huge rant about VN and a risky one day event idea

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  1. For one day and only one day, we move to a rather basic map with plenty of open space for vehicles. Remove the whitelist restrictions for most of the 426th jobs, including crewman and not kasrkin, 426th Commissar, Military Police sergeant and officer. Maaaaybe Psyker maybe not I don't know. This will be a one-day event that will need a lot of GM, Admin and Officer oversight. But I can count on one hand the amount of pure mingebags I've encountered on this server and I think it would be manageable.
  2. Sergeants can focus on being sergeants and not being awkward division leads that burns them out. One guy is burning out really quickly because he's been in for a week and as CA lead he has the fate of the entire next gen of commissariat in his hands in addition to having to organise and shepherd guardsmen around.
  3. The map itself will be open and small because it provides an area for guardsmen to practice, train, learn how to fly valks and drive. Learn how to operate patrols, escourts. Private places to run little interrogation trainings. An area for psykers and ecclesiarchs to provide lectures on recognising and dealing with corruption and warp taint.
  5. The point of this is to see whether Guardsmen can be fun if the GMs don't have to juggle everyone's jobs. To get people into specialisations and see what they like or dislike about them. At the moment they do tryouts, are locked into a specialisation they realise they may not like or that has other issues (GMs get upset when you insta-snipe their artillery for example) that they may not have considered. To see what artefacts of past organisation that the 426th can maybe dispense with.
  6. Also to see what happens to the server population on that day.
  7. Yesterday during the Community Meeting people said the DK/Astartes/whatever would rebel and take a huge chunk of the community with it. But I'm not totally convinced. The DK are only present in numbers when Adolph is online. They're in their own discord most of the time.  A lot of them say they left the 426th because it was boring, and when I spoke to Darku (former DK) he said it was actually very much the same as 426th. The Astartes don't make a huge amount of the server population and half of them are frustrated in that they either don't get anything to do because the GM is afraid to neglect the rest of the playerbase because the Astartes can pretty much do the Guard's job for them. Or, they give the Astartes something to do and tell everyone else to 'hold the line' and spawn things on them occasionally.
  9. Since this is just for one day, it wouldn't be binding. It would be an experiment. If everybody flocks to enginseer and roleplays like tech-priests then I would suggest that the admech could learn that maybe the skitarii isn't best for introducing people in? If the server dies for that day, then it would be clear that the astartes and DK really are keeping the server alive and they need more of a focus. We may even have to reduce the Cadians to a Whiteshield company whose sole purpose is to train and recruit people for other divisions.
  11. This is mostly borne out of a conversation I was having with a group of VN guys while playing another game. Then I asked a few people outside of the game to see if it was a good idea. They seemed enthusiastic.
  12. I asked Ridge to see if it would be complicated or tedious to do. Locking all of the job but 426th would be cancer, but if we just ask people to only be cadians for that day and just remove whitelists for: Guardsmen, Heavy, Sniper, Crewman, Enginseer, Medic, Ogryn and Ratling that would be easy to do for a day and then reset after the day is done.
  14. My best RP memories have come from interactions with other guardsmen, the commissariat and the admech, scions (thouh to be fair that has more to do with the couple of individuals within the scions). There is little room for IC interaction between Cadians between the DK, Astartes and Sororitas (though I think there is a way to make the sororitas work in a fun way). Comforting an Ogryn that was shitting itself in the darkness is one that stands out to me. I feel that adding more roles and jobs won't help, I think more than anything else we need to consolidate rather than expand. Provide a better starting experience that makes people want to stay and see what else there is.
  16. I've brought this up a few hours ago, literally just had the idea today. The reason why I'm vomiting the idea in its entirety to you, right now is that I've had one of the best play sessions I've had in a long time about an hour ago.
  17. In it, I said: 'fuck it, we have eight guardsmen. Let's spawn a tank. I don't care none of you are enginseers or crewmen, I want you to get in the tank, we'll all have a turn. We'll all learn how to protect and escourt and operate next to one.'
  18. Then one of the guardsmen said something that at first made me happy, then heartbroken, then angry. Which was pretty much:
  19. "This is great, I feel like this is some real guard shit."
  21. I have worries about letting people fresh-join the server and have access to rockets and fortification tools, but I have always been genuinely surprised by how enthusiastically and seriously (even if clumsily and with not much knowledge of lore) people get into it and are willing to go along with it and roleplay because they feel they're free to.
  22. It might be worth the risk?
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