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  1. Natural Disasters can occur at any moment, so It is not possible to predict them, it is up to the government to take precautions for earthquakes, but there is not much that they can provide with besides teaching their citizens on what steps to proceed with in case of a natural disaster. However, some areas have a higher chance of experiencing a natural disaster than other regions. Moreover, it would be unnecessary for every government to construct natural disaster shelters just for a possible natural disaster.
  3. Currently, science still has not developed instruments that are able to predict natural disasters. That is why it is essential for us to take precautions to in case of a natural disaster, it could be for example to teach individuals on how to act in case of an earthquake teaching them to stay as far away from large buildings as possible or if they are already located inside a reasonably safe location to duck down and receive cover from a sturdy object like a table.
  5. However, it would be inessential for countries that have a lower chance of receiving a natural disaster to take the same precautions as countries that are often exposed to natural disasters. Precautions are essential, but it is not much that the governments can provide with besides instructing on what steps to proceed with in case of a natural disaster. It would only be cost inefficient and unnecessary to build shelters for natural disasters or such as most people would not be able to get there anyhow and there is still a possibility that a natural disaster would tear down the shelter too.
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