Mother Dash[short](FiM)

Jan 30th, 2020
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  1. A small drabble of what I think Rainbow Dash would be like as a mother. Also my first go at Pony and not Equestria Girls.
  3. >Racing through the air.
  4. >The feel of the wind beating at your face at supersonic speeds.
  5. >Everything around you a blur.
  6. >A feeling you are all too familiar with.
  7. >And welcome.
  8. >For you are Rainbow Dash.
  9. >Captain of the Wonderbolts.
  10. >An elite group that really doesn't need an introduction.
  11. >Which is good because you don't really have time to explain.
  12. >You are in a hurry.
  13. >And you are rushing through the sky with all of your strength.
  14. >Are you rushing to aid in a catastrophe?
  15. >Is Equestria's fate on the line?
  16. >Nope.
  17. >Equestria has been in a state of peace and prosperity for many years.
  18. >No.
  19. >You are rushing against time because you are late.
  20. >Your foal was due off school 10 minutes ago.
  21. >And you were stuck at the Wonderbolts training facility.
  22. >Some cadets found it humorous to pull a prank on some of the new recruits.
  23. >And while you can appreciate a good prank.
  24. >Anything that would interfere with your time with your child, then there would be Tartarus to pay.
  25. >And pay they will. Dearly.
  26. >Another day.
  27. >Now, you must make up for the lost time.
  28. >Which isn't to say you're a lousy mother.
  29. >Far from it!
  30. >You think you're an awesome mother!
  31. >But with your duties to the Wonderbolts and the Academy and the counsel of Friendship with Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  32. >You cherished your time with your little one greatly since you couldn't spend every day with him.
  33. >Today you were going to take your little colt to his after school club activities.
  34. >Ponyville was just in sight and approaching fast.
  35. >You decided to settle in Ponyville for the simple fact that while you and your foal were both Pegasus Ponies, the father was not.
  36. >So relocating to Ponyville was an easy way for all parties involved.
  37. >You didn't mind one bit.
  38. >You had many friends still living in the area.
  39. >And you've grown to love the place ever since you were assigned here all those years ago when you worked for the Weather Patrol.
  40. >You begin to slow down and make you decent to the small wooden schoolhouse.
  41. >You can see several foals with their parents still lounging around the school.
  42. >And you see him.
  43. >Your little Wondercolt, as you like to call him.
  44. >A small green colt with a black mane.
  45. >Despite him being a Pony, he looks a lot like his father.
  46. >Who was not.
  47. >Long story.
  48. >For another time.
  49. >At least he had your eyes!
  50. >You see him sitting out in front of the schoolhouse.
  51. >Next to the teacher, Ms. Cheerilee.
  52. >From your distance you can see him looking sad.
  53. >Did something happen?
  54. >You instantly speed back up and you almost crash land right in front of the schoolhouse.
  55. >Your semi harsh landing sent out a small shockwave on the ground, startling anypony who was around you.
  56. >You didn't care.
  57. >Your child looked sad.
  58. >And you were going to find out why.
  59. >Once everypony else realized what had just happened, they all saw that it was you.
  60. >Instantly, many of the onlookers went from frightened and angered to excited.
  61. >Here was the one and only Rainbow Dash.
  62. >Heroine to Equestria.
  63. >Wonderbolt Captain.
  64. >All the good stuff.
  65. >Many of the Ponies try to crowd you and ask for your autograph.
  66. “Thanks, everypony, but I'm here for my foal.”
  67. >You say unceremoniously plain as you begin to maneuver your way through the crowd of admirers.
  68. >Finally you make it to your colt and Ms. Cheerilee.
  69. “I'm so sorry I'm late!”
  70. >You apologize profusely to the aging teacher and bow your head.
  71. >The magenta Pony simply waves her hoof.
  72. >”I understand things can be a bit hectic trying to train the Wonderbolts.”
  73. >She says all to easily like it's no big deal.
  74. >You finally look up at over to your foal and sure enough. He looks a bit sad.
  75. “Did anything happen to him?”
  76. >You ask.
  77. >Cheerilee shakes her head.
  78. >”Just some other foals were trying to get under his skin.”
  79. >She then looks down to the young colt.
  80. >”But he handled it very well.”
  81. >She has a look of pride on the youngin.
  82. >”You've been raising him well.”
  83. >You stand tall and stick your chest out in pride.
  84. >Of course you're raising him well.
  85. >After all, you're awesome!
  86. >Your colt finally gets up from his spot and slowly trots over to where you are.
  87. >You take your hoof and muffle his mane.
  88. “Heya Squirt!”
  89. >”Hi mom.”
  90. >He lowly says.
  91. >You take a double take at him.
  92. >He's usually not this down.
  93. >You're gonna need to talk to him.
  94. “Well, thanks for watching him Cheerilee! We've got to get going!”
  95. >You wave your hoof out to Cheerilee.
  96. >You and your colt then try to pass through the group of ponies that have now gathered because of your presence.
  97. “Sorry everypony, we're in a hurry!”
  98. >You both finally break free of the now disappointed crowd and both begin to stretch your wings and fly off.
  99. >Going in the air at a reasonable pace.
  100. >Your little foal has been silent the whole time.
  101. “So, how was school?”
  102. >You start your not-interrogation into what happened at school.
  103. >He just still sulks for a moment.
  104. >Then he looks over to you.
  105. >”I don't think I want to go to O&O club anymore.”
  106. >That was out of left field.
  107. >The little one LOVES that dumb game.
  108. >Maybe not that dumb.
  109. >You've dabbled in a game or two in your life.
  110. >Magically enhanced by Discord was the only reason it was even fun.
  111. >But it certainly wouldn't be your first choice of activity.
  112. >Or second.
  113. >Or third.
  114. >You try to see what made the sudden change of heart.
  115. “Well, if you don't want to play it anymore I won't stop you, but why?”
  116. >You ask.
  117. >He looks over to you with that look you hate.
  118. >That weaponized look of sadness that could make any parent bend to their foal's will.
  119. >He then looks away from you.
  120. >”I don't want to talk about it.”
  121. >You then speed up to get in front of him to halt him in his tracks.
  122. “Now you hold it right there mister.”
  123. >You say in a rare stern voice to him.
  124. “I'm fine with you wanting to quit O&O club, but first you need to tell me why and does it have to do with what happened in school?”
  125. >He looks up to you again with that same look.
  126. >But you were prepared for it this time and didn't budge.
  127. >Now real tears start to form in his eyes.
  128. >Uh oh, did you do something wrong?
  129. >”Are you proud of me?”
  130. >He finally blurts out.
  131. >What kind of question is that?
  132. “What? Why would you even ask such a thing?”
  133. >He wipes his eyes dry of the tears that are now starting to fall.
  134. >”A lot of the other foals were teasing me at school.”
  135. >He continues
  136. >”Telling me about how I could be the son of the famous Rainbow Dash but didn't have any interest in competitive flying, and would rather play that lame Ogres & Oubliettes game instead.”
  137. >He bows his head in shame.
  138. >”Telling me how disappointed you must be in me for not wanting to be a Wonderbolt like you.”
  139. >He starts to cry.
  140. >You begin to swell with rage.
  141. >The nerve of foals these days.
  142. >Then your heart sinks.
  143. >You admit, you weren't too thrilled he didn't want to follow in your hoofsteps.
  144. >Not even showing an interest in Buckball either.
  145. >He loves his puzzles and board games.
  146. >Then his father had pointed something out that you never realized.
  147. >The poor kid would have so much pressure placed upon him because of who you are.
  148. >Sure, he's your colt, so you know he would be up to it.
  149. >Then again, would he?
  150. >You thought about it long and hard.
  151. >And perhaps they were right, it would have been too much, especially if his heart wasn't in it.
  152. >But back at the problem at hand.
  153. “Why would you EVER believe what those stupid foals think and not me?”
  154. >You exclaim.
  155. “I'm your mother!”
  156. >The poor kid still isn't convinced.
  157. >You sigh and collect your thoughts.
  158. “Look at me.”
  159. >You instruct your child.
  160. >He does so with still teary eyes.
  161. “No matter what you want to do in your life, your father and I will ALWAYS be by your side!”
  162. >You inch closer.
  163. “And as long as you are happy, and give it your all, and then another 20 percent on top of that, then I will always be proud of you!”
  164. >You're right next to him.
  165. “No matter what.”
  166. >He looks down.
  167. >He begins to shake.
  168. >Finally he lunges and hold you for a big hug.
  169. >Sobbing into your Wonderbolts Jacket.
  170. >You match his embrace.
  171. >And hold him tight.
  172. >Never wanting to let him go.
  173. >”Thank you.”
  174. >He whispers.
  175. >You then nuzzle his mane.
  176. “Anytime Squirt.”
  177. >You finally break free from the mother son moment.
  178. “And besides, If neither your dad nor I are there, you better believe Gramps Hothoof and Granny Whistles will be there to cheer extra hard.”
  179. >He giggles at your too true comment.
  180. >His tears are now gone and a new look of determination on his face.
  181. “Now then, how about we get you to your club session so you can show the others how awesome you can be!”
  182. >He nods his head with confidence.
  183. “That's the spirit!”
  184. >You lead the charge forward.
  185. >And your colt follows soon behind
  186. >With a new sense of pride.
  187. >You are an awesome mother.
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