Resale Value (Anon/Celestia) (RGRE) (Oneshot) [clop]

Jan 6th, 2017
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  1. > Be Anon on a leash
  2. > When you appeared in Bovinia, out were immediately overpowered by some Minotauresses with literally watermelon sized tits wearing overalls
  3. > They spoke in a thick Appalachian accent, and explained the realities of your situation
  4. > There was also a great deal of sitting on your face and making you eat them out while they spouted rural euphemisms
  5. > In your short time with your first owners, you learned a few things
  6. > How to really work your tongue
  7. > Minotauresses bodybuild obsessively in order to withstand the massive weight of their breasts
  8. > You are what they call a "higger" and thus sub-minotaur
  9. > Apparently, some minos are born with almost no cow traits, and are generally weaker than their more bovine peers
  10. > However, if 4chan taught you anything, it's the degeneration inside that counts
  11. > So you managed to flaunt yourself in front of wealthier, more deviant females, who promptly bought you from your previous owners
  12. > You continued in that way, eating your way to the top, changing hands until you ended up in a harem
  13. > The Bovinian ambassador to Equestria's harem, to be specific
  14. > As expected of an ambassador, Ironing Board had a wide selection of boytoys for her amusement
  15. > A diamond dog, an adolescent dragon, a griffon, even a cloud gremlin
  16. > They had one thing in common, though
  17. > They were all whiny bitches
  18. > So what if Ironing Board is flat chested?
  19. > So what if she never kisses them on the mouth?
  20. > You could never tell if they resented being her cuddle slaves, or if they wanted more of her favor and affection
  21. > You suspect some of the latter fed into their pecking order disputes
  22. > Thankfully, you kept your spot as number 2 without having to do any of the catty remarks and slapfights
  23. > Dragonboy had the rest of them under his claw, due to the fact that he was tough as shit, decently strong, and could breath fire
  24. > He was also deathly afraid of you, recognizing you as a Human from the old legends
  25. > When he wasn't sulfuring his sheets about you, he was alright, so you just sort of lounged around as the other guys speculated at what magical powers you might have
  26. > The thumb trick really freaked them out
  27. > It was not to last, however
  28. > One day, Ironing Board brought you with her to negotiations
  29. > You were a little curious about what passed for politics here, but it seemed that wasn't in the cards
  30. > Celestia looked you up and down, eyes glinting with that familiar hunger
  31. > Ironing Board slapped you on the ass, pushing you forward
  32. > "He's still a virgin, you know. Shaman verified. So what do you say?"
  33. > Celestia nodded
  34. > "I accept. Guards, fetch the prince."
  35. > You watch some prissy stallion mewl and plead as he is dragged by
  36. > Ironing Board gives your balls one last jostle, sighing fondly
  37. > "Anon, you were among the best cuddle buddies I have ever had. You go and treat ol' Celly just as good, alight?"
  38. > You flick her gently on the nipple
  39. "Sure thing. Oh, and Homeward Bone is getting lonely, could you move him up in the schedule?"
  40. > Ironing Board winks at Celestia
  41. > "See what I mean? Anon's a real treasure."
  42. > She kisses you on the cheek
  43. > "I'll do that. Take care, you dirty higger."
  44. > You swat her ass as she turns away
  45. "You too, you old cow."
  46. > She giggles, picking former prince Blueblood up by the scruff of his neck as she leaves
  47. > Celestia gives you a warm smile
  48. > "Welcome to Equestria, Anonymous. Would you like to accompany me, or would you rather rest in your quarters?"
  49. > It's pretty early in the day, and you aren't that tired
  50. "I'd like to go with you. The quicker I find out about you, the better I can serve you."
  51. > She nods her head
  52. > "An admirable notion. Come then, I have much to show you."
  53. > Celestia shows you around the palace, to the four separate kitchens, three of which are solely dedicated to cake production
  54. > Then there are the introductions to the various heads of staff, and so on
  55. > The entire time, you trailed a hand up and down her back, taking careful note of the spots when she tensed, shivered, and/or her wings stiffened
  56. > With increasing hesitancy, she leads you to he personal quarters
  57. > "The only thing that you must do, is accompany me during negotiations with the Seething Empire. It is my hope that the presence of a human may help them see... reason. At the very least, that damn dragonette might stop hitting on the butlers."
  58. "Sounds reasonable. I'll count on you if she starts breathing fire, though."
  59. > The princess nods absently, chewing on her lip
  60. > After a moment of silence, she speaks
  61. > "I understand you were in Ironing Board's harem. Did you..."
  62. > Celestia averts her eyes
  63. > "dislike the duties of the bedchamber?"
  64. > You cup her cheek, drawing her gaze
  65. "I have always liked making girls happy. Especially the cute noises you all make when I touch you just right."
  66. > Her cheek heats up suddenly, reddening
  67. > Her eyes search yours for any trace of falsehood, and for something else
  68. > "Then, I will accept your service, though I fear I am far too old to truly be considered cute."
  69. > You cup her other cheek, and pull her in for a slow, but chaste kiss on the lips
  70. > Her eyes go wide, and her wings rise to half mast
  71. > You grin
  72. "Do not discount yourself so, Princess. I am going to find every little cute thing that you do and kiss you for it."
  73. > Celestia's mouth parts in surprise as she struggles for words
  74. > You cannot resist the sight, and eagerly seal her mouth with yours, your tongue probing the depths
  75. > She tastes sweet on your tongue, with a subtle hint of the rich creaminess of cheesecake
  76. > Celestia flaps her suddenly erect wings in alarm, inhaling deeply through her nose
  77. > She begins to lean back, but then slowly leans into the kiss, her tongue timidly meeting yours
  78. > You run a hand through her mane and she responds with a contented hum
  79. > At last, you break the kiss
  80. > She looks blankly at you, dazed and flustered
  81. > "I think I can be persuaded with such a method."
  82. > You laugh and give her a peck on the nose
  84. > You get the sense that Celestia is rather like one of your old owners, a nice middle-aged silk-weaver
  85. > She had liked to dress you up in all sorts of clothes, or chat while she wove
  86. > Soft Touch always seemed slightly ashamed of her body, from her modest rack to a slight pudginess around the belly, to her relatively short height
  87. > She insisted on separate beds, even though there was little enough room in the loft above the working area
  88. > You got the sense that what she really wanted was a husband, but she lacked he confidence to court one herself
  89. > You spent a happy year with her, waking her up with kisses, working together to make he dyes and threads that made up her craft
  90. > At night you would do your best to make her forget her worries, her insecurities, and her loneliness
  91. > Sometimes, when you drove her to orgasm, as Soft Touch cried out in ecstacy, you would see tears fall from her eyes, even after the last spasms ceased
  92. > Those were the nights when you cradled her gently in your arms, and sang her to sleep
  93. > You remember the day she sold you, to one of her friends in court
  94. > "I'm already going soft, dear Anonymous. Any more of you, and my teats would break my back entirely. I hope you find a better woman, you deserve it."
  95. > You hugged her tightly
  96. "You better find a great husband while I'm gone. You should try Long Haul, the widower. He asked me about you just the other day."
  97. > Soft Touch scoffed
  98. > "Not you too! I'm sure he was just being friendly like he always is."
  99. > You tapped out of the embrace and set your hands on her shoulders
  100. "He asked about your bust size."
  101. > She blushed slightly
  102. > "And?"
  103. "He placed an order for a tuxedo."
  104. > "Oh. Oh my."
  105. > Her face reddened more, and she fixed you with a fond gaze
  106. > "What will I do without my lucky charm, though?"
  107. > You waggled your eyebrows suggestively
  108. "I imagine you'll get lucky in some other way."
  109. > Soft Touch shakes her head, suppressed laughter jiggling her chest in amazing ways
  110. > "Oh, you. Now get going, I have a widower to comfort."
  111. > You gave her a salute and strode off
  112. "Good Luck!"
  113. > You called over your shoulder
  114. > She waved with a grin
  115. "You too."
  117. > After the first three months as Royal Attendant, you had more or less gotten the hang of things
  118. > The signs of cake withdrawal
  119. > Your place in the hierarchy of servantry (below the heads of staff, above the cleaning crew, and diagonal from the guards)
  120. > When Celestia just wanted cuddles
  121. > When she wanted to play with the many toys she has accumulated over the centuries
  122. > How to reduce her to a shuddering mass of pleasure in ten minutes
  123. > How to keep her gasping and twitching for hours on end
  124. > Just how far Luna is allowed to go with you (groping free-for-all)
  125. > Which cakes made Celestia's juices taste the best
  126. > The names of her favorite bedtime stories
  127. > And so on
  128. > You're making progress, she accepts being called "cute" at face value three times out of five
  129. > She's also begining to confide in you, talking about her worries as a ruler and as a mentor
  130. > Celestia actually asks for your advice on Minotaur matters, which is rather flattering
  131. > All throughout, though, there is a distance
  132. > She never initiates shows of affection
  133. > You had to coax her for an hour before she believed it was okay to suck your dick
  134. > Even then, she was very shy and hesitant, with curtains drawn and wards set up
  135. > It still felt amazing
  136. > She has yet to try again, even though you were very vocal in your appreciation while it was happening
  137. > You like her a lot so far, but it's a little frustrating
  138. > There's something deeper as well
  139. > Every time you were sold, it felt weird
  140. > Aside from the whole being a slave thing, it always felt like you were being... used
  141. > Like a sextoy that they got bored with
  142. > While that was almost literally the case for about half of your owners, there was the others like Ironing Board or Soft Touch that made you feel a little like you belonged
  143. > Those partings always stung, some more than others
  144. > You sigh
  145. > Some of these nights get you like this
  146. > "Anonymous? Are you alright?"
  147. > Celestia stands hesitant in the doorway, a stack of scrolls floating away to a nearby desktop
  148. > You straighten up, putting on a smile
  149. "Fine, just a little tired. I can only imagine how tired you must be."
  150. > She doesn't look reassured
  151. > She approaches slowly, her golden regalia cast off with the ease of long practice
  152. > Celestia gazes at you in concern, sitting before you
  153. > "If you can't do this anymore, if you want to quit, you don't have t-"
  154. > Quit?
  155. > And be alone again?
  156. > Just when you were starting to feel a home?
  157. "No!"
  158. > She reels back at the intensity of your outburst
  159. > Your hands clench at the sheets, tears gathering in your eyes
  160. "No. Don't throw me away. Don't leave me."
  161. > Celestia blinks
  162. > "Oh."
  163. > She draws you into an embrace, her forelegs encircling you, her wings wrapping you in warmth and softness
  164. > She rocks you gently in her arms, her own tears falling upon your cheek and shoulder
  165. > "I will never leave you, Anonymous. I will never throw you away. You are precious to me, far more precious than I could have imagined."
  166. > You weep, burying your face in her soft fur
  167. > You have never felt so safe, so secure
  168. > Softly, so softly that you almost cannot hear it, she whispers
  169. > "You are mine. And I..."
  170. > You look up at her, gazing into those wise, luminous eyes
  171. > "I am yours."
  172. > Your lean forward, lips meeting lips in a question
  173. > Celestia kisses you back, once upon the lips, then again and again as she kisses your tears away
  174. > Incandescent joy bubbles up in your chest
  175. > You stroke her long neck, a steady rhythm to which you match your increasingly passionate kissing
  176. > She presses forward, pushing you down onto the bed with her considerable strength
  177. > Where your previous owners have done the same from time to time, this was different
  178. > Her weight upon you was not the weight of lust or pride, but the reassuring weight of safety, of comfort
  179. > Your senses are filled, overfilled with this magnificent horse
  180. > Silky fur atop firm muscles and yielding flesh
  181. > Sensual humming reverberating in your ears
  182. > Her delectable mouth filling you with her taste, and a deep heat
  183. > You can feel your erection strain at your pants, a surging need begging for an outlet
  184. > You groan, working desperately to unfasten your pants, tugging them down the crucial span
  185. > Celestia gasps as she feels your feverishly hot length press against her belly
  186. > She looks down at you with wondering eyes
  187. > "Anonymous, is this truly what you want?"
  188. > You lay panting beneath her, mind blazing with desire, with love, with compassion
  189. "This is where I belong. With you."
  190. > You free your manhood from under her, and guide it to the glistening slit of the god-princess you have come to love
  191. "Will you accept me?"
  192. > She pushes herself up, and for a moment, your heart sinks
  193. > Then Celestia impales herself upon you, letting out a long, low moan
  194. > You hiss, the flash of pleasure scrambling your ability to speak
  195. > The mare buckles, trembling as she lays back down on you
  196. > This time, the weight is different
  197. > She presses down, sharing her heat, melting the difference between the to of you
  198. > Her hips move with agonizing slowness, an insistent, glacial rhythm that leaves you gasping, toes curling, hands desperately clutching at anything they can grasp
  199. > Celestia kisses and nips at your neck, almost babbling her praise
  200. > You shudder and writhe under her, whispering her name over and over and over
  201. > Your hand finds her horn and stroke it vigorously
  202. > She keens, pounding your dick into her at a feverish pace, all control lost
  203. > Your sweat soaks the sheets, the musky smell of sex ripe in the air
  204. > In your haste, the nail of your thumb catches on one of the ridges of her horn, then flicks free, the vibration simulating the sensitive nerves inside almost unbearably
  205. > Celestia spasms, groaning out your name, crushing your pelvis beneath hers, grinding and clenching around your manhood
  206. > You thrust into her, crying out in wordless ecstacy as you come again and again
  207. > Her walls milk you for what feels like an eternity of heaven, your member desperately pumping her full of seed
  208. > The two of you simply lay there, content to be connected, basking in pleasure and each other's warmth
  209. > Another wonderful eternity slips by, and Celestia begins licking your cheek
  210. > The rhythm and the technique reminds out of nothing so much as a cat grooming itself
  211. > You patiently wait for an explanation but she just carries on
  212. "Why are you licking me? Not that I'm complaining."
  213. > Celestia stops and beams at you
  214. > "You taste like salt. It's quite delicious."
  215. > You chuckle, and pat her neck tiredly
  216. "I guess I would at that. Just don't bite. Too much."
  217. > She giggles, and sets back to work
  219. > The wedding came a handful of months later, as it was a state occasion and needed a great deal of preparation
  220. > There was the usual nobility, the elements of harmony, foreign dignitaries and so on, but you had you eye out for other guests
  221. > In the reception, you dragged your poor, socializing wife away from some bureaucrat or another, and lead her to a certain flat-chested 'tauress
  222. > Ironing Board grinned as Celestia and you approached
  223. > "Finally decided to settle down, I can understand. But with a scrawny little higger? You have strange tastes, Sunbum."
  224. > Celestia looks smug
  225. > "There is nothing scrawny about him, I assure you. Besides, you're one to talk, Miss A-cup Angus Queef."
  226. > Ironing Board chuckles
  227. > "Fair enough, fair enough. Anonymous, the boys miss you, how about we all go on a double date sometime?"
  228. > You smile fondly
  229. "It'd be nice to see them all again, but it will have to be later."
  230. > "Oh?"
  231. > You nudge Celestia with your elbow
  232. "Little Miss Princess cleared a full week out of her schedule, and I intend to use every minute of it."
  233. > Ironing Board claps the now blushing Celestia on the wither
  234. > "You're a lucky mare. If only I had... well, I won't take any more of your time together. Farewell, and fuck well."
  235. > Celestia snorts
  236. > "And good riddance to you."
  237. > Ironing Board just chuckles and pushes through the crowd
  238. > Your wife leads you to the Elements of Harmony, and you promptly slip into a daze as their small talk goes on and on
  239. > You do notice a certain couple waiting patiently a stone's throw away
  240. > You wait for the elements' conversation to hit a pause before you whisper in Celestia's ear
  241. "I have some old friends to see, want to come? They're a bit nicer than the other one."
  242. > She follows your gaze, but she isn't the only one
  243. > Rarity gasps
  244. > "Is that Soft Touch, of Silk Standing?"
  245. > You raise your eyebrows
  246. > It seems Soft's letters rather understated her success
  247. "Would you like to be introduced?"
  248. > "Would I? I'd be delighted, darling!"
  249. > Soft Touch and Long Haul meet your group of three halfway, and pleasantries are exchanged
  250. "Soft, it sounds like you found a better good luck charm."
  251. > She smiles, and wraps an arm around Long Haul's waist
  252. > "I have lived a rather charmed life, haven't I? Long has been a great and lovely support for me, and his caravan contacts are certainly a bonus."
  253. > Long Haul kisses her cheek
  254. > "I'd say I'm the lucky one, to have found such a sensitive and kind tauress."
  255. > Celestia sighs happily, pulling you into a one wing hug
  256. > Meanwhile Rarity glances about, somewhat uncomfortable to be the odd one out
  257. > You take some pity on her
  258. "Soft, have you heard of Carrousel Boutique?"
  259. > The tauress tilts her head
  260. > "Of course, the maker of the Princess Cadance' wedding dress, as well as those of the Elements of Harmony. Is the proprietor attending as well?"
  261. > Rarity clears her throat nervously
  262. > "That would be, ah, me."
  263. > Soft Touch gazes in surprise
  264. > "I had thought you were part of the court, wearing that finery. But no, this is an original, isn't it? I have always admired your sense of proportions, would you be interested in creating a minotaur line of clothing? I could offer a discount, and locations to..."
  265. > The party went on in the like manner for a while longer, during which the two of you quietly excused yourselves
  266. > Under the cool, starry sky, Celestia shines with an inner radiance that was not there when you met her so many months ago
  267. > She nuzzles your neck with a playful smile on her lips
  268. > "What are you thinking about, Love?"
  269. > You lean against her, basking in her comforting heat
  270. "You just keep getting more beautiful every time I see you."
  271. > She hums happily, wrapping a wing around you
  272. > "I guess I'll keep you then. I want to see what you see when we are both old."
  273. > You stroke her mane
  274. "Me too."
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