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  1. As expected we got terminology update, but nothing new tbh.
  3. Quinn's Commandment is called Aqulta Sraosha. And it works as depicted, her performance will jump as long as someone gives her order. Because Sirius and Khvarenah ara at the top of their groups, orders received from their take priority and she has certain degree of freedom as long as it doesn't conflict with their orders. Because she can read other people's minds they don't have to speak to give her orders, however speaking verbally will have better effect.
  5. Samrukh's Commandment is called Simurgh Attar. Don't heal wounds-->the more she's injured, the more attack power she will have. Basically that. During that time she manifests red ki limbs that function as pseudo-limbs (Shiori vibes). Even in normal conditions (not in battle/manifesting her phantom limbs) part of this Commandment is to "survive while being injured" so she won't die from bleeding, organ failure etc. But since she can never heal, pain from injuries is still present. Also, she can still die from decapitation or heart destruction.
  7. And ofc it wouldn't be Masada without some asinine equation. Basically, all of her wounds are multiplied by the amount of wounds she received during fight and that is her available amount of ki she can use.
  9. EDIT: to elaborate on this, assume that total of wounds she had suffered so far is 100, that is instantaneous maximum output she can release at once. This multiplication occurs only when she receives injury (so she can't use her power if she isn't injured in the first place, even if her wounds never disappear). So let's say she's harmed 7 times, then it becomes 100x7=700 becomes her available ki to manifest phantom limbs.
  11. Then we have mention that Layley had potential to become Yazata.
  13. Kamisama (item created by Khvarenah) is a projection-type embodiment machine and a sibling of Quinn. It absorbs prayers and converts them into power. These wishes will definitely come true, but they can only be achieved by creating Daeva.
  15. Then we have a bit about Tentsui, but Masada clearly doesn't want to speak about it yet. What we know is that it's super rare phenomenon and after "conversion" of sides, power is switched as well (so strong will become weak, and weak will become strong), but even that is not certain as it's rare.
  17. Well, I believe we can agree that Tentsui will be essential to the story.
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