EG CYOA #1 TwilightxAnon: Spongebros

May 15th, 2013
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  1. >You come upon Twilight Sparkle, who is looking quite sad
  2. >"Oh... Hey anon," she says
  3. >You ask her what's wrong
  4. >"Well... I don't know," she said, sighing. "I just... This new body, all my friends not being here... Things are just so tumultuous right now..."
  5. >You tell Twilight how you feel
  6. >"Oh, so you're sad, Twilight? Do you know how I fucking feel?"
  7. >"I've been a fan of this show forever, and what happens? You grow fucking wings. And that's not bad enough, you fucking turn into a human and whore yourself out to some douchey guitar guy named Brad or some shit."
  8. >"And now, everyone's flinging shit at each other, and it's fucking hell. Fucking hell, Twilight. Because of you being a piece of shit who can't stop transforming into strange things for five fucking seconds."
  9. >You didn't notice during your rant, but Twilight had already been crying not long into it.
  10. >A haggard kind of cry, punctuated by sharp breaths every few seconds
  11. >"A-Anon... I-I'm so sorry. It... It's not my fault. Things j-just happen to m-m-me..."
  12. >You start apologizing
  13. >"Okay, look, sorry. I didn't mean those things I said. It's just... I've got my cape and fedora in a twist right now, but like you said, it's not your fault..."
  14. >"Y-You really mean it, Anon?" Twilight sobs
  15. >"I do."
  16. >Twilight embraces you in a tight hug
  17. >"Thank you so much, Anon..."
  18. >Suddenly, the area is rocked by explosions
  19. >Twilight hugs you tightly in fear
  20. >People run screaming in every direction, some missing limbs
  21. >Blood is everywhere
  22. >More explosions go off, more screams bounce off the walls of the high school
  23. >With Twilight in your arms, you
  24. >"Anon, you have to do something!"
  25. >You think it over, and come up with a brilliant plan
  26. >"Ow! Anon, what was that for?"
  27. >You shrug, telling her you thought something magic shit would happen, ain't gotta explain shit
  28. >Even fucking more explosions go off around you
  29. >"Anon! We're gonna die!"
  30. >You hit her again
  31. >Twilight is knocked out
  32. >You wonder, "what the fucking dick cunting shit dicks, why did I smack her in the head?"
  33. >No more time to wonder as the explosions rock the school in a Michael Bay-esque manner
  34. >Quickly, you get to work, carrying as many of the lithe human figures as you can to safety
  35. >Once outside the school, you've saved about 7 people, Twilight included
  36. >Her eyes slowly open
  37. >"A-Anon..? Are we safe?"
  38. >More explosions because fuck sense
  39. >"Yeah, we're safe... You're hurt pretty bad though. Here, I've got something for you."
  40. >You hand her some pills
  41. >"Th-thanks anon," she says, before swallowing them
  42. >"I'm feeling a bit... Sleepy... I think I'm... Gonna..."
  43. >She's knocked out, because you know, that's how pills work in fiction or something
  44. >Well, you have a knocked out Twilight, chaos everywhere, people dying
  45. >You have the strangest urge to just >rape her right here
  46. >Well, fuck, you've got a knocked out Twilight
  47. >Might as well bring her to her house
  48. >Gently, you lay her down into her bed, and you lay yourself next to her, holding her, watching her, waiting for her to wake up
  49. >Her hair smells pretty good. You wonder what kind of shampoo she uses? Pretty high quality shit. You need that kind of shit.
  50. >Her eyes slowly open, for the second time
  51. >"Anon? Where ar- Are we in my bed?"
  52. >"Twilight, I don't know if you know how human customs work yet, but you really shouldn't be wearing that"
  53. >You take her clothes off; she doesn't object
  54. >You see her naked, supple form. The hourglass figure. The ass. The tits. All of it so... Boring. Not what you're here for
  55. >"Fucking yes," you say, as you being putting on Twilight's clothing
  56. >"I feel so fucking pretty."
  57. >"Am I pretty? I feel pretty."
  58. >"Anon... What are you doing?"
  59. >"I'm just... Trying to be random? You know, like Pinkie."
  60. >"Ohhhhhhh, it all makes sense now," Twilight responds, giggling.
  61. >"Well, aside from the explosions killing all my new friends, I'm not that sad anymore. Thanks anon."
  62. >"Ha, no problem Twilight."
  63. >"So, what do you wanna do now, Anon?"
  64. >"Well, there's internet here, so you can actually see some of this really neat stuff."
  65. >"Ooh!" she exclaims
  66. >You take out your laptop, and head straight for, what else, 4chan
  67. >"Well, so there's all these boards, but mainly I browse /d/, /a/, /lgbt/, /x/, /r9k/, and, of course, /mlp/" you say, as you load up the homepage
  68. >"I see. So, you just spend all your time on this site? What's it for?
  69. >You take a pic of Twilight with your laptop camera and upload it to /mlp/
  71. >'implying we want this Twilight'
  72. >'timestamp or fake'
  73. >'where's the tits?'
  74. >'lol no wai, but still, it's a girl, holy shit'
  75. >'raindobash is best pone rarara is shit eat my dick'
  76. >Twilight gets bored as you sit refreshing the page, getting responses every once in a while
  77. >You decide to get a party going with the survivors
  78. >You haven't seen Twilight so happy, but you think she's coming to terms with her new form
  79. >Making friends and hanging out will do that, it seems
  80. >You all watch some TV, but sadly MLP and EG do not exist in this universe
  81. >People look like they're all having fun, smiling, partying. Definitely not something you're usually too into, but hey, it's nice
  82. >Some plen-tier pop music begins playing
  83. >"Oh, Anon, let's dance!"
  84. >"I've a better idea! Let's go to the bathroom, Twi."
  85. >"Mmm, bathrooms aren't my idea of fun, really Anon," Twilight replies
  86. >"No, seriously, c'mon. Bathroom."
  87. >"Fine," she says, shrugging "I still don't get humans, but I'll go"
  88. >You get to her home's bathroom, and throw out the vomiting girl. And flush the toilet because hygiene
  89. >"Well? Bathrooms. FUN" Twilight says, rolling her eyes
  90. >You wordlessly lean against the wall behind Twilight, caging her inside your arms
  91. >"Anon..." Twilight says
  92. >Twilight turns around and faces you
  93. >"I've had a pretty good time with you today anon... You've really helped me with this whole "I'm a human now" thing"
  94. >You bring your face next to Twilight's cheek, caressing her face with your hand
  95. >You whisper into her ear,
  96. >"Ravioli, ravioli-"
  97. >"Give me the formuoli..." Twilights responds
  98. >"Anon... You're a Spongebro?"
  99. >"I prefer Man Spongers myself," you say coyly
  100. >She giggles
  101. >You both smile at each other for a while, and laugh a bit
  102. >You can't believe you've found another Spongebro
  103. >"Marathon?" you ask
  104. >"I'm ready," she responds with a smirk
  105. >The two of you watch Spongebob on her couch as the party goes on
  106. >After too many episodes to count, the two of you fall asleep on the couch together
  107. >The party dies down, and a kind partygoer puts a blanket around the two of you as they leave
  108. >You wake up the next morning with Twilight in your arms
  109. >You smile to yourself
  110. >You've said it before, and you'll say it again, holy shit, dat hair. Magic shampoo probably. You caress it, and damn, that shit's smooth
  111. >You lean over her and kiss her on the lips. Look at you now, /r9k/ can get rekd
  112. >"Mm, Anon?" Twilight says as she wakes up, giving you a smile
  113. >"Why aren't you blazin' it?"
  114. >"Huh?"
  115. >"420 blazin' all day every day."
  116. >"Anon, are you okay?" Twilight says, some nervousness showing in her voice
  117. >"You know, if we legalized pot, the economy would magically fix itself. You could call me a Marijuaneconomist"
  118. >"Anon, please..." Twilight pleads
  119. >"I'm sorry, Twilight... I'm just nervous is all..."
  120. >"Anon, it's fine," Twilight says, blushing
  121. >"I just... I just have to tell you I love you, Twilight. It's all been so fast, so crazy, explosions, parties, whatever, but... I love you"
  122. >"I... I feel the same way, Anon..."
  123. >The two of you look into each others eyes. The smile on Twilight's face is soothing, cute. You feel like this is where you belong.
  124. >You slowly bring your hand down her side and onto her hip, and slowly pull down her pants
  125. >"Anon~"
  126. >You hold yourself up above her, looking down on her face. She pulls your face down for a kiss with one arm while sliding your pants off
  127. >You kiss her back. It all feels so right
  128. >As you're intertwined under the blanket, it feels just as cheesy and "like you became one" as everyone says
  129. >After the two you fall back after sex, you cuddle with each other
  130. >"Anon... I love you," Twilight purrs
  131. >"I love you too," you say back through a smile
  132. >The two of you cuddle for a while. You don't want to move from this spot.
  133. >Suddenly, a portal rips time and space apart right in front the couch
  134. >"Anon, look!" Twilight shouts, "A portal! I bet it leads back to Equestria!"
  135. >"Are you going to go back?"
  136. >"Well, of course! My whole life is there... You can come with me"
  137. >You smile at her. You're willing to leave this place for her
  138. >The two of you get up and walk through the portal together
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