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Hbomberguy Jul 6th, 2017 1,658 Never
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  1. "I took the joke writing course which was something I struggled to get a footing with before, but the course really showed me a lot of the fundamentals of it and gave me a grasp on what I'm doing wrong and how to improve."
  2. - Youtuber BusinessPenguin
  4. "Macks is a clear and knowledgeable teacher - prompt and professional. A funny motherfucker. Would definitely recommend."
  5. - Remix of WeeklyTubeShow
  7. "When it came to cinematography I knew next to nothing, but after taking the workshop I feel like I am better equipped to tell better stories"
  8. - Sir Lazlo
  10. "The audio mixing workshop was the perfect primer for understanding how to properly balance the sound in my films. I learned core concepts that made it much easier for me to articulate what I was looking for in my mixing. I would highly recommend t to anyone interested in improving their audio or wanting to know the basics of audio engineering. Macks was professional, punctual, and had thorough technical answers for all of my questions."
  11. - Shippiddge
  13. "It can be very difficult to find good information on the internet about obtaining proper audio quality in recording. A lot of the information out there is inaccurate, outdated, or presented in a way that just leaves you more confused than when you started.
  14. The mixing workshop I did with Macks was extremely helpful. I learned more in an hour and a half than I did in weeks of watching Youtube tutorials and scouring Google. I'd highly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve the audio quality in their content."
  15. -Welsknight Gaming
  17. "I learned more about cameras in an hour than I ever did in a 2-year film production class."
  18. -Jason D
  20. "The experience I had learning more about how audio works with Mack is a walk in the park. (Or a walk in a gas station, Quick and straightforward.) One thing that I love about the workshop is that whenever I was unsure about certain sound clips try to edit, he was definitely open for tips. The workshop really helped me improve on audio and I would definitely recommend it to those in need."
  21. -DJaxs
  23. "I learned more about filmmaking from videos this guy TOOK DOWN FOR MINOR ERRORS than I did at University. Give him your money."
  24. - Hbomberguy -
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