House Kaliaxix Session 5

Squeegy May 16th, 2013 52 Never
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  1. May 16 16:40:27 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, Lahodin had scouted out a bunch of possible entrances and exits for their infiltration into the mansion. Valehrisis had repaired two sets of Asixhredn clothes for Lahodin and Hotehkhehn to wear, and Xisehdn had reported their progress to Tehdnehr. The group stands in Valehrisis's house, prepared to carry out their mission.
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  3. May 16 16:42:30 *       Dicey ( has joined #tombdogs
  4. May 16 16:45:28 <Kerosis>       Actually, I believe preparations were done, and people were heading over to vaguely improvise some sort of break in.
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  6. May 16 16:46:45 <SqueeGM>       Yes, that's essentially what I meant.
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  8. May 16 16:48:03 <Lahodin>       Well there were some sort of preperations yes. Our lovely Merchant was given the job of being a distraction, lets see how well tHAT goes, while Lahodin, and Hotehkhehn planned to sneak in through the servents entrance if that distraction -worked-. Presumably our two primiarys have their weapons prepared with Kersis little sick-as-hell-knock-out poison just in case a quick get away is required,
  9. May 16 16:48:03 <Lahodin>       but hopefully it won't be required.
  10. May 16 16:51:23 <Lehkurehn>     aye
  11. May 16 16:51:37 *       Ucro is now known as Ucro|Hotehkhehn
  12. May 16 16:52:29 <Kerosis>       and my job is apparently to just kinda loiter around to administer first aid to anyone who falls off a 3 story roof, or something.
  13. May 16 16:53:00 <Lahodin>       Well you can help Lehkurehn if you'd like.
  14. May 16 16:53:35 <SqueeGM>       When you're done discussing it, please let me know how you are going to approach the building.
  15. May 16 16:53:36 <Lehkurehn>     I will once They've infiltrated
  16. May 16 16:53:40 <Kerosis>       that works too, yes
  17. May 16 16:55:43 <SqueeGM>       You are waiting for them to get inside before you approach?
  18. May 16 16:56:33 <Lehkurehn>     no. I'm just distracted.
  19. May 16 16:57:21 *       Kerosis is just going to play tourist in the general area, try to keep an eye on things and see what else is worth gawking at.
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  21. May 16 16:58:33 <Brichu>        well that was inconvient
  22. May 16 16:58:41 *       Brichu is now known as Lahodin_
  23. May 16 16:58:49 <Lahodin_>      [21:27] <Lehkurehn> no. I'm just distracted.
  24. May 16 16:58:49 <Lahodin_>      [21:27] <Lahodin> Admitly getting inside is the hard part for us. We've got stern guards at the doors, and a 75% chance sqeegy is going to fuck us over right away saying they reconize us making this entire plan moot <3~
  25. May 16 16:58:49 <Lahodin_>      [21:28] * Disconnected
  26. May 16 16:58:59 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotehn, once fully dressed in the opposing houses colours, will be waiting for the guards at the main entrance to be distracted before well... Sauntering on inside! So long as nobody is close or paying particular attention, nobody is about to bat an eyelid at two house dogs showing up.
  27. May 16 16:59:25 <Lahodin_>      Main entrance? Why wouldn't we use the servant entrance? Servants wear clan colors too after all.
  28. May 16 17:00:15 <Kerosis>       (seem to recall being told they absolutely would check for familiar faces at the front door too)
  29. May 16 17:00:16 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Either or
  30. May 16 17:00:17 *       Lehkurehn swaggers up to the guards. "Hey I betcha two pennies a piece That you Asix jerks couldn't beat me in a fight. One-on-one. Let's see the best Assuck has to offer!"
  31. May 16 17:00:27 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hence the distraction
  32. May 16 17:00:30 <SqueeGM>       (Okay, hold on.)
  33. May 16 17:00:31 *       Lahodin has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  34. May 16 17:01:08 <SqueeGM>       (Let's get on the same level here. The manor has two alleys and a depopulated back street in addition to the street the front entrance is facing.)
  35. May 16 17:01:17 <SqueeGM>       (Where is everyone else when Lehkurehn strolls up to the front entrance?)
  36. May 16 17:02:32 <Lahodin_>      Presumably no where near it. And hopefully no where near enough to understand what he's -saying- other wise Lahodin would give up this entire job right now. Either way, might as well start heading towards the servants entrance, looking -quite- confused towards the front door.
  37. May 16 17:03:05 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn does the same
  38. May 16 17:03:55 <SqueeGM>       As Lehkurehn strolls up to the front door, Hotehkhehn and Lahodin move behind him, looking nonplussed, towards the left-hand alleyway, where the servant's entrance is. Kerosis stands in the background, trying to look unrelated.
  39. May 16 17:04:26 <Lahodin_>      Nonpulsed isn't the right word. Quite confused is the proper one, more along the lines of 'Who the fuck is that asshole up there <3~'
  40. May 16 17:04:45 <Lahodin_>      As would any sensable person of this house would passing by such nonsense.
  41. May 16 17:05:01 <SqueeGM>       The guard nearest to Lehkurehn gives him a hard shove with his non-spear hand. "You're barking up the wrong tree, fleabag. Scamper off before you get hurt."
  42. May 16 17:05:13 <Lehkurehn>     buttsense, nonbutts...
  43. May 16 17:05:54 <Lehkurehn>     "The only fleas I've got came from your mother last night."
  44. May 16 17:06:02 <SqueeGM>       Meanwhile, Lahodin and Hotehkhehn enter the alleyway, and they can see the solitary guard standing at the servant's entrance. As they approach him, his gaze falls on them lazily. "Greetings," he says.
  45. May 16 17:07:01 <SqueeGM>       The guard lets out a growl, while his partner at the door looks amused. "Fine then," he says, "You asked for it." He hands his spear to the other guarddog and holds his fists up at Lehkurehn.
  46. May 16 17:08:09 <Lehkurehn>     "Come one, come all! See the might of Asixhredn shamed!" Lehkurehn bellows.
  47. May 16 17:08:10 *       Lahodin_ gives a simple slightly but not over the top 'Evening~' Right back. No need to be odd about it as they keep heading towards the entrance~
  48. May 16 17:08:56 <SqueeGM>       The guard by the servant's entrance endeavors to look over their head as they approach. "What's going on out there?"
  49. May 16 17:10:51 <SqueeGM>       The guard Lehkurehn is fighting, hereafter referred to as fightdog, takes a swing at Lehkurehn in the middle of his bragging.
  50. May 16 17:12:08 <SqueeGM>       d6 fightdog attack
  51. May 16 17:12:11 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog attack
  52. May 16 17:12:11 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog attack: 2 [1d6=2]
  53. May 16 17:13:04 <SqueeGM>       (Roll your dodge, Lehkurehn)
  54. May 16 17:13:07 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn gives the guard a nod "Not sure, you may want to check on it, we heard yelling but decided against checking the source" he says before followying behind Lahodin.
  55. May 16 17:13:08 *       Lahodin_ will glance up "A crazy Kaliaxix, looked like he was bad-mouthing the guys out-front. Don't know what about."
  56. May 16 17:14:30 <Lehkurehn>     d6 dodgery
  57. May 16 17:14:44 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 dodgery
  58. May 16 17:14:44 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, dodgery: 4 [1d6=4]
  59. May 16 17:15:07 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn ducks under the swing.
  60. May 16 17:15:54 <SqueeGM>       The guard in the alley looks anxiously at his post, then glances outward, before shrugging and meandering over to the alley's edge to check out and maybe watch the fight, letting the two slip right on by.
  61. May 16 17:17:07 <Lehkurehn>     Trip him?
  62. May 16 17:17:13 <SqueeGM>       They enter the kitchen, which isn't too busy at this time of day. There is a cook here, but he pays little attention to them, as servants presumably pass through here all the time. There is a door to his left, and a door on the other wall to his right.
  63. May 16 17:17:42 <Lehkurehn>     1d4 leg or foot?
  64. May 16 17:17:42 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, leg or foot?: 3 [1d4=3]
  65. May 16 17:17:55 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog dodge
  66. May 16 17:17:55 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog dodge: 4 [1d6=4]
  67. May 16 17:18:41 <SqueeGM>       The fightdog stumbles back away from Lehkurehn's sweeping leg, and his partner grabs him and shoves him back towards Lehkurehn. The fightdog takes a running swing at Lehkurehn.
  68. May 16 17:18:49 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog attack
  69. May 16 17:18:49 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog attack: 3 [1d6=3]
  70. May 16 17:19:34 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 not get hit
  71. May 16 17:19:35 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, not get hit: 3 [1d6=3]
  72. May 16 17:19:39 <Kerosis>       Now seems like a good enough time then to rush up all "Hey now! What is this all about? Nothing that can't be settled in a civilized people, is it?"
  73. May 16 17:20:17 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn narrowly dodges the attack, and the fightdog's running stance leaves him open to another attack from Lehkurehn!
  74. May 16 17:20:33 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 punchery
  75. May 16 17:20:34 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, punchery: 2 [1d6=2]
  76. May 16 17:21:03 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog dodge
  77. May 16 17:21:03 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog dodge: 4 [1d6=4]
  78. May 16 17:21:22 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn will be going ahead and just checking the door on hte left, no sense in asking directions, a house dog would know the way around after all, just gotta wing it
  79. May 16 17:21:54 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn opens the door leading into the hallway, where he spots another Housedog, thankfully facing away from him and heading down the hallway towards the front door.
  80. May 16 17:21:59 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog attack
  81. May 16 17:21:59 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog attack: 2 [1d6=2]
  82. May 16 17:22:19 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 not get hit
  83. May 16 17:22:19 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, not get hit: 3 [1d6=3]
  84. May 16 17:22:52 <Lehkurehn>     "is that the best you got?"
  85. May 16 17:23:28 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 punch
  86. May 16 17:23:28 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, punch: 4 [1d6=4]
  87. May 16 17:23:30 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn's blow glances off of the fightdog's shoulder, and he takes the opportunity to desperately grapple onto Lehkurehn, trying not to fall over, but Lehkurehn quickly steps back, forcing him to stumble to his feet. He snarls at Lehkurehn. "Come here, you coward!"
  88. May 16 17:23:32 <SqueeGM>       1d6 dodge
  89. May 16 17:23:33 <Dicey> SqueeGM, dodge: 1 [1d6=1]
  90. May 16 17:23:41 *       Lahodin_ is all for sticking together for the time being. Stairs is what they need, no need to worry outside of that. Hallways Good <3~ She gives a smile as she notes the housedog looking out, best to just walk on past him as well~ Eyes out for the obvious.
  91. May 16 17:24:04 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn wil ltilt his head for Lahodin to follow and make his was into the hall, setting off away from the main entrance with Lahodin, looking for the first sign of stairs.
  92. May 16 17:25:01 <Lehkurehn>     1d5+3d6
  93. May 16 17:25:01 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d5+3d6: 17 [1d5=2; 3d6=6,6,3]
  94. May 16 17:25:08 <Lehkurehn>     1d20 junkpunches
  95. May 16 17:25:08 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, junkpunches: 8 [1d20=8]
  96. May 16 17:25:35 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn glances the other way and sees the stairs directly to his left, right next to a door into another room. There are a few doorways on the other side of the hall, but with the stairs right there, it's probably better not to explore them.
  97. May 16 17:27:12 <Lahodin_>      Indeed. Stairs-up it is, and no need to idle about on the way either, giving Hotehkhen a tug as she heads that way, and up.
  98. May 16 17:27:34 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn responds to the fightdog's taunt by swinging at him. The fightdog hastily raises his arms to protect himself, and Lehkurehn connects with a solid *thunk* to his left arm that sets him wincing. Lehkurehn is free to make a follow-up attack as the fightdog rubs his bruise.
  99. May 16 17:27:42 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn follows
  100. May 16 17:27:58 <SqueeGM>       Nobody seems to notice Kerosis waving her arms and trying to restore order, everyone else enjoying the show.
  101. May 16 17:28:46 <Lehkurehn>     1d6
  102. May 16 17:28:46 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d6: 6 [1d6=6]
  103. May 16 17:29:59 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin leads the way up the stairs, which lead to the second floor, a winding hallway that trails the outer wall of the manor before curving around in front of the doors to what must be bedrooms. There is a Housedog leaning against the wall next to the door closest to them, but as long as they don't approach it, he doesn't give them a second glance.
  104. May 16 17:30:07 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog dodge
  105. May 16 17:30:08 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog dodge: 6 [1d6=6]
  106. May 16 17:30:14 <Kerosis>       well really, as long as a crowd is forming, I'll just stay the course with it.
  107. May 16 17:31:08 <Kerosis>       "We don't want anyone getting seriously hurt here do we? Isn't this something that could be settled over a couple of drinks?"
  108. May 16 17:31:10 <SqueeGM>       The fightdog sees the attack coming, and ducks out of the way, weaving to the side of Lehkurehn as he follows through with a punch that hits air.
  109. May 16 17:31:19 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdog attack
  110. May 16 17:31:19 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog attack: 6 [1d6=6]
  111. May 16 17:31:49 <Lahodin_>      Winding? So I gather there's a left and a right from here so we dont -need- to pass by him and can just move elsewhere for the time being?
  112. May 16 17:32:14 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 dodge
  113. May 16 17:32:14 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, dodge: 3 [1d6=3]
  114. May 16 17:32:16 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       unless the staircase to the third floor ir right here, Hotehn will be carrying on past the dog to get up to the third floor where the documents supposedly are.
  115. May 16 17:33:07 <SqueeGM>       No, the stairs are hugging the wall, and so does the hallway, until it curves right to make space for the bedrooms connected to it.
  116. May 16 17:34:48 <SqueeGM>       1d5 fightdog damage
  117. May 16 17:34:48 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog damage: 2 [1d5=2]
  118. May 16 17:34:51 <SqueeGM>       3d6 fightdog power
  119. May 16 17:34:51 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog power: 8 [3d6=4,3,1]
  120. May 16 17:34:56 <SqueeGM>       1d20 fightdog location
  121. May 16 17:34:56 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdog location: 4 [1d20=4]
  122. May 16 17:36:08 <SqueeGM>       The fightdog lunges at Lehkurehn, hitting him with a solid uppercut to the stomach, knocking all of the air out of his stomach. "Shut up, of-Kaliaxix! Your kind started this!"
  123. May 16 17:36:53 *       Lehkurehn winces. "I start many things'" he wheezes
  124. May 16 17:37:07 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 tohit
  125. May 16 17:37:07 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, tohit: 6 [1d6=6]
  126. May 16 17:37:43 <SqueeGM>       1d6 fightdodge
  127. May 16 17:37:43 <Dicey> SqueeGM, fightdodge: 2 [1d6=2]
  128. May 16 17:37:58 <Kerosis>       "Well I'm sure whatever the reason he's very sorry about it...."
  129. May 16 17:38:48 <Lehkurehn>     1d5+3d6
  130. May 16 17:38:49 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d5+3d6: 15 [1d5=3; 3d6=6,5,1]
  131. May 16 17:38:59 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn walks right past the dog leaning against the wall and down the otherwise empty hallway. which he spots the staircase up at the end of. There's also a door next to them into a room that seems quite extravagant.
  132. May 16 17:39:05 <Lehkurehn>     1d20
  133. May 16 17:39:05 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  134. May 16 17:41:25 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn swings back, forcing the dog to block with the other arm this time, gritting his teeth and grunting as he's hit. "You should learn how to finish them!" he snarls back.
  135. May 16 17:42:37 <SqueeGM>       1d6 attack
  136. May 16 17:42:37 <Dicey> SqueeGM, attack: 3 [1d6=3]
  137. May 16 17:43:00 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 dodge
  138. May 16 17:43:01 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, dodge: 3 [1d6=3]
  139. May 16 17:43:34 <Lehkurehn>     "Ha! I'm workin' on it!"
  140. May 16 17:44:02 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 jab
  141. May 16 17:44:02 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, jab: 5 [1d6=5]
  142. May 16 17:44:35 <SqueeGM>       1d6 dodge
  143. May 16 17:44:35 <Dicey> SqueeGM, dodge: 6 [1d6=6]
  144. May 16 17:45:12 <SqueeGM>       1d4 attack
  145. May 16 17:45:12 <Dicey> SqueeGM, attack: 4 [1d4=4]
  146. May 16 17:45:33 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 no
  147. May 16 17:45:33 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, no: 5 [1d6=5]
  148. May 16 17:45:46 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 smack
  149. May 16 17:45:46 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, smack: 6 [1d6=6]
  150. May 16 17:45:55 <SqueeGM>       1d6 dodge
  151. May 16 17:45:55 <Dicey> SqueeGM, dodge: 4 [1d6=4]
  152. May 16 17:46:06 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn ignores it for now, looting isn't on the menu..... yet, the focus is getting the blackmail material, once that is done any goodies that are lying around may be had. but not until then.
  153. May 16 17:46:09 <Lehkurehn>     1d5+3d6
  154. May 16 17:46:09 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d5+3d6: 16 [1d5=5; 3d6=5,1,5]
  155. May 16 17:46:14 <Lehkurehn>     1d20
  156. May 16 17:46:14 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  157. May 16 17:46:26 <Lehkurehn>     ouch
  158. May 16 17:46:54 <Lahodin_>      Heh. Well Lahodin glances in, but not for the sake of looting, but for any sign of their fantastic box. NEver know:They might keep it in the bosses room. But nothing more then a passing glance for now. They don't want to make the fellow they're passing by suspsious of them nosing about too much.
  159. May 16 17:49:48 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Well it goes without saying Hotehns sights are set on the thrid floor, making a beeline straight for the staircase first chance he gets.
  160. May 16 17:51:24 <SqueeGM>       The two trade swings for a little while, moving back and forth in the circle that has formed around them, until the fightdog's defense falters and Lehkurehn seizes the opportunity to smash him right in the face as hard as possible. The tombdog gasps, reeling backward and groaning, clutching his head. "Y-you bastard!" He hesitates, as he's clearly losing the fight, before deciding to bow out with his honor intact. He folds his
  161. May 16 17:51:24 <SqueeGM>        ears back and stumbles over to the front door, taking his spear back from the other dog and dabbing at his eye carefully. The other dog grins at Lehkurehn. "Well fought, of-Kaliaxix!" He nudges the loser of the fight. "You owe him two pennies now, Reteksis." Reteksis grumbles and tosses two Asixhredn pennies into the grass in front of Lehkurehn.
  162. May 16 17:53:53 <Kerosis>       "Well then... neither of you was seriously hurt there were you? No broken jaws or bruised ribs?"
  163. May 16 17:54:34 *       Lehkurehn glady collects. "I must ask your pardon for insulting you Of-Asixhredn. I merely wished for a good brawl which you eagerly supplied. Come fight me in my town sometime I'll gladly give you a rematch."
  164. May 16 17:54:42 *       Lehkurehn lolls his tongue
  165. May 16 17:55:52 *       Lehkurehn spins around and addresses to crowd. "And what did our onlookers think of the fight? Was it to your liking?!"
  166. May 16 17:55:55 <SqueeGM>       Hotehkhehn mounts the stairs while Lahodin peeks inside, glimpsing an extravagant ballroom. This must be where the parties mentioned are thrown. There's a lone tombdog inside, sweeping the floor. At the top of the stairs, Hotehkhehn checks the hallway. There's a staircase at the end of the third floor hallway, which must lead up to the roof, and three doors on the left side of the hall that must be bedrooms for married couple
  167. May 16 17:55:55 <SqueeGM>       s. He spots a split hallway on the right side, which seems noteworthy, and a doorway on the left at the end of the hall, which may be another married bedroom, but it seems a little too large for it.
  168. May 16 17:57:01 <SqueeGM>       The guard at the door snickers. "I don't think Reteksis will be looking for any more fights any time soon. Eh?" He nudges Reteksis. "Shut up Naxlehn," Reteksis mutters, gingerly feeling his cheek. The crowd around them gives Lehkurehn a ragged cheer as the onlookers return to what they were doing before.
  169. May 16 17:57:51 <Lahodin_>      Yeah:They aren't going to keep it in the party-room. Moving on. Lahodin bites her lips as they get upstairs glancing around. Happy they don't have more company. She takes a breath, lets give that odd looking doorway at the end a listen to. Does it sound like anyones inside? big door says important...  but odd for a bedroom says maybe a study? Certainly what they might be looking for.
  170. May 16 17:58:27 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn will make his way down the hallway, passing by the couples bedrooms for now, making his way down said noteworthy hallway to the larger looking room, a study perhaps? Either way might aswell check there first before looking under nobles matresses.
  171. May 16 17:58:37 <SqueeGM>       Listen check from both of you? DC 11.
  172. May 16 17:59:03 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       3d6
  173. May 16 17:59:03 <Dicey> Ucro|Hotehkhehn, 3d6: 8 [3d6=5,2,1]
  174. May 16 17:59:14 <Lahodin_>      3d6+1
  175. May 16 17:59:14 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6+1: 14 [3d6=4,4,5]
  176. May 16 17:59:40 *       Lehkurehn takes a bow and then disperses
  177. May 16 18:00:51 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin and Hotehkhehn step forward when Lahodin's alert ears suddenly catch a clanking from down the hallway. She stops him, flattening against the wall, and peeks around it. There's two Asixhredn guards posted at the door at the end of the hallway. There's definitely something important there, and it's a good thing they didn't blindly walk in front of them. But how to get them out of the way...
  178. May 16 18:03:18 *       Lahodin_ mutters to herself as she pulls Hotehn back a bit more "Well lovely. What do you think the chances are our present is in there? I could sneak up on -one- of them but not both, and if we both try to jump them we're most certainly going to make a racket:I don't like rackets. What do you think? See if we can shimmy on over through a window at the adjacent room? One of us distract them?
  179. May 16 18:03:19 *       Lahodin_ Or just jump them proper like, grab what we need, and act innocent if we're spoted?"
  180. May 16 18:04:57 <Lehkurehn>     gonna check out that rooftop. how easy would it be to access that?
  181. May 16 18:05:34 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "The shimmying idea sounds best honestly" Hotehn whispers, pulling out the rope from his back pack "A little insurance should we slip" he says "No point in trying to play innocent is we jump them, too great a chance of us being bloodied in the process"
  182. May 16 18:05:36 <SqueeGM>       From Lahodin's earlier scouting, you know that there are vines that could be used to climb to the top in the right alleyway and the back alleyway, but the back alleyway requires a bit of a jump and would be a harder climb.
  183. May 16 18:06:13 <Lahodin_>      Is the room nearest to them unoccupied as far as Lahodin can tell?
  184. May 16 18:06:48 <SqueeGM>       You'd need to do a Listen check.
  185. May 16 18:06:53 <Lahodin_>      3d6+1
  186. May 16 18:06:53 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6+1: 15 [3d6=4,6,4]
  187. May 16 18:07:49 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin presses her ear to the only door that isn't directly in front of the hallway or on the other side of it. On the other side, she hears some strange sounds. It sounds like... okay, yeah, there's definitely some sex going on in there.
  188. May 16 18:11:21 *       Lahodin_ tries not to laugh, just rubbing her nose "well least we know the ones in there wont be giving us any trouble... tch, cuts off the quickest route though." What other rooms are available here? I gather one would require us to climb past the lovers room before getting to our destination, while the other would require us to actually to climb up to the roof and go around?
  189. May 16 18:13:57 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin thinks about the layout of the manor. If she got out through these bedrooms, she would have to shimmy around either side of the building. The only sensible way would be to go above the left alley and hope there's a window there, as the other way would require her to cling to the side of the building out in the open in the front of the manor, where everyone is walking by. She could try from downstairs, or maybe sneak b
  190. May 16 18:13:57 <SqueeGM>       y to the roof...
  191. May 16 18:15:47 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn looks at the vines. The one in the alley is easier to climb, but more exposed. The one in the back is harder, but less likely to have him caught in the act. Scaling a three story building is hard either way, especially with his muscles aching from a fistfight, but he might just be able to do it... (DC 12, DC 14)
  192. May 16 18:16:48 *       Kerosis just tries to kinda maintain crowd interest as long as possible by being a worry-wort out front.
  193. May 16 18:17:23 *       Lahodin_ does a rough estimate in her head. If the guarded room -does- have a window, would it be on the front of the house, or the sides? Given that's the destination. Did she even see a window in the general area that it's in?
  194. May 16 18:17:28 <Lehkurehn>     He sees that this is a bad idea. He'll hang nearby and wait for trouble.
  195. May 16 18:18:01 <SqueeGM>       Reteksis waves Kerosis away. "I'm fine, of-Kaliaxix. Go back to your own kind." Naxlehn grins at the both of them. "It's odd for one to be so concerned about dogs of rival Houses," he comments.
  196. May 16 18:19:00 <Kerosis>       "You're sure now? Because it can take a while before someone starts showing signs of a concussion you know..."
  197. May 16 18:21:27 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin thinks hard about the layout of the manor. It was covered in windows, of course, but the ones she judged could be used as entrances stood out to her most. Now, she tries to recall all the rest. All of the ones above the first floor were solid-pane, she thinks. She couldn't get a very good look at the lefthand alley because of the guard, but there wasn't one on that level in front, so maybe there's one facing the alley
  198. May 16 18:21:27 <SqueeGM>       ?
  199. May 16 18:22:15 <SqueeGM>       It would be a bit tricky to get it open, since smashing it is probably out of the question. Acrobatics is not quite her forte. That rope would probably come in mighty handy.
  200. May 16 18:23:05 <SqueeGM>       Reteksis shakes his head, then winces. "I'll just go lay down," he responds.
  201. May 16 18:25:08 *       Lahodin_ blehs "This isn't going to be fun one. Wouldn't keep that rope out until we need it.. but we -will- need it." Hotehkehn gets a pat. If there's a room that should have a window leading out to the ally where she can climb across she'll check that next with an ear to the door, other wise they'll be heading downstairs for one they can shimmy -up- from instead. Both will be the same
  202. May 16 18:25:08 *       Lahodin_ difficult, might as well stick to the floor they're on -now- before rushing off elsewhere.
  203. May 16 18:25:41 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods and pops the rop back into his pack, following Lahodins lead.
  204. May 16 18:25:46 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       rope*
  205. May 16 18:26:10 <Lahodin_>      3d6+1 for listen if required
  206. May 16 18:26:11 <Dicey> Lahodin_, for listen if required: 14 [3d6=6,6,1]
  207. May 16 18:28:16 <SqueeGM>       Unfortunately, the bedroom door is the only door she can listen at that wouldn't put her in front of or past the hallway with the guards in it, so she heads downstairs. Judging by the doors, they're probably all bedrooms on this floor, except for the bathroom clearly marked at the other end from the stairs, which means they're probably all built the same, and probably all have windows facing the street. But there's the balcon
  208. May 16 18:28:16 <SqueeGM>       y, which goes out over the alley...
  209. May 16 18:32:23 <SqueeGM>       (Which is, if you haven't made the connection, connected to the ballroom you saw earlier.)
  210. May 16 18:33:55 <Lahodin_>      Which is currently being -cleaned- lovely. Or was, I gather the servantdog is still present?
  211. May 16 18:35:20 <SqueeGM>       You could check.
  212. May 16 18:36:01 <Lahodin_>      Lahodin shall with another casual glance.
  213. May 16 18:36:27 <SqueeGM>       Stealth check?
  214. May 16 18:38:32 <SqueeGM>       It's 3d6+2.
  215. May 16 18:38:42 *       Lehkurehn will go find kerosis and hang around her.
  216. May 16 18:39:41 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn heads back to where Kerosis is standing with the guards.
  217. May 16 18:40:32 <Lahodin_>      3d6+2
  218. May 16 18:40:32 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6+2: 13 [3d6=2,4,5]
  219. May 16 18:40:45 <SqueeGM>       2d6
  220. May 16 18:40:45 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d6: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  221. May 16 18:41:29 <Kerosis>       "So.. now that you've tested your prowess, what were you planning to do with the winnings?"
  222. May 16 18:41:54 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin peeks inside the door and sees... the servant heading right for it! She quickly flattens herself against the wall, but is fairly sure he didn't see her. The door opens outward and would block sight of them when opened. Does she stay there, move somewhere more hidden...?
  223. May 16 18:42:46 <Lehkurehn>     "I dunno," he shrugs. "I still owe the guard back home 2 pennies."
  224. May 16 18:43:34 <Lahodin_>      That's assuming there's a better place to hide~ She can scoot over to the next room if need be, assuming she hears no one inside.
  225. May 16 18:44:58 <Kerosis>       "Well... I suppose we have some time to kill at this point then..."
  226. May 16 18:45:33 <Lehkurehn>     "Indeed. What do you wanna' do?"
  227. May 16 18:45:52 <Kerosis>       I'll go ask yon remaining guard "I don't suppose you can recommend any interesting things for tourists to do around here, could you?"
  228. May 16 18:45:57 <SqueeGM>       Let's use that Listen check from earlier, then. She guides Hotehkhehn over to the married bedroom and ushers him inside, closing the door to the empty room as the servant opens the door to the ballroom. She can hear him close it behind him and footsteps fade away.
  229. May 16 18:49:03 *       Lahodin_ gives a quick sigh of relief as the footsteps fade, patting Hoteh on the shoulder as if -he- was teh one who was worried and not her. Because it tottally wasn't her heart trying to escape her chest a few seconds ago! "... might be able to just climb up from here... would call this room more private then the ball-room." Lets give it a check at least, she checks the window out.
  230. May 16 18:50:27 <SqueeGM>       She looks out the window and sees Lehkurehn and Kerosis standing in front of the front door below. Looks like this bedroom looks out over the front like all the rest.
  231. May 16 18:51:33 <SqueeGM>       Naxlehn thinks about it. "Hrm... well, sometimes you get traveling theater passing through. Obviously you'd have to find those on your own, though. Have you seen the center of town yet? Our manor's pretty much the prettiest thing around."
  232. May 16 18:52:23 <Lahodin_>      Ick. Certainly no good. Though what is he still doing down there and in one piece anyway? Ah well, heading over to the ballroom it is she half nods to Hotehkhehn "Will be your job to make sure we don't get interupted hm?.. lets hope no one plans to enjoy the view tonight."
  233. May 16 18:54:30 <Lehkurehn>     "It is quite impressive."
  234. May 16 18:54:45 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods
  235. May 16 18:55:18 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Hotehn will be standing guard,spear and shield helping him play the part at least.
  236. May 16 18:57:41 <Lahodin_>      "Not that kind of guard" Lahohdin not looking t all impressed by that silliness "Just warn me if someones coming so we can play the parts of proper servants." She flicks his ear, before her frown turns into one of those doggie smiles instead. "Try not to get us caught hm~?" into the ballroom they go regardless
  237. May 16 18:59:01 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin walks into the ballroom, which is quite pretty, with hanging decorations, paintings on the walls, and vases that look somewhat valuable. But she walks past them out to the balcony. It's empty, and the breeze blows through her fur. She looks out over the view. The buildings help block any sight from up here, and she's pretty sure she's effectively invisible to the people below. The guard is directly beneath the balcony
  238. May 16 18:59:01 <SqueeGM>       , so he definitely can't see her. She twists around and looks up behind her, and spots the window on the side that must be into the room that was being guarded. Sure enough, it's glass-pane, and because the balcony is positioned on the other side, it's both a climb and a short shimmy to get to it. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  239. May 16 19:06:12 <Lahodin_>      Right then:Ballroom doors are -closed-, and locked if humanly possible. No ones using it, no one will be confused if they pass by it and see it so. Hotehkehn is given a glance "Find something nice and simple to keep yourself busy with, look like a nice servant hm? Keep an ear out if you hear someone trying to get the door open. Say you cleaned the floors a bit ago and forgot to unlock it
  240. May 16 19:06:12 <Lahodin_>      after they dried or something." she gives some dismissive waves. She'll be taking the rope now just incase she needs it, though for now she isn't sure she wants to leave that thing hanging in plain sight unless she -has- to. She gives the climb a slight test for a moment, raising herself a bit to test the difficulty, and probably internally cursing the whole way~
  241. May 16 19:06:14 <Lahodin_>      (Sorry about that ;p)
  242. May 16 19:06:20 <Lahodin_>      3d6+2 stealth if required
  243. May 16 19:06:21 <Dicey> Lahodin_, stealth if required: 8 [3d6=4,1,1]
  244. May 16 19:06:23 <Lahodin_>      (oh ick)
  245. May 16 19:06:30 <Lahodin_>      3d6 Climb climb
  246. May 16 19:06:30 <Dicey> Lahodin_, Climb climb: 5 [3d6=1,3,1]
  247. May 16 19:06:33 <Lahodin_>      (double ick)
  248. May 16 19:08:38 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin steps up onto the balcony's railing, tilts, and feels a wave of vertigo before quickly stepping back off. Hopefully that won't happen twice... maybe she'd better tie the rope somewhere just to be safe.
  249. May 16 19:13:30 *       Lahodin_ sighs, and does so, trying to place it somewhere that it isn't in -direct- view if someone walks into the ballroom, off to the side of the balcony out of sight instead of straight on. Lets try that again
  250. May 16 19:13:57 <Lahodin_>      Well right after she holds her chest and makes sure her heart stays where it is agian, probably giving Hotehn a dirty look for no reason at all <3~
  251. May 16 19:13:59 <Lahodin_>      3d6
  252. May 16 19:13:59 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6: 8 [3d6=3,3,2]
  253. May 16 19:14:39 <Lehkurehn>     +2
  254. May 16 19:18:29 <SqueeGM>       That puts her on top of the railing, and she feels the edge of the wall, testing her strength to haul herself up onto the third floor. She's quite thankful that, as a manor, the wall is absolutely littered with handholds in the architecture, and it's much easier to climb up a level than it would be on a normal building. Before she gets up to the third floor, she unties the rope so she won't be trapped by it and unable to reac
  255. May 16 19:18:29 <SqueeGM>       h the window. She reties it over the balcony. Now to shimmy to the window...
  256. May 16 19:20:55 <Lahodin_>      Lahodin is taking deep breaths by now, the poor thing. Why didn't she stay back at the kitchen? Didn't she learn from her LAST experiance climbing this is absolutly INSANITY? Either way.. she's this far, and giving up now would be stupid. She climbs the rest of the way up all the way bitinng her lip and praying to whatever spirit, god, or Demons if need be that she get the hell up there and
  257. May 16 19:20:55 <Lahodin_>      no one is looking up at just the wrong itme
  258. May 16 19:20:57 <Lahodin_>      3d6
  259. May 16 19:20:57 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6: 9 [3d6=6,1,2]
  260. May 16 19:24:01 <SqueeGM>       She shimmies carefully across the gap to the window, breathing heavily, and peeks inside. It seems someone is watching out for her, because the room is empty, and she spots something familiar inside... the Kaliaxix symbol, on a package laying on a table inside. In fact, the room is full of goodies, shining at her from inside. It must be a vault of some kind... and that's when she realizes the window doesn't open. Unfortunat
  261. May 16 19:24:01 <SqueeGM>       ely, Asixhredn is not quite stupid enough to put a window that somebody could crawl through on the window where all their valuables are stored. She's going to have to open it some other way.
  262. May 16 19:26:42 <Lahodin_>      She growls, She can't possible -smash- it. They'll HEAR that. She needs to do this quitely after all. SHe checks the corners of the window:Is it possible to open it at all -period- from the other side or other wise? She does have a few small tools on her, her knife might be able to be used to pry it open if need be, at least in a way quieter then smashing it would.
  263. May 16 19:31:14 <SqueeGM>       It looks like it's simply set into the wall, so it can't be opened. Presumably they don't mind the stuffiness in there. Clinging to the wall with one hand, she takes out her knife and starts to pry at it. If only she had something sticky to put on it before she broke it... but she couldn't have possibly anticipated this. A few minutes working at the rotting wood loosens the glass enough that she can work it right out of the w
  264. May 16 19:31:14 <SqueeGM>       all and wriggle herself inside, before laying the chipped pane down gently, untying the rope, and finally catching her breath.
  265. May 16 19:35:38 <Lahodin_>      She is really, really, really not liking how long this is taking, but it's only a matter of time until someone spots her. SHe givs the room a VERY quick glance around to see if there's anytning else with their marking and then goes straight for the package, and once she -has- the package that mark is being removed. If someone discovers them with it better it just look like a -normal- package
  266. May 16 19:35:38 <Lahodin_>      and nothing else. It's getting stuffed in her stachel, and she'll be going downstairs next. All the while thanking whatever spirit helped her up here <3~
  267. May 16 19:38:31 <SqueeGM>       (Is she going out the door...?)
  268. May 16 19:39:04 <Lahodin_>      Heavens no, that'd be stupid. Through the window obviously
  269. May 16 19:39:14 <Lahodin_>      (Sorry climb check is required isn't it? And stealth potentially)
  270. May 16 19:39:25 <Lahodin_>      3d6
  271. May 16 19:39:25 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6: 10 [3d6=3,3,4]
  272. May 16 19:40:17 <SqueeGM>       (And acrobatics?)
  273. May 16 19:40:32 <Lahodin_>      (meep~)
  274. May 16 19:40:33 <Lahodin_>      3d6
  275. May 16 19:40:33 <Dicey> Lahodin_, 3d6: 13 [3d6=4,4,5]
  276. May 16 19:42:58 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin reties the rope to her waist and climbs out the window again. Thankfully it's a lot easier on the way down, shimmying to an appropriate position and letting herself down after untying the rope. Hotehkhehn is waiting for her there.
  277. May 16 19:43:35 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn is indeed
  278. May 16 19:44:31 <Lahodin_>      "Yeah we're leaving. Hopefully no one will notice the damn hole in the window in the evening like this. Come on." She puts everything away in her satchel again and gives Hotehkehn a momentary tug as they make their way out, hopefully without more interuptions on their way back towards the servants entrance <3~
  279. May 16 19:45:16 *       Strigon_1 is now known as Strigon_sleep
  280. May 16 19:46:02 <SqueeGM>       They don't warrant further comment as they casually make their way back out of the manor, hearts pumping, and back out the servant entrance, where the guard is snoozing against the wall. Now they just need to meet up with Lehkurehn and Kerosis and get the hell out of here.
  281. May 16 19:48:17 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn smiles upon Lahodins retun, giving her a pat on the back before they make their way out of the manor.
  282. May 16 19:48:24 <Lahodin_>      Yeah out we go, at first not going STRAIGHT towards our HQ as it were, but once we're out of seight of the manner we'll be doing just that, Lahodin looking like she's about ready to have a heart attack.
  283. May 16 19:48:45 <Lahodin_>      "Why-are-we-not-dead-that-was-god-stupid-I-better-get-a-room-with-a-damn-silk-bed-for-this"
  284. May 16 19:50:06 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis and Lehkurehn are waiting for the two upon their eventual return to Valehrisis' house, though she herself is out at the moment.
  285. May 16 19:50:58 <Lehkurehn>     "So you're still alive. I assume it went successfully?"
  286. May 16 19:51:24 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Once everyone is safe and inside Hotehn will breathe a deep sigh of relief "It's done, we should leave as soon as possible, now if need be"
  287. May 16 19:51:38 <Lahodin_>      Lahodin, despite taboos imidiatly puts her satchel on the chair goes to another room and closed a door to -change-. "Right. We're -leaving-. -Now-. I'm going to make a pit stop near one of the walls and I'm throwing my satchel over. It'll be easier to get it on the other side then trying to smuggle it past the guards. Not risking that." Lahodin is sounding a bit more stressed then usual <3~
  288. May 16 19:51:38 <Lahodin_>      "It hasn't gone succesfull nothing yet, we're still -in- this stupid town."
  289. May 16 19:52:11 <Lehkurehn>     "It's getting dark. Change quickly we can leave now."
  290. May 16 19:53:42 <Lahodin_>      "Might shock you darling but I am -not- exactly well practiced in getting undressed in a hurry." <3~ Either way she's doing it in a hurry~
  291. May 16 19:54:08 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn grabs his clothes and moves to an empty room to get changed
  292. May 16 19:54:44 <SqueeGM>       Lahodin and Hotehkhehn change as quickly as possible, but are faced with the dilemma of what to do with the clothes.
  293. May 16 19:54:54 <Lehkurehn>     "Kerosis, you have everything you need to head out?"
  294. May 16 19:55:29 *       Kerosis checks that all her stuff is here. "Seems so."
  295. May 16 19:56:47 <Lahodin_>      "Hate to put these on you Val given allt he help you given us, you'd be a darling if you can make them vanish, but if that's too much of a risk for you I get it. We'll find a place to dump them -somewhere-. Got to be a bin somewhere in town that we can stuff them all when no ones looking."
  296. May 16 19:57:07 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       The Asix house clothes can be shoved into his backpack "I've got it covered, we can dump them on the road home"
  297. May 16 19:57:14 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       into Hotehns*
  298. May 16 19:58:40 <Lahodin_>      "Rather dump them somewhere in town. But yeah."
  299. May 16 19:58:49 <SqueeGM>       And good thing too, given that Valehrisis isn't here.
  300. May 16 19:59:17 <Lahodin_>      (Whoops~)
  301. May 16 19:59:20 <Lahodin_>      (never ind that then)
  302. May 16 20:00:34 <Lehkurehn>     "Let's get out of here then."
  303. May 16 20:01:57 <Lahodin_>      Done and done. Tossing the package over, dumping the clothing somewhere on the way unseen, and then heading straight for the gate and out. Preferably allowing Lehkurehn to go first so they have a chance to run if the guards know something is up already:Which they may <3~
  304. May 16 20:03:11 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn tidies up and sets out. He's kinda nervous. They're in the homestretch now but that's no excuse to let his guard down.
  305. May 16 20:03:51 <Lahodin_>      And yes the necklace is actually being tossed over inside the parcel to be retrived later. she isn't smuggling that out the front door if she doesn't have to <3~
  306. May 16 20:05:58 <SqueeGM>       The way out passes in a blur; Lahodin finds a suitable place to toss it over, and they make a beeline for the exit towards their home, acting as casually as they possibly can while also walking as fast as inconspicuously possible past the guards, who don't seem to have caught word of any thefts yet. However, when they go to retrieve it, there are two dogs by it... wearing robes. Robes they've seen before, on the way here. One
  307. May 16 20:05:58 <SqueeGM>        picks it up and examines it, before glancing up at the four. "This is yours?"
  308. May 16 20:06:53 <Lahodin_>      Wait the priests?
  309. May 16 20:07:22 <SqueeGM>       Yep.
  310. May 16 20:08:00 <Lehkurehn>     "Yes, I believe it has our insignia on it."
  311. May 16 20:08:37 <Lehkurehn>     "Stranger-greetings again, travelers."
  312. May 16 20:08:55 <Lahodin_>      Now this -has- Lahodin surprised without a doubt, staring at them dumbfounded for the first few moments before -trying- to take a breath. And actually Lahodin specificly removed the insignia so it -couldn't- be idenitified. Whoops! "Okay... now -this- ain't what I was expecting to see one bit. Exactly what are you holy men doing out here at this time of night.. at this exact spot no less."
  313. May 16 20:08:56 <Lahodin_>      she quirks a brow a bit. ".... but... it is yeah." She half glances at Lehkurehn since he's apparently the diplomat and all~
  314. May 16 20:09:39 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods to the men, surprised himself, but remaining passive, eyes fixated on the package.
  315. May 16 20:10:48 <SqueeGM>       The one holding the parcel offers it to Lehkurehn. "And to you, as well." He addresses Lahodin. "Waiting for you. If you recall, last we met, you turned down the offer to meet our leader and savior. Perhaps now you would be more amicable?"
  316. May 16 20:12:12 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn accepts the parcel graciously. "What do you guys think?"
  317. May 16 20:12:48 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       "I think we have somewhere to be" Hotehn answers irritably.
  318. May 16 20:14:16 *       Lahodin_ looks quite confused again. ".... do I want to ask how you'd know we'd be here?.... I mean..." She glances at Lehkurehn but does not talk in a way that the robed men can't hear "Look I'll admit. They've got me spooked, and curious. Wondering how they -knew- we'd be here. I wouldn't say it'd be so bad to grant him a short chat.....if you know, it was any other time but -now-... we sort
  319. May 16 20:14:16 *       Lahodin_ of got an appointment back home to make hun."
  320. May 16 20:15:12 <Lehkurehn>     "We must hurry we have places to be before light. I must personally offer condolences on the behalf of House Kaliaxix. However you would be welcome guests in our town for saving a house member."
  321. May 16 20:19:54 <Lahodin_>      "If you want to come there and invite us to tea:Sure, why not. You've got us curious now." Though Lahodin can't help but feel a bit awkward here
  322. May 16 20:20:44 <Lehkurehn>     "A wonderful idea! Join us for tea sometimes dear stranger friends."
  323. May 16 20:20:51 <SqueeGM>       One of the robed dogs nods at him. "The town on the road we first met, yes? We will see you again there. Be safe on your journey back."
  324. May 16 20:21:25 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods "And you"
  325. May 16 20:22:11 <Lehkurehn>     "May good health be with you" Lehkurehn begins on the trail.
  326. May 16 20:22:40 *       Kerosis whispers to Lehk "Um... shouldn't you double check that that's still the package we came for?"
  327. May 16 20:23:09 <SqueeGM>       That probably would have been a good thing to do at any point, really.
  328. May 16 20:23:17 <Lehkurehn>     "Hmm?"
  329. May 16 20:23:20 <Lehkurehn>     Checks
  330. May 16 20:23:27 *       Lahodin_ opens a hand to take the parcel from Lehkurehn if possible, she's the one with a satchel made for such, but Lehkurehn is free to check it first.
  331. May 16 20:23:44 <Lehkurehn>     yeah I'll hand it to lah
  332. May 16 20:25:01 *       Lahodin_ checks it too just for the sake. Half curious as to what they sent us out there for.
  333. May 16 20:25:49 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn and Lahodin take turns opening it up. There's certainly some documents in there, and they seem to be official records from the town Kaliaxix currently controls.
  334. May 16 20:26:46 <Lehkurehn>     "that would be it. Let's make haste."
  335. May 16 20:27:13 <Lahodin_>      My trinkets gone isn't it <3~?
  336. May 16 20:28:41 <SqueeGM>       Nope, still there.
  337. May 16 20:28:52 <SqueeGM>       Although now Lehkurehn has seen it.
  338. May 16 20:29:27 <Lahodin_>      She'll explain it to him later. It was -obviously- in one of the pockets of the clothing they stole, no need to just leave it behind right?
  339. May 16 20:29:43 <Lahodin_>      Lahodin gives their company one more nod... and it's time to hit the road I think.
  340. May 16 20:30:41 *       Lehkurehn sets off. He gives lah a look. "So... What's that medallion for? Some Asixhredn heirloom or something?"
  341. May 16 20:36:19 <Lahodin_>      "Not a clue. Has no markings on it that'd say as much." she gives a light shrug "Found it in the pocket of our little costumes. Figured I might as well hold onto it." she gives him a wink "Not like we owe them anything."
  342. May 16 20:37:40 <SqueeGM>       The walk home is long, but uneventful. It's quite late by the time the Kaliaxix manor finally comes into view, and everyone is drop-dead exhausted and starving. They only have three flasks of water left.
  343. May 16 20:37:45 <Lehkurehn>     "Well it's none of my business anyways. Do what you want with it. Don't get caught."
  344. May 16 20:38:00 <Kerosis>       any more handy ingredients found along the way?
  345. May 16 20:38:21 <SqueeGM>       On the plus side, that's significantly lighter.
  346. May 16 20:38:23 <SqueeGM>       Roll?
  347. May 16 20:38:35 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Did we run out of trail rations I thought we had some leftover?
  348. May 16 20:38:53 <Lehkurehn>     I never ate mine
  349. May 16 20:39:21 <SqueeGM>       You're out by the time you get there. Maybe starving isn't quite the right word, but hungry nonetheless.
  350. May 16 20:39:26 <Kerosis>       3d6 was it? Been a while
  351. May 16 20:39:26 <Dicey> Kerosis, was it? Been a while: 5 [3d6=1,2,2]
  352. May 16 20:39:48 <Kerosis>       ... jumping the gun there a bit aren't you Dicey
  353. May 16 20:40:11 <SqueeGM>       Nothing on the way home, but it's dark, and Kerosis is tired, so it's unsurprising.
  354. May 16 20:40:32 <Kerosis>       Would be a +2 on that
  355. May 16 20:40:35 <Lahodin_>      Well we ate some stuff at the town, and if memory serves brought extra for the return trip. Well we're t -home- so who -cares-. Lahodins going straight inside "Food first, then you can go get whoever sent you to fetch that to bow at our feet." She gives Lehkurehn a dismissive wave. kitchen kitchen kitchen.
  356. May 16 20:40:41 <Kerosis>       I believe
  357. May 16 20:42:01 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn might aswell follow Lahodin
  358. May 16 20:44:57 *       Lehkurehn takes the package past the greeter, straight up the stairs, and to Tehdnehr's room and knocks.
  359. May 16 20:45:11 <Lehkurehn>     "Special delivery!"
  360. May 16 20:48:02 *       Kerosis is on board with plan food
  361. May 16 20:48:32 <SqueeGM>       Tehdnehr opens the door in front of Lehkurehn. "Do you have it?"
  362. May 16 20:49:27 *       Lehkurehn holds it up with one hand. A big doofy grin on his face.
  363. May 16 20:49:42 <Lahodin_>      Plan food is ago though. OUr most quickly contrived plan ever. Hopefully Lehkurehn can note this is the only thing with our marking they found at the manor "You better damn well tell him who got that piece of paper Lehkurehn. Pretty much the only thing in that damn mansion with our symbol on it."
  364. May 16 20:49:50 <Lahodin_>      but she tells him that before he goes upstairs <3~
  365. May 16 20:50:17 <Lahodin_>      But yes plan food:Lahodin is hardly caring about sneaking snacks this time. This snack is quite public. Nom nom <3~
  366. May 16 20:58:57 <Ucro|Hotehkhehn>       Once a decent meal has been had Hotehn will return to the armory to turn in his gear, won't be needing -that- stuff until his next assignment after all.
  367. May 16 21:00:00 *       Lahodin_ will probably do the same, eventually, after she cleans it off. Yucky
  368. May 16 21:02:18 <SqueeGM>       Tehdnehr takes the package from Lehkurehn. "Excellent. See me tomorrow about your reward," he tells him, and shuts the door, presumably to go verify the contents of the box.
  369. May 16 21:03:06 <SqueeGM>       Lohxihrsis is glad to see Hotehkhehn back in one piece, especially with her armor, and takes it from him. "Thank you. I'm glad I can trust you."
  370. May 16 21:03:38 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn snags something from the kitchen then takes a well-deserved bath. Everything else can wait till later.
  371. May 16 21:04:01 <SqueeGM>       Anyway, that's a wrap for tonight. See you folks on Sunday.
  372. May 16 21:04:07 *       You are now known as Squeegy
  373. May 16 21:04:07 -NickServ-      This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
  374. May 16 21:04:07 -NickServ-      nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
  375. May 16 21:04:07 -NickServ-      please choose a different nick.
  376. May 16 21:04:09 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn nods, tongue lolling out "Heh, I trust you will not mind firther requests when I have need then yes?"
  377. May 16 21:04:16 *       Ucro|Hotehkhehn is now known as Ucro
  378. May 16 21:04:20 <Squeegy>       "Indeed."
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