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Goreburner, take 2

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Jun 1st, 2015
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  1. Goreburner, ***
  2. Soulsteel Grimcleaver
  3. This is not an old or storied weapon. Its creation dates back to the last few years, when it was crafted by an Abyssal as part of her instruction of necromancy, and the essence of blood in particular. Its evocations often involve either forcefully ripping gore from enemies upon cleaving their flesh, or else consuming that gore in order to fuel powerful attacks.
  4. Its shaft is uncommonly short among grimcleavers. Its axehead depicts mutilated and dismembered corpses in red jade, and several barbs of the material sprout from its edge, included by its maker in a successful effort to give it powers useful against enemies without blood. Upon confirming this, she christened it Goreburner, an ugly name for an ugly weapon.
  7. Flame, 4m
  8. simple, one scene, withering-only
  9. Essence 1
  10. The Exalt reaches past the necrotic essence flowing through the blade to tap the fires deeper within. Increases damage by 2 dice, and increases Gorecleaver’s Overwhelming value by one.
  12. Ripping, 2m
  13. reflexive, decisive
  14. Essence 1
  15. Upon removing the axehead from a target, whether by pulling it out or cleaving straight through, the exalt commands Goreburner to feed. Feed it does, catching guts and sinew with its barbs and tearing them from its victim. The gore is reduced to scarlet essence and absorbed, causing the red jade to glow with sick power. Deals one extra level of lethal damage on a damaging hit, wielder gets ‘gore’ for use in later evocations, if he knows them. Foes without flesh or blood are immune.
  17. Blinding, 3m
  18. Simple
  19. Req. Ripping, Essence 2
  20. With a flick of his wrist, the wielder releases the essence within his weapon. Throws gore in enemy’s eyes to blind, expending it. Resolved as a difficulty 2 gambit, unless it’s the target’s own blood, in which case the blood follows its occult link back to its source, changing direction midair and flowing over and around shields and weapons. The gambit succeeds automatically; the attack roll is replaced with a perfect attack (but can still be blocked with a perfect defense), and there is no need to roll Init.
  21. Refer to the ‘Blind’ flaw on page XX (in the leak, p195). The target can immediately clear the blood from his eyes with a miscellaneous action that cannot be placed in a flurry with an attack.
  23. Holding
  24. Permanent
  25. Req. Ripping, Essence 2
  26. Goreburner’s hunger grows. It can now hold two gores.
  28. SAPPHIRE (Req. 3 Emerald, adds Innate to Ripping and Flame)
  29. Harvesting
  30. Permanent
  31. Req. Holding, Essence 2
  32. Goreburner celebrates its triumph, and indulges itself. The exalt automatically gets gore if he kills a nontrivial enemy with Goreburner. Stacks with Ripping.
  34. Tearing
  35. Permanent
  36. Req. Ripping, Essence 2
  37. Upgrade to Ripping. If this attack hits, increase wound penalties by 1.
  39. Fuel, 5m
  40. Supplemental, dual
  41. Req. Flame, Essence 3
  42. Decisive attack does three extra damage dice from fire, withering does five extra. Consumes a gore, can only be used while Flame is active.
  44. Chop, 4m
  45. Supplemental, dual
  46. Req. Tearing, Essence 3
  47. Spends a gore and gives double 10s on an attack roll. If the gore came from the target, double 8s instead.
  49. Drinking, 6m 1i
  50. Supplemental, withering-only
  51. Req. Tearing and Harvesting, Essence 3
  52. For every 10 or 9 on the damage roll of the withering attack, the target loses an additional point of Init. If this crashes him, Goreburner’s wielder steals an equal number of motes from the target.
  54. ADAMANT (Req. 4 sapphire, adds Innate to Fuel and Tearing)
  55. Boil, 5m
  56. Reflexive, decisive
  57. Req. Tearing, Fuel, Essence 4
  58. Spends one gore upon damaging an enemy to give that enemy an additional -3 wound penalty. Reroll all 6s on the damage roll if the gore came from the target originally.
  60. Double Chop, 6m
  61. Simple, withering
  62. Req. Chop, Holding, Essence 5
  63. Two attacks in the place of one. Costs two gore, allows the attacks to share an Excellency if one of the gores is from the target, or share any charm if both of them are.
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