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  1.   Don't include information like passwords or credit card numbers in an instant message.
  3. tehlolkid meh:    
  4.  lol
  6. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  7.  I r serious
  8.  Stalking and Rape is very serious buisness
  9. tehlolkid meh:    
  10.  Indeed
  11.  i have raped someone before
  12. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  13.  and I r going to be doing both to you...very soon
  14. tehlolkid meh:    
  15.  very risky tbh
  16. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  17.  oh rly?
  18.  You pay be fine
  19. tehlolkid meh:    
  20.  ye
  21. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  22.  judge
  23. tehlolkid meh:    
  24.  It as fun though
  25.  I raped the judge?
  26. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  27.  no no!  You pay judge!
  28. tehlolkid meh:    
  29.  but i raped the judge
  30.  :/
  31. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  32.  he let u go?
  33. tehlolkid meh:    
  34.  i escaped
  35.  :/
  36.  Im still afraid everytime i see a cop
  37. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  38.  I must try this way my friend!
  39. tehlolkid meh:    
  40.  im having goosebumps at nights
  41.  about the rape
  42. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  43.  goosebumps?
  44. tehlolkid meh:    
  45.  yes
  46.  :/
  47. (E-mail Address Not Verified):    
  48.  You mean, you get a boner and as it's so small you think it's a goosebump - guess who biatch ;~)  I am so logging the shoutbox in on this 1
  49. tehlolkid meh:    
  50.  No U :X
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