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Inquisitor Pacus: A Tender Moment

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Oct 5th, 2013
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  1. “She never loved you, you know. Never did, never will.”
  3. The Exitus rifle cracked again, but the Daemonette merely laughed as she was suddenly next to him. She smacked away the weapon and in a flash had him by the throat.
  5. “Pathetic, really,” she sighed. “You’re just a toy. A pawn in her little game. Don’t you understand that? She’s no better than the humans who once held your leash.”
  7. “Chaos, filth,” he snarled. “Where is she?”
  9. “She left you, idiot,” she snorted, tightening her grip. “Had her fun, got her fill, then left you to die like an animal. Now you get to be MY plaything.”
  11. Her grip was too strong, even as he tried to pry himself free. His lungs screamed for air, vision beginning to blur as he felt darkness creeping in around him…
  13. LIIVI woke with a start, a sharp gasp for air escaping him as he reached for the sidearm on the nightstand beside him. Reality came crashing back into his senses a moment later and he hesitated, listening to the quiet breathing of his partner next to him. Taldeer was still asleep, cuddled into his side with her raven hair a slight mess from sleep. The sight calmed his frayed nerves, and with restraint left the weapon were it was. Instead he kissed the top of his lover’s head and silently untangled himself from her, sitting at the edge of the bed with his face buried in his hands. Not the only nightmare he suffered from, but one of the worse ones so far.
  15. He wasn’t sure how long he’d sat there, lost in his thoughts, but he suddenly became aware of a pair of lithe arms wrapping around him. A time before it would have triggered some defensive reaction, but by now it was a welcome feeling as he felt Taldeer nuzzle his neck.
  17. “Trouble sleeping?” she whispered.
  19. “I... yes,” LIIVI sighed, taking one of her hands in his and squeezing.
  21. Taldeer knew better than to ask anything more. She didn’t need to be a Farseer to know the darkness that haunted the Vindicare, and saw no need to press the point. The more human he grew, his conscious grew as well. He hid it well from the others, but as close as they’d grown it was impossible to keep it from her. A familiar calm came over him as he felt her presence caress his mind; not demanding or controlling, but simply offering something to cling to. For him, it was enough.
  23. “Do you think it will ever stop?” LIIVI asked, quietly enough that the Farseer almost didn’t hear him.
  25. “If you allow it to,” she answered, tightening her embrace. “You’re a good man, LIIVI. You can’t let your past weigh you down like this. Think of the future, instead.”
  27. “I believe that is your specialty.”
  29. Taldeer smiled at that. His dry, witty humor was endearing and, if he was using it, it meant he was feeling better.
  31. “Come on, back to bed,” she ordered.
  33. “I don’t think…” he started to object, but saw the futility in the effort and decided against it.
  35. Moving back onto the bed, LIIVI rest his head in Taldeer’s lap at her beckoning. It wasn’t an uncommon gesture, and as her fingers began to run through his hair LIIVI tried to relax once more with better results, eyes closing as he concentrated on her touch.
  37. “I’m sorry,” he said.
  39. “For what?” she asked.
  41. “You need rest.”
  43. “So do you, but you’re still awake. I’ll go back to sleep when you do the same.”
  45. “Taldeer…”
  47. He didn’t need to open his eyes to see her smile; he heard it in her laugh. It was a beautiful sound; something that put him at ease with the galaxy. Something that gave him reason to wake in the morning, and willingly return to bed at night. Even now, the Vindicare wasn’t sure what he had done that warranted a gift such as her.
  49. A familiar set of lips met his and his thoughts were gone, replaced by nothing more than the sensation of her touch. The kiss was tender and sweet, but short-lived. Taldeer pulled away and LIIVI opened his eyes, finding a pair of teal eyes watching him, gleaming with mischief.
  51. “Feeling better?” she asked.
  53. “Yes,” he answered, thinking a moment before chuckling. “More could not hurt, though.”
  55. “Well, since you asked so nicely…” Taldeer purred.
  57. They kissed again, this one more passionate than the last. Nipping playfully at his bottom lip, the kiss deepened as both eagerly tasted the other. Taldeer tasted sweet, like one of her favorite pastries while LIIVI tasted somewhat bitter with a hint of amsec. Taldeer’s hands began to roam the Vindicare’s bare chest, trailing over faint scars while his cupped her face, one trailing up and rubbing the base of her ear. The action caught the Farseer off guard and she broke the kiss with a surprised gasp as he continued. Taking the sensitive lobe between his thumb and forefinger, LIIVI watched in amusement as Taldeer’s face lightly contorted in pleasure.
  59. “Oh, Isha…” she murmured, leaning into his touch. “You’re getting good at that.”
  61. Continuing this for a few seconds, LIIVI stopped and slid off her lap, causing her to tilt her head in confusion before he reached up and began to pull at her panties. Realization quickly setting in, Taldeer couldn’t help but smirk.
  63. “My, my. A bold one tonight, aren't we?” she mused, rising up on her knees to make the task easier.
  65. “I hear no complaint,” LIIVI chuckled.
  67. With her panties now gone Taldeer slowly lowered herself down to his face, offering herself to LIIVI. His tongue circled around her entrance, drawing a coo from the Farseer as he teased the small bundle of nerves at the top. Being Captain of the ship, as well as having the walls soundproofed, Taldeer was happy to voice her approval of LIIVI’s actions as he deepened his ministrations.
  69. “A little to the le-ooooh yes…”
  71. Unhooking her bra and letting it fall to the floor, she looked on hungrily at the bulge desperately trying to get free from the Vindicare’s boxers. Lying across him, Taldeer pulled down his boxers and was greeted to a welcome sight. His member now free, she wrapped a hand around him and began to stroke while she gave the head a few tentative licks.
  73. The action gave the Vindicare pause in his work, breath hitching as Taldeer took the head in her mouth and sucked gingerly. This only made him redouble his efforts, however, as he slid a pair of prodding fingers into her increasingly wet entrance. This caused the Farseers hips to tense, and from there they continued to try and draw a larger reaction from the other. Taldeer found herself taking him into her mouth completely, growing more practiced with each encounter while LIIVI had a thumb tentatively massaging her clit. Soon neither could take anymore and Taldeer rose and turned, straddling LIIVI who made to rise up to meet her before a gentle but firm hand stopped him.
  75. Allowing her the lead, LIIVI tensed as Taldeer lowered herself onto him little by little.
  77. “Taldeer,” LIIVI groaned as she swung her hips from side to side, obviously enjoying the affect she had on him.
  79. “P-Patience, mon-keigh,” Taldeer grinned, though it was obvious she was enjoying things just as much. “Good things… come… to those who wait.”
  81. Soon she had taken him to the hilt, and with a few testing thrusts was quickly entering a rhythm with him. LIIVI’s hands came up to her hips, steadying her as the speed of their movements increased. One of his hands rose to her breasts, squeezing her soft mound while taking a nipple between his fingers and gently pulling, pinching.
  83. “Oh, yes,” Taldeer mewled, gripping him shoulder as her movements became more frantic. “I’m going to… to… oh, gods!”
  85. With a grunt LIIVI brought Taldeer down once more, his seed spilling into her. Feeling the warmth inside her the Farseer reached her limit as well, crying out as she came hard.
  88. Her limbs losing their strength, Taldeer lay against LIIVI’s chest, both panting heavily. An arm wrapped around and for a time there was nothing but bliss; a sense of fulfillment, accompanied by the soothing beat of the Vindicare’s heart. Moving to his side, Taldeer smiled coyly, a finger trailing small circles across his chest as she looked up at him. LIIVI smiled, a rare sight that always warmed her heart. The words died before they were made, and instead they shared a chaste kiss.
  90. “I love you, Taldeer.”
  92. “I love you too, LIIVI.”
  94. Both were content to fall asleep in each others arms until a series of heavy knocks sounded from the door.
  96. “Oi, Boss! We got problems!” a voice shouted.
  98. [FIN]
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