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Feb 6th, 2015
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  1. "No way! Really? That's hilarious!”, yells Princess Daisy as she responds to your story you tell about one of your friend embarrassing moments. The date you managed to get with Daisy is going off without a hitch. In the quiet and fancy restaurant, with a bright smile on her face and empty dinner plates scattered on the table, you can see she is enjoying your time with you just as much as you are with her.
  2. Half an hour has passed and the young evening has turned to night. Daisy takes one last sip of water and begins to stand up. "I'm ready to go now, anon." You leave the tip for the waiter on top of the check and proceed to walk Daisy out of the restaurant. Walking through the parking lot, Daisy raises her hand to her mouth and begins to yawn. "I'm getting tired", she says softly. "The place I'm staying at is a bit far from here. Would you mind if I slept at your place tonight, anon?" Without showing excitement or shock, you agree to let Daisy stay with you for the night. With all of the thoughts that rush into your mind, you are happy that she feels comfortable around you now. Daisy and you reach the car. You both get in and drive off towards the main road.
  3. The ride to your home was still far away from the restaurant, but still a closer distance than where Daisy was staying. You turn off the radio when Daisy begins to tell you some stories of her own. Aside from the other moving vehicles on the road, the route to your home was a straight line forward. Because of the easy drive, you listen to all of her stories.
  4. A few minutes later, you notice that Daisy stops talking. You did not think that the silence was awkward, but when you turn your head, you see Daisy with a focused look. Her demeanor was different than it was a few minutes ago. You ask her if everything is okay. "Yeah, I'm fine", she says sheepishly as she smiles towards your direction. "I'm probably more tired than I think I am". Understanding how she is speaking to you, she needs some time to keep herself comfortable, so you let her relax while you continue to drive.
  5. More time passes as you continue to your home. The traffic has built up a little more, but it was expected around this time of night. Through all of the noise on the road, you begin to hear something moan. You glance your head towards Daisy to see that she seems more flustered than before. You can see her hand clenching harder and softer with her other hand resting on her stomach. She is staring down while biting her lip. You ask again if she is feeling alright. "I feel a little queasy. It might have been the dinner I ate at the restaurant, but I'm okay", Daisy says in an attempt to reassure you. You see Daisy recompose herself into a natural position again, but this did not help with how she was feeling.
  6. Barely a minute passes since recomposing herself and Daisy began moaning louder. When you look at her again, you see her arms are wrapped around her stomach. She's baring her teeth while looking away from your direction. You begin to hear Daisy's stomach begin to churn and growl loudly as her moans accompany the noise. You hope to yourself that she didn't catch some bad virus from the dinner she ate. You see her begin to rock back and forth a little in her seat. Before you can think of something to say to her, you hear a small "prrrrrrt" noise from underneath Daisy's seat.
  7. "Oh! Oh boy!" cried out Daisy as she realized what she did. "I-I farted. I didn't mean to! I'm sorry!" Her eyes widened again as she began to pass a heavier sounding fart through her seat. The smell quickly filled the car. You cracked the windows of the car a bit to let fresh air in. Daisy appeared flustered and embarrassed as she turned left and right repeatedly, but you notice she is not in pain anymore. Her cheeks begin to blush as she passes another heavy fart, but at the same time, her embarrassed expression shows a sign of relief. While trying not to make light of the her feelings, you begin to comfort her and say that you don't have a problem with what happened and how they are both human. You get her to crack an embarrassed smile as you tell her that she is the pioneer of breaking the fart barrier between the two. Softly, she says "I do feel better now, anon. Don't worry about me." You continue to drive home knowing she feels better.
  8. Minutes pass again on the road. You are getting closer to your home, but notice that traffic is building up even more, slowing you down a little bit. You don't think much of it since you are used to heavy traffic, but you do want to get home as soon as you can for Daisy's sake. You let Daisy relax as you focus your attention on the road, but it does not last very long. Your attention gets taken away as you hear Daisy begin to pant heavily. Before you can even assess what is happening, Daisy's hand immediately grabs your lap and begins to squeeze firmly. "Pull over. Pull over!", she exclaims loudly. You ask her and why and what is going on. She responds by yelling "I have to go"!
  9. "Ooooohhhhh!", she drones out as she begins to lurch over in her seat. Her arm retracts from your lap back to her stomach. You see that Daisy is in pain and you try to pull over, but the heavy traffic prevents you from pulling over to the shoulder or slowing down. You begin to think about what you might think will happen, but think it won't happen. Daisy begins to pass gas in her seat again, softly grunting while trying to hold it in. As the farts make their way out, the proceeding farts become softer and softer. This sent Daisy in a panic to the point that she can't even speak properly. "I-I can't. Not here. Please", you hear Daisy say as her head leans into the glove compartment door as she lurches over. You hear her stomach churn louder. You hear her softly whine as the air is accompanied by a very overbearing stench.
  10. Unable to hold it in any longer, Daisy's body began to let loose and force her to poop in her underwear. Soft squishing and squelching can be heard through her seat alongside the growling of her stomach which began to calm down. Daisy's face landed in her hands as more of her mess began to fill her panties, forming a spherical shape. She tries raising her bottom a little, but that made her condition worse as more of her shit fell into her pants. The decision to raise up would come back to get her as she was forced to sit back down in her soiled panties due to the momentum of the car. With one last accidental push, she empties the remainder of the contents inside her bowels into her underwear, completely destroying them. The mess in her pants caused the air to stink heavily, even with the windows open. Her stomach stopped churning and she was no longer in physical pain, but did not raise her head up from her hands. You try talking to her, but she does not respond. You don't hear anything from her. She is completely silent. With only a few moments away from your place, you finish the drive and park your car.
  11. Now able to move, you try talking to her again, but she does not respond again. You reach out for her arm and pull it towards you without resistance, trying to comfort her again. You can tell she is feeling various emotions of embarrassment and shame, so you try your best not to hurt her in her current fragile state of mind. You get out of the car to get Daisy out. She shows no resistance again, but her face hasn't left her hands. You grab both of her arms away from her head only to see her face reddened with tears and saliva. You think nothing of it and hug Daisy close to you. There was not much you could say or do in this situation, but the hug was enough to get Daisy to feel better again. After hugging for two minutes, you lead her towards your front door. She waddles awkwardly through the front door.
  12. You guide Daisy towards the bathroom to clean up telling her telling her where to leave her clothes and dirty underwear while leaving out shower supplies and a towel for her to use. After Daisy acknowledges what you said, you walk out of the bathroom and close the door behind you. You hear the shower turn on as you begin to change your clothes. Beginning to feel tired after changing your clothes, you begin to lie down on the bed listening to the hum of the water running through the pipes. You close one eye to relax yourself while trying not to sleep.
  13. 30 minutes have pass and you lose yourself in thought. Something catches your attention by the bathroom door. You see Daisy stepping through the doorway wearing the white t-shirt and blue boxers you left out for her. Her hair was wet, thick, and glistening from the shower. You begin to get up thinking that she wants a different place to sleep, but before you rise up half way, Daisy begins to climb over you, forcing you back down. She positions herself on the other side of the bed next to you. "This is okay, right?" she says. "You don't mind"? You look at her eye-to-eye and see that even though she is okay from earlier now, she was clearly tired and was ready to sleep. You say that it is fine and Daisy begins to wrap her arms around you. You feel the warmth of her body from the shower comfort you. She uses her legs to fix herself underneath the covers and comes in a few inches closer to you again. "You know, anon, of all people for me to shit my pants in front of, I'm glad it was you" she says softly as she begins to fall asleep. As odd as it is to say out loud, you understand that those holds hold a heavy weight to how much Daisy cares about you.
  14. Finally able to relax knowing Daisy is okay, you begin to fall asleep as well next to her. The last thing you see before closing her eyes are her soft lips. You close your eyes and you can only hear Daisy's quiet breaths. With your eyes closed, you feel movement in the bed only to feel Daisy's lips kissing yours. "Good night, anon" she says. You repeat those words back to her. You both fall asleep in each other's arms underneath the moonlit night, comfortable and happy.
  15. --------------------------------
  16. A week has passed after Daisy’s mishap, and you haven’t seen each other since, you feel awkward despite her sweet words, there’s something tense between both of you since the accident. You tried calling her during the week once, but nobody answers, you can only imagine she blushes deeply at the thought of talking to you, though it’s probably your own imagination. You decide to call her, to see if something is wrong with her, you feel a sinking feeling in your chest at the thought of talking to her again, but you just need to. You get to your phone, and dial her number; surprisingly someone answers. “H…hello?” says a female voice, it’s indistinguishably Daisy’s voice. You ask her how she’s doing, to wich she responds “I’m fine, thanks for asking…”, you sense her tense, like she’s desperate to tell you something but can’t for some reason. “Um, c..could you come over and make me company? It gets pretty lonely in the castle, and…I really need to talk to you”, keeping your calm you agree to see her; you get on your car and drive to her castle.
  17. After a lengthy drive, you arrive at Daisy’s castle, an opaque yellow majesty, surrounded by beautiful gardens, pools, and multiple game courts for volleyball, tennis, and dodgeball. You park your car in front, leaving it in charge of the valet. You ring the bell, and you hear Daisy’s voice though the telecom. “Come in please”, unflinching, your gut gains a heavy weight, you feel tense. You arrive at her front door, a rather large, very detailed door with Daisy’s flower pattern etched on the design. The door starts opening, and you notice it’s Daisy herself, wearing her yellow sleeveless top with her classic flower broche, and her tennis orange tennis shorts.
  18. She jumps at your sight and hugs you tightly; after the surprise has set in you hug her back, and she hugs you tighter, you feel something on your stomach, it’s her belly, you feel it has grown. After the warm welcome, and a short awkward silence: “I’m so glad you came anon, I really needed to see you, please come in”, after going in, you noticed Daisy gained some weight, her top is tighter and lets her belly show, shamefully you pop a slight chubby, but it’s nothing to grave.
  19. Her house is actually bigger on the inside, and even more beautiful, decorations fill the welcoming room and you see some smaller doors which take to some of the many rooms. “Do you like my house? Feel at home please, I’ll be right back”, she seats you on a wonderful sofa, while she goes on to what seems to be the kitchen. It’s only a couple of minutes but Daisy comes back and sits at your side. “I’m so glad you came. Umm, I think I’ve been pretty rude by not answering your last phone call, I knew it was you, but I didn’t know what to say. I know what I told you that night, and I truly meant it, but…I was scared after the, you know ‘accident’ you really wouldn’t want to ever see me again”. You reply that it’s okay, that you would’ve acted the same way, and have feeling the same as her, but you keep your cool. You put her hand over her hand, which is sitting closely to your lap, you notice Daisy blushes and bites her lip, her eyes go dreamy as she struggles to look you straight in the face. “Uuuh…dinners ready, follow me to the kitchen”, she pulls you up from the sofa and drags you to the kitchen.
  21. A wealthy meal is presented to you, the table seems unfitting, it’s for two people, it looks as it has been replaced by the larger dining room table. The food is delicious, and despite the tense feeling, you both manage to set a nice conversation, talking about your past weeks without seeing each other. You realized Daisy has a rather easy political life, and her genealogical tree is very interesting; you told her about what video games you played and movies you saw, she kept the utmost attention to you as she seems to really enjoy them. Both of you are obviously ignoring the elephant in the room, her new gained weight. “Ha…ha, well, I noticed you look at my belly; I haven’t been feeling all to weel lately, and I seemed to gain some weight. Since that day I’ve been really confused about some things, I don’t really feel like a princess anymore”, you tell her that’s not true, comforting her and trying to make her feel better; mentioning her weight isn’t really noticeable. “Thanks anon, I appreciate your concern”, she says as she blushes and puts on a nervous smile.
  22. After finishing dinner, you and Daisy leave the kitchen, and she asks you to accompany to her room in the third floor. “If you aren’t busy, I’d like you to keep me company for the night”, since you have no plans for tomorrow, you agree. She grabs your hand and guides you to the stairs, “It’s a long way up to the third floor”, she claims. But after you reach the first step, she lets loose of your hand and clenches her stomach with both hands, audible gurgling and swishing noises emanating from her bowels. You ask if everythings fine, to wich she replies with nothing more than a simple “prrrrfffffft”. “Ah! Oh no I’m so sorry anon! Haha, couldn’t hold it any longer” She doesn’t seem to be very embarrassed as the firs time, though she’s still not proud of it either. Walking up the stairs you look at all the various doors, Daisy gives you a short tour for each and every one of the rooms you pass through as a distraction. You reach the second set of stairs.”Prrrrriiiiipt” breaks the sound and tour, Daisy, physically feeling ill moaning and groaning softly, clenching her stomach, a deep stench fills the air. Daisy is squatting on the floor. “ no no!, not yet, not here!, auugh”. Daisy quickly gets up before you have the chance to help her yourself, she runs quickly past the stairs, and runs through the second and third set of stairs. “Uuuuugh, hnnnnnngh, uff, uff, not yet”, moans Daisy as she breaks gas every step she takes. You bot reach her room, she quickly aims to what seems to be the bathroom, but something’s stopping her. “Uuugh no, not again, aaaaauuugh, hnngh…aaaaah”, it happens, she leans in front of the bathroom door, right arm stretched out bending slightly, letting out soft farts until they come to a stop, she lowers her pants with her left hand. A pop and a fart quickly make way for the poop, quickly filling her panties, it’s a stream of feces, filling her panties forming a growing bulge of poop, and it doesn’t seem to stop as it quickly overflows her underwear, some pieces of waste falling of the edges of her panties. The stench is foul, accompanied by the sound of farts and Daisy’s deep groans and her stomach growls, the amount seems unnatural, almost as she hasn’t had a toilet break since quite a while. After the whole ordeal seem to be over, Daisy seems to be paralyzed in her bent over pose, unable to move, tears start running down her eyes, she starts sobbing softly. “I’m such a filthy person, how can I even call myself a princess?” she wails, you want to help, but you have your own problems. “Daisy removes her panties, revealing her soiled buttocks and legs, Daisy stands up straight and faces you. “I wanted to do this anon, I couldn’t help myself, I felt so embarrassed the first time... I never get to feel that way, but it’s different. My mind raced, I held all this for a week, and before a dinner I took a laxative; I wanted to feel that rush of shame, but I can’t do anything else but cry now!”, she starts sobbing uncontrollably, trying to hide her tears, she feels that she has overstepped he boundaries, you want to hug her, but her being dirty isn’t the only reason, as you have a fully visible boner through your pants. Daisy gasps between her sobs, staring at your stretched pants, you do nothing to conceal it, and feeling quite embarrassed yourself. “I*sob*haha..ha, aren’t disgusted by my soiling?” she stops crying, and enters the bathroom to clean herself, and her mess up.
  23. A few minutes pass, Daisy did all the cleaning, you’re in the bed contemplating what might happen, or what exactly just happened, with your boner intact. Daisy opens the door, exposing herself fully naked, “I haven’t showered, I just cleaned up most of the mess…uh, come over here please” she says in a shy voice, face burning red and sweating, you obey her order and stand in front of her at the door frame.
  24. She pulls you inside quickly, panting heavily; she kneels, her face at the height of your waist, dangerously close to your know throbbing member. “Uh, let me help you out with…this”, she unzips your pants, taking them off, leaving you in your underwear, dick visible through the cloth. Daisy looks up at you, “It’s quite big anon, but I’ll be sure to make you feel better”, she takes your underwear off, and proceeds to put your penis into her mouth. Daisy starts at the top, suckling softly, and kissing it rather clumsily, she seems unexperienced at this, and the slurping and her moaning just get you harder. “Am I doing good, I’ll put it in my mouth right now get ready”, she does her best to stick your manhood in her mouth, she doesn’t reach very far, yet; using her tongue to massage every single part of your burning dick. It feels glorious, she reaches deeper every time, until you feel her throat, where she starts to choke, grasping for air. *Cough, cough* “Aaah, anon, it’s hot, sweaty, and it tastes salty, but I like it cause it’s yours”, she continues at a faster pace, you can barely hold on. “Mmffmm, aah, whenever you’re ready anon, I want it in my mouth”, she claims as you shoot one of the best loads in your entire life in her warm cavity, each pulsating throb releasing load after another, Daisy struggles in keeping all that cum inside her mouth and some drips on the floor. Which is not only dripping with semen, it’s dripping with Daisy’s juices, quite profusely and she didn’t even touch herself. After the last few shots of cum, Daisy looks up to you and opens her mouth, showing you the wonderful goblet of cum she makes, cum dripping from her mouth and onto her chest, she closes her mouth, and in one resounding gulp she drinks it all. She gets up and asks you to remove your shirt and socks; without think it twice you’re now both fully naked, sweaty and standing in front of each other, completely ignoring the slight stench of Daisy’s rear. “You’re still hard anon, and I’m all wet down here”, she says as she starts panting heavily, both of your hearts beating as fast as they can, you reach out and grab her hands, and plant a deep kiss on her lips, and move your hands onto her back, hugging her close, she hugs you back; feeling her sticky breasts rub against you, your cock pushing upwards, stuck in between your stomach and hers, she breaks the kiss and goes to the shower, and lets the warm water flow from the faucet, splashing against the tile floor letting steam rise.
  25. She adjust the temperature. “After everything, I think it’s best if we take a shower don’t you think? Uum, I’ll let you wash me *giggles*” as she said this, standing on the shower door frame, she bent over, butt facing you, and spreading her ass cheeks apart, giving you a good look of her still dirty asshole. You get closer, mesmerized by the sight, as she stands straight, she grabs you by hand, and both enter the shower.
  26. The water is perfect, warm, but not hot, yet not overly steamy. Water falls over Daisy, wetting her hair, it droops over her shoulder and chest, you cannot believe how beautiful this sight is, yet you’re there; hair covers Daisy’s face, but she parts it with her hands. Daisy deviously asks you to clean her behind and her legs, you accept and she hands you a soapy sponge. You get behind her and kneel over to take a good look at her plump buttocks, and proceed to clean every bit of it; while you clean her, Daisy starts rubbing her slit with her right hand, and plays with her breast with her left hand. You appreciate her behind, and clean it softly with the sponge, soaping up the area, cleaning it well while Daisy keeps rubbing herself letting occasional moans of slight pleasure. You finish cleaning her up, but before you stand up, you take both of your hands and plant them firmly on her soft, squishy cheeks, Daisy notices but she doesn’t seem to bother, in fact she starts smiling; you feel them, they’re quite a handful but just the right size, you give them quite a working, you squish, shake, spread and slap them; to finish off you spread her buns a bit with your left hand, and poke at her red, protruding asshole with your middle finger, still sore from all the poop that came from it, Daisy lets out a soft *eek*, and unconsciously goes from rubbing her slit to making excited, circular motions on her slit. You stick your middle finger slightly deeper, at about halfway through, and Daisy is dripping pussy juice, and vigorously sticks her middle and ring finger inside her, doing thrusting motions with them, and panting and moaning softly.
  27. “Don’t stop, more please”, you stick another your index finger, having two fingers in her small orifice you start swerving and moving them around, reaching deeper and moving them inside. Daisy unable to contain herself, starts cumming, squirting her hand, feeling clearly pleasured by the sounds she’s doing. “Well anon, it’s my turn to have fun now”, you stand straight and she kneels down; she asks for some soap and you pass it to her, she puts some on her right hand, and grips your raging cock. You’re sent in shock, the cold soap and her soft hand create a sensation that’s almost overwhelming. She starts stroking your girth slowly, the feeling of the soap, her hand, and the water washing everything is a feeling you’ll most likely never forget. “I haven’t even gotten to the good part anon”, she smirks up at you, with her glistening eyes and blushed face; she puts her left hand on your ass, and pushes her mouth against your balls, and starts licking them. Your whole genitalia sends tingles of pleasure throughout your whole body, your one eyed snake dripping precum, you do your best to hold it in. “I hope you don’t cum already, I’m really loving this anon, I hope you are too”, she says, then she smacks a kiss on your scrotum, she then opens her mouth as much as she can to get one of your sacks inside, all the while she keeps a steady pace stroking your meat. When you least expect it, your cumming violently, much like a fountain your sperm shoots upwards, some falls on Daisy’s hair and face, the load was massive, most of your cum falling down your shaft and onto Daisy’s hand. Daisy then cleans your dick with her mouth, licking everywhere for the pearly white substance. After this, you both finish the shower, cleaning yourselves up.
  28. Before you dress up, you remember you brought no clothes, and you don’t want to put your dirty clothes back on. “Don’t worry I got you covered”, and Daisy hands you over the blue shorts and white shirt you gave her. ”Don’t worry, I washed them”, she says with a smile. You put on your clothes and walk out the bathroom. Princess Daisy is standing in front of the door, looking down with a sad expression. “I don’t want you to go yet anon, this night has been so strange, but you also made me feel better, you didn’t judge me after all, even if what I did was wrong in many ways. I hope you can forgive my outbreak”, you smile lightly and approach her, giving her a sweat, tight hug, and stay for the night.
  29. You agree to stay, and you both go to bed and lay down, and get comfortable. Beneath the sheets you’re looking each other straight in the eyes, Daisy is smiling, her hair looks beautiful straight, and her piercing blue eyes are a wonder to gaze at. “Do you love me?”, she asks out of nowhere, your heart sinks, this is literally the first time any women asks you this; you stutter a bit, but let out a solid yes. Daisy’s cheeks turn a light red, and her eyes start to water a bit. “Even if I pooped myself? You didn’t think it was gross?” you say that if you didn’t love her you wouldn’t even dream of talking to her again after the first time, you say that stuff like that doesn’t matter. Daisy is overjoyed, gleefully letting a few tears of happiness. “I..I love you too anon!” she exclaims in a soft voice. You move closer to her, you feel her breathing get slightly faster, and you slowly approach her face, until you come in contact with her lips. She closes her eyes, and you feel a soft moan come from her as you kiss, you put your arm over her and you break the kiss, you both go fast asleep with a warm smile on your faces.
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