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  1. Nickname: Poppy
  2. Species: Braixen (Bubble variant)
  3. Level: 28
  4. Type: Fairy/Water
  5. Nature: Mild, likes to relax
  6. Ability: Water Absorb (But with a different effect; when hit by a water-type move, it raises her special attack stat)
  7. Held Item: Big Bag of Bubblegum (Guaranteed flinching every fourth turn; she chews her gum for the other turns, then makes a big POP!)
  9. Moves:
  10. Bubble Beam
  11. Play Rough
  12. Sing
  13. Soapy Splash (A unique signature move that's both fairy and water type, it summons a wave of bubble liquid that does special attack damage and has a chance of paralysis, cause soap is sticky!)
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