12/19 A Belated Reflection

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  1. The disappointed knight attacked his opponent with no remorse but something was off. He wasn't attacking as if he was aiming to kill like he always has against Raven. Is he getting a soft spot for Syndicate members? He had been training a lot of Ex-Syndicates as of late. So perhaps?
  3. Nevertheless he still fought will all his might. All you could hear was the light snapping from his fingers. All right before it got much louder. It was followed by large and small explosions alike. It had become a wasteland quickly, the scorched earth, large gashes in the ground, and blood everywhere.
  5. If anyone would have came across the scene they would have thought a massacre was going on. It was just a simple battle to the death... A knight and a Syndicate member.
  7. The fight all around didn't last long as he kept up on his assault. He gave Raven no quarter. He aimed to end the fight with a combo of blows. He used the snap of his finger to knock him towards him.As he sent a gale of wind right into the stomach of his opponent. He followed it up with a dash gapping the broadside of the blade against his head.
  9. With him on the ground Solon would lean over and picks him up by the collar. Singing the edges with his hands encased in flames. He whispers into his ear.
  10. (Solon Tofusin )
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12.  Vasilios was just... not really into it this time. Swipes were half-assed, shots were a bit lazy. It was overall not his best performance. He did, however, escape any sort of lasting blow from the end of it.
  14. He did allow himself to be grabbed by the collar with a unamused expression. Rolling his eyes at the absolute edge in his words, he speaks aloud.
  16. "Yes, I'll make sure to tell the rest of them that you 'Plan on cutting us all down.'"
  18. Swiftly, the blood-blade's swapped back into his other holster while his hand moved to his revolver. Silently putting it up to the bottom of his head. Though, he did 'hear' what he had to say.
  20. "Remember; Try not to cut yourself on all that edge!"
  22. His knee moves swiftly to his stomach as he jumps away, wiping off any soot on his blood-cloak. Having a single arm makes this very difficult, as it involves first putting the revolving in his holster, then bending strangely to get the soot off on the opposite side of his good arm.
  24. "God- Give me a moment, you'll get your dramatic exit in a bit."
  25. (Vasilios Quinn)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Well! Now that I'm done wiping my coat off of your annoying soot... hmm..."
  30.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I'll, I dunno..."
  31. Solon Tofusin asks, "Hmm?"
  32. Vasilios Quinn says, "And- for your information, -missy-."
  33. Vasilios Quinn says, "This blood is au natural; I'm not hurt."
  34.  Solon Tofusin says, "Its true..."
  35.  Vasilios Quinn says, "See; when I'm tasked with assassinating someone, and I have to fight someone else, I really kinda just- loose interest."
  36. Task says, "Mhm."
  37.  Solon Tofusin says, "Regardless that settled our score."
  38. Vasilios Quinn says, "So, I think I'll stretch my good arm out a bit, drink some water, eat an orange, I dunno."
  39. Vasilios Quinn says, "Oh, hey Task."
  40.  Task says, "Evening Mister Quinn."
  41. Vasilios Quinn asks, "How're things?"
  42.  Solon Tofusin asks, "Are you not going to answer my question? Or are you going to ignore it?"
  43. Vasilios Quinn exclaims, "Yeah, yeah. I heard you!"
  44. Vasilios Quinn says, "However, I don't think you 'heard' me."
  45. Esmond had only really shown up to the dojo to see if anyone was there training, but had ended up seeing the end of the conflict between the knight and the assassin.
  47. The mess of their magics across the field left him a little unsure of what to feel.
  48. (Esmond)
  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Playback everything I've said in our little tussle, and you'll get my answer."
  52.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I don't just spout nonsense, y'know."
  53.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Now... hmm."
  54.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I could pencil-in Task for assassination, for all that Rhoynur Racism that while ago."
  55.  Vasilios Quinn asks, "Though I'd need to happen somewhere private?"
  56.  Task says, "Nonsense."
  57.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Maybe with a table. Tea. "
  58.  Vasilios Quinn says, "No, see-"
  59.  Task says, "I've employed more Rhoynishmen than you have Mister Quinn."
  60. Vasilios Quinn asks, "I get preformance anxiety, y'know?"
  61. Vasilios Quinn says, "Not true."
  62.  Vasilios Quinn says, "If only on the sentiment that I am not an employer."
  63. Vasilios Quinn says, "If we're comparing organizations? That also be a no."
  64. Task asks, "What organization?"
  65. Solon Tofusin says, "Syndicate..."
  66. Task says, "I know."
  67. Task says, "It was sardonic, because most of them are dead."
  68.  Task says, "Or crippled."
  69. Task exclaims, "Or both!"
  70. Vasilios Quinn says, "Dickhead."
  71. Solon Tofusin asks, "You call?"
  72.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Ygor was a god-damn champ."
  73.  Task says, "Stein was a filthy traitor."
  74.  Task says, "And that's all he'll be remembered as."
  75.  Solon Tofusin asks, "Is it true that he was killed by Moonfall?"
  76.  Vasilios Quinn says, "He brewed an excellent pot of Coffee-"
  77.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Solon."
  78.  Solon Tofusin asks, "Aye?"
  79.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I've had my time with you."
  80.  Vasilios Quinn exclaims, "Now go! Shoo!"
  81.  Solon Tofusin asks, "Your telling me to shoo?"
  82. Vasilios Quinn says, "Yes, I am."
  83. Vasilios Quinn says, "I've had my fun! I must go on to bolder and balder hights. "
  84. His lips pursed looking to Quinn.
  86. Then his eyes trailed towards Task.
  88. "Balder Heights huh?" He said a bit idly without even thinking about his statement.
  89. (Cheemu Terrowin)
  90. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  91. Solon's magic would sheathe his blade and his flames would reduce. He lets out a sight before looking over to Cheemu. "Lets go, Cadet." He demands.
  93. As he moves to the door leaving the Raven there. Without attempting to arrest him clearly.
  94. (Solon Tofusin )
  95. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  96.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Yes, you take your little Cadet with you."
  97. Vasilios Quinn says, "The men are speaking. "
  98. Task says, "To the back room then."
  99.  Task says, "Just us."
  100.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Oooh. Intimate. "
  101.  Solon Tofusin exclaims, "Have fun!"
  102.  Task says, "Certainly."
  103.  Vasilios Quinn says, "God, I hope you were reading between the lines."
  104.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Not in the gay way, I mean."
  105.  Task says, "I am deeply concerned you may be a closet homosexual Mister Quinn."
  106.  Vasilios Quinn says, "..."
  107.  Vasilios Quinn says, "God I hate you."
  108.  Vasilios Quinn says, "No- I'm here on actual, -good- buisiness."
  109.  Task says, "Many have"
  110.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Yes, I'm a member of the Syndicate, but the fact that -Jasper is a fucking zombie- is more important."
  111.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Or something, I don't know what he is."
  112.  Task says, "Yes, I did notice the whole him not being dead suddenly thing."
  113.  Task says, "It was....unordinary."
  114.  Vasilios Quinn says, "He called Valero "Valero""
  115.  Vasilios Quinn says, "He also -ran away from me-."
  116.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Like a bitch."
  117.  Task says, "didn't question it, assumed it was some sort of trap spontaneous regeneration."
  118.  Vasilios Quinn says, "You'd assume they'd reproduce by budding."
  119.  Task says, "Indeed."
  120.  Vasilios Quinn says, "But, I digress."
  121.  Vasilios Quinn says, "No, I was going to shoot him in his stupid zombie head, but Traps run ast."
  122.  Task says, "Mister Quinn."
  123.  Task asks, "Are you still a terrorist?"
  124.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...define terrorist."
  125.  Task says, "Do you still align yourself with the syndicate, or are you ready to make up for the negative reputation you've earned your people by serving your city as a man of justice."
  126. Vasilios Quinn says, "Our two definitions of justice are a bit different."
  127. Vasilios Quinn says, "Yes, I seek justice for the malformation of life Jasper is."
  128. Task: Nonsense.
  129. Vasilios Quinn says, "Task."
  130. Task says, "You wouldn't have become a freedom fighter if you didn't have a strong sense of justice."
  131.  Task says, "You believed in Iris, and in your people. "
  132. Vasilios Quinn says, "Do not talk about her like you know her."
  133. Vasilios Quinn says, "Please."
  134.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I'm here to try and -help- you people."
  135.  Task says, "Know her? I spent hours shouting back and forth with her in rants you damned fool."
  136.  Vasilios Quinn says, "Yes, and -we were lovers-."
  137.  Task asks, "And?"
  138.  Vasilios Quinn says, "She wouldn't be an underboss if she believed in changing things from the inside."
  139.  Vasilios Quinn says, "She died exactly because she believed in us. In me."
  140.  Task asks, "And what can you do helping people that did that to Jasper?"
  141.  Task asks, "Living by their side?"
  142.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I don't live by there side."
  143.  Task says, "Then join mine."
  144.  Task says, "Iris took the cloak, you could too."
  145.  Vasilios Quinn says, "She did so as a cover for what she truly was."
  146.  Vasilios Quinn says, "You know who I am. You know I seek the freedom of my people from the Knights and Nobility."
  147.  Task says, "She never hid her sentiments from me."
  148.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I don't believe you."
  149.  Task says, "I believed the Rhoynish deserved better."
  150.  Task says, "I've always spoken of abolishing slavery."
  151.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...You know I'd help you, but my hands are dirty."
  152.  Task says, "It isn't right, not just in truth. It's the law for now, but one day it will be changed."
  153.  Task says, "Everyone's hands are dirty."
  154.  Task says, "The world isn't clean."
  155. Task says, "Tell you what."
  156. Task says, "We're ending your misinformed criminality today here and now. Call it a job interview, a no holds barred brawl between you and me here and now. My resolve against yours. "
  157. Task says, "Win or lose, doesn't matter. Show your guts rhoynishmen."
  158.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...I accept. "
  159.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...was that a pun."
  160. Shaking his head, Vasilios draws his revolver using the only arm he has. For a melee fighter, he uses a revolver an awfully lot.
  162. "No matter what happens, I hate you the least out of most of the people in Osrona. You were very honest, and I appreciate that with people."
  164. His blood was still flowing around him, only flowing higher in intensity and power as the weapon was drawn. To switch from his blood-dagger to his revolver; the amount of skill he'd need would push his body to the test.
  166. So, an augmentation would happen. The revolver was holstered for a moment, and the blood-blade was taken and held in his teeth. He only had a single appendage to hold one weapon at a time; reaching for the holster would take too long.
  168. "Cooh ohn!"
  170. It was very hard to speak with a handle across one's mouth.
  171. (Vasilios Quinn)
  172. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  173.  Task would glance across the dojo's floor towards Vasilios, tired brown eyes focused upon the crimson shroud of the blood magi. The watchman would raise his dukes in preparation for an evening of good, manly fun. The bald commander would engage in a no restraints showdown with the bitter rhoynishmen to show him the strength of his resolve.
  175. The commander knew his limits, the clown had defeated Task with his illusory magics and concussive sound. His fists were not infallible to any opponent, even if he had grown more proficient since he was just a constable. No, he'd become far more than that.
  177. He'd found the magic of energy.
  179. Igniting forth in a fiery, pulsating shroud of mana, the bald watchman would turn his gaze firmly to Vasilios own, nodding as his musculature bulged out with concentration of mana. It wouldn't be an easy fight, Task was certain.
  181. But for the sake of justice, and for his old friend Iris, he would try.
  183. "Consider this a job interview Mister Quinn. Perform your best, do not hold back."
  184. (Task)
  185. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  186. ** Vasilios Quinn has inflicted an injury upon Task. ("Permanent Injury", "Permanent Injury", "Permanent", "Severity: MODERATE (-20 Vit)") **
  187. He asked for his all to be given, and god damn was it given. His movements are far more sporadic than he was initially; he was preforming shots and slashes at the same time. Maybe it was adapting to his missing arm, or maybe it was the heat of the moment.
  189. But this was Vasilios at his most dangerous. It wasn't just the power behind his strikes, but the utter randomness and sporadicness behind it. It was something new, like a wild beast being imitated by a mere man.
  191. However, he forgot one specific thing. There was a blade being held in his mouth. With a rouge slice, Vasilios manages to take out his entire left eye. He doesn't even mean it. It was by complete accident.
  193. He just stops halfway, an oh shit look on his face. This was a job interview, and he did the equivalent of dropkicking his boss in the forehead.
  195. "...Oh shit."
  196. (Vasilios Quinn)
  197. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  199. Task would lunge forth against the syndicate blood magi with all of his determined might, ducking and weaving against Vasillios with bursts of condensed mana and determined grit. The bald commander would raise his palms to attempt to redirect the miasma of blood that flowed about his person. Body hardened like iron, the practiced flow of recursion and redirection would manifest upon his reinforced palm.
  201. In the heat of dangerous combat, where things were most deadly, that was the only true place to test such a technique.
  203. Yet, the blood magi's whips had rattled Task to his core as he engaged in pugilistic range, and distracted by his efforts within the miasma of blood, the bald watchman would barely have time to blink before half of his sight was removed in a spurt of blood, an intense pang of pain, and the darkening of the world.
  205. Falling to one knee as the bald commander grimace in pain, blood would pour progressively down his face to the wooden panels of thedojo proper with an idle thud. A pool of crimson would spread before the watchman as his vision shook briefly, a wave of nausea from the loss of half his usual sensory ability as he found his legs briefly shaky.
  207. Yet, extending his palm as he curved his hands, hardening his musculature once more with condensed mana, Task would force himself slowly to his feet with a stern, dutiful expression, wiping all signs of pain from his visage.
  209. "Justice is blind, it is fitting that a constable of her service might as well be half so."
  211. The bald commander would cross his right, jaggedly scarred arm over the purple plate of his cuirass, flashing a missing toothed, pained grin to the rhoynishmen syndicate as if he was just another citizen. Perhaps it was the old days, or the idealism the man possessed, but Task believed in the good that remained within Mister Quinn. Just like Cameo.
  213. "You cannot help your people by justifying their oppression to the crown with acts of terrorism. Iris would not want you to hang like a common criminal. I know you Vasillios, you're angry, foolish, but not evil. If you turn away from that village that killed Jasper, take up the cloak and try to make things better for a change."
  215. A gaping hole remained in Task's head, steadily leaking blood as he spoke with firm and iron resolve, raising his palm to Vasillios as he continued to speak.
  217. "Protect the people from true criminals that would abuse them, fight for their protection, for those in Sudsbury that need your help. Take up the cloak, and join the constabulary, and one day you will be able to actually make things better for the Rhoynish in this city. Just how Iris wanted."
  218. (Task)
  219. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  221. {Item} You drop Cloak Of The Watch.
  222. He didn't know how to respond. Even now, he gave him a chance. Even now, after he professed his desire to end someone's life, he gave him a chance.
  224. He spoke like he knew Iris, and maybe he did. She would oft speak about her revolutionary ideals, and sometimes in pubic. It wouldn't be a stretch to see her speaking out to Task about this. But this was- a chance. A chance to change things for the future.
  226. To spin the Moon Serpent's wheel ever forward, with the desire to see the next generation of Rhoynish free. A desire to free them, and a chance that they, too, may love another like he did. That they may feel such pains and pleasures like he had.
  228. That they might suffer, and grow from that suffering like he has.
  230. "...I will need a new name. I cannot be Vasilios, and be in the watch. You understand, right?"
  231. (Vasilios Quinn)
  232. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  233. Task says, "That can all be figured out. "
  234.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...I trust this'll stay between us. I'll adopt a new identity- it was easy when I was Raven."
  235. Task says, "Then become Ravan's brother."
  236. Task says, "You fool."
  237.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...what."
  238.  Vasilios Quinn says, "No-"
  239.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I'll just- cut my hair a bit. Dye it something."
  240.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I'm thinking..."
  241.  Task says, "Work off your sentence progressively within the watch by helping people within the city from people that would do that sort of thing to Jasper."
  242.  Task says, "And naturally inform us on what you know."
  243.  Task says, "We'll need every ounce of intelligence to face such a threat."
  244.  Vasilios Quinn says, "I didn't see how the supreme fought. "
  245.  Vasilios Quinn says, "All I know is that they're powerful."
  246. Vasilios Quinn says, "The Syndicate is impotent right now. They arn't a problem. "
  247.  Task says, "Terminology, structure of the village, remaining syndicate operatives, anything that can keep people safe."
  248.  Task says, "And of course, from this day forth, you protect the people."
  249. Task says, "And spite any who speak against a Rhoynishmen by saving him too."
  250. Task says, "And you will learn the meaning of true pride."
  251.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...I will do what's needed."
  252.  Vasilios Quinn says, "...oh, I know an easy way-"
  253. Vasilios Quinn says, "I don't actually have to see any of you."
  254.  Quincy Saltpetre says, "...I'll need a new weapon, also."
  255. Quincy Saltpetre says, "..Ah-hem."
  256. Quincy puts his hand to his throat, manipulating his vocal chords with a bit of blood magic. His pitch is a bit higher, a bit younger and less grizzled than he was with Vasilios.
  258. "...My name is Quincy Saltpetre. I grew up in Messaris as a ranch-hand, until I was recruited by Task to be a city watchmen. It's nice to meet you!"
  260. He was a literal master of disguise.
  261. (Quincy Saltpetre)
  262. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  263.  Task says, "Twenty years of community service should be enough."
  264.  Quincy Saltpetre says, "...Twenty."
  265.  Task says, "Sass, and it's twenty five."
  266. Quincy Saltpetre says, "You damn slavedriver. "
  267. Quincy Saltpetre says, "Very well. "
  268. Task says, "Now, out on patrol Initiate Saltpetre."
  270. As the freshly redeemed ex-syndicate paced off into the night in their new persona to work off twenty years of community service for the usually capital offense of sedition, the bald commander would quietly light up a fresh bowl within his corncob pipe, taking a deep drag as blood continued to steadily seep from the gaping hole in Task's head. The hollow was already beginning to make Task nauseous, but in this moment he'd finally figure it all out. There was a smile on his face in spite of everything, a sense of confidence and resolve in his determined, if eccentric choice to see the good in fools.
  272. Crossing his greaved legs as he sat on the ground, blood still dripping steadily from the wound, the watchman would close his remaining eye as he began to gather flowing mana about his form, a current that looped steadily as a translucent shroud of ethereal energy coalesced about Task's body. Clear his mind, the commander would dull the pain from his wound as he raised his palm forward peacefully, curving its expanse as a thin layer of concentrated mana would begin to reverbate about its surface. The flowing current of mana was reflective in nature, a portion of the technique he'd been developing to turn back the clown's cacophony when next they met.
  274. By mastering the principles of the iron body, one could harden with mana any point of the muscualture in any form one can contort themselves into. In most cases, an incomplete defense, a minimized hardening concentrated on a small area like an arm, would weaken the defensive potential of the ability greatly. Yet, by mastering the rotational pattern of mana, by minimizing it and interweaving it upon the hardened surface of his palm with immense concentration and gathered force, a strong current of redirection could be manifested to alter the directive flow of the mana within almost any spell, certainly any formed by any sort of energy.
  276. Breathing deep as he began to meditate, his bleeding slowing lightly at the state of concentration, the commander would center his palm before his cuirass as he mulled over the two principles of justice that had brought him to this point. He'd always favored the strong, unyielding fist of the law, firm and stubborn in its pursuit of absolute application of the law. Yet, the execution of Terra Brightwood had left a bad taste in Task's mouth. She was a criminal, true, but young and foolish as well. Task had been unmalleable, and it had cost a life.
  278. But as all energy flows, so too could it be redirected. Task didn't need to execute every former member of the syndicate if they were willing to do good for the city, to redirect their own malevolent intentions for the prosperity of the people. In giving Vasilios a chance to make up for his crimes, much the same as in turning the flow of mana with a vigorous spellcraft, the bald watchman had turned the anarchic energy of the Rhoynishman into a new, determined aspirant of justice. One who could perhaps save lives.
  280. A lawman must offer two things to everyone they met. An open palm and a closed fist. These two were the scales of justice, for she was blind and willing to apply either with as much force as is required. In realigning his own balance, in realizing the need for case by case basis judgement, the energy magi had grown more malleable both in his own application of force, and in the manifestation of his technique through his training with Nerin following his encounter with the clown.
  282. All it had taken was losing an eye to finally see.
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