hearty chuckle was coming from the Prisoner who was just 'thrown out of the plane'
  54. "Actually I was wondering why you didn't take our bags off instead."
  55. [YouTube] Deshi Basara - The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack - Hans Zimmer
  56. >'CIA' shrugged and took the bag off the man, to reveal that instead of the man's face, a Grey horse mask in it's place.
  57. >The Agent stared into the eyes of the Horse, yet there was nothing but black, hollow holes in it's place.
  58. >The Horse glances towards the bagged comrade.
  59. "Hey Boss, can I kill these guys yet?"
  60. >The taller, bagged prisoner nods at him, resulting in the Horse taking a deep breath and flexing his muscles.
  61. >The sound of the metal handcuffs breaking follows almost immidietly after, as the soldiers attempt to subdue the escaping prisoner.
  62. >As bullets are fired at the Horse, he ducks and rolls over towards the soldier that fired at him.
  63. >As soon as the soldier is ready to fire again at the Horse, he sweeps his leg towards the back of the first soldier's legs, causing him to fall down.
  64. >The Horse then lands a quick punch at the fallen attacker's face, causing his lip to burst from the impact.
  67. >The first punch leaves blood across the soldier's face, as he attempts to open his eyes and get back up, a second punch is thrown by the Horse, causing the soldier go unconcious.
  68. >Right as the first one is taken out, the second soldier loads his gun and points it at the Horse, he quickly runs at the second soldier, pushing the assault rifle up at it's fired, causing a bullet to hit the plane's ceiling.
  69. >The second soldier's face is left in shock, as the Horse pulls his rifle out of the way and throws him on the ground.
  70. >The soldier screams, yet they are shut out by the sound of the Horse's blows against him, each punch causing a louder shriek of pain, only causing the Horse to let out a violent roar, perhaps only to add to the fear and intimidation instilled by him.
  71. >After a few minutes, the Horse gets up and searches the soldiers' bodies, and eventually pulls out a key. He goes towards his shackle comrade, undoing the handcuffs and pulling off the bag.
  72. >The taller prisoner wore a mask, but this was much different to his partner, this was a mask made of different animals, all stitched together, such as the comb of a chicken, the mane of a lion on the right side of his mask, the tusks of a Walrus and the eyes of a snake.
  73. >The Chimera-masked man glanced towards the fallen soldier's noticing the first's bloodied face, and the second's, who's face was perhaps once human, now just a pile of mashed human-potatoes.
  74. "Don, can you try to make it a little less bloody? We're on a plane after all, it's only polite we make the experience great for other customers too."
  75. >His voice stood out eerily, as whilst the rest of the men on the plane held serious demeanors, each with their own motives and fears, including the Horse, now known as Don, the lanky man stood out of the crowd, the way he talked and treated his surroundings was like an 8 year old child playing at the park.
  77. >His voice was calm and sweet, it held authority, yet no opression. His voice demanded respect through kindness, it sounded powerful, yet had no gurgling or rage in it.
  78. >Don laughed at his superior's sarcasm, and shrugged.
  79. "Sorry Boss, can't help myself have a little fun!
  80. >The Chimera-masked man laughed along with Don for a while, then looked towards the shaking figure of Dr. Light, pointing CIA's pistol at them.
  81. >The lanky man giggled, as he walked towards Dr. Light and gently coaxed the gun out of his hand.
  82. "Doctor please, now is not the time for fear.""
  83. >He pulled Dr. Light and held him in an embrace.
  84. "That comes later."
  85. >The lanky figure bought his knee into Dr. Light's stomach and moved aside, causing him to empty the contents of his stomach of the floor of the plane.
  86. >Don looked back and sighed.
  87. "Jesus that's nasty! Hey Boss, can we get out of here already?"
  88. >The Chimera-masked man looked towards Don and nodded, pushing Dr. Light towards him.
  89. "I suppose it can't be helped, throw the C4 to me, my dear Don."
  90. >Don nodded, pulling out a small white package attached to an even smaller remote and tossed it to his superior.
  91. "Roger that, I'll get the parachutes ready."
  93. >CIA got up, he thought he passed out from shock of being set-up by the Skull-Helmets.
  94. >Or the fact that two of the US military's most elite Commandos had been slaughtered like pigs by a man in a Grey Horse mask.
  95. >Still wasn't as bad as the time his wife caught him watching henta-
  96. >Back on track.
  97. >CIA glanced at the two figures, the two masked man, one was Don, and the mastermind himself was standing before him - Only known to him by his apparent first name, 'Daniel'.
  98. >"D-Daniel..."
  99. >The faint whisper is heard by the Lanky figure, as he looks towards CIA for a few seconds, then motions to Don.
  100. "Don, get Light out with you and leave a parachute fo rme, we'll meet in Oman in 2 weeks, I'll find you.""
  101. >He hands Don an envelope with fake documents, including a passport, Visa and a large sum of money.
  102. >Don nods and straps Dr. Light and the Parachute to his body, then proceeds to open the plane hatch and jump out.
  103. >The Chimera-masked man glances towards 'CIA', before laughing and setting up the explosives in the white package.
  104. "I guess your superiors never told you, Daniel died a long time ago."
  105. >'CIA' stared into his eyes, there was nothing but a hollow emptiness in them - The only thing he could see was his death.
  106. >The Chimera-Masked man pulled out a rag and a bottle of a liquid from his pocket, wetting the rag with the liquid and holding it to 'CIA's face, causing his eyes to roll to the back of his head and fall back to the floor.
  107. >As he finished setting up the C4, he strapped on the parachute and was about to leave until he heard a voice.
  108. "Danny, stop."
  109. >'CIA' was standing up, yet his head was no longer there.
  110. >Instead, there was an animal mask of a Tiger, blood pouring out of it's dark, hollow eye sockets.
  112. "Thing is, Tony, have you ever considered that maybe I don't want to be fixed?
  113. "Danny, you're not brok-"
  114. >The Tiger was cut short by 'Discord's speech.
  115. "Maybe I like this disease, this was the real me, buddy. All this murder, lying, terrorism? All what we did before you 'left'"
  116. "So give up on me Tony, this is the new and improved me, lean, mean, Danny."
  117. "I understand, goodbye for now Danny, I'll still visit you."
  118. "Tata Tony~"
  119. >The figure of Tiger mask begins to fade away from CIA's face, as his limp body falls back to the ground.
  120. >Discord jumps out of the plane, letting his body soar through air a few thousand feet, before pulling on his parachute.
  121. "Ah, Tony... So naive, even in death he thinks I can be fixed, but Tony, I'm already a demon."
  123. PART 1 COMPLETE < [YouTube] Mike Oldfield - [Nuclear] [HD] >
  125. Part 2
  126. - Canterlot, January 2015 -
  127. [YouTube] Assassins Creed 3 Soundtrack / OST: Fight Club for 10 minutes
  128. >The sound of another fist hitting your face causes you to stumble back, only to be pushed back into the ring by the crowd surrounding you.
  129. >A certain blue-haired Devil is currently on your case, all because you wanted to have a little fun at a fight club.
  130. >Every male student at Canterlot High knows that there's an underground fight club that takes place every Tuesday night, for years you've wanted to go and truly make something of yourself.
  131. >Boys wouldn't fight for women, or money or for any cliques that they belonged to, but simply for the unspoken glory of being able to fight.
  132. >It was during your Freshman year at Canterlot, where you were dragged into the seemingly-empty basement of the school, where you saw all kinds of people you thought never even had an ounce of courage in them, fight people twice their size.
  133. >You were enamoured by this, and had constantly been trying to find out the lead organizer for this, so that you could be a part of this serenade.
  134. >But fate had always dealt a cruel hand towards you, it turned out that Flash Sentry, the man who had it out for you, was the head of this event.
  135. >Who knew a skinny guitar player was so good at fighting?
  136. >But nonetheless, fearing what your favourite bully would say to you, you asked his friend, Norman, who happened to be much nicer than Flash, if he could organize a fight between you and one of the weaker fighters in the group.
  137. >Although, you did get set up.
  138. >Turns out that after you made a joke about the fact that his girlfriend, a 'Twilight Sparkle' spent more time with you rather than her own boyfriend, it had led to Flash's anger getting the best of you, and him cancelling most of the fights tonight, just to make sure that he got a chance at showing you who was the "Alpha Dog" around here.
  139. >So here you are, getting whalloped by Flash 'Brad' Sentry, the king of the arena himself.
  141. >You had never really been a fight, nor did your body have much muscular definition, so you didn't have much of a shot of even making it a good show.
  142. >You're literally a skinny DYEL beta guy.
  143. >But what Flash didn't know, was that unlike him, you weren't an 'honourable gentleman', fuck that shit, Street rules for life!
  144. >You were also good with reading people's faces, and talking a lot of shit.
  145. >Anyways, let's get back to the fight, shall we?
  147. >"C'mon 'Mous! Show us how strong you really are!"
  148. >Flash is exstatic, his face in a dazed grin as he spits on you whilst you're down, only seeming to make the crowd even more wild.
  149. >You glance at Flash, despite not being overly muscular, he is well built - His abs ans arms are both well defined and he's been able to take most of your punches with ease.
  150. >You do know that his main weaknesses are the insecurity over his girlfriend leaving him and the fact that he's got massive Daddy issues.
  151. >Especially the former.
  152. >You clearly can't take Flash on in a real fight, as he'd pummel you down till you looked like Wade Wilson.
  153. >Your most viable options are taking him on whilst he's distracted and executing cheap tactics for a quick knockout, otherwise you're dead meat.
  154. >You take a closer to look at Flash whilst you pretend to roll around in the dusty ground and writhe in pain.
  155. >Clearly, if you can confuse Flash with a few shitty insults, he'll stop and think of a retort, he cares more about his personal reputation, especially around the crowd, which just happens to be made up of people that are mostly friends with Flash.
  156. >You spit out some blood and san-
  157. >Wait, there's sand here?
  158. >This fight just tipped a little in your favour!
  159. >You cup a good amount of sand in your hand, and hold it in your fist tightly.
  161. >The distance between you and Brad is too far for the sand to have any effect and if you're too close, he'll just beat you down again.
  162. >You need to get him distracted so you can run and throw the sand in his face, if you can do that it's game over for Brad!
  163. >"Think Anon, think!" Your thoughts jumble themselves around in your mind, still hazy from the punch Flash gave you earlier.
  164. >Flash only really paid attention to you after you mentioned Twilight, meaning it really got him out there.
  165. >If you say something about Twilight now, then confuse him even more, he'll be too shocked to do anything!
  166. "Oi! Flash!"
  167. >You call out to him, as he turns back from entertaining the crowd, back to you.
  168. "This whole pushing me to the ground thing is fun and all, really I do enjoy it!"
  169. >"Glad you learnt your place, Anon."
  170. "Yeah mate, it reminds me a lot of what Twilight and I did yesterday!"
  171. >The crowd roars in laughter at your low blow at Flash.
  173. >"You're just asking for it, aren't you, 'Moussy?"
  174. >You laugh along with the crowd at Flash, as he moves towards you, covering a bit more distance.
  175. >Here it goes, your next choice of words are a gamble, if they work, you've got a solid chance at beating Flash, if not, well... For your sake, I hope you have medical insurance.
  176. "Next you're gonna say 'I don't think Twilight or any girl for that matter will want to get with you after this!"
  177. >"I don't think Twilight or any girl for that matter will want to get with you after th- What?"
  178. >You catch Flash off-guard and get up and run towards him, the crowd just stares in silence for the few seconds it takes for you to run to Flash, as you move your clenched fist towards him and unleash your secret weapon.
  179. "Pocket sand, Sha-sha!"
  180. >A flurry of sand is thrown in his eyes, as he yelps and puts his hands over his eyes, trying to rub it out.
  181. >"You piece of sh-"
  182. >Flash's insult is cut short by a shriek of pain, as you knee him in the groin, causing him to bend over and mutter, one hand massaging his damaged jewels and the other rubbing out the sand.
  183. >At this point the crowd is booing you and throwing pieces of crumpled up paper and rotten fruits at you, all which you manage to avoid.
  184. >Hey, a fight's a fight!
  185. >Now to finish this!
  186. >You bring your leg up as hard you can, as your foot connects with his face, you could've sworn you saw his lip burst and blood fall around.
  187. >You turn around, the crowd in shock for a few moments at the fact that someone actually bested their champion.
  188. >One of them begins to clap, followed by all of them clapping and roaring even louder before, clearly approving of your victory, they even began chanting something.
  189. >Wait, that's not your name, they're chanting "Brad!"
  190. >But he's unconcious!
  193. >A familiar voice from behind comes back to haunt you.
  194. >"Had your fun, Anon?"
  195. >You glance back, as Flash stands up, his face is bloody, and his eyes are bloodshot, clearly from rubbing the sand out of his eyes.
  196. >You say nothing, but just look at him awkwardly like a pidgeon in front of a car's headlights.
  197. >"That was cheap and tacky, Anon. I thought you would take your beating like a man, but I guess you've technically won - Don't bother showing up here again..."
  198. >He spits at the ground near you, as he raises a hand in the air and makes a twirling motion with his fingers, signalling his friends to come follow him out of the basement.
  199. >What a cunt, you can't let him disrespect you like that, you beat him in a fight fair and square!
  200. >Alright, maybe more of a rulebreaking street fight, but a victory's a victory!
  201. "Guess you're too much of a pussy to really defend your title, no wonder Twilight broke up with you!"
  202. >Oh yes! You forgot that Twilight and him broke things up, no wonder he's this angry.
  203. >Flash stops mid-way, turns around and stares at you.
  204. >His face no longer showing any sadness or defeat, but rather a vicious smile.
  205. >"I was leaving. Now, I'm going to feed you your teeth."
  206. >He runs at you with the speed of a thousand cheetahs, you need to get out of here!
  207. >As soon as you turn around and try to make a move, you're stopped by a giant of a man.
  209. >A tall, muscular figure with long orange hair - You've forgotten his name but he clearly hasn't forgotten yours judging by the guttural sound he's made trying to pronounce your name!
  210. >He pushes you back a little, you stumble but manage to retain your balance.
  211. >You look back, only to see that Roadrunner: Blue hair edition is no longer there.
  212. >Turning back around, you're met with a hard right hook to your left cheek.
  213. >Ouch, he was definitely holding back earlier. This one's going to leave some bruising.
  214. >As you come back to your senses and regain your footing, Flash kicks into the back of your knee, forcing you down on one knee.
  215. >You're now eye level with his waist, as he starts his flurry of punches to your face, each stronger than the last.
  216. >He seems to be saying someting with every punch he delivers.
  217. >"Thats. What. You. Get. For. Talking. Shit. About. My. Twilight!"
  218. >The last punch hits your nose, as blood shoots out and onto his chest, which he seems to ignore as you fall down.
  219. >The crowd comes back, as Flash claps his hand towards someone and is thrown a baseball bat.
  220. >Three of this friends come over and start kicking you, whilst he begins to beat you down with the bat for what seems like a few hours
  222. >Whilst this experience has toughened you up, you begin to fear that you won't live to fight another hour, nevertheless another day!
  223. >Struggling, Flash notices and kicks you into the side of your head.
  224. >Your shriek, and clutch your head in response, cradling your head whilst the onslaught continues.
  225. >Eventually, you stop feeling pain and get black out, the last words you hear are:
  226. >"Flash, calm down, we're trying to break his confidence, not kill him!"
  227. >"Norman, you let him in and laughed along with him about this, so you better take responsobility or you're next!"
  228. >"Flash, I don't mind you hitting me if it's to stop - I don't care about Anon personally, but not even your Dad's favour can help you if you accidentally kill Anon!"
  229. >"Fuck... Fine."
  230. >You hear the sound of footsteps away from you, as Flash and his gang leave.
  231. >Now that he's gone, maybe you can get a little rest...
  233. >You awake, feeling groggy with the foul taste of blood in the back of your throat.
  234. >You struggle to keep your eyes open, as every part of your body is sore, like you exercised for the first time in a long time.
  235. >As you begin to stretch and try to move around without straining your body too much, you try to look for your shirt and coat.
  236. >It only hits you now how cold it is, it is winter, after all.
  237. >Your vest cant keep you warm enough, especially not in this weather.
  238. >Shivering, you rub your chest as you search desperately for your clothes.
  239. >You finally reach the coat hanger, near the entrance of the basement, button up your pin-stripe shirt, fasten your tie and put your overcoat on.
  240. >Checking to see if anyone's stolen anything, you rummage through your pockets to find your house keys, phone and gloves.
  241. >As you fasten your gloves on, you check the time on your phone.
  242. >19:33
  243. >The fight between you and Flash began at about 15:35, and lasted about thirty minutes.
  244. >That being said, you've been unconcious for at least 3 hours.
  245. >Oh yes, the fight.
  246. >Well good job, you fucked up the only shot you had at finally entering the fight club.
  247. >Although if you were set-up from the start by Flash and his gang, was it really a debut for you?
  248. >You still technically managed to win with your legendary cheap tactics and menial bullshit.
  249. >Whilst the insult was uncalled for, he had what was coming to him and overreacted, especially when he you know... Almost tried to kill you!
  250. >Silently thanking Norman and whatever deity was looking out for you, you quickly fastened your boots and checked the mirror nearby to see how bad the damage was.
  251. >Man, he fucked you up.
  252. >The mirror greets you with something that looks like it belongs in an 80s horror movie.
  253. >Cuts around your cheeks, making them really red and a swollen black eye.
  254. >This is gonna take some time heal but it could be worse.
  255. >You walked out of the basement and try to leave the school.
  257. >Guess it's still open at seven P.M.
  258. >You wave to the janitor Scruffy on the way out, and he nods back.
  259. >You place your hand on the metal door, when did it get this cold...
  260. [YouTube] Meditation To The Sound Of A Blizzard (HD)
  261. [YouTube] Romeo & Juliet (1996) – Radiohead – Talk Show Host (Play them both)
  262. >A gust of snow and cold wind hits you, you're clearly not wearing enough layers to be out in this kind of weather.
  263. >Your house is about a ten minute walk from here, so you start trying to walk as fast as you can.
  264. >The cold winds and snow make it difficult to see much, but no one's really outside during a heavy snowstorm.
  265. >You keep pushing forward, thinking about other things besides the bitter cold biting into you.
  267. >Jesus. Anon, what are you doing with your life?
  268. >You should be focusing on school, and maybe a bit of sports on the side, instead of wanting to fight some random kids because they looked at you funny.
  269. >At least having a girlfriend, or some real friends in school would be a start.
  270. >You're just a lone wolf for now, doing your own thing.
  271. >Then again you often wonder who you are, or what are you are.
  272. >Flash and his gang probably took pictures or something to send to everyone you know.
  273. >Twilight? She'll be pissed at you for fighting Flash, she probably won't talk to you for a week or so, but you might be able to get her to forgive you if you offer her ice-cream or something.
  274. >She loves that.
  275. >Then again, when do you really talk to Twilight besides out of school? Her friends hate you and there's no way you could get close to her in school.
  276. >Even if Flash is out of the picture, he'd still go out of his way to make your life a living hell, even if it involved hurting Twilight.
  277. >And no one wants to get Twilight involved, especially not with Flash anymore.
  278. >What about Twilight, what is she to you?
  279. >She's just a girl that got friendly with you, that's an achievement but do you really see her as just a friend.
  281. >Despite the odds, she's still been there for you when you needed someone to talk to, and you've done the same.
  282. >What about her other friends, they're all definitely attractive too, maybe not the same way as Twilight, but each of them have their own unique air of beauty about them.
  283. >Rainbow Dash, the athletic cute girl.
  284. >Applejack, the country girl.
  285. >Rarity, the elegant lady.
  286. >Pinkie Pie, the fun one.
  287. >Fluttershy, the shy woman.
  288. >And Sunset Shimmer, the bad girl, maybe not anymore, but she was similar to the other girls in the sense that she had similar traits, yet she was still different.
  289. >Best not to think too hard about it, last thing you need is more deadweight dragging you down.
  290. >You look back to when you were younger, you miss those peaceful, lonely days.
  291. >Look awhat you turned out to be.
  292. >Then again, were you really much back then either?
  293. >Do your parents even care about you anymore? You've got your own house from the Government, they don't have to be near you anymore.
  294. >Truly, you are alone now, Anon.
  296. >The sound of a car stopping by you interrupts your force, as the passenger seat window rolls down, a familiar face greeting you.
  297. >Long blue hair, belonging to a young man with a clean shaven face, in his early twenties, quite muscular with an olive complexion.
  298. >"Anon, is that you? Get in the car, it's freezing out there!"
  299. "Shining, I'm walking home today, I'm alright."
  300. >"Do you want me to get in there and pull you in?"
  301. "You wouldn't."
  302. >He smirks and you hear the unbuckling of the belt, not wanting to cause any drama, you sigh and open the passenger door and sit in the car, putting on your seat belt.
  303. >Shining Armor was the brother of your friend, Twilight, whilst he graduated two years ago from CHS, he joined the Canterlot military as an officer and comes back to visit his family for a few months every year, you two used to be close friends when you were still a freshman and he was the captain of the Rugby team.
  305. >Since you two started having a shared interested in "Hyperspace Hyperwars", you developed a friendship that could never be broken, even when he spent less time with you, and more with his new girlfriend.
  306. >"So, who do I need to take care of?"
  307. >You chuckle, Shining always thought he was everyone's guardian, always there to protect his friends. He was like a role model to you in some aspects.
  308. "Remember that Fight club I used to always want to join, but never got into?"
  309. >"Come on, Anon, I've told you a thousand times it's not worth going to."
  310. "To be fair, I fought the toughest man there and won."
  311. >"Don't lie to me, those are the marks of someone who got their ass handed to them in a fight, believe me I've been there."
  312. "Actually it's a funny story, remember Flash Sentry?"
  313. >The conversation goes on to you retelling the events of fight club, and your victory against Flash.
  314. >Shining begins to giggle for a while, leading to you succumbing to his contagious laughter and both of you laughing together.
  315. >"You used cheap tactics on your first fight, and beat the head of fight club, as in the same guy that tormented you for most of high school? Well good on you, Anon."
  316. >He sighs, then pulls out a first-aid kit from the dashboard of the car.
  317. >"But you know I don't approve of this sort of stuff, doing that again will get you killed - You're not strong enough to defend yourself either, you should start working out or something if you want to be able to be a better fighter."
  318. >You nod and let him treat your wounds.
  319. "Hey, thanks again for this Shining, I don't know if I would've been able to fix myself up by the time I got home."
  320. >"Wouldn't be much of a good friend if I didn't, besides, can't have you going to school looking like that and having Twily come home and rant about it."
  321. >You both laugh awkwardly again about it.
  322. "How's she feeling about that?''
  324. >"She's doing better than I thought, her friends came over and they had a sleep over, so I guess they're alright now."
  325. "Good to hear, mate. So how's it going with you and that girlfriend of yours?"
  326. >Shining finishes treating your wounds and applies a bandage around your black eye, going across your head, acting like a headband for your hair.
  327. >As he finishes, he pulls out a small box behind him and opens it.
  328. >It's a very expensive looking ring with a diamond in it, he looks at you and smiles.
  329. >"If all goes well, she won't be my girlfriend anymore, but something else."
  330. >You grin, it's good to hear that he's getting older and he's happy, but you wonder if the Shining you know is still there.
  331. "I'm actually really happy for you, although it's kind of obvious she'd say yes."
  332. >"You really think so?"
  333. "Mate, I don't think anyone could resist those puppy eyes!"
  334. >You both laugh like idiots once again, your semi homo-erotic banter only seems to rekindle the friendship you once had.
  335. "I missed you, Shining, school's boring without you."
  336. >"I missed you too, Anon, I'm still here at certain times of the year so we can always hang out."
  337. "I just miss when we used to play Hyperspace Hyperwars in our houses for hours with the guys and just have fun, now they've gone off to University, Mac's been busy taking care of the farm and you're Lieutenant Armor..."
  338. >It's never fun being the youngest, seeing your friends leave you.
  339. >Unexpectedly, he brings you in for a hug."
  340. >"I'm sorry you feel that way, Anon... You know you're like a brother to me and I've always got your back."
  341. "Th-thanks... Shining."
  342. >The awkwardness only seems to escalate as you return the hug, but who cares. He's your best friend and he came to help you when you needed it.
  343. "So anyway, how'd you find me?"
  344. >"Flash sent pictures of you getting beaten down to almost everyone, I saw it on Twily's phone before she could, and I deleted it and decided to come after you."
  346. "So everyone knows? Fuck me, I never asked for this, I just wanted to be called a champion in the fight club..."
  347. >"Well you beat the current one, so technically you did win - Was it worth it, Anon?"
  348. >He got you there.
  349. "Yes Shining, I'm sorry, you were right."
  350. >"I usually am, Anon, I usually am."
  351. >If he didn't just help you out, you would've punched him at least once.
  352. >"Anyway here's the plan, I'm dropping you off home and you're going to put ice on your wounds, I'll be at your place tomorrow at 1 PM to see how you are, is that clear?"
  353. "Sure thing, Jesus Christ, I'm tired..."
  354. >"Of course you are Anon, you just got in a fight, we'll talk more tomorrow about stuff. Hey, you don't mind if I put on some music while we drive, it's only a short one anyway."
  355. "Go wild."
  356. >"Thanks Anon, I'll put on something we both like."
  357. [YouTube] AC/DC - Highway to Hell
  359. The ride was short and quiet, as Shining hummed along to the music and you stared out of the window blankly.
  360. >You said your goodbyes and limped into your own home, washing your face with hot water and re-applying new bandages, then fainting on your bed.
  361. >Hey, at least it's a Friday.
  362. >You set your alarm for Eleven AM and drift to the land of dreams.
  364. - 11 AM Friday, 16th January 2015 -
  365. >""G-g-g-get Low"
  366. >"Get, get, get, get, get low when the whistle bl-"
  368. >You groan, turning off your alarm and rubbing your eyes.
  369. >It's around eleven AM, so your alarm didn't fuck you over for once.
  370. >Why couldn't it ever work on weekdays?
  371. [YouTube] Calvin Harris - School Extended mix
  372. >Yawning and going to the bathroom, you go along with your daily routine.
  373. >Coming out of the shower, you inspect your face and rub the wounds with alcohol wipes.
  374. >You reapply the bandages across your face and decide to get dressed.
  375. >Well, you don't really plan on going out - But it's cold and you should dress in a few more layers than usual.
  376. >You put on a pair of jeans, a white Oxford shirt and a dark blue sweater vest.
  377. >Nothing wrong with wanting to look good.
  379. >After having breakfast and checking the time, it's been about an hour since you woke up, Shining said he'd be at your house at one PM, so you've got an hour to kill.
  380. >You log on to your MyStable account and see what everyone's been posting.
  381. >5 new messages from:
  382. >Twilight Sparkle.
  383. >Flash Sentry.
  384. >Norman.
  385. >Your Mum.
  386. >Some random facebook group called "Hotline Mareami".
  387. >The first 3 are probably about what happened yesterday.
  388. >OH SHIT.
  389. >You quickly check Flash's profile to see if he's posted any pictures of the fight yesterday.
  390. >... Nothing so far.
  391. >You'll assume in order to maintain secrecy of his club, and the fact that he fucked up, he'd keep it a secret.
  392. >You check the message from your mother.
  393. >She's asking how you're doing.
  394. >You reply to her, telling her you're fine and that you're enjoying staying in Canterlot - That you miss them and you can't wait to see them in summer.
  395. >Flash warns you that if you go near him or Twilight again that you're "Dead meat".
  396. >EDGE.
  397. >Guess you're ignoring him for now.
  398. >Twilight's sent you a cute cat, with the caption titled "LOL! So funny!"
  399. >Guess Shining really did delete it.
  400. >Norman's apologizing to you for yesterday and asking if you two can talk.
  401. >It's nice that he's trying to damage control things, but there's a high chance it's probably bait or something.
  402. >The final message is from the admin of the group, inviting you to play some game.
  403. >The screenshots make it look like a retro 80's game, but you'll check it out later.
  404. >Weird, most of your MyStable friends are playing this game and posting their achievements.
  405. >"Derpy Hooves just got a C+ in Overdose!"
  406. >"Bon Bon just got a B in Decadence!"
  407. >Guess it's become really popular.
  408. >You decide to back to the message, and click on the download link for the game.
  409. >A few minutes later, it's downloaded and intalled on your computer, and you log-in with your MyStable account so that your achievements are saved to it.
  411. >A few minutes later, it's downloaded and intalled on your computer, and you log-in with your MyStable account so that your achievements are saved to it.
  412. >This games actually pretty violent, you play as people wearing animal masks with different powers, killing mobsters.
  413. >It's pretty fun, and the music isn't so bad too.
  415. - Fourty five minutes later -
  416. >Glancing at the time, you're surprised.
  417. >You've already finished half the game, with every level so far at A+.
  418. >The game's hard alright, but you managed to exploit a glitch with a character - Tony the Tiger.
  419. >His ability to kill enemies in a single hit has really helped you speed up the game and perform combos with high amounts of points.
  420. >Despite the graphics, it's addicting.
  421. >You hear a car park outside your house, and then your doorbell ringing.
  422. >It must be Shining.
  423. >You open the door and see him shivering, whilst it's not as cold as yesterday evening, it's still pretty cold.
  424. "Hey Shining, come inside."
  425. >"Thanks Anon, how's your face?"
  426. >You show him it and he looks pleased.
  427. >"Well it's healing, I'd give you a week or so. Doesn't seem infected or anything so I don't think you really need to go to a Doctor."
  428. "That's relieving to hear"
  429. >"So anyway, what were you doing before I came here, brah?"
  430. "Playing some new game called Hotli-"
  431. >Shining's eyes widen as he drags you to your laptop.
  432. "Woah, Shining, calm down."
  433. >"I love Hotline Mareami, I've gotta see how far you are!"
  434. >As he sits you down on the sofa and takes your laptop, he looks in disgust at you.
  435. >"Tony? You have horrible taste."
  436. "Shutup bruv, he's the best character to play as."
  437. >"Watch and learn how a real pro does it."
  438. >He loads up the first level and chooses a new character.
  439. >The unicorn, Peter.
  440. "Really Shining, fits you though."
  441. >You laugh at him, as he punches you lightly and gestures for you to pay attention.
  442. >He's pretty good at playing, in fact, he's better than you.
  444. >Although his playstyle's completely different, making use of guns much more, he's pretty good at playing and ends up getting a higher score than you.
  445. "You play this a lot"
  446. >"Haven't got much else to do, Twily's still got school and hangs out with her friends, my parents have work and Cadence is working with her father."
  447. "Who's Cadence's dad again?"
  448. >"I swear I told you this before, he's a politician in South Africa."
  449. >Well Shining's girlfriend is from a rich, family of politicians.
  450. >Man this sounds like a children's fairy tale, the soldier and the prince-
  451. >Stop pondering, Anon.
  452. "Oh, that's pretty cool, I didn't know Cadence was from there."
  453. >"Yeah, she isn't actually, since her and her mum both grew up and live here, but she lives with her aunts right now."
  454. "Oh, what are they like?"
  455. >"You've met them before, Anon."
  456. "I have?"
  457. >"They're the principals of Canterlot High."
  458. "Mate, who the hell are you even dating?"
  459. >Shining laughs, then hangs you the laptop.
  460. "I don't even know myself, but anyway I'm done with playing for now, all yours."
  461. >Just as he hands the laptop to you, a loud grumbling sound comes from Shining, as his cheeks begin to turn red.
  462. >You both look at each other awkwardly for a minute, before breaking out into laughter.
  463. "You didn't eat breakfast?"
  464. >"Man, I was up late last night, and I woke up late, so I forgot to eat on my way here."
  465. "You're an idiot. It wasn't like I was dying or anything."
  466. >"Sh-shutup..."
  467. "Anyway, I was going to make some tea anyway, what do you want to eat?"
  468. >Shining gets up and follows you to the kitchen, before you stop him.
  469. "Nah, mate, look for something to watch on T.V., I've got this."
  470. >He opens his mouth to say something, but sighs then gives up, sitting back on the couch with the remote, flicking through channels.
  471. >You walk towards the kitchen, it's not much, but the house was pretty well priced for a bungalow in the nicer area of Canterlot.
  473. >As you pour water into the kettle and start it, you look through the fridge for anything that Shining might like.
  474. >Eggs... Toast... Ah, that chocolate cake Pinkie gave you a while ago, he loves that stuff.
  475. >You cut a slice and put it on a plate, as the kettle dings, indicating the water is ready.
  476. >A tray is set, as you finish making the tea and place it and the cake on the tray.
  477. >You walk back over to Shining, who looks bored and tired, he looks at you and smiles eagerly.
  478. >"Damnit Anon, you didn't have to do this for me."
  479. "Isn't this what friends do?"
  480. >"I'm not that crazy about what friends do for each other, that's Twily's thing."
  481. "She's got that whole friendship craze, yeah."
  482. >You both chuckle, as Shining takes a sip of your tea and he changes from slouching in a daze, to going back to his usual upstart self.
  483. >"This is some bomb-ass tea, Anon."
  484. "Cheers. Anyway what are you watching?"
  485. >You glance to the T.V., to see an old man with a strange wig arguing about politics with the current Mayor of Canterlot.
  486. >"Oh, this guy's amazing, his name is Douglas Tramp - He's running for mayor of Canterlot this year, but his only real political asset is that he's loaded."
  487. >"His main debating skill, is hating immigrants and slamming insults upon insults to other potential candidates."
  488. "Sounds like real cunt."
  489. >"Yeah, but he's hilarious."
  490. >You look towards the T.V., to see Douglas Tramp being in another debate, this time with a woman, clearly middle aged with glasses and long-hair.
  491. >Shining stops the channel flicking, and starts paying close attention, nudging you to as well.
  492. >"Yeah, this is gonna be hilarious, trust me."
  493. >Shining stretches and relaxes onto the sofa, preparing for the greatest debate to have been witnessed by man-kind.
  495. >"And now, we have a debate between Mrs. Sarah Painting, D.A. of the crystal district, and Mr. Douglas Tramp, candidate running for mayor of Canterlot.
  496. >"You may begin."
  497. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Tramp, I hope this debate can stay civil."
  498. >Painting stretches out a hand to Tramp, in turn Trump stretches his hand out reluctantly, forcing a smile.
  499. >"Pleasures mine, Mrs. Painting... PSYCHE!"
  500. >Tramp slides his hand out, going back to adjust his hairpiece, again.
  501. >A crowd of young men can be heard shouting and going wild at Tramp's 'diss'.
  502. >"Alright, alright, everyone settle down, Mrs. Painting, why don't you start."
  503. "Thank you Mr. Tramp, I'd like to begin with a query, many have come to believe that your policies and campaign has devolved to simply throwing brutal insults at them, and never addressing the point."
  504. >"Well firstly, I'd like to say that Mrs. Painting is not a real Canterlotian, she comes in with no papers, or any legal documents, then takes a Government job and no one's questioned it! Why should we listen to her!"
  505. "Excuse m-"
  506. >"Zip it, missy! I'm not finished yet, why do we tolerate immigrants like her in our city! This is Canterlot, not Immigrantistan, I say we send her, and all those illegal immigrants straight back to their own country!"
  507. >"Together, we can secure jobs and preserve Canterlot for real Canterlotians, like me! Together, we can make Canterlot great again!"
  508. >The crowd from earlier's growing even more wild, jumping behind Tramp and giving him high-fives all around, one even shouting something that sounded like "WURLSTAH!"
  509. "Mr. Tramp, you've just prov-"
  510. >Painting was interrupted by Trump's mobile phone, which began to ring.
  512. >"Hello? Mhm, yes, yes, seal it right now. Ok, good. Bye, also one more thing - You're fired!"
  513. "As I was say-"
  514. >"Objection!"
  515. >Painting sighs, and takes a few seconds to calm down.
  516. "Yes, Mr. Tramp?"
  517. >"I just bought the whole D.A.'s office, you're fired!"
  518. "What?"
  519. >"That's right, and Mr. Mayor, I'm coming for you next, I'll buy all of Canterlot, and I'll fire all the illegal immigrants, I'll make Canterlot great again!"
  520. >Trump is being held back by police officers, as he attempts to assault the cameraman, only to be held back, as he screams.
  521. >"I swear it, I'll make Canterlot great again! Follow my MyStable and watch my show!"
  523. >Shining spits his tea out and begins to cry of laughter, as you are in tears, trying to stop your sides from splitting.
  524. >Man, this was fun.
  526. - 1 hour later -
  527. "Hey Shining, you got anything planned for today?"
  528. >"Not much really, I actually have to drop Twily's friends off to their homes, right now."
  529. >You sigh, wanting to hang out more.
  530. >"I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to tag along, I was gonna drive somewhere and maybe buy something or I don't know really, after we drop them off. It's kind of boring alone."
  531. "Yeah, I'd like that, when should we leave?"
  532. >Shining checks his watch, then panics.
  533. >"Oh damn it, I'm supposed to be there in 5 minutes!"
  534. >You panic, running upstairs to grab your outside clothes.
  535. "Wait in the car, I'm just grabbing my blazer!"
  536. >"I'm waiting, Anon!"
  537. >You run upstairs, and put on your grey Blazer, hat, scarf and gloves, tucking your phone, wallet and keys into your blazer pocket, you run downstairs and put your shoes on.
  538. >As you lock your door, you see Shining in the car, looking at you impatiently and motioning you to get in.
  539. >You run into the car, Shining begins to drive off before you can even close the door.
  540. >You fasten your seat belt and close the passenger door, as it almost hits your neighbour's mailbox.
  541. "Christ, Shining, I know you're in a rush, but calm down."
  543. >"Sorry, I just hate when things go out of order."
  544. >You remember, Shining apparantely had 'OCD'.
  545. >Silly guy.
  546. >You glance back at the car, checking if it's big enough.
  547. "Shining, you sure you can fit everyone here?"
  548. >"Yeah, I mean there's 7 of them, we can fit 4 behind us, and 3 at the back."
  549. "Oh, alright. Is it Twilight's usual friends?"
  550. >"Yeah."
  551. >The ride goes on peacefully, until Shining brings up that awkward question.
  552. >"So Anon, got a girlfriend yet?"
  553. "No."
  554. >"Why not, you're a handsome dude and you're in your last year of Highschool, you should at least /try/."
  555. "I'm not exactly what girls call 'boyfriend material'."
  556. >"Have you seen me? I'm not much, but I ended up dating the head cheerleader."
  557. >Shining, you're 6'2, ripped and handsome. You look like a Disney prince, no homo.
  558. >But that's just what you want to say, what comes out is.
  559. "Well... I just, never really gave it a... Girls find me... Unattractive? I don't think a girl's ever been interested in me after 9th grade."
  560. >"You're not bad looking, Anon - You're handsome, you're funny and you've got that charming air about you, I'm sure you could get any girl you want."
  561. >Thanks, Dad.
  562. "No, Shining I guess they just avoid me or something, besides I'm going to University, I can probably start there."
  563. >"From what I've heard, you don't start there, Anon. You need experience beforehand, Highschool's that place."
  564. >"But from what you've told me, what you need is a push, maybe I can help?"
  565. "Shining, can we not talk about this?"
  566. >He winks at you with a cheeky grin.
  567. >"Alright, alright, my bad. Let's forget I asked."
  568. "Agreed."
  570. - Outside Sparkle Residence -
  571. >Finally, you arrive outside of Twilight's house, as the car comes to an abrupt pause, Shining honks the horn, indicating for the girls to come outside.
  572. >As the house door opens, the girls come out - Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow, Rarity, Sunset and Twilight.
  573. >They're all dressed in clothing to fit the occasion.
  574. >You forgot how cute they were, as Shining dons a shit eating grin after catching you gawking.
  575. >"Oh boy, Anon, see something you like?"
  576. >You punch him on the shoulder lightly, as he laughs at you and puts his arm around your shoulder.
  577. >"Look buddy, I think you have a shot with one of those girls, besides Twily, of course.""
  578. "Mate, I don't think they even know who I am."
  579. >"You never know if you don't try, Anon, want me to help you out?"
  580. "Piss off."
  581. >He's trying to crush what little pride you have left.
  582. >As the girls walk towards the car, you hear the rolling down of a window and the unlocking of the car doors.
  583. >They smile as they see Shining's face first.
  584. >"Hey Shining!""
  585. >"Yo, dude."
  586. >"Hello, darling."
  587. >"H-hi."
  588. >"Howdy partner."
  589. >"Hey B.B.B.F.F.!"
  590. >"Hey Anon, hey Shining!"
  591. >Sunset noticed you first, guess you aren't invisible.
  592. >The girls all look at you oddly, then towards Shining.
  593. >"Oh, Anon and I were gonna hang out after we dropped you off, so I hope you don't mind if he tags along."
  594. >The girls all nod, whilst Twilight looks at you with a worried expression - She's on to you.
  595. >"Hey Anon, what happened to your eye?"
  596. "Oh, I uh... Fell down the stairs?"
  597. >Twilight grows more suspicous, as she moves closer to examine your wounds.
  598. >"This looks more like someone punched you or something, have you gotten in a fight, Anon?"
  599. >You glance at Shining, who looks like he's sweating his balls off.
  601. >You look back to Twilight, before thinking of some bullshit excuse for damage control.
  602. "Well, as I fell down the stairs, I accidentally hit Shining's fist... Yeah, that's what happened, right Shining?"
  603. >"Uhh... Yeah, sorry about that again, Anon."
  604. >Twilight looks like she's about to open her mouth, but sighs and gets in the car with her friends.
  605. >Right as you rub your forehead, Shining's shit-eating grin returns.
  606. >"Oh crap, I'm so sorry everyone, I don't think there's space for everyone in this car, I think one of you will have to sit in the front with Anon!"
  607. >OH NO!
  608. >Was this all part of his master plan?
  609. >Trying to hook you up with one of the hottest girls in school?
  610. >The girls begin to giggle, as they decide among themselves whch one has to take the gamble of fate.
  611. >You sigh, you never asked for this, when did you have much of a chance with them anyway?
  612. >You're just this average nobody, these are girls that are way out of your league.
  613. >Right as you lower your head in defeat, Sunset Shimmer, your unexpected saviour.
  614. >"I don't really mind, I'll sit with Anon!"
  615. >You never really knew her that well, you ignored most of the stuff that involved her being a bitch during the fall formal, and became a social recluse.
  616. >Then Twilight and her friends gave her counseling or something, and she's been trying to improve herself and become a better person.
  617. >She seemed like a sweet girl, though.
  618. >As she came to the front seat, she noticed that there were no extra seats.
  619. >"Uh... Anon, I hope you don't mind if I sit on your lap..."
  620. "Yeah, sure."
  621. >"Thanks Anon, I'm sorry about this!"
  622. "Hey, don't worry about it."
  623. >She moved onto your lap, trying her best not to make you uncomfortable.
  624. >Being uncomfortable is the least of your worries right now.
  625. >Her body was pretty curvy, but she was pretty at sports, maybe not as good as her friend Dash, but she wasn't exactly bad.
  626. >Her ass, was firm, yet had the perfect amount of softness as it made contact with your groin.
  628. >Damn, was she beautiful.
  629. >The scent of her hair, a strawberry scent, entered your nose. The intoxicating fragrance only seeming to draw you in for more.
  630. >Bruv, that's a bit creepy.
  631. >You could still hear the giggles at the back from the girls, they must be having a field day.
  632. >Let's just smile and get over with it.
  633. >You look over to Shining, who winks back at you.
  634. >You flip him the bird, before stopping, as Sunset looks back at you.
  635. >"So Anon, I haven't seen you much around school, where have you been this year?"
  636. "Well, I guess I've just been busy studying and focusing on other things."
  637. >"Oh, have you been doing any extra-curriculars?"
  638. >Fuck those, the only one you ever wanted to do got you fucked up.
  639. "Not really, I haven't really seen much that I like."
  640. >"You could always join a sports team or something, I'm sure you'd be great!"
  641. >The girls behind you begin to laugh loudly, along with Shining.
  642. >"I'm sorry dude, but Anon? Playing sports? He's so skinny I bet he couldn't even run a mile!"
  643. >Fucking blue cunt.
  644. >Just laugh along, Anon, they're just joking.
  645. >Sunset looks back at you sympathetically.
  646. "Don't worry about it, wouldn't be the first time someone's said some dumb shit to me."
  647. >She nods and lies a little closer to you, trying to make herself comfortable.
  648. >She moves around, her ass grinding even more on your dick.
  650. >You look back at Sunset, huh, you never noticed she had blush make-up on.
  651. >Oh well.
  652. >After the laughter dies down, Rarity taps your shoulder, as you turn back to hear what she has to say.
  653. >"Honestly darling, don't take this the wrong way, but someone with your... Stature shouldn't look into sports, I doubt you'd have much fun there."
  654. >"Yeah, Anon, if you wanna be able to do something like Rugby, you gotta be built like Big Mac or Shining!"
  655. >You begin to ignore the other comments the rest of the girls are making, just smile and wave, Anon, just smile and wave.
  656. >Eventually, you see Sunset's face turn into a scowl.
  658. >She turns back to her friends, telling them off for teasing you, saying that they've gone too far.
  659. >Man, she's nice, you should be friendlier with her.
  660. >You hear Sunset calling your name, you didn't catch the stuff she said earlier, instead you just nodded.
  661. >"Right, Anon! Uh, Anon?"
  662. >You shake your head and look back up at Sunset.
  663. "W-what? Yeah Sunset, of course."
  664. >"So you're saying that in three weeks, you'll pass the Rugby trials and join the team?"
  665. "Yeah, don't worry about it, I'll do it since you asked, Sunny."
  666. >Sunset blushes at your comment, as she smiles at her friends in victory.
  667. >The rest of girls and Shining just stare at you in awe, like you said you killed the mayor or something.
  668. >The first one to speak, is Twilight.
  669. >"So Anon, you're telling me, that in three weeks, you'll get strong enough to join the Rugby team, taking on guys that are like two or three times your size?"
  670. "Twilight, didn't I just say I would?"
  671. >She smiles gleefully.
  672. >"Just checking, I know you can impress us all, Anon - Good luck!"
  673. >They don't say much about it after that, as each of the girls get dropped off in order, the last stop being Sunset's house.
  674. >"Thanks for dropping us off, B.B.B.F.F.!"
  675. >"Twily, you know not to call me that in public..."
  676. >"Whatever, B.B.B.F.F."
  677. >Shining sighs, embarassed as both the girls giggle at him.
  678. >As Sunset leaves the car, you grab her hand, she blushes as she turns back to you.
  679. "Hey Sunset."
  680. >"Hey yourself, Anon."
  681. >Fuck, she's cute.
  682. "Hey, thanks for defending me back there, it really means a lot to me, I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of your friends."
  683. >She pokes you roughly on the cheek.
  684. "What was that for?"
  685. >"For thinking that, idiot."
  687. "Well, I'm sorry anyway, I still want to make it up to you somehow."
  688. >"Hmm... I know! You have to sit on our table during lunch for all of next week, and befriend the girls."
  689. "Well, I don't think they exactly like me, besides Twilight and you."
  690. >"They're just teasing, Anon, they're really nice once you get to know them, I promise."
  691. "Well, guess I'll see you on Monday, bye Sunset!"
  692. >"Bye Anon, also one more thing!"
  693. >She moves your face to the side, and pecks your cheek.
  694. >"You're not as bad as the girls said you are."
  695. >She waves, as she runs with Twilight into her house.
  696. >Your eyes are wide in shock, as you and Shining both sit in silence for a few minutes.
  697. "Did that just?"
  698. >"Yeah, it did."
  699. "Shining, what the fuck do I do?"
  700. >"What do you mean?"
  701. "I just fucking accepted a bet where I could make the Rugby team in 3 weeks, have you seen me?"
  702. >"Don't worry, Anon, I have a plan."
  703. "Are you sure, I just got kissed by one of the most beautiful girls in school, whatever pride I have left is resting on the line here!"
  704. >You begin to panic, maybe it's because Sunset Shimmer gave you a kiss on the cheek, or because you accepted a dare you probably couldn't do.
  705. >"Anon, relax. I've got this, we're going to the mall, I'm going to buy you some weights and protein powder, and we can get you conditioned enough to make it, trust me here."
  706. >You relax and nod, as Shining drives to the mall.
  708. >An hour, a bucket of protein powder and creatine and a few piece of home gym equipment later, you were back at your house, setting up your home gym.
  709. >You had a fair bit of money in the bank that you used to buy the equipment, turns out that Shining really did know what he was doing.
  710. >"Alright Anon, I've written up a plan for you to do, I'll be here when I can to check on you and help you out, aside from that, you just have to follow this diet and workout routine, it should lead to you becoming a lot stronger."
  711. "Thanks again, Shining - I know we're friends, but I really want to know something, why go all the way for me?"
  712. >"That girl, Sunset, she likes you, Anon, I can tell."
  713. "She's just being friendly, Shining."
  714. >"That's what I told myself when Cadence used to babysit Twily, that she was just being friendly, turns out she was really into me."
  715. "That's diff-"
  716. >"Anon, you're a great guy - But you need to stop looking down on yourself, you're better than that!"
  717. "Yeah, but even if I somehow manage to pull getting fit enough for this, I don't even know how to play rugby!"
  718. >"That's where I come into play, you're looking at the ex-captain. Remember?"
  719. >Looks like luck seems to be cool with you.
  720. "Alright, I think I'm sold here, tell me what to do."
  721. >Shining guides you through a warm-up of sprinting with a blink test, along with a endurance test for the first twenty minutes.
  722. >You don't usually work out this much.
  723. >It hurts so much, you can feel your body burning on the inside, you feel your body near breaking.
  724. >But you've got to do this, if not for yourself, but for the girl that stuck up for you, you're not going to let her down.
  725. >You push yourself through your last few push-ups, before falling to the ground in pain.
  726. >"You're doing pretty well so far, Anon! Well the bodyweight and cardio exercises are done, I think we can move to weight lifting."
  727. >You walk with Shining towards the weight corner, you managed to buy a small bench with weights alongside it.
  729. "You son of a bitch."
  730. >He smirks, as you grunt even louder, like a typical gym rat.
  731. >Finishing your rep, you can barely move - but you persevere.
  732. >You go through your routine, squats, deadlifts, curls and so forth.
  733. >Half an hour passes by, you feel like your body's left you.
  734. >Shining claps, as he shows you positions to stretch, before helping you to the table.
  735. >"Great stuff, Anon - I think if you keep this up everyday, you'll a little more toned!"
  737. >You nod, as your body sets itself to autopilot, whilst all your brain thinks of is water and food.
  738. >Shining passes you a plate of salad and grilled chicken, you both sit quietly eating, as you chug what seems like gallons of water.
  739. >"So anyway, I got rid of most of the unhealthy stuff in your fridge and replaced it with the stuff we got from the grocery store."
  740. "Oh, that's nice of you."
  741. >"Yeah Anon, no more burgers or pizza, or chinese takeout."
  744. >Your body surges into panic mode, as you grip Shining by the collar.
  745. "I can't do this, mate. I'd rather be laughed at, then give all that up."
  746. >Shining begins to laugh, as he pushes your hand away.
  747. >"It's all necessary, bud. If you can do this, I'm sure that you'll be happy at the end."
  748. >"I was worse when I started, I wasn't exactly the fittest of guys in freshman year, the guys used to pick on me all the time, until Big Mac felt bad for me and decided to help me."
  749. "Mac forced you?"
  750. >"Oh, he's much worse than me, I'm trying my best not to push you away from this."
  751. "What'd he do?"
  752. >"Threaten to steal Cadence from me if I didn't get big enough."
  753. >Big Mac threatened to NTR Shining, oh boy, just like your Chinese cartoons!
  754. "Doesn't sound like him."
  756. >"It doesn't , but when you feel your body burning up and about to give up like you did earlier, and some big buff dude tells you that he's gonna fuck your girlfriend, it fucks with your head, a lot."
  757. >For once, Shining having a girlfriend has benefited you.
  758. >You decide to make the protein shake from the powder, fearing the worst.
  759. >It actually doesn't taste that bad, banana and chocolate's an alright mix.
  760. >As you check the time, you both realize it's getting late, as Shining says his goodbyes and leave, you limp to the bathroom and shower.
  761. >After a refreshing shower, you don your pajamas and slippers, taking your laptop to your room.
  762. >You don't have anything else to do, so you decide to keep playing Hotline Mareami.
  763. - A few hours later -
  764. >Finally, you beat Hotline Mareami with an A+ on every level.
  765. >Whilst you did exploit a glitch, a win's a win.
  766. >You notice your high score, some of them are over a million points worth!
  767. >What time is it?
  768. >Two AM? You better get headed to bed.
  769. >As you close Hotline Mareami, you notice a new message on MyStable.
  770. >It's the Hotline Mareami group admin.
  771. >It reads "Congratulation, Anon Y. Mous on being first in the world to complete Hotline Mareami as Tony, with a one-hundred per-cent completion rate! As a result, we would like to send you a prize for winning, is it possible for you to provide your address?"
  772. >You're the first in the world to beat the game with Tony? To be honest, it sounds like a scam, although this game is only a week old.
  773. >You decide to reply back, to confirm your suspicions.
  774. "Hi, thanks for that. Just wondering, if this is actually real, I mean if you could provide me proof or something, then sure, it's just that it's not exactly a clever idea to give your address to people on the Internet out of the blue."
  775. >They reply back almost instantaneously.
  777. >"Thank you for replying, Mr. Mous - As the lead developer, I completely understand your predicament and if it's acceptable, I have two pictures - One of the world's number one player with the Don Juan mask, which he received for completing the same achievement as you, but with Don Juan instead, whilst the other picture is the package we have delivered to you."
  778. >Two pictures are sent along, one of a rather muscular man, wearing a Don Juan replica mask from Hotline Mareami, with a small unwrapped box next to him with a blanked out address. The other picture is an open box, with a wrapped mask, clearly resembling Tony from the game, attached to the box is a paper detailing the name of the recipient and the address, it's titled to "Mr. Mous", whilst the address is blank.
  779. >Well, it may or may not be a scam, but you might as well give it a shot.
  780. >It's not like police here are incompetent, if anything happens, you can just give them a call.
  781. >You reply to them, thanking them for the proof and send your address, the admin replies back after a few minutes, sending you another picture with your package, taped and closed, with your address written on the recipient paper
  783. - Saturday, 20th January 2015 -
  784. >Fire up that loud.
  785. >Another round of shots!
  786. >Turn down for wha-
  788. >You really need to stop having Lil' Jon songs for your alarms.
  789. >You glance at the time, eleven-thirty AM, the package supposedly should arrive in half an hour.
  790. >You get on with your daily routine, and put on a grey woolen sweater and grey track pants.
  791. >As you walk towards your fridge, you notice a note written by Shining.
  792. >"For breakfast, boil two eggs and make some oatmeal, chop up some berries and mix them in, drink lots of water too. Love, Shining."
  793. >Love?
  794. >For a guy who's about to propose, he's awfully flamboyant.
  795. >As you finish making the breakfast, you hear your doorbell ring.
  797. >Going to the front to answer it, you're met with a package on the floor, addressed to you.
  798. >So it wasn't a scam.
  799. >You look around to see any postman or deliverymen to thank, but no one's there.
  800. >You shrug, and take the package inside.
  801. >You'll open it after breakfast.
  803. >As you finish breakfast and do the dishes, you think to yourself, the food you made isn't that bad.
  804. >Maybe Shining might be on to something with this 'healthy eating', who knows?
  805. >You bring a knife with you, to the living room, as you open the box.
  806. >Inside, you find the Tony mask, wrapped up.
  807. >Along with that, you find a letter addressed to you.
  808. >"Dear Anon Y. Mous, thank you for playing Hotline Mareami and being part of the community, I would personally like to thank you for completing the game with Tony, by gifting you with the mask. Kind regards, Daniel Isaac Cordcol. (The developer!)
  809. >Well that's nice of him.
  810. >As you unwrap the mask, there's a note attached, saying 'wear me!'
  811. >Might as well.
  812. >As you put the mask on, the first you notice is the strange aroma of the mask, usually these are cheaply made, but this one's pretty comfortable and smells nice.
  813. >Man, those guys sure went through a lot of effort for this.
  814. >You look at yourself in the mirror, with the Tony mask.
  815. >Just like the game, you look pretty damn badass.
  816. >Maybe it's the fact that the mask smells great, but you suddenly have an urge to work out.
  817. >You take off the mask, wrapping it back and placing it in the box, you'll find a place for this later.
  818. >You change into a pair of shorts and a tank top, go back downstairs.
  819. >You read the routine Shining gave you, as you start preparing the pre-workout shake and drinking it.
  820. >You begin with a twenty-minute cardio warm up, as you sprint from each side of the room.
  821. >Did your endurance improve dramatically overnight or something, because you could've sworn this was much harder yesterday, despite your joints aching a lot more today.
  822. >You shrug it off and carry on through your workout.
  824. >As you finish, you smile and rub the sweat off your face, it's become a lot funner, now that you're better at this.
  825. >As you go towards your weights, you feel a lot more confident, and decide to start stacking a little more on your bench press.
  826. >It's a /lot/ easier now.
  827. >You cycle through your workouts, it seems as if everything's become easier, whilst you're not piling on ridiculous amounts of weight to lift, there is definitely an improvement from yesterday.
  828. >You lose track of time, as you keep cycling through your lifts.
  829. >After you finally feel like you've pushed yourself further than yesterday, you check the time.
  830. >You've been working out for two hours and thirty minutes, what the hell's happened to you?
  831. >Oh well, guess Shining was right about this.
  832. >As you begin to drink your post-workout shake, you begin to think of two things.
  833. >One, why do bodybuilders have so many bloody drinks?
  834. >Secondly, you're really bloody hungry.
  835. >Like, craving meat hungry, more than most people would.
  836. >After going for a quick shower, you go downstairs and look at the recipe list that you printed out.
  837. >After defrosting some chicken breast and grilling it, you start cutting vegetables up and making a salad.
  838. >Vegetables aren't amazing, but you've got to do it.
  839. >As you finish the salad, you chop the chicken up and mix it up, putting a bit of olive oil and vinegar in it to improve the taste.
  840. >You wolf it down in a few minutes, as you check the time again.
  841. >Three PM, guess you could always go outside.
  842. >You look out the window, the snow's melted quickly, and it's becoming green again slowly.
  843. >Weather is weird man, spring shouldn't be this early.
  844. >As you go upstairs, you glance at your growing pile of books and papers on your desk.
  845. >Forgetting something, Anon?
  846. >Fuck, you have homework.
  847. >And you can't afford to fuck this up, it's your final year of high school, you want to do well in life.
  848. >Calculus, History, Geography, Economics, Chemistry, Biology...
  850. You never asked for this shit.
  851. >Oh well.
  852. >Five hours blaze past, as you finally finish the last essay for Biology.
  853. >You sigh to yourself, as you print out the last piece of work.
  854. >It's eight P.M., better pack stuff up for tomorrow and have dinner.
  855. >You finish packing your bag up for school, and leave it on your desk as you go downstairs.
  856. >What are we having for dinner tonight, Anon?
  857. >Oh boy, grilled chicken, my favourite!
  858. >Nah, you've got to change something up or you'll drown in misery.
  859. >You're actually craving a bit of red meat.
  860. >What is up with you and craving meat today?
  861. >Is this part of the /fit/ effect or something?
  862. >Taking out both some beef and chicken, you let them defrost for a bit, whilst you cut some bell-peppers, carrots and broccoli.
  863. >You get the beef, and marinate it, then roast it with the bell peppers and carrots in the oven for a bit.
  864. >You steam the broccoli and grill the chicken.
  865. >Fam, this is top quality shit.
  866. >You devour your meal very quickly, clean up and go back upstairs.
  867. >You just notice that you've been drinking a lot more water than usual, whilst the soda and junk food cravings have kicked in, you've barely noticed it over everything else.
  868. >Oh well.
  869. >You decide to browse the internet a bit, looking at some YouTube videos and edgy humour on some chinese imageboard.
  870. >Nine-thirty PM, you should sleep, considering you've got to get up at six tomorrow.
  871. >Pshh, Nine-thirty? Normie.
  872. >You close your laptop and set your alarm, as you drift off to sleep.
  874. >You're awoken by the sound of a car driving incredibly fast.
  875. >This isn't your house.
  876. >You look around, and try to move - You're stuck.
  877. >You look down and see that you're arms and legs are bound by metal cuffs - Too tight to slip through, only way you're breaking out of these is with a key.
  878. >Perhaps the strangest thing is, you're wearing a mask.
  879. >The familiar smell and feel indicates it's the mask you received earlier, the glance at the window at your reflection only confirms it.
  880. >You're in what seems to be a black military-grade Jeep.
  881. >You're in the passenger seat, along with someone next to you, wearing a pig mask.
  882. >His build suits his mask, as he's definitely a large man, along with his massive arms.
  883. >He glances at you, and puts his hands up to the mouth of his mask, indicating for you not to say anything.
  884. >The guards in front of you are separated by a metal wiring, probably to stop you from attempting to attack.
  885. "Hey, where the fuck am I?"
  886. >The man in the passenger seat looks at you, as you notice both the driver and him are wearing red masks, with faces similar to classical hollywood demons.
  887. >"Hey, you no talk!"
  889. >His accent was distinctly Asian, you'd say either Ex-Khmer Rouge or Viet cong.
  890. >Both guards were wearing black military uniforms with body armor, and AK-47s in their laps.
  891. >Standard terrorist stuff.
  892. >Needless to say, you've been kidnapped by some Hotline Mareami cult.
  893. "Listen here you fucking satanist piece of shit, you tell me what the fuck I'm doing here and let me go, or I'm gonna shove that mask some place the sun doesn't shine."
  894. >Great threat, Anon, you sure showed him!
  895. >The Asian guard simply laughs at you, points his gun between you and the pig-masked man, and empties a round into the seat.
  896. >This guy clearly doesn't mind wasting gear.
  897. >"You here for project boy, you be quiet like your fat pig friend, or else I no miss next time!"
  898. >You look towards Pig-face, as he nods for you to agree.
  899. >You nod at the guard, and he turns away.
  900. >You look out the window, barely recognizing any of this place, but you ignore it for the time being.
  901. >Soon enough, the jeep stops outside a massive warehouse, where you and the Pig are forced out of car and forced into the warehouse, with the guards pointing their rifles into your backs.
  902. >They're all speaking different language, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ukranian and even Pashto - They seem to understand each other.
  903. >Eventually you and Pig are forced separate ways, as you're led into a small room, with a man wearing a grey horse mask sitting in a chair with a desk.
  904. >He looks up at you, makes a motion for the guards to leave the room, as he gestures you to come closer.
  905. >"Ahh... Tony, please come in."
  906. "My name's not Tony."
  907. >"Really, because right now, your mask says you're Tony."
  908. >You walk towards the man and have a seat.
  909. "What's happening?"
  910. >"You'll find out soon enough, I'm just here to make sure everyone's organized and here, running a militia is pretty difficult."
  912. Well, you just got conscripted into a crazy mask cult, great stuff, Anon.
  913. "I'm being conscripted?"
  914. >"Yes you are, and I'm your superior officer, General Don Juan."
  915. >So he named himself after the mask.
  916. "Nice to meet you. I'm A- Tony."
  917. >"Glad to see you're getting it so far, it's only common law that someone salutes his superior officer."
  918. >You sigh, getting up and saluting him, before waiting for him to sit down.
  919. >"Excellent, you're doing a better job than the other recruits so far."
  920. "Look mate, I never asked for this. I just want to go back home, if I knew this mask would get me in this mess, I wouldn't have said yes."
  921. >"Ah Tony, you don't understand, there is no choice in the matter - You do or die."
  922. >The smug tone of this asshole is beginning to get on your nerves, as you begin to have the urge to kill him right here.
  923. >Too bad you're still cuffed.
  924. >You try to move, and Don notices.
  925. >"Let me help you with that."
  926. >He brings out a key and unlocks your handcuffs, then your legs.
  927. >You know what to do, Anon - There's a 1911 on the table, take him down then go for a quick kill, you can run and contact the police after.
  928. >Right as he finishes unlocking your leg cuffs, you swing your leg up as hard as you can into Don's groin.
  929. >He grunts in pain for a second, as you quickly reach for the gun.
  930. >Like he said, it's do or die here.
  931. >You point the gun towards Don, as he recovers.
  932. >"Glad to see you're taking the initiative."
  933. "Fuck off, come any closer and I will shoot."
  934. >"It's unloaded."
  935. >You pull the trigger, only for sound of an empty gun to greet you.
  936. >FUCK.
  937. >You stand in shock, as Don walks up to you.
  938. >You only now realize how much bigger he is than you, you're fucked.
  939. >He walks up to, taking the gun out of your hands.
  940. >You bring one fist to his face, only for his hand to catch it.
  941. >He has a strong grip, he pushes your hand back with what seems like almost no effort.
  942. >Trying to punch him with your other hand, he parries it and then grabs you by your waist.
  944. >He sweeps his leg by your ankles, tripping you.
  945. >He throws you to the ground and deliver a painful punch to your abdomen, causing you to hold back vomit.
  946. >As you roll around in pain, he pulls out a combat knife and holds it against your neck.
  947. >"You're strong, Tony, you actually took a chance, were that gun loaded, I may have been dead by now."
  948. "Listen here you fucking bastard, you're gonna let me fucking go or I'l-
  949. >"Or you'll do what, keep using cheap tricks on me till they run out? Tony, I thought you were stronger than that."
  950. "I swear I'll fuckin-"
  951. >"You're in no position to give me orders, if you didn't just have me at gunpoint, I would've killed you by now, but I respect the fact that you're strong."
  952. >He grips you by your forearm
  953. >"You and I, we're both kindred spirits - We are warriors by nature, perhaps you don't see it, this world isn't exactly approving of it anymore, but I can see that ferocity in your eyes, the animal instinct that drives us all. You'll fit right in with us."
  954. "I've never killed in my life."
  955. >"Neither have most recruits, doesn't stop us from forc- Oh, I've said too much."
  956. >He kicks you into your side, causing you to yelp in even more pain.
  957. >"Oh for pity's sake boy, I'm not hitting you that hard, get up!"
  958. >You struggle to get up, finally pushing yourself and taking a deep breath.
  959. >Weird, it took you a lot longer to recover from Flash's blows, those weren't as strong as this guys.
  960. >Guess the working out's really got you going.
  961. >Don goes towards the back of the room, pulling out a pair of clothes, gloves and combat boots.
  962. >"This is your uniform, Tony, put it on."
  963. >Whilst finding it strange to change in front of another man, you shrug it off and strip into your vest and boxers, putting on the woodland-camo fatigues and boots.
  965. >You slide on the combat gloves and notice the logo on your fatigues.
  966. >A Chimera accompanied by the letters 'H.D.C'.
  967. >As you finish putting on your uniform, Don returns with a red sash for your arm, with a picture of Tony's mask, with his name underneath.
  968. >As he helps tie it around your arm, he begins to instruct you on what you need to do next.
  969. >"From now on, your new name among us is Tony, you are not to tell anyone your real name or details, if you do, you're pretty much dead meat."
  970. >You nod.
  971. >"Any questions before I send you on your way?"
  972. "For a recruiter of a terrorist organization, you don't seem that hostile."
  973. >"I find that if you treat soldiers with respect, they'll treat you with respect. That's usually for the good ones though, some require fear and intimidation - That's the commander's part."
  974. "Do I get to meet him?"
  975. >"You'll see."
  976. >"Private Tony, your orders are to find the guards outside and tell them you're ready, you will be taken to a hall with others like you, you are not to speak to any of them or you will face being shot. Do not speak, do not interfere with anything, do not do anything stupid, or you will be killed, that's not my rules, those are the commanders."
  977. "Uh... Yes, sir?"
  978. >"That's all."
  979. >You nod and leave the room, the demon-masked guards were waiting for you outside, as they nodded at you and prompted you to follow them.
  980. >That guy was a fucking cunt, you'll kill him. You'll kill all of these masked pieces of shit.
  981. >The fuck? Were you always this violent and edgy?
  982. >You look around, seeing people just like you, wearing different kinds of masks, being forced into this horror show.
  983. >You'll probably be forced to kill people, do all kinds of things you won't want to.
  984. >You're not even strong enough to fight a highschool bully, letalone commence guerilla operations.
  985. >But since most people are like you, they'll probably teach the new recruits how to fight.
  987. >You're eventually bought to a large hall, it's a bit old and dusty, but it's big enough to fit your house 3 times over.
  988. >Inside the hall are multiple rows of folding metal chairs, with recruits like you, masked, sitting there.
  989. >Surprisingly, it's absoloutely silent.
  990. >The guard motions to sit at the end of the row, on your left being a large man with a pig mask.
  991. >Wait, that's the guy you came in here with!
  992. >He looks at you and nods at you, you nod back as you give him the thumbs up.
  993. >Even if you are going to probably die, it's nice to know you have brothers in arms.
  994. >You glance at your comrade's shoulder, his name is 'Aubrey'.
  995. >You can only assume that the masked codenames just coincide with the game.
  996. >Eventually, a tapping can be heard from the stage hall.
  997. >A very tall man, with a mask stitched up from multiple different animals, almost like a combination mask - Suggesting that he's the Chimera in the uniform logo, meaning that he's probably the commander.
  998. >He walks in, wearing a brown woolen sweater, and a beige pair of trousers, complemented by a pair of crocodile shoes.
  999. >This guy really went the extra mile for the 'Chimera' look.
  1000. >"Hello everyone, firstly I'd like to congratulate you all on being the best players for Hotline Mareami in the world, the number one for your representative character."
  1001. >"I'd like to congratulate you again, for being selected for a new program, known as the simulator for Hotline Mareami - We're making a sequel, and you all get to be in it!"
  1002. >His voice is oddly soothing and entertaining, for a paramilitary commander.
  1003. >"So here's the game, you've all been conscripted into the H.D.C. - Harbringers of Discord and Chaos.
  1005. >"A bit cheesy, yes I agree, but it's not about the name, it's about the message."
  1006. >"I don't need to explain what you'll be asked to do, since you've all played Hotline Mareami - You will all be asked to complete certain 'tasks', different tasks, different requests, essentially you're all operators!"
  1007. >"I assure you, you will be paid for this, in the new few days, you will all receive a new package with a phone that will essentially act as a guide for what you need to do - It'll show you jobs for your level, the payout and such."
  1008. >"I understand that you all are scared, but there is no need to be afraid, young people always need to be doing something new in their lives! Why when I was your age, I was fighting to protect my country!"
  1009. >"Anyway, with the money you acquire, I advise you not to spend it on anything illegal or suspicious, the last thing we need is one of you getting caught."
  1010. >"That's where points comes in, when you complete a 'request', you'll receive certain amounts of points based on what the mission entails, if you make a mistake, points will be deducted. Be wary, that there will be always someone watching you, so don't pretend if you've cocked something up!"
  1011. >"Points can be used and spent in the app, we will personally be able to give you goods that you require during your 'operations', guns, explosives, armor, everything tactical - We've got you covered there.""
  1012. >"Now let's talk about rules, you're probably wondering why you can't just tell the police and screw us over. Well, will the police believe your story about a bunch of mask-wearing murdering psychos that you got out of a video game?"
  1013. >"We'll just dissapear, and remember this, we know everything about you, when you installed Hotline Mareami, that information came to us. Your real name, your address - Yes, of course we knew, we just asked so it wouldn't look too suspicious! Everything about you, you try to tell the police, we kill you."
  1015. >"You reveal your identity to another mask user, you're dead. You tell someone about the masks? You both die. No snitching, allow me to demonstrate, General, would you please bring our dear Thunderlane here?"
  1016. >Thunderlane? That's a guy in your school!
  1017. >A familiar burly horse masked man brings a young man with a bag over his head, clad in just his underwear - His body covered in bruises and blood, as Discord pulled off the bag, you could see Thunderlane's head, even worse than his body, one eyelid cut and closed, the other with a scar going around it, his nose twisted and broken behind belief and his mouth broken, with most of his teeth missing.
  1018. >Thunderlane's in tears, whimpering for someone to save him.
  1019. >"This, my dears, is dear sweet Thunderlane, he tried to tell the police on us, but we caught him before doing so. He didn't exactly go through the V.I.P. treatment here, isn't that right, Thundy?"
  1020. >The commander brings Thunderlane in a close hug, only seeming to break him even more.
  1021. >Thunderlane is reduced to a crying mess, as he begs the commandernot to killl him, constantly apologies and pleading from him are heard, Thunderlane, the sports prodigy in your school, Thunderlane, the man who apparantley had sex with 3 girls in one night, at the same time.
  1022. >Your audience is sat in shock, in fear of the commander's next move.
  1023. >"This is what we do to traitors."
  1024. >A gunshot is heard, as Thunderlane looks down, to see a bloody hole in his chest, he begins to cough blood before he falls.
  1025. >H-he just killed a man.
  1026. >He killed an innocent man.
  1027. >That's disgusting, he actually broke him, then finished him off.
  1028. >That sick piece of shit.
  1029. >If you found it hard to keep your vomit in back then, it's nearly impossible now, as some screaming can be heard from the other rows, only to be quelled down by the guards standing by.
  1030. >"It's alright to scream, you understand the value of a comrade, a life lost among your ranks is never good."
  1032. >"It's alright to scream, you understand the value of a comrade, a life lost among your ranks is never good."
  1033. >He just fucking killed one from 'his ranks' like it was nothing.
  1034. >P S Y C H O.
  1035. >"So, I understand that rivalries may spark between Mask holders, and that death is not avoidable, especially in this line of work. I do warn you however, that if you happen to tell another mask user your true identity, and they can verify it, your details will be revealed to all the mask users, who have the right to kill you for points and your own mask."
  1036. >"Each of you are gifted, the masks granting you some abilities you never thought would be possible to humans before."
  1037. >"If you had put on the mask before-hand, you would understand what I mean, the change in your behaviour and body, all part of the mask."
  1038. >"Each of your abilities are unique and mark you as individuals, there is nothing as valuable as your abilities in combat"
  1040. >"Needless to say, if you do kill another mask user, their mask and points now belong to you - You take their title, powers, and you receive a promotion."
  1041. >"Duels between mask users can be organized if you bring it up with a senior member of staff, if both Mask users and the member of staff consent to it, the fight begins."
  1042. >"The fight is, of course, to the death."
  1043. >"Failiure to kill your opponent means failiure as a soldier, meaning both of you are dead."
  1044. >"Ranks determine the type of jobs you can take and the higher rank, meaning the greater risk the job is, meaning the greater reward."
  1045. >"It's do or die here."
  1046. >"You have three weeks, till you are all assigned your first job - I understand that not all of you are well equipped and prepared, so upon receiving your personal devices tomorrow, you can request being brought back here for training."
  1047. >"Duels between mask users before the first job, will all be instead of death, to unconciousness, in order to prepare you""
  1048. >"That's all for now, you will wake up with your uniform in your closet, and your mask hidden in your desks, Tata for now~"
  1049. >Gas spreads across the room as the commander leaves, you try not to breathe it in, but end up blacking out.
  1051. - 5:45 AM, Monday 22nd January, 2015. -
  1052. >...
  1053. >Did that actually just happen?
  1054. >You glance at your phone - You've slept for a day.
  1056. >What the fuck?
  1057. >You run to the bathroom, checking your face and body for any wounds.
  1058. >A few bruises here and there, probably from 'General' Don Juan.
  1059. >Although, on better notes, you've noticed that after 2 days of working out, and a day of recovery, your face is looking a lot better - Your cheekbones are a lot more defined in structure, whilst your face has become more angular.
  1060. >Aesthetics brah.
  1061. >Whilst not too much, your body has put on a tad bit of muscle already, your pectorals are more well defined, whilst your abs are bruised, the upper part of your abs are also a little defined.
  1062. >Congrats, Anon - You now have a four-pack.
  1063. >Keep doing this and maybe you'll end up looking huge as fuark before rugby trials start.
  1064. >Your arms, also are more vascular and larger, you feel yourself finding things much lighter than before.
  1065. >Overall, your entire body has become more muscular, and stronger.
  1067. >Wait.
  1068. >The commander said something about the mask giving you powers, maybe he's just crazy, but does that have anything to do with your body?
  1069. >Oh well.
  1070. >You look down there to see a very friendly reminder.
  1071. >Well he's happy to see you, at least exercise has gotten you to those thoughts again.
  1072. >Although you're not ridiculously horny, like a male Lion in rut, rather you're just fixated on a certain girl.
  1073. >Oh well.
  1074. >Looking back in the mirror, you notice the scraggly beginning of facial hair growing around your face.
  1075. >You look homeless, you should shave.
  1076. >You got time too.
  1078. >After shaving, showering and getting on with your daily routine, you go get dressed.
  1079. >You look out of the window, to see how the weathers faring.
  1080. >Most of the snow's melted, it's still a little cold, but you don't have to dress up in ridiculous amounts of layers.
  1081. >It is pretty wet though, so you should still dress appropriately.
  1082. >You don a pair of beige cargo pants, a long-sleeve Grey shirt and a denim jacket.
  1083. >You roll up your sleeves and comb your hair upwards, as you go downstairs and have breakfast.
  1084. >Breakfast - You're actually really hungry, but considering you've slept for a day, you might as well eat more than usual.
  1085. >After boiling three eggs, making a protein shake and cutting up some vegetables, you take your time eating it.
  1086. >The time's six-thirty.
  1087. >You should be heading in a few minutes.
  1088. >You bring a metal bottle and fill it with another serving of your protein shake - GOTTA EAT BIG TO GET BIG, C'MON!
  1089. >You sling your back over your back, put your gloves on and your leather Wellingtons - It's still wet, can't ruin your clothes.
  1090. >You can't help but think you're missing something.
  1091. >That's it, your eye!
  1092. >Checking the mirror, you notice that your bandage is still on, you begin to peel it off - Only to see that your eye has healed!
  1093. >Well that was quick, wonder if the Tony mask had anything to do with it.
  1094. >As you leave the house, you wrap your scarf around your neck like a neckbrace and leave the two long ends behind your back.
  1095. >Hey man, you're a pirate!
  1097. >Have you ever noticed that you're always dressed pretty strangely for a public school?
  1098. >Nah, nothing wrong with wanting to look good.
  1099. >As soon as you walk outside the house and lock the door, you hear a familiar sound go down your road.
  1100. >Jesus, it's Shining... Again!
  1101. >You instintively get in the passenger seat.
  1102. >The first thing you notice, is that Twilight's not there.
  1103. "No Twilight?"
  1104. >"She felt sick, wasn't really feeling good today."
  1105. "You know, at this point I'm beginning to wonder if you're stalking me."
  1106. >"Anon please, that's only on Wednesdays."
  1107. "What."
  1108. >He winks at you, as you sit back and buckle your belt
  1109. >He glances at your eyes and smiles.
  1110. >"Good to see that you've healed up pretty quickly, I was really worried about you"
  1111. "Well, it's mostly thanks to your help anyway Shining, cheers for that one, mate."
  1112. >"All good, just there for my bros!"
  1113. >He grabs you by the shoulder and brings you close.
  1114. >N-no homo brah...
  1115. "So what's up?"
  1116. >"Need a ride to school?"
  1117. "You sure you don't have anything better to do?"
  1118. >"I'm working out, then I'm going to Satyrbucks with an old friend."
  1119. "Military or what?"
  1120. >"Yeah, you could say that he's in the military."
  1121. >Alright, this is getting a little weird.
  1122. >As the drive goes on, you near the quieter, more beautiful part of town, this is where the nicer part of the city is, a bit more rural, but much more peaceful.
  1123. >You remember that Applejack and Sunset live around here.
  1124. >You wish you could see her, at least talk to her for a bit or som-
  1125. >"Hey Anon, is that Sunset?"
  1126. >You look towards where Shining is pointing, to see the figure of Sunset walking, presumably to school.
  1127. >"Dude, you've gotta go and say hi to her or something."
  1128. "But won't it seem creepy?"
  1129. >"Remember when I sang 'I love pretty pink haired girls' for Cadence during my junior year?"
  1130. >Oh yeah, that was hilarious, it was so damn cringe, yet she loved it.
  1131. >Man they are a weird couple.
  1133. >She probably calls Shining dungeon master in be- Ok Anon, we don't need to go there.
  1134. "Uh, what do I talk to her about?"
  1135. >"I don't know, anything man! Just music or something, that's easy game."
  1136. "Shining, plea-"
  1137. >"Don't be a faggot, Anon."
  1139. >You sigh, picking your bag up and waving Shining bye.
  1140. >He parks nearby, window down, giving you the thumbs up.
  1141. >Fucking Shining.
  1142. >You walk up behind Sunset, knees weak, arms heavy.
  1143. >No mum's spaghetti here.
  1144. >Taking a deep breath, you walk besides Sunset.
  1145. "Hey there, didn't know you were following me."
  1146. >She looks at you, and flashes that cute smile at you.
  1147. >"Anon, I was just thinking about you!"
  1149. "Yeah, that tends to happen with most girls I meet."
  1150. >You both laugh, as she strokes her hand over the cheek that was hurt.
  1151. >"Hey."
  1152. "Hey yourself."
  1153. >When did you get so confident?
  1154. >Oh well, just go through with this, Anon, you're having a great time with her.
  1155. >You begin to blush lightly, her hands are really soft and delicate.
  1156. >"Your wounds have gotten better."
  1157. "Yeah, some rest and recovery did the trick."
  1158. >"That's good to hear, so what brings you hear, Anon?"
  1159. "I decided to take the scenic route."
  1160. >"I thought Twilight told me you lived closed to her, aren't you a bit far for a walk?"
  1161. >Fuck, she got you there.
  1162. "I uh..."
  1163. >Suddenly, you hear Shining's car honk, as he starts playing a song on his stereo.
  1164. [YouTube] Roy Orbison-Oh Pretty Woman (with lyrics)
  1166. >Sunset and you stare, before laughing again.
  1167. >She starts dancing and skipping to the beat of the song.
  1168. >"Oh my gosh! I love this song!"
  1169. >She has a good music taste too.
  1170. >That's it, get a ring and propose, JUST DO IT.
  1171. >Don't let your dreams be dreams.
  1172. "I love this song too, big fan of older music."
  1173. >"That's so cool! Anon, dance with me!"
  1174. "I don't reall-"
  1175. >She grabs you and starts pulling you along to the beat of the song.
  1177. >"And we have double Biology together, so you're going to be my partner since Twilight isn't here."
  1178. >When'd she get so, persuasive and demanding?
  1179. "You know, you just had to ask. I would've said yes, regardless, I mean we're friends after all, right Sunny?"
  1180. >She begins to blush, didn't she just demand that from you? Man, women are weird.
  1181. >"Y-yeah, but I have to make sure you don't just run away, or take the credit from me!"
  1182. "Does anyone even do that?"
  1183. >The song stopped a while ago, now you're just bickering with each other.
  1184. >"Y-yeah, people do!"
  1185. "I don't recall anyone who does that."
  1186. >"I-I did, back when I used to be evil!"
  1187. >Oh, that evil bullshit again.
  1188. "Hey, can we at least start walking if we're gonna do this?"
  1189. >"Sure!"
  1190. >She's suddenly cheerful again, she's kinda weird around you, you swear she's pretty nice and sweet around everyone else.
  1191. >Did you piss her off?
  1192. >Eh, whatever.
  1193. >You both start walking, you notice Sunset isn't wearing a jacket and she's shivering.
  1194. >You can make-do, you may not be a gentleman, but not even you'd let a cute girl get cold.
  1195. >You take off your Denim jacket and scarf, handing them to her.
  1196. "Here, I'll be alright."
  1197. >Thank you so much, Anon! Are you sure you won't need this, I mean it is pretty cold."
  1198. "Can't let someone get themselves sick when I'm there, I'll feel bad for it."
  1199. >"That's so sweet of you, here, maybe this will keep you warm!"
  1200. >She hugs you, and you in turn, return the hug.
  1201. >She's really full of love, she makes you feel all warm and soft inside.
  1202. >Man, you really are a pussy.
  1203. >Guess you never had friends that sweet to you.
  1204. >Consistent to what she said, the hug did keep you warm.
  1205. >As she goes back to the hug, you look at her.
  1206. >Man, you forgot how pretty she was, especially in some oversized denim jacket and scarf.
  1207. "Looks better on you than it does on me, actually."
  1209. >"You're just saying that, take it back or I'll feel bad, Anon - I don't like borrowing things from people, it reminds me of what I used to do when I never returned them, or worse - broke them!"
  1210. >She looks away in sadness, guess she's really sad about this so-called 'dark side' that she has.
  1211. >Yeah sure, we all have our edge mode days, your's involved three months of Linkin Park and a lot of Mountain Dew, but you grew out of it.
  1212. >She might be a bit more embarassed about it, especially seeing as she had it later than most people, but she shouldn't overreact like this, especially if it's bringing her down this much.
  1213. >You may not be the best talker, but you should at least give it a go, tell her that she isn't what she thinks she is.
  1214. "You're blowing off your top, Sunny."
  1215. >She looks at you, her eyes at the bring of tears, whilst her cheeks begin to redden again.
  1216. "Oh shit, sorry, I thought you didn't mind Sunny!"
  1217. >"It's fine Anon, I actually like it, it's just the old-me thing that's making me pent up..."
  1218. "Don't worry about it, but what I was going to say is that maybe you're thinking about it too hard."
  1219. >"W-what, but all those things I did, all those people I hurt... Maybe you weren't there, Anon, but you've got to have heard of it!"
  1220. "Oh, people told me plenty about it, they told me about this evil literal demon-girl that would enslave me and try to get me to kill people."
  1221. >She looks at you in shock, clearly she thinks she's been demonized - Literally.
  1222. >As Sunset looks like she's going to cry again, you begin to laugh like an idiot, not at her, but at everything.
  1223. >"W-what?"
  1224. >You begin to calm down, as you look up in the sky and smile.
  1225. "I know I'm full of shit, but the people in our school do come pretty close, they just pull their magic words and expect people to believe it, how can anyone think that shits authentic?"
  1226. >"It's true, I did some terrible things."
  1227. >But you're not done yet.
  1228. "And you!"
  1229. >You point at Sunset.
  1231. "You're probably the sweetest, kindest person I've met in a long time, you actually defended me, some random guy you just met, from your closest friends. Do you think some horrible, crazy, psycho would do that?"
  1232. >"N-no..."
  1233. "Exactly, you need to stop focusing on whatever you call your past, and move forward."
  1234. >"If they told you, don't you think I'm just a weird person, that I haven't really changed and that I'm lying to you, to everyone, for them to accept me?"
  1235. "I think you're just saying that to make yourself feel bad, you probably think that you deserve to be punished, but I don't think you need to do anything else to yourself, Sunny."
  1236. >"I'm ugly though... On the inside, and out."
  1237. >Does she even get it?
  1238. >Wait, girls love being told they're beautiful, maybe if you say that, she'll get a word of what you're saying!
  1239. "Sunset, you're beautiful, incredibly beautiful. I'm sure every guy would give up an eye and an arm just to be with you, no joke here."
  1240. "Your past is not today, you're not who you think you were, you're Sunset Shimmer, the sweetest, prettiest girl in Canterlot High."
  1241. "I know, everyone knows you're a changed person, you're amazing, you help everyone, you're there for everyone."
  1242. >She begins to wipe her eyes and calm down, you did good mate, instead of trying to woo a girl, you've tried to help her with some inner termoil.
  1243. >"Anon, are you sure you want to keep hanging out with me? There are still people like Flash and his friends, and a few other people, who haven't forgiven me, they've made it their mission to do what I once did to them, they try their best, I mean I've beaten up Flash, but I don't want to fight anyone anymore, I just want to live my life peacefully, what should I do, Anon? I don't want to keep living my life, scared of people in school."
  1244. >Man, she's actually scared of Flash and what his gang can do.
  1245. >You really need to fuck this cunt up.
  1246. >Before he fucks you up again.
  1248. >Sunset starts breaking down, on the street - It starts to attract the attention of passers-by, who shoot you with dirty glances.
  1249. >Nosy cunts.
  1250. >You bring Sunset into a tight hug, letting her cry over your shoulder.
  1251. >You've had enough, you're not letting Flash bully another innocent person, she just wants to be happy.
  1252. >White knight Anon has been activated.
  1253. >You pat her back, as she finishes crying.
  1254. "Hey, I'm here, aren't I?"
  1255. >She nods.
  1256. "Leave it all to me, I've got your back."
  1257. >"Thank you so much, Anon!"
  1258. >She hugs you even tigher than before, man you forgot how strong she was.
  1259. "Sunse- Can't bre-"
  1260. >She notices your suffocating, and lets go.
  1261. >"Oh, I'm sorry, didn't realize!"
  1262. "Don't worry, I'm good."
  1263. >You pull out some tissues from your bag, giving them to her.
  1264. "Here, wipe those tears."
  1265. >She takes one of the tissues, but ends up wiping in the wrong place.
  1266. "I got it, there we go!"
  1267. >You take another tissue and dab the tears off.
  1268. >She starts blushing.
  1270. >You wipe her face clean, making sure there's nothing there.
  1271. >She blushes again, man, you gave her your jacket and stuff, is she still cold or something?
  1272. >Fuck mate, you're a lousy friend.
  1273. >"Thanks, for everything, Anon - You're really sweet."
  1274. "Don't mention it, like really. I'm not much of a fan of sappy stuff."
  1275. >You both laugh, as you nudge her to walk on.
  1276. >As you walk on, Sunset stops and whispers to herself.
  1277. >"Idiot, if you say things like that, it'll only make me like you mor-"
  1278. "You say something, Sunny?"
  1279. >"No, coming!"
  1280. >It's a pretty peaceful walk to school, turns out you have similar tastes in music, both watch the same TV shows and both play Hotline Mareami, she's not too bad either, judging by her high-scores - She never did mention what character she played.
  1281. >Oh fuck, Hotline, you've got 3 weeks to fucking prepare to kill someone in real life.
  1282. >You've actually put that off for a very long time.
  1283. >Oh well, if you don't want to die, you'll have to keep working out, and learn how to use your mask.
  1284. >The thought of killing immerses your mind, how... How are you going to do it?
  1285. >You'll try and find a way out, for now, just focus on getting past the School day.
  1286. >You start nerding out with Sunset, before realizing you've got to run to class.
  1287. >You tell her that you both need to run to Biology, otherwise you'll be late.
  1289. - Biology Class 9AM -
  1290. >You somehow manage to make it, just in time.
  1291. >No thanks to Sunset.
  1292. >You sit down, pulling out your books and sigh.
  1293. >You almost forgot about the fact that you've been conscripted into a mercenary army of mask wielding psychopaths.
  1294. >Still not as bad as the time your Mum caught you watching henta-
  1295. >Your thoughts are interrupted by your teacher, "Mr. Grogar"
  1296. >Some short guy with dark blue hair and a thick mustache, he's an asshole to most students, but you've managed to get on his good side after numerous detentions and the fact that you both have similar interests in music and history.
  1297. >Lol nerd.
  1298. >"Alright, today we're going to be doing an experiment, so I know that you all are clearly old enough to choose a partner by yourself."
  1299. >Everyone begins to laugh, before your classmates look towards their friends and silently nodding at each other, confirming that they'll work together in the experiment.
  1300. >You don't have any friends in this class, and you blame yourself for not bothering to really be friendly with anyone here, but you'll probably end up getting paired up with someone who didn't get one either.
  1301. >Grogar told you about the experiment last week anyway, so you could do this by yourself if you had the option.
  1302. >Should've asked Sunset, but she's pretty popular, someone's probably asked her to be her partner by now.
  1303. >"Anyway, we're going over the disection of the heart, like we went over in theory last week, so it's more of an open book practical, just start making cuts around the hearts I'll be giving out shortly, and you should be able to identify the chambers, valves and vena cavae of the heart."
  1304. >People get up and walk towards their friends, getting ready to start the practical.
  1305. >Give it five minutes, Anon. There will eventually be someone without a partner.
  1307. >Feeling a light tapping on your back, you look behind you, to be greeted with Sunset's face.
  1308. >"Hey, need a partner?"
  1309. "No one wanted to go with you?"
  1311. >"I had a nightmare too, weird."
  1312. >Weird coincidence.
  1313. "Mind me asking what it was about?"
  1314. >"Well... I was just kidnapped by these weird people, and suddenly I saw red and I screamed. Ended up waking up screaming in the middle of the night like nothing happened."
  1315. >That's pretty fucking shady, it almost sounds like what happened to you happened to her.
  1317. >You shouldn't dig in, the last thing you need is her actually finding out you're Tony, besides, you don't even know what mask she wears.
  1318. "Oh, sorry for asking, well it was just a nightmare, so that's good."
  1319. >"Jeez, thanks Anon."
  1320. "What? I'm not a therapist, I'm actually trying to be nice here."
  1321. >"Fine, thank you for being so kind, Anon."
  1322. "No problem, Sunset."
  1323. >The practical carries on with ease, Sunset didn't act like a child around blood, so you two managed to finish half-an-hour before everyone else, so you two got the rest of the lesson off.
  1324. >You say goodbye to Mr. Grogar, who smiles and calls you over, right as Sunset leaves the classroom.
  1325. >"Anon, you've made me proud."
  1326. "Sorry sir, what?"
  1327. >"You know what I mean, I'm glad you've finally got a girlfriend!"
  1328. "I'm not dating her, Mr. Grogar, we're just friends."
  1329. >"That's what you think, boy. But I could clearly see she was into you, didn't you notice the way she constantly touched you?"
  1330. >He has a point, Sunset did often touch you and poke you, but you saw that as her being playful.
  1331. "It's just playful, it's not like that, I swear."
  1332. >"Suit yourself boy, also, here's the test from two week's ago - Just finished marking it!"
  1333. >He hands you a paper, with the Letter "A+" stamped on it.
  1334. >You smile, putting the paper in the bag as Mr. Grogar puts his hand on your shoulder.
  1335. >"Great work like always, my boy. Take care of yourself!"
  1336. "Will do, bye Mr. Grogar!"
  1337. >You leave the classroom, smiling to yourself.
  1338. >He's a pretty cool guy.
  1340. >Weird, usually no one's outside the school campus at this time of day.
  1341. >You look in the direction of the footsteps, to see a tall, muscular wearing a vest, dark cargo pants, combat boots.
  1342. >But perhaps the most menacing thing about him isn't his size, but rather the fact that he's wearing a mask.
  1343. >Not just a mask, but your mask.
  1344. >Although, it's definitely a lot more mangled, and has red splotches of blood on the side, with one eye missing.
  1345. >Wait, he's probably come after you to kill you.
  1346. >How the fuck did you get discovered already?
  1347. >Your heart begins to pound faster than before, and you feel fight-or-flight kick in, you try to book it, but the figure just starts sprinting towards you.
  1348. >He lets out some sort of war-cry, akin to a growl, before sprinting after you, he's a lot faster than you and could easily catch up.
  1349. >You try to run for the dumpster and hide there, maybe he'll miss you.
  1350. >As you take a quick turn, you get behind the large black bin, praying to whatever deity out there to save you.
  1351. >You hear his footsteps, come closer to you, then begin to walk away, the sound of them getting quieter and quieter.
  1352. >You sigh in relief, about to stand up, before you see the bin moved to the side.
  1353. >The Tiger-masked man twists your arm and throws you on the ground.
  1354. >He then holds you by the neck.
  1355. >"Why the fuck did you run?"
  1356. >His low pitched grunts of a voice reminds you of a more intimidating, British Batman.
  1357. "You took my mask, cunt. I can only assume you're here to kill me."
  1358. >He starts laughing, before letting you go and helping you up.
  1359. >"Name's Tony, the Commander sent me here to make sure you're up to speed, Anon."
  1360. "He knows my name?"
  1361. >"Only him and the General know, they keep a profile on all the new recruits."
  1362. "I appreciate the help, but why?"
  1364. >"As much as it seems like they want it, your superiors want you to stay alive, you show a lot of promise as a recruit, but you lack a lot of things."
  1365. "Like what?"
  1366. >"Well for one, you look like a skeleton, and secondly, you don't know how to fight, or how to kill, that's where I come in."
  1367. >This could easily be a trap, but he seems to have good intentions.
  1368. "So where do I go to train?"
  1369. >"I've brought all the things required to your house, We'll be going there now."
  1370. "But I've got classes and I need to talk to a gir-"
  1371. >"Listen to me kid, you're either gonna die, or train enough to survive the first mission, trust me here, you don't wanna die on your first mission."
  1372. "Listen to me, I can come after school, but I have to do a f-"
  1373. >He slaps you, leaving a small mark on your face.
  1374. >"Anon, do you want to fucking die? I was sent here, because you were the weakest out of all the recruits, in a one-on-one right now, you're good as fucked. Out there? Out there, you'll die within the first two minutes, so I might as well just kill you right now."
  1375. >Fuck this guy, fuck the all the H.D.C., you never asked to be in this, you just wanted to be a normal person.
  1376. "I'm calling your bluff, they wouldn't want you to kill me."
  1377. >He punches you across the face, this time, you can feel blood coming from your mouth, you groan and spit.
  1378. >"Orders were not to kill you, but I'd rather not break you right now. You have a choice here, die or make something of yourself."
  1379. "I'll fucking kill yo-"
  1380. >He kicks you this time, a lot less painful, but you end up groaning, you're near tears at this point.
  1381. >"Sorry, could you repeat that? Depending on what you say, I may have to kick your ass!"
  1382. >He grips you by the collar of your shirt with one hand, his other fist pointed directly at you.
  1383. >No winning here, Anon.
  1384. "Fine, I yield. Let's go."
  1385. >"Great, follow me, car's down here."
  1386. >He calmed down so quickly, is this guy bipolar or something?
  1387. >Following him, you pull out your phone and start texting Sunset.
  1389. "Hey, sorry Sunset, I had some emergency so I had to go home, I won't be seeing you guys at lunch today, again, I'm really sorry."
  1390. >She sends you a message back almost immidietly.
  1391. >"Hey Anon, I hope everythings alright."
  1392. "Don't worry about it, just some B.S. I've gotta sort out at home, I'll be fine tomorrow."
  1393. >"That's good to hear, but you have to make it up to the girls and I, otherwise I'll be really angry! :("
  1394. "I'll let you pick whatever you feel like it, anyways I've gotta so so bye!"
  1395. >You put your phone in your pocket and follow the guy into an old Jeep.
  1396. >As he gets into the car, he takes his mask off, revealing a middle aged man, with his right eye missing and his long hair combed back.
  1397. "So... What's your name?"
  1398. >"Name's Tony."
  1399. >You hold back a laugh, at the sheer irony of it.
  1400. >"Yep, I was the original one."
  1401. "Wait, what?"
  1402. >"The mask was named after me, since I was the first person to use it."
  1403. "Oh, speaking of which, what the fuck did you to the mask?"
  1404. >"This is my mask, that one you have is a cheap replica, turns out the powers you get from it weren't as potent as from mine."
  1405. >Oh yes, Discord mentioned how the masks gave you powers, was he serious? That would explain the pump you got from working out the other day.
  1406. "So, what powers does the mask give?"
  1407. >"The Tony mask is a lot like how it works in the game, it gives you ridiculous amounts of strength via some science shit way above what Discord pays me."
  1408. "I still don't get it."
  1409. >He sighs, and elbows his seat in frustration.
  1410. >"The mask increases the amount of muscle mass you can use during a fight, amps up your testosterone production and makes your metabolism a lot faster. Think of it as a super steroid."
  1411. "You serious?"
  1412. >"Yeah, it's pretty fucking great."
  1413. >He hands you his bloodied mask.
  1414. >"This is yours now, forget about the one you were given on day one, that's a fake mask, this is the real one, this is the one I wore when I was around your age... Killing communists."
  1415. "Thanks, I guess."
  1417. >"Just don't fuck it up, kid. I know you're not much of a killer, most kids are pussies these days. Back in my day, killing was something else, we'd fight for our country, to stop wars... For a greater cause..."
  1418. >He begins to mumble on like an old war veteran, the pain in his eyes was a clear indicator for you not to ask any questions on that.
  1419. >You try to change the subject.
  1420. "So, what are we going to do?"
  1421. >"Training, you are going to be doing everything, and I'll make sure you're strong enough to do your first mission without fail."
  1422. "Is this part of his orders, or did you come here on your own accord?"
  1423. >"Bit of both really, can't really have my successor fuck up, now can I?"
  1424. "I guess."
  1426. DMX - X Gon Give It To Ya (Dirty)
  1427. >You finally reach your house, as you both go inside, you change into your gym clothes and Tony hands you the mask.
  1428. "I'm not wearing this while I work out."
  1429. >"The powers only activate whilst you have this on."
  1430. >You put the mask on, and feel that same smell from the other one, but only a lot more potent, and a lot stronger.
  1431. >You feel your body begin to change, as your heart pounds it's never done before.
  1432. >It feels like you've been injected with a hundred adrenaline pens at once.
  1433. >You feel your muscles tense, and your strength definitely increasing.
  1434. >Tony takes you through the basic workouts Shining bought you through, but at a much higher intensity, you're easily able to power through these, as you feel your endurance and strength increase like never before.
  1435. >You power through the workouts like no tomorrow, and start running for another hour.
  1436. >You can feel the pain and the toxins building up, but the moment you feel them for a split second, they seem to die right away.
  1437. >You recall Tony explaining that the mask's powers also include the body being able to remove toxins and lactic acid at a much faster rate, meaning you can accomplish greater feats of endurance and strength for longer periods of time.
  1439. >After four hours, you begin to take deep breaths, you look at your body, and your muscles have clearly become a lot more defined, at least for four hours of progress.
  1440. >You also feel a lot hungrier, like you haven't eaten in at least a week.
  1441. >As you finish the last rep of your deadlift, you notice that the amount of weight you can lift has almost doubled.
  1442. >You can barely breathe in the mask, but it's made you into some strong freak of nature.
  1443. >As much as you want to pull it off, Tony warned you that the moment you take it off, your body will go into a lot of pain, as the mask manages to dumb a lot of the strain on the muscles you use, meaning that you'll probably start crying like a bitch the moment you take it off and move.
  1444. >Tony walks up to you with a large metal bottle.
  1445. >"Not too bad, but you're going to have to A LOT more."
  1446. "You serious? I'm lifting twice what I could yesterday!"
  1447. >"Anon, that mask is a blessing, it can help you achieve your dreams, you should at least be able to go for eight hours."
  1448. "We have time, but I doubt I could do that."
  1449. >"The first week I used the mask, I managed to go from a fat loser to looking like a Greek folk hero, age does things to you, but at your age, I was pretty damn good."
  1450. >You smile and nod at his blabbering, but he's got a point, heck, this mask could you help get big enough to make the rugby team, meaning you could win the bet againt Twilight and her friends.
  1451. "So, what's next?"
  1452. >He throws the bottle at you, you catch it without realizing.
  1453. >Guess your reflexes have improved too.
  1454. >"Drink it."
  1455. "What is it?"
  1456. >"Drink it and I'll tell you."
  1457. "My Mum said I shouldn't take things from stran-"
  1458. >"Do you want me to beat the shit out of you again?"
  1459. >You nod, and take a seat by the couch, pulling the mask up to expose your mouth and try not to move too much.
  1460. >Obliging, you open the bottle and take a sniff.
  1461. >It smells like a strawberry smoothie, but it's as clear as water.
  1463. >As you chug it down, it tastes like a mix of honey-glazed meat and tomatoes, along with some unfamiliar textures in it too.
  1464. >"Like it? It's a drug made to help your body cope with endurance, think of it as an enhancer of the mask."
  1465. "You sure this won't fuck me up?"
  1466. >"You won't get the fucked up stuff you'd get from downing a bucket full of roids, if that's what you're asking, anyway for the last two hours, we're going to practice fighting."
  1467. >You nod and put the mask back on, you feel a slight bit of ache in your muscles from pulling the mask up slightly, but it begins to go away and you feel another burst of adrenaline, as you raise your fists against Tony.
  1468. >"So here's how it's going to go, we're going to go for a typical fight, no nutshots and no hits to the temple, everything else is permitted though."
  1469. "But you'll win regardless, how is this going to help?"
  1470. >"Helps me see where you need to improve the most, and what parts we need to focus on.
  1471. >He assumes a fighting stance whilst you raise your fists up, the moment you try to strike, he jabs you in your side, and you wince in pain.
  1472. >"Keep up a stance like me, so you're able to keep your guard whilst being able to deliver quick hits - The mask will make you stronger regardless, so you're better off focusing on delivering quick hits, instead of heavy ones."
  1473. >You nod and copy his stance, he opens his hands and keeps his arms up.
  1474. >You go for a quick punch and deliver it to his chest, although his armor softens the blow, your punch pushes him backwards by a bit.
  1475. >He grabs your arm before you pull it back, and slams his elbow on it.
  1476. >Fuck, that one definitely hurt.
  1477. >You knee his stomach and bring your arm back, it hurts way too much to use for a bit, you'll have to just focus on using that to guard you.
  1478. >You try to sweep his ankles, but his stance makes it quite difficult.
  1479. >In a split second, Tony squats and picks your leg up, spins around and throws you against the wall.
  1481. >In a split second, Tony squats and picks up your leg, spins once and throws you against the wall.
  1482. >Groaning, you flutter your eyes open to see Tony coming towards you to finish you off.
  1483. >Guess it's time to play dirty again.
  1484. "I yield, you win mate, let's start again."
  1485. >You pull out your hand, achknowleding his win, as Tony gets a grip on your hand and helps pull you up, you get up and turn around, twisting his arm in the process.
  1486. >In spark of his confusion, you go behind him and kick his back with all your might, you feel your hips rotate backwards in response to the force of the blow.
  1487. >His head hits the wall, then he slumps to the ground.
  1488. >As he falls, you feel proud of yourself for managing to get him down, your thoughts begin to melt away, as a sense of primal instinct hits you.
  1489. >You let out a menacing roar, and start punching Tony's chest, holding your hands together in a ball shape, and start to bring it down on his face.
  1490. >Tony stops your attack, pushing you back with ease.
  1491. >As he gets up, he throws you back down and doesn't even put up a stance, he runs up to you and helps you up, before landing a hook on your chest, bringing you back down.
  1493. >He screams into your face, as every syllable is followed by another pounding blow to your body.
  1494. >As his flurry of hits slows down, you begin to groan, trying to move, but struggling horribly.
  1496. >"You usually use dirty tactics, don't you? I see what you were trying to do, doing that to an opponent much more experienced than you is a good tactic in the middle of battle, especially when you know you can't beat them in physical strength or speed.
  1497. >You groan in response, as he holds his hand out for you, helping you up.
  1498. >"But that was some fancy fighting - You're pretty good!"
  1499. "Pretty...Good?"
  1500. >"Yeah, now take the mask off, Anon."
  1501. >You take the mask off, the pain hitting you like a twelve wheeler going twenty above the speed limit.
  1502. >In other words, it hurt like a bitch.
  1503. >He guides you to the couch, bringing out something that looked like an adrenaline pen, and injects it into you.
  1504. >You feel a numbness of pain, similar to anasthesia, as you begin to drift of to sleep.
  1505. >"That should help your body develop incredibly quickly, I'll leave some clothes for you here, I'll see you tomorrow, Anon."
  1506. >You give him a thumbs up as you drift off to sleep.
  1508. Your house, 9 P.M. -
  1509. >Yawning, you open your eyes and try to get up.
  1510. >Groaning, you feel the strain on your muscles caused from your ridiculous work out.
  1511. >Whilst it isn't as bad as earlier, most of your bruises from fighting Tony earlier have healed up, guess it's just a side effect of the mask and that thing he made you drink.
  1512. >You get up from the walk, attempting to walk, or more realistically, limping towards the table.
  1513. >Noticing a piece of paper on the table, you pick it up and take a glance - It's a note from Tony.
  1514. >"Left some clothes for you in the bathroom, will be around tomorrow at two P.M., be ready. - Tony."
  1515. >A pungent smell greets your nose, something here smells like shit.
  1516. >Wait, it's just you, you didn't shower or change clothes.
  1517. >Trying not to gag from the stench, you make it to the bathroom, finding a pair of striped pyjama pants.
  1518. >We're Auschwitz now.
  1519. >Speaking of skeletons, you decide to take a look at yourself in the mirror.
  1520. >That isn't you.
  1521. >Anon Y. Mous is a skinny man, who's of average height.
  1522. >This is someone else.
  1523. >A lot of the excess fat around your body, including on your cheeks, has just gone.
  1524. >Yes, gone.
  1525. >Your facial aesthetics have improved as a result, your cheekbones are much more defined, with your face being more angular.
  1526. >Handsome as fuck, brah.
  1527. >N-no homo though...
  1528. >Along with that, whilst you haven't packed on a load of muscle, your body and legs have become a lot more defined.
  1529. >Formation of pectorals and your abs are actually visible now, along with your arms being a lot more vascular and defined.
  1530. >Whilst you're not /fit/ yet, you've packed on a small bit of muscle and got rid of a lot of your excess fat, meaning you look more ripped than you actually are.
  1531. >You could've sworn your head wasn't that close to the top of the mirror before.
  1532. >Guess you've grown a few inches too.
  1533. >You feel proud of yourself.
  1534. >This may be the first time in a long time that you've actually felt good about yourself, you've got a great body.
  1536. >And it's actually thanks to Tony.
  1537. >And by that you mean both the mask and the man.
  1538. >Guess he knows what he's doing, with progress like that, you could do things you only dreamed of.
  1539. >The mask gave you a boost in Testosterone production, right?
  1540. >Does that mean...
  1541. >OK IT DOES, IT DOES.
  1543. >You take a shower, feeling the warm water greet your body.
  1544. >Man, this is perfect - You've actually got a chance to try and get a girlfriend, even if she doesn't seem interested in you, you're on the way to becoming /fit/ and proving everyone wrong about you.
  1545. >But most importantly, you're getting stronger.
  1546. >You've tried to ignore the fact that you're going to be forced to kill people, but it hits you.
  1547. >If you don't you're dead, are you even ready for this?
  1548. >But when you had the mask on, it made you feel... Different.
  1549. >You didn't care about killing anyone, heck, you felt like you were bloodlusted when Tony hit you, even when he bought you down, it was only your own body tiring out, you still wanted to kill him.
  1550. >Maybe the mask changes the way you think, makes you more aggressive.
  1551. >You've still got three weeks till the first mission.
  1552. >Wait, Rugby trials are on the same day.
  1553. >You've got to try out for the team, AND end up killing people?
  1554. >Man, that's fucked.
  1556. >You begin to panic in the shower, your heart racing and you lean against the shower wall, close to fainting.
  1557. >Anon, calm down. You'll get through this, you always will.
  1558. >Besides, as fucked up as he is, Tony's there to make sure you don't fuck up, remember that you're a valuable asset to them, they won't let you die so easily.
  1559. >Yes, that's it.
  1560. >Taking deep breaths, you calm down.
  1561. >Finishing up the shower, you brush your teeth and carry out the usual routine, before drying off and putting on your pants.
  1562. >Wait, there's no shirt?
  1563. >Oh well.
  1565. >Normally you wouldn't walk around the house shirtless, it was more of an insecurity thing, but after your sudden changes, you decide to do it.
  1566. >It's a bit weird, getting used to it, but it seems different.
  1567. >You begin to clean up around your house, and try to find your phone.
  1568. >5 new text messages, oh boy.
  1569. >They were all sent when you were asleep, hopefully they're nothing too serious.
  1570. >Two from Shining, three from Sunset.
  1571. >You open up Shining's first.
  1572. >"I'm coming over later, better bring me some of that BOMB ASS TEA."
  1573. >Fucking Shining.
  1574. >You open the second one.
  1575. >"Can't come today, sorry, had to pick up Twily in an emergency. Just do what we did yesterday and you'll be fine!"
  1576. >You reply to Shining, telling him that you did work out today and that you fell asleep afterwards.
  1577. >Time to read Sunset's.
  1578. >"Hey Anon, I hope everythings alright, if it is, would you like to meet up with the girls and I at sugarcube corner after school?"
  1579. >That was sent around three p.m.
  1580. >"Hey, you there?"
  1581. >Sent around fifteen minutes after the first one.
  1582. >But the last one is what catches your eye.
  1583. >"OMG, the police just showed up at my place, they're asking about you! Are you okay?"
  1584. >Fuck.
  1585. >Guess you caught skipping.
  1586. >Wait, the police don't make a big deal over that.
  1587. >Think, what illegal things have you done recently that you might be questioned by the police for.
  1588. >FUCK.
  1589. >You rush to your computer, trying to delete as much of the porn as possible.
  1590. >After a few minutes, you manage to get rid of around one hundred gigabytes of pornographic material.
  1591. >You have problems.
  1592. >Is there anything else?
  1593. >...
  1594. >You're so fucking dumb.
  1595. >You open your wardrobe, to find your mask and fatigues in a small box.
  1596. >You need to hide this.
  1597. >You go downstairs, taking out the black bag from your bin, put the box in first, then put the bag back over it.
  1598. >If anyone comes, that won't be too obvious.
  1599. >Calm down, Anon.
  1600. >You open your fridge to see what you should eat.
  1602. You find a steak in your fridge, with another note next to it.
  1603. >"Eat this when you wake up. - Tony."
  1604. >Oh boy, free food.
  1605. >You heat the steak up in the microwave, then sit on the couch with your steak and laptop, browing MyStable.
  1606. >Man, what happened whilst you were gone.
  1607. >You should probably reply to Sunset.
  1608. >Bringing out your phone, you ask Sunset what happened in school, and if she's alright.
  1609. >Going back on MyStable, you see lots of updates on "Bomb thread in CHS." and people celebrating the fact that school's closed for the next two weeks.
  1610. >Wait, school's closed for the next two weeks?
  1611. >Fuck yeah.
  1612. >But the bomb threats pretty fucked up.
  1613. >Searching it up, it says that a bomb was found in the school, and that people have been evacuated.
  1614. >Apparantley it was found around the time you were asleep.
  1615. >Well, fuck, that makes you look suspicious.
  1616. >As you sigh, you hear a knock at your door.
  1617. >You walk towards the door to see who it is.
  1618. >Two police officers.
  1619. >You take a deep breathe and open the door.
  1620. >Act natural.
  1622. "Good evening, Officers, how can I help?"
  1623. >"Evening to you too, you're Mr. Mous, right?"
  1624. "Yes sir."
  1625. >"Well Mr. Mous, we'd like to come in and ask you a few questions, if that's possible."
  1626. "Yeah sure, please come in."
  1627. >You usher them in and bring them to your living room, telling them to have a seat.
  1628. "Can I get you two anything - Coffee, or tea?"
  1629. >"Some tea would be good, no milk or sugar."
  1630. >The other officer nods, for the same.
  1631. >You go to the kitchen and turn the kettle on, the tea is made quickly.
  1632. >You bring a few biscuits too, just in case - You want to keep a good favour with them.
  1633. >You bring the tray towards them, as they nod in gratitude.
  1634. "Sorry about uh, this. Just woke up and I didn't think I'd have any visitors."
  1635. "Sorry about uh, this. Just woke up and I didn't think I'd have any visitors."
  1636. >They both chuckle, before one of them pulls out a small notebook.
  1637. "So, what did you want to ask me?"
  1639. >"I'd assume you've heard about the bomb threat at your school."
  1640. "I just saw a few posts on MySpace, it's real, right?"
  1641. >"Unfortunately yes, but we'd like to know if you were present in school around ten A.M."
  1642. >Be honest here, Anon - But not too honest.
  1643. "I had to go home, sir."
  1644. >"And why would that be?"
  1645. "I felt ill."
  1646. >They give you a quizzical look, before nodding at each other.
  1647. >"The school nurse said she didn't see you come in to see her today, either."
  1648. "I felt really bad, sir - Had to rush home."
  1649. >One of the officers sighs, taking another sip from his mug.
  1650. >"The thing is, we have reason to suspect that you had something to do with the bomb in school - You're the only student on our list, but the fact that you just ditched early does seem suspicious."
  1651. >You need to convince them that you're too innocent for that.
  1652. "Sir, have you ever tried to go to a bathroom in a public school?"
  1653. >Their eyes widen in curiousity.
  1654. "I had the worst case of diarrhoea this morning, and since my house isn't too far, I'd rather just go there instead of the nurse - I also had some medicine to help alleviate it there."
  1655. >They begin to laugh at you, you join in too, as the whole situation is just so awkward, you had to break the ice somehow.
  1656. >"Mr. Mous, I know we're officers, but there's such thing as too much information."
  1657. "Yes sir, but I was ill for two hours, then I just felt too hungry to do anything, and I knew that if I ate something I'd just be on the toilet bowl, so I decided to take a nap, it did help a lot."
  1658. >You don't look like a criminal either.
  1659. >The officers start talking to each other quietly for a few minutes, then stand up.
  1660. >"Well, I guess we're done here, we've finished the tea too - Thanks for that."
  1661. >"You're fine, Mr. Mous, thank for for letting us ask you a few questions, I don't think we need to contact you anytime soon."
  1662. "No problem, take care."
  1663. >You open the door for them, and close it as they leave.
  1664. >That was close.
  1665. >A bit too close.
  1667. >"A-Anonymous! How scandalous! I certainly would never do that!" She says in an embarrassed manner while fanning her pretty face with her delicate hand.
  1668. >That was a funny way to react to your lewd words.
  1669. "I was kidding Rares."
  1670. >"Hmph!"
  1671. >You love it when she does that.
  1673. >Minutes later, in front of Rarity's house.
  1674. >Flutter Theme - Megaman Legends 2 Music Extended
  1675. "Well Rares, here we better lay low for a while okay?"
  1676. >"I understand Anonymous. I'll see you on Monday!" She cheerfully says.
  1677. "Yeah...take care Rares."
  1678. >As you turn around you hear Rarity opening the front door of her house, but right before she goes inside, she decides to turn around and call your name.
  1679. >"Umm...Anon?"
  1680. >You turn your head around your shoulder.
  1681. "Yes Rarity?"
  1682. >"I have something important to tell you, could you please come closer?"
  1683. >You turn around once agan and walk up to her, stepping on the 'welcome' doormat.
  1684. >She clears her throat.
  1685. >"Thank you Anonymous."
  1686. "For what?"
  1687. >"For teaching me how to stand up for myself...I was really afraid of having to walk home by myself, but now that you taught me how to defend myself I finally"
  1688. "Oh, well...we haven't trained that much, and I'm sure we can do much better than that."
  1689. >"Oh I know darling, and I'd love to spend more time training with you. It's just...when I got rid of that ruffian I just; felt good you know?"
  1690. "You did?"
  1691. >"Yes, I felt a strange sensation running through my veins, the feeling of...danger and success!"
  1692. >Rarity gives you a hug.
  1693. >"You don't know how humilliated I felt each time a rufffian felt me up whenever I walked down the street, and now that I know Snips and Snails might've snapped a few pictures of my underwear makes it even worse."
  1694. >You can hear her sobbing.
  1695. "Rares...please don't cry," you say while petting her hair.
  1696. >"It's just...this feels so liberating, those perverts won't come near me again...and it's all thanks to you!"
  1697. >Rarity plants a sweet kiss your cheek, leaving her mark on it.
  1699. >You let out a dumb chuckle.
  1700. "Oh, you're welcome Rares."
  1701. >She lets out a sweet giggle.
  1702. >"By the way Anonymous...don't worry about what I did to that ruffian because," she leans in and whispers to your ear, "I would've fondled yours with lots of love and care instead."
  1703. >Your eyes go wide and your cheeks go as red as Applejack's apples.
  1704. >You didn't know Rarity could be so lewd...
  1705. >Rarity giggles once again before releasing you.
  1706. >"RARITY? IS THAT YOU?"
  1707. >She lets out a groan.
  1708. "Yes mother, it's me!"
  1709. >"Dinner's almost ready!"
  1710. >Rarity sighs.
  1711. >"Well Anonymous, you better leave before my mother starts asking questions."
  1712. "I uhh...okay. See you on Monday Rares."
  1713. >"Have a good evening darling," she says before blowing you a kiss and closing the door.
  1714. >You turn around and walk to your home.
  1715. >Guess Rarity really likes you know.
  1717. >M.O.O.N. - Dust [Official Hotline Miami 2 OST]
  1718. >Rarity: +150
  1719. >Rainbow Dash: +100
  1720. >Applejack: +100
  1721. >Pinkie Pie: +100
  1722. >The girls: +100
  1723. >Silver Fang's Gang: -75
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  1733. >>25016638
  1735. I'm so sorry for not updating, you won't believe what lab work has me doing.
  1737. >>24989640
  1738. >You look back at your phone, and see a few misscalls from Sunset, guess it's time to call her.
  1739. >You tap on her name, and press call.
  1740. >...
  1741. >....
  1742. >.....
  1743. >"Hey Anon! Are you alright?"
  1744. >Her voice... It brings you away from your problems, it makes you forget everything.
  1745. "Hi Sunset, I'm alright - I felt sick earlier today, and ended up sleeping for most of the day."
  1746. >"Oh, thank Celest- God! I don't know what I would've done if something happened to you..."
  1747. >You chuckle, as she begins to laugh with you.
  1748. "Don't worry about me, but the police did show up at my door."
  1749. >"Oh, what'd they ask you?"
  1750. "Well, the first they asked me was, 'Why aren't you wearing a shirt?'"
  1751. >She starts laughing at your joke, everything about her is cute.
  1752. "Seriously though, I answered the door shirtless."
  1753. >"No way, did you forget or what?"
  1754. "I read your message right as I woke up, and I took a shower but forgot to put on a shirt."
  1755. >"Wow... So what'd they ask you?"
  1756. "Just some basic questions of where I was, and I told them what happened, they thought I had something to do with the bomb, but I'm glad it's over now."
  1757. >"Yeah... So, school's cancelled for two weeks."
  1758. "Two weeks, really? I haven't got any work or anything to do, that's awesome."
  1759. >"The girls and I are probably going to go hang out at Sugarcube corner tomorrow and think of what to do during the two week holiday, would you be interested?"
  1760. "Sure... But I..."
  1761. >Shit, you forgot that Tony's coming over tomorrow, you'll have to go early.
  1762. >"What's up, Anon?"
  1763. "What time are you guys meeting up?"
  1764. >"Well, we were thinking of having breakfast there, at around eight A.M., which is pretty early, but gives us a lot of time to do everything."
  1765. >You could easily spend a few hours with them, then go back home and get that routine done with Tony.
  1766. "Sure, I'd love to."
  1767. >"Great, I'll see you there, oh, and one more thing!"
  1769. What's that?"
  1770. >"Because of the whole bomb fiasco, the Rugby trials got delayed for another few weeks, so I guess the bet with the girls is off."
  1771. "I'm not too worried about it, I'll still be trying my best to get fit."
  1772. >"That's great to hear, Anon, I'll see you tomorrow!"
  1773. "And you, bye, Sunset."
  1774. >You hang the phone up.
  1775. >Woah, were you always this tired?
  1776. >Probably the mask's after effects, it's your first time fully using it, so it's probably the after effects.
  1777. >Besides, the mask had a kickass healing factor, took a lot of energy out of you.
  1778. >You struggle to walk to your bedroom, setting your alarm for six A.M. and head to bed.
  1779. >Time to sleep.
  1781. -6AM, Tuesday 23rd January, 2015-
  1784. >ROUND RO-
  1785. >Man, this alarm clock has the worst choices for music.
  1786. >Closing the alarm clock, you go shower and pick up your daily routine.
  1787. >Glancing in the mirror, you've already put on a bit more muscle than before, you're looking pretty damn good right now.
  1788. >You feel better too.
  1789. >As you walk into the shower, you smack your head on the top of the door.
  1790. >Were you ever that tall? Did you grow another few inches in height?
  1791. >Oh well.
  1792. >Finishing your shower, you notice that your hairs grown out a bit and you've got some nice stubble coming along.
  1793. >Tfw no qt3.14 big guy to hug with at night.
  1794. >N-no homo.
  1795. >You comb your hair and run your hand through your stubble, it feels nice man.
  1796. >Real nice.
  1797. >Anyway, you took about thirty minutes to shower, longer than usual - You've got to be at Sugarcube corner by eight.
  1798. >You got time.
  1799. >Going downstairs, you start boiling eggs and frying bacon, true breakfast daddies.
  1800. >You also start blending another protein shake, just to make more gains.
  1801. >Ten minutes passes, you sit down and enjoy breakfast, contemplating what comes next.
  1802. >Well, you probably won't eat much at Sugarcube corner, maybe a shake or something, but nothing crazy - You're still on a diet...
  1804. >As you finish breakfast, you notice the time's around seven A.M.
  1805. >Might as well get changed now and go for a walk.
  1806. >You look to your wardrobe, seeing what you're going to wear today.
  1807. >You're going to meet up with a bunch of pretty girls, you'll need to look nice.
  1808. >Putting on a white collared shirt, a brown blazer, jeans and a pair of vintage shoes.
  1809. >As you get your wallet and keys, you wrap a scarf around your neck, and close the door.
  1810. >Sugarcube corners a bit far, but you do need to do a few things beforehand, like buy more milk and vegetables.
  1811. >You find your bike next to you, and start cycling towards the grocery shop to finish your chores.
  1813. >Well, that was easy, fourty-five minutes later, you've gone for a quick cycle around the park, and finished your groceries.
  1814. >You need to get to Sugarcube corner in 5 minutes though.
  1815. >You start pedalling again, taking a sip from your water bottle on the way.
  1816. >Five past eight, you're at Sugarcube Corner, you park your bike and lock it, walking into Sugarcube corner.
  1817. >The place has really expanded, becoming more and more popular with people your age.
  1818. >At first, being a small business run by a family - Mr and Mrs. Cake, they eventually hired Pinkie Pie, the ecstatic baker-to-be.
  1819. >Using her popularity around school, more and more people started going, and it became a hit amongst the town.
  1820. >The Cakes owe a lot to Pinkie and her friends - They always seem to hang out there too.
  1821. >As you walk in, you look around to find Sunset and the girls, but you're caught in rush hour.
  1822. >Trying to huddle past people, you hear Pinkie calling your name.
  1823. >"Over here, Nonny!"
  1824. >Oh man, that nickname.
  1825. >Takes you back.
  1826. >You walk up to their table, the girls all smile and say hi to you, you greet them back.
  1827. >You sit down between Sunset and Pinkie, Sunset smiling and happy to see you.
  1828. "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  1829. >Sunset is the first person to start talking to you.
  1830. >"Not that much, we were just about to order, have a look at the menu."
  1832. >Sunset hands you a menu, as you take off your blazer.
  1833. >A few of the girls start staring at your chest and arms, which have noticeably gotten bigger.
  1834. >Whilst they don't say anything to you directly, you can tell that they're whispering among themselves over it.
  1835. >Once you finish looking at the menu and set yourself on what to order, you put the menu down and look at the girls.
  1836. "Something wrong?"
  1837. >You glance at Rarity, who's face is the reddest out of the girls.
  1838. >"Oh... Nothing much, darling... It's just that you've changed a lot, over a few days."
  1839. "What do you mean?"
  1840. >Oh you know, your shirts a lot tighter, you've definitely gotten a lot more muscular, and bigger - But you're not going to make it obvious.
  1841. >"Oh, it's nothing Anon, I promise."
  1842. >She starts twirling her hair with her finger nervously.
  1843. >After an awkward few seconds, Pinkie puts her hand on your chest and rubs it downwards.
  1844. >"Wow, Nonny! Your body's a lot firmer than what it used to be, have you been working out?"
  1845. >She purrs at you, moving closer to you and getting a lot more touchy-feely with you.
  1846. "Y-you too..."
  1847. >Damn it Anon, you're supposed to be more confident now, but when a girl like Pinkie starts flirting with you, what can you do?
  1848. >"Seriously though, you're looking pretty good, do you want to come over, maybe do some Netfli-"
  1849. >Sunset interrupts Pinkie, as she calls a waitress over.
  1850. >"You ready to order, Anon?"
  1851. "Yeah, I'll have pancakes with chocolate syrup."
  1852. >The girls all place their orders too, as you sit back and get in some idle conversation with them.
  1853. "So, Sunset, what have you been up to?"
  1854. "So, Sunset, what have you been up to?"
  1855. Hozier - Like Real People Do (lyrics)
  1856. >"Nothing too much, Anon, just happy that school's out for two weeks!"
  1857. "Same here, maybe we should do something with everyone."
  1858. >You both look at the rest of the group, who are talking to themselves, in their own little world.
  1859. "Do they usually single you out, or is it just me being here."
  1861. >"Sometimes it happens, I mean we do talk, and it isn't like we're angry at each other, but some of the girls get on better than others. I just happen to be the one that has the least in common with all of them."
  1862. "Even Twilight?"
  1863. >"Especially Twilight, I used to be the bad girl, remember?"
  1864. "You don't seem so bad to me, you're more innocent than anything."
  1865. >Sunset begins to shy away from you, and begins to talk quietly.
  1866. >"We all change, Anon... We all have secrets we don't want to share."
  1867. >You put a hand on her cheek, gently moving her face to yours.
  1868. "I will not ask you where you came from, and I won't ask you what you did."
  1869. >She brings her face closer to yours, and starts blushing immensely.
  1870. >You realize that your lips are only a few inches away from one of the most beautiful girls in the world's.
  1871. >Heat begins to reach to your cheeks, as you start blushing like a fresh spring harvest.
  1872. >"Anon, can I ask you a question?"
  1873. "Sure."
  1874. >"Are we dating?"
  1875. "What."
  1876. >"We're always so close to each other, and don't act like I didn't know what was going on in your pants when we were in the car - At first I thought you were just some perverted guy, but you turned out to be more than that."
  1877. "Sunset..."
  1878. >"Anon, whenever we talk, whenever I'm with you... It makes me happy... And I... I want to take our friendship to the next step, I hope you know what I mean."
  1879. "I know exactly how you feel."
  1880. >Your heads inch closer and closer, with each word spoken.
  1881. >"You... Do?"
  1882. >It's time to be alpha, Anon.
  1883. >She likes you, you like her.
  1884. >JUST DO IT.
  1887. "Here are your pancakes, sorry about the wait!"
  1889. >...
  1890. >Why.
  1891. >You and Sunset open your eyes, blushing in embarassment, awkwardly laughing.
  1892. >Everyone in the restaraunt was looking at you, anticipating for the moment.
  1893. >They all were actually looking.
  1894. "Well uh... Let's eat, I'm actually really hungry."
  1895. >Sunset joins you in eating.
  1896. >"M-me too!"
  1897. >You could hear quiet 'boos' and 'awws' from different tables, but perhaps what got you the most, was Sweetie Belle's anger.
  1898. >"Just kiss already!"
  1901. >You and Sunset both sigh, man that was horrible.
  1902. >You wolf down your pancakes, trying to forget about the awkward events that just occured.
  1903. >But you need to fix this, she confessed to you.
  1904. >Whilst you're not very experienced with women, Momma' didn't raise no fool, you've got to make sure she knows that you do reciprocate her feelings.
  1905. >You glance at the other girls, who are still busy eating their food and talking about some non relevant topic.
  1906. >You decide to just text Sunset instead, so the girl's don't know what's going on.
  1907. >Pulling out your phone, you begin to type a text to Sunset.
  1908. "I'm sorry about what happened, but I do reciprocate how you feel."
  1909. >A buzz is heard, as she pulls out her phone, and glances at you for a second.
  1910. >She begins to text you back.
  1911. >"You do? You don't know how that makes me feel..."
  1912. "But what about us, what's next?"
  1913. >"I don't know, Anon... I feel like we've rushed things a bit, I know I came on to you first, but I feel like I need some time alone to think about this."
  1914. "Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable, I just thought this is how things work out."
  1915. >"No, you didn't do anything wrong, It's me... I'm just bad with people, and I really do want to be with you, Anon, I want to be more than friends, but I don't know if I'm ready right now, that's why I need a bit of time to think about things, and then see how we can go ahead."
  1916. "Alright then, I'm sorry again, I guess we'll be avoiding each other for a while?"
  1917. >"That'd be best... I'm sorry to do this to you."
  1918. "It's completely fine, I'm here if you need anything."
  1919. >"Thanks Anon, you're too nice to me."
  1920. "Only to you, Sunny."
  1921. >She blushes as she reads the final text, lightly punching you in the arm.
  1922. >"You're such an idiot. <3"
  1923. >Looking at the time, it's been over thirty minutes, whilst you have nothing else to do today, you should probably go home and get ahead of schedule, so you can speed things up with Tony, the more prepared you are, the better.
  1925. >As you look out the window, to check on your bike, you see a tall man fiddling with your bike lock.
  1926. >He's dressed like a stereotypical thug, and it looks way too sketchy.
  1927. >You're about to get up and confront him, before Pinkie grabs your arm and stops you.
  1928. >"Hey Nonny, where are you going?
  1929. "Just left something by my Bike, Ponk - I'll be back shortly."
  1930. >She blushes at the nickname you had for, in retort for 'Nonny'.
  1931. >"Alright, just pinkie promise you won't ditch us!"
  1932. "I promis-"
  1933. >"Pinkie promise!"
  1934. >You sigh, chanting the Pinkie promise cupcake bullshit, before going out of restaraunt.
  1935. >Did Pinkie promises always involved Pinkie Pie hugging you tightly and groping your butt?
  1936. >Maybe she's just being friendly.
  1937. >You push the door open, before confronting the would-be bike stealer.
  1938. "Excuse me, that's my bike."
  1939. >He ignores you, as he continues to try to break the lock.
  1940. >You walk closer to him, and speak louder.
  1941. "Oi, that's my bike."
  1942. >He glances back at you for a second, before shrugging and turning his back to you again.
  1943. >That's it, just punch this cunt's face in.
  1944. >You clench your hand, forming a fist and pull it back.
  1945. >Before you can deliver your punch, you feel your hand being held by a soft pair of hands.
  1946. >"Nonny, don't."
  1947. "Pinkie? I said I'd be back in a few minutes."
  1948. >"Let me handle it, Nonny, I've got your back."
  1949. >She walks up to the man, tapping him on his shoulder.
  1950. >"Hey, could you please get off my friend's bike, it looks like you're stealing, and that isn't very nice."
  1951. >The man stands up, he's a lot taller than he looks, easily dwarfing both you and Pinkie.
  1952. >"Or what?"
  1953. >"Well, first, I'd call the police and report attempted theft, and you know what they do prisoners!"
  1954. >"I ain't going back to jail, pink haired motherfucker! So why don't you and your boyfriend get lost, or I'll fuck both of you up."
  1955. >"Stop. Now. I don't like when people hurt my friends and say mean things."
  1956. >She walks closer to him, putting a hand on the bike.
  1958. >"Come one step closer bitch, see what happens."
  1959. >The man starts taunting Pinkie, you start to feel your inner rage building up.
  1960. >You don't even have the mask on yet, but you feel yourself getting angry, just for insulting Pinkie.
  1961. >Pinkie takes two steps towards him, he tries to punch her, but she moves to the side.
  1963. >If she doesn't get him to go, you may actually have to intervene.
  1964. >"I said, please go-WOAH!"
  1965. >The man trips Pinkie to the floor, before bringing his fist down to land another hit on her.
  1967. Perturbator - "Future Club" [Dangerous Days Premiere - 2014]
  1968. >THAT'S IT.
  1969. >You unleash a primal growl, before running up to Pinkie's attacker.
  1970. >You tackle him before he can hit Pinkie, as you both roll across the pavement.
  1971. >You get up quickly, as he struggles up.
  1972. >Assuming the fighting stance Tony taught you, you prepare to take him on.
  1973. >He tries to punch you, but he's slow - Much slower than Tony and Flash.
  1974. >You dodge to the side, catching his fist with your arm, twisting it and slamming your elbow down on his arm.
  1975. >He screams in pain, as you can hear a cracking noise from his arm.
  1976. >Letting go, you go back to assuming stance.
  1977. >He tries to kick you, you catch his foot with your arm, turning him around and pushing him against the wall.
  1978. >Her attacker is thrown back against the wall with a thug, as he begins to groan even more.
  1979. >Rushing up to him, you deliver a hook to his cheek, along with another punch to his chest.
  1980. >Your improved strength and technique only seem to make you much deadlier, if this was you a week ago, he would've wiped the floor with you.
  1981. >He slumps towards the ground, but you're not done yet.
  1982. >This piece of shit's going to get what's coming to him, you don't hit an innocent woman.
  1983. >Pulling him up by his collar, you drag him against the metal frames of the bike rack.
  1984. "You like bikes a lot, don't you? Well help yourself right here, cunt!"
  1985. >You hold the back of his head and slam it against the metal rack.
  1987. >His body slumps to the ground, as mouth is pouring with blood, with a black eye on his right cheek - The side of his face you punched.
  1988. >You get down, and deliver a flurry of punches to his face, roaring with rage, with each punch you deliver.
  1989. >Every punch making his face even bloodier, every blow only breaking him even more.
  1990. >You start slowing down the pace of your punches, until eventually your breathing increases, and your punches come to a halt.
  1991. >The man's face is hardly recognizable, his cheeks swollen and red, a few of his teeth have been punched out, along with two black eyes.
  1992. >You get up and start shivering.
  1993. >Did you just do that?
  1994. >You look up to Pinkie, who's mouth is open wide in shock.
  1995. "Ponk, I swear, I didn't mean to hurt him... I just wanted to protect you."
  1996. >You feel a wetness come into your eyes, as you start panicking.
  1997. >What will you do? What will the police say?
  1998. >You let your rage get the best of you.
  1999. >You take a deep breath, trying not to cry at the fact that you've hurt him.
  2000. >How did you even, when you were there, you didn't even care about that.
  2001. >A single tear streams from your eyes, as you sigh.
  2002. >You feel the loving embrace of Pinkie, as she holds you close.
  2003. >"Thank you for saving me, Anon."
  2004. "Pinkie?"
  2005. >"It's alright, it's not your fault... It happened, Anon... You're my hero."
  2006. "I didn't even save you, though..."
  2007. >"He hurt me and you stepped in, no one's ever done that for me, before."
  2008. >You nod and hug her back, you hold back your tears, but feel Pinkie's pour on your shoulder.
  2009. >The scent of strawberry shower gel, and scented body products hits your nose, Pinkie's scent.
  2010. >You're creepy, but godamn it, Ponk smells nice.
  2011. >"Hey, Anon?"
  2012. "Yes, Pinkie?"
  2013. >"That's the first time in a long time that we've called each other by our real names..."
  2014. "Wow, it is... Should we let go of the hug?"
  2015. >"No... Let's stay like this for a little longer."
  2016. "Sure, I don't mind."
  2018. "So... Are you and Sunset a thing now, or what?"
  2019. "I don't even know myself, Pinkie, it's complicated."
  2020. >"You're not officially dating?"
  2021. "We're going through some weird stuff, so I'm single still."
  2022. >"In that case..."
  2023. >She moves in, closer to your ear.
  2024. >"How about we have dinner tonight, some place different?"
  2025. "Sure, where do you want to go?"
  2026. >"Anywhere you like, big guy."
  2027. >She slaps your ass, and begins to walk away.
  2028. >"I'll tell them you went home early, bye Nonny! I'll be around your's by seven!"
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